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“Songland is one of the best retailers in Australia”

“I think Songland must be one of the few places left where you can find all the good stuff. I love these guys, not only for being such great supporters of true music, but for being incredible people and a wonderful Australian company!”

Dianna Corcoran

“It is my pleasure to recommend Frog and his excellent team at Songland Records for any music needs. They sure know their stuff – but more than that, they love music, and they support artists like no other. They go beyond the call for both musicians and music lovers! Go see Frog – you won’t regret it!”

Amber Lawrence

“This place is addictive! Songland have one of the biggest and best ranges of music out there-you will find yourself blissfully “lost”…..you have been warned!”

Paula Bowman – Jetty Road

“Frog is not only a great looking bloke and an excellent pole dancer, but an expert on country music and the music business. If you’re looking for anything in particular, or just want some good advice on what to buy and what’s great listening….then Frog is your man.”

Adam Harvey

It was when I was institutionalised as a teenager that my love for music was cultivated.  That institution was Songland Records, with group sessions lead by the colourful fellow behind the counter.  Most know him simply as ‘Frog’.  As far as walking musical encyclopaedias go, I’m yet to meet one with more pages.  ‘Home of the hard to find’ is more than just a slogan, it’s a challenge Frog seems to meet with disturbing zeal.  But his knowledge isn’t just limited to music, he also takes the time to learn about his ‘regulars’ and offers a personal approach to customer service that’s rarely seen in retailers.

Frog’s also a great supporter of local talent, which I can attest as an artist manager working in the industry.  Assuming of course that they pass his rigorous testing of talent and character.  Once through that gate though, Frog will not only stock you on his shelves and recommend you to his customers, but also open his network of radio and press, and sometimes even promote your shows.  Particularly as an independent artist, such support is exceedingly rare and completely invaluable.  So whether you love music or just need help getting your hands on some, drop by and have a chat, I’m sure you’ll discover something.

I’d also recommend you check out the music of Mark Wilkinson and Iluka – Songland stocks both of them and they’re well worth a listen!  But I manage them, so may be a little biased ?

Tim Arney – Rayne Management


“Songland is one of the best retailers in Australia…and Froggy is one
of a kind….I love them!!!”

Melinda Schneider

When it comes to support in the music business – something “not easy come by” – in the words of Mike Rudd,Songland are the best of the best.The support they have given myself, and other artists that I know, is invaluable.

From playing CDs in store, to all “in store” promotions. They are the best of the best!”

Russell Morris

Frog and the crew at Songland records are passionate about music. They treat customers like friends and co-conspirators. This is why they still matter in these days of the digital download dumb-down.

Fred Smith

Songland is, perhaps, the one last light on the hill. And importantly, as opposed to vacuous, disinterested little till-jockeys who’ve scarcely heard of The Beatles, Songland staff members are passionate, knowledgable and very helpful. Songland also stocks everything I’ve ever recorded that’s available so it comes as no surprise to learn that I love Frog, his staff and their shop-especially when my royalty statements come in.

John Schumann – The Vagabond Crew and (formerly) Redgum

Your Ticketek service is amazing – thanks to you we had AMAZING seats at Alan Jackson at Allphones Arena last night. I could’ve struggled to get the tickets online myself but like a lot of people I met last night I would’ve probably ended up in the nose-bleed section.
I’ve never met someone at any other Ticketek office who genuinely cares for their customers and wants them to have the best experience!

Grace (Customer)

Not only is Songland the home of the hard to find, Frog and the team make sure you ARE at home at Songland. Always friendly, always welcome, grabbing the physical product and not waiting for a download makes the search and the joy of finding the hard to find REAL. Thanks Frog.

Chris M (Radio 2CC)