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13th Floor Elevators - The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators [LP] (Picture Disc, limited to 2000, indie advance exclusive)LPThe Psychedelic Sounds of... is the Elevators' ground-breaking debut from 1966 and lays claim to be the first psychedelic rock album and is certainly the first to use the word 'psychedelic'. Known for founder Tommy Hall's use of the electric jug and Roky Erickson's emotive singing of Hall's poetic lyrics. This edition of The Psychedelic Sounds of... features the mono mix on picture disc vinyl using the original artwork, which was recently chosen by National Album Day as one of the best 70 album sleeves of all time, and best sleeve from 1966
- SIDE A 1. You`re Gonna Miss Me (Mono) (02:45)
2. Roller Coaster (Mono) (05:08)
3. Splash 1 (Mono) (03:54)
4. Reverberation (Mono) (02:48)
5. Don`t Fall Down (Mono) (03:00)
1. Fire Engine (Mono) (03:20)
2. Thru The Rhythm (Mono) (03:08)
3. You Don`t Know (How Young You Are) (Mono) (02:58)
4. Kingdom Of Heaven (Mono) (03:08)
5. Monkey Island (Mono) (02:38) 6. Tried To Hide (Mono) (02:48)
6 String Drag - The Jag Sessions (Rare & Unreleased 1996-1998) [LP] (Red Vinyl, download, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPAfter a leaving a mark on the alt-country/No Depression/Americana scene in the mid to late nineties 6 String Drag for all intents and purposes broke up. The band's second record HIGH HAT was produced by After a leaving a mark on the alt-country/No Depression/Americana scene in the mid to late nineties 6 String Drag for all intents and purposes broke up. The band's second record HIGH HAT was produced by Steve Earle and Ray Kennedy and released on Earle's Warner Brothers imprint label E-Squared Record. A 20th anniversary reissue of HIGH HAT on cd, digital and vinyl (for the first time) was released in March 2018 and a brand new and 4th full length studio record TOP OF THE WORLD featuring founding members and leaders Kenny Roby and Rob Keller along with new members Dan Davis and Luis Rodriguez was released the following summer.

The Jag Sessions recordings are a collection of unreleased rarities and record quality demos recorded by Byron McCay at Jag Studios in Raleigh, NC made between 1996 and 1998 that previously have only been circulated among fans and as digtially as a low flying cd releases for sale at shows. This release is the first time any versions of this collection and versions of these songs have been available on vinyl. Some of the collection is made up of songs originally recorded for Columbia Records in 1996 for a demo deal with the label that never came to fruition. The songs from 1998 in the set are songs that were recorded for pro demos and potential release as a follow up to HIGH HAT as an EP.

Pressed on red vinyl, the album comes with download card that features 2 extra songs.

- SIDE A: 1. Brasstown 2. Cry Cry Cry 3. Just a Shame 4. Elaine 5. Red 6. Just Another Thing SIDE B: 7. Mercury's Blues 8. The Changeup 9. Gasoline Maybelline 10. Bottle of Blues 11. Blues Too Blue to Mention 12. No One's Arms
Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas (authors) - Blood On Black Wax: Horror Soundtracks On Vinyl [Book+7''] (Signed 240pg Coffee Table Book + Red-Colored 7'', limited to 1300, indie-exclusive)BookPresented by: RUE MORGUE
Authors: Aaron Lupton & Jeff Szpirglas
Foreword by: Mick Garris (Sleepwalkers / The Stand)
Afterword by: Christopher Young (Hellraiser / Pet Sematary)

Are you obsessed with John Carpenter's iconic music for the Halloween series? Do you thrill to the unforgettable stabs of Bernard Herrmann's Psycho score, or the pounding synth of Goblin's soundtrack to Suspiria? Do you find yourself being pulled into the hair-raising modern scores for the likes of Get Out, Hereditary, and The Witch?

You're not alone.

''Finally, a book that celebrates the best in horror soundtracks. Long overdue!''
- Michael Abels (Composer, Get Out / Us)

Blood on Black Wax is a defining horror soundtrack volume that spotlights iconic franchises such as A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Jaws, The Exorcist, and George A. Romero's Dead films, highlighting both the music and the amazing – often rare – artwork that graces the record sleeves. It also tells the stories behind the soundtrack, from the mouths of the musicians who made them, including John Carpenter, Fabio Frizzi, Christopher Young, Harry Manfredini, Charles Bernstein, Pino Donaggio, John Harrison, Denny Zeitlin, and more.

Aaron Lupton and Jeff Szpirglas, both of Rue Morgue magazine, have curated Blood on Black Wax to reflect their own passion for the darkest slabs of soundtrack music. Their journey into the fascinating history of horror movie scores contains reviews, release details, and wild stories about both renown and unusual releases – everything from the orchestral sounds of Hammer and Universal horror, to the truly experimental albums for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Eraserhead, to the outlandish punk and metal songs of '80s soundtrack albums like The Return of the Living Dead and Rocktober Blood.

Go back to your favorite horror films one more time, through the jaw-dropping, spine-tingling music that helped solidify their place in cinematic history!

Contains a foreword by director Mick Garris (The Stand / Sleepwalkers) and an afterword by composer Christopher Young (Hellraiser / Drag Me to Hell / Pet Sematary)

The Record Store Day edition of Blood on Black Wax will be signed by the authors and contain an exclusive, red-colored 7-inch with never-before released music from the 1980 Jamie Lee Curtis horror film Prom Night. 7-inch contains the tracks ''Prom Night'' and ''Love Me Till I Die,'' plus two score cues and vinyl sleeve artwork by Ghoulish Gary Pullin.

Record Store Day Edition limited to 1,300 copies (1,000 US / 200 Canada / 100 UK).

Signed Hardbound 240-page Book (8.5'' x 11'') + RSD Exclusive Red-Colored 7-inch. Entire package will be shrink-wrapped.
A coffee table book about horror soundtracks has never been released
Prom Night soundtrack 7-inch - the first time ever released in any format

Side A = ''Prom Night'' + score sequence
Side B = ''Love Me Till I Die'' + score sequence
Ace Frehley - Spaceman [LP] (Picture Disc, download, poster, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPAce Frehley is on a roll, and he's ready to embark on his next
musical journey with Spaceman.
His third solo outing in four years (and the first album featuring new Frehley compositions since
his Top 10 ''Space Invader'' album in 2014). Of all of Ace's post-KISS recorded output, Spaceman
might be the closest link to his widely acclaimed 1978 solo record, both in spirit and execution.
First off, Frehley played all of the guitar parts on Spaceman, as well as bass on all but two
songs. Longtime drummer Anton Fig, whose friendship with Ace began in that 1978 record,
also appears on ''Off My Back'' and ''Pursuit of Rock and Roll''. Speaking of KISS brethren, one
listen of opener ''Without You I'm Nothing'' should be a dead giveaway. That mighty dinosaur
growl of a bass tone belongs to Gene Simmons, who co-wrote that song, along with ''Your Wish
Is My Command,'' with the Space Ace at Frehley's home studio in Rancho Santa Fe, California.
His reconnection with Simmons and fellow KISS vocalist-guitarist Paul Stanley (who joined Ace
on a cover of Free's ''Fire and Water'' for 2016's covers LP Origins, Vol. 1) might be chalked up
to the fact that Frehley has been sober for more than a decade (he celebrated 12 years of
sobriety in September). Ace's clean living no doubt has a lot to do with his productive streak,
which began with the release of his top 20 Anomaly album in 2009, his top 10 Space Invader
LP in 2014 (a first for any KISS member); and continues with Spaceman (a title suggested by
Gene himself).

* First new album of all new material from Ace since 2014's ''Space Invader''
* Founding KISS member ('73 to '82 & '96 - '03)
* Bestselling KISS solo career with the only top 10 solo album of any member
(Space Invader - 2014) and Top 10 single (New York Groove - 1978)
* Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductee 2014; Top 10 NY Times Best Selling author with his
''No Regrets'' biography
* Major Premiere took place on August 9th w/album announcement and cover reveal
* Guest appearances from Gene Simmons (who co-wrote two songs w/Ace) and original
Frehley's Comet drummer Anton Fig (formerly of David Letterman)
* Ace has sold over 250,000 albums in the U.S., alone, since 2009.
* Limited pressing to 2,000 for U.S.
* Includes 18'' x 24'' poster + collectible download card.

1 Without You I'm Nothing
2 Rockin' With the Boys
3 Your Wish Is My Command
4 Bronx Boy
5 Pursuit of Rock-N-Roll
6 I Wanna Go Back
7 Mission To Mars
8 Off My Back
9 Quantum Flux
Ace Of Base - The Sign [7''] (Stop Sign Picture Disc, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchSpecial one off pressing of the smash single 'The Sign' from Ace of Base on a special stop sign picture disc. Never before on a 7' inch single, since its release it has sold over 10 million copies worldwide.
- SIDE A: 1. The Sign SIDE B: 1. The Sign (Instrumental)
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral [LP] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPOne of the greatest Japanese psychedelic bands, Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral is in another league from the others. There's a distinct Gong/Can feel about it, with everything that you'd hope from AMT. Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. as of 2019: Kawabata Makoto - guitar, synthesizer, speed guru; Higashi Hiroshi - synthesizer, noodle god; Jyonson Tsu - vocal, guitar, bouzouki; Satoshima Nani - drums, another dimension; Wolf - bass, space & time.
- A1. Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral (part 1) B1. Invisible Eyes And Phantom Cathedral (part 2)
Adrenalin O.D. - Let's BBQ [LP] (gatefold, plastic collectable download card, lyrics, liner notes, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPBEER CITY SKATEBOARDS AND RECORDS is proud to bring you ADRENALIN O.D. -
Let's BBQ Millennium Edition 12''! This is limited to 1000 and is a RSD exclusive!
This star studded release features the songs from the original Let's Barbecue 7''
that first graced us back in 1983 plus an additional track from that same session
that never saw the light of day! Also included are 5 tracks from the ADRENALIN
O.D. demo tape that came out in 1982. These tracks were never recorded for
anything else. For the first time ever all these have now been restored and
remastered and are presented to you at 45RPM's for optimal audio enjoyment!
Add to that a fabulous gatefold packaging, lyrics and liner notes written by none
other then the band itself. Along with pictures; some of which have never been
seen by the public! Plus a plastic collectable download card so you can keep your
record as safe as Han Solo frozen in Carbonite! You have yourself a release that
will hit you like a pie in the face at a Three Stooges convention!
So come record store day make sure you get to the store bright and early and get
this limited piece of hardcore/punk history!

02. Old People Talk LOUD!
03. Trans Am
04. House Husband
05. Mischief Night
06. Status Symbol
07. Scare Tactics
Side 2. - 1982 Demo bonus!
08. A.O.D. Theme
09. Entrapment
10. Die For A Cause
11. Ass Kisser
12. Work Song
a-ha - Hunting High And Low / The Early Alternate Mixes [LP] (first time these demos appear on vinyl, limited to 2500, indie advance exclusive)LPAlternate Mixes of a-ha's debut album ''Hunting High and Low'', first released in the 30th Anniversary
deluxe box set, in 2015. It will be the first time these demos appear on vinyl.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Take on Me (2015
02 Train of Thought (Early
Mix) [2015 Remaster]
03 Hunting High and Low
(Early Mix) [2015
04 The Blue Sky (Alternate
Long Mix) [2015
05 Living a Boy's Adventure
Tale (Early Mix) [2015

Side B
01 The Sun Always Shines
on T.V. (Alternate Early
Mix) [2015 Remaster]
02 And You Tell Me (Early
Mix) [2015 Remaster]
03 Love Is Reason (Early
Mix) [2015 Remaster]
04 Dream Myself Alive
(Early ''NYC'' Mix) [2015
05 Here I Stand and Face
the Rain (Early Mix)
[2015 Remaster]
Alanna Royale - Go b/w I Know [7''] (indie-exclusive)7Inch* ''I Know'' music video
* Tour Dates through June with stops in Nashville TN, Atlanta GA, Ocala FL, Macon GA, St. Louis MO, Winfield KS, Hot Springs NC and Durham NC
Powerhouse vocalist Alanna Royale and her band bring some sides that burn like a piece of that famous Nashville hot chicken. A-side 'Go' will light up the output meters on many a DJ mixer, from the opening hits to the sinewy bass line snaking around a rhythm section that is bound to make a body move. B-sides are ever so often the hidden gems, and on this 45, 'I Know' is bound to have a big share in the fans of this release. Foreshadowing the forthcoming groove, the Motown-esque entrance drum fill opens the door and then the horns step in and never leave the room. Produced by Kelly Finnigan and mixed by the team at Transistor Sound we are pleased to have this release join a growing list of fine recordings from the Transistor Sound label.
I Know
Alarm, The - Strength Live '85 [2LP] (most songs have never been released before in any form, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPClassic recording of The Alarm in concert from Boston Orpheum on November 9th 1985.
16 of the 21 songs have never been released before in any form whatsoever. Four of the tracks were used as B-sides and extra tracks with the band's 'Spirit Of '76' UK single release of early 1986 which put the band into the UK Top 30, with 'Howling Wind' being issued in the USA only as part of the 'Live For Life' IRS Records cancer benefit compilation album.
The audio was recorded by WBCN Rado Station in Boston, MA on November 9th 1985, and features all the classic Alarm material of the era. It captures the band at the height of its success in that most celtic of American cities - Boston, who's people immediately embraced the group as one their own, inspiring the band to some of the finest Alarm performances ever captured on tape.

- LP1: Side A: 1. Introduction 2. Majority 3. Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke? 4. Knife Edge 5. Dawn Chorus 6. The Day The Ravens Left The Tower Side B: 7. Deeside 8. One Step Closer To Home 9. Third Light 10. Absolute Reality 11. Walk Forever By My Side 12. Howling Wind LP2: Side A: 13. Spirit Of '76 14. Blaze Of Glory 15. Strength 16. Sixty Eight Guns Side B: 17. Declaration/Marching On 18. The Chant Has Just Begun 19. The Stand 20. This Train Is Bound For Glory 21. Knocking On Heaven's Door
Albert King - Born Under A Bad Sign [LP] (180 Gram MONO, limited to 2500, indie advance exclusive)LPBorn Under A Bad Sign is Albert King's legendary first album for Stax Records, featuring Booker T. & The MGs and the Memphis Horns. The Indianola, Mississippi-born ''King of the Blues Guitar,'' cemented his legacy with this debut set. While he'd recorded for labels like Vee-Jay, Parrot and Bobbin, it was his chemistry with the Stax team - label executives Al Bell, Jim Stewart and Estelle Axton, songwriters Booker T. Jones and William Bell, and backing from Booker T. & the MGs and the Memphis Horns - that put King on the blues map. King's first Stax recording was ''Laundromat Blues,'' included on this album. Booker T. Jones and Stax soul singer William Bell came up with the thundering bass riff that defined the title track ''Born Under a Bad Sign.'' The song notched #49 on the R&B chart in 1967. The album has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame and included in Rolling Stone's ''500 Greatest Albums of All Time.'' This ALL-ANALOG reissue has been mastered from the original mono tapes by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio and pressed on 180-gram vinyl at Memphis Record Pressing. The mono mix of this album has been unavailable on vinyl since the album's original 1967 release.
- Side A: 1. Born Under a Bad Sign 2. Crosscut Saw 3. Kansas City 4. Oh, Pretty Woman 5. Down Don't Bother Me 6. The Hunter Side B: 1. I Almost Lost My Mind 2. Personal Manager 3. Laundromat Blues 4. As the Years Go Passing By 5. The Very Thought of You
Albert Washington - Sad And Lonely [LP] (180 Gram, original artwork, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Originally released on Westbound Records in 1973
* Pressed on 180gm vinyl
* Limited to 1,000 copies
- By the time singer-songwriter Albert Washington went to record the tracks that would be released on his career-defining LP, Sad and Lonely, in 1973, he was already a veteran on the recording scene. He had singles recorded on a dozen labels, in styles ranging from gospel to blues and soul. Washington (born in Georgia, 1939) made his own guitar out of a gasoline can using rubber bands as strings at the age of seven. After the family moved to Cincinnati, Albert started going to clubs in the area where he was exposed to artists from the likes of B.B. King and Sam Cooke who would inspire him to become a performer. By the mid 1960's, Washington had started his recording career, cutting several singles for various labels. His 1964 recordings for the VLM label, including the song he wrote called 'Haven't Got a Friend', got him noticed in England, and this in turn led to a deal with Fraternity Records in 1966. Lonnie Mack later joined Washington on several singles for Fraternity recorded in 1969. In 1970, he released two singles on the Jewel label before finally recording his first LP (Sad and Lonely) for the Detroit-based label 'Eastbound Records' in 1973. Recorded with the Memphis Horns, the tracks on Sad and Lonely are prime southern gospel-infected soul, funk and raw Albert King style blues...bearing the heavy influence of both James Brown's funk and Otis Redding's Memphis soul. Albert's music is full of lament, urban hustle and lost love, the precise guitar strokes alongside Washington's soaring vocals create the mood for the blues to invade the funk parts. The female backup singers' harmonies are the cherry on top and the album is a funky emotional onslaught with relentless dance grooves from start to end. The outpour of talent featured here on 'Sad and Lonely' was carefully produced by Bernie Mendelson (Donald Austin, Melvin Sparks, Ceasar Frazier), engineered by Ronnie Capone (Stax) and then mastered by the legendary Howard Craft. Because of complications from diabetes (Washington lost his sight and went completely blind) he had to put his musical career on and off hiatus...but despite the crippling effects and the tragedies that befell him over the course of his life, Albert remained an upbeat, positive figure. Washington continued to perform in blues clubs around Long Island prior to dying of complications from diabetes on October 23, 1998. 'Sad and Lonely' was originally released on Eastbound (whose parent label Westbound had hitmakers such as Funkadelic & the Ohio Players on its roster in 1973). This rare album has now attained a cult status and fetches hefty sums on the collectors-market. Now it's finally back available as a limited deluxe 180g vinyl edition (1000 copies) featuring the original artwork. Released exclusively for Record Store Day (UK & Europe) 2019, available in participating stores on April 13.

- 1. No Matter What The Cost May Be 2.You're Messing Up My Mind 3.Wings Of A Dove 4.Sad And Lonely 5.Feel The Need 6.My Mother's Prayer 7.Mischievous aka Mischievous Ways 8.If I Lose Your Love 9.I Can't Stand It No More 10.Do You Really Love Me
Alexander ''Skip'' Spence - AndOarAgain [3LP] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPAndOarAgain provides unparalleled access to what David Fricke calls ''the most harrowing and compelling artifacts of rock & roll's most euphoric era, across three dozen unheard tracks! A triple LP pressed at RTI, AndOarAgain features nearly two hours of unheard music on the way to Oar –along with roads not taken–that both clarifies and muddies the enigma of how psychedelic legend Alexander ''Skip'' Spence determined the final state of his iconic masterpiece.

- 01. Little Hands (take 2) 02. Cripple Creek (basic) 03. Diana (take 3) 04. Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold) (alternate) 05. My Friend 06. War In Peace (alternate) 07. Broken Heart (voc & acoustic) 08. All Come To Meet Her (alternate 1) 09. I Want A Rock & Roll Band 10. Dixie Peach Promenade (Yin For Yang) (alternate) 11. Lawrence Of Euphoria (alternate) 12. Mary Jane / Steamboat 13. I Got A Lot To Say (version 1) 14. Little Hands (vocal overdub) 15. Weighted Down (The Prison Song) (rehearsal) 16. The Shape You're In 17. I Want A Rock & Roll Band (instrumental) 18. It's A Hard Life (version 1) 19. I Got Something For You 20. I Got A Lot To Say (version 2) 21. It Ain't Nice (version 1) 22. She Don't Care 23. All Come To Meet Her (alternate 2) 24. It Ain't Nice (version 2) 25. It's A Hard Life (version 2) 26. All Come To Meet Her (rehearsal) 27. War In Peace (take 2) 28. Broken Heart (extended master) 29. This Time He Has Come 30. It's The Best Thing For You 31. Keep Everything Under Your Hat 32. Furry Heroine (Halo Of Gold) 33. Givin' Up Things 34. If I'm Good 35. You Know 36. Doodle 37. Fountain 38. I Think You And I 39. Diana (basics) 40. Diana (alternate 1) 41. Diana (alternate 2) 42. Diana (version 2) 43. Diana (12 string version) 44. Diana (overdub)
Alexander ''Skip'' Spence - I Want A Rock & Roll Band / I Got A Lot To Say / Mary Jane [7''] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchSKIP LEAVES HIS HOTEL. Its a cold day in Nashville, climbing to only 43F in the afternoon. It may be Sunday, but on this day a 22-year-old musician is working at Columbia Recording Studios. Over the past few days, hes recorded a slew of new songs and today will be no different. On December 7, 1968, Skip Spence will record no less than 8 different songs. He has only 3 more days left to finish the album. Its been fast and furious and its also been tough, recording every instrument on every track, layer after layer, song after song, overdub after overdub. In a sense, Skip is now a one-man rock & roll band. A few months ago, he was in a band, but now hes on a different path. On one of todays tracks, he opens with a low growl, I want a rock & roll band. He then sighs, perhaps wish- ing he didnt have to do it all himself. After repeating the phrase, he adds, One that spits fire and chews blood! Skip was in that sort of band just a few months earlierthe talented but jinxed Moby Grape. Its like he was writing a note to himself, thinking about his old band, thinking about himself as a band, and perhaps thinking about other bands as well. Maybe he was also writing a reply to the Byrds, who once sang, So you want to be a rock & roll star. Like the Byrds, Skip was grounded in folk music. Twenty months ago, Moby Grape opened for the Byrds at the Fillmore and Winter- land in San Francisco. Theyd rehearsed tirelessly for days-on-end beforehand. But Skip doesnt want to go back to his past. I dont want the Fillmore, he roars, I want a rock & roll plan. While his future may be unclear, Skip is on a mission to record every- thing he has in his body & soul. For a part of that Sunday so long ago, that included, I Want a Rock & Roll Banda song that features so many of Skips hallmarks, wit, spontaneity, wordplay, a mixture of intricate & percussive guitar, verve, & a beautiful falsetto. Its a rollicking snapshot of where Skip Spence was at, smack dab in the middle of his Oar sessions one cold Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Side A:1. I Want A Rock & Roll BandSide B:1. I Got A Lot To Say/Mary Jane
Alfred Panou & The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Je Suis Un Sauvage / Le Moral Necessaire [7''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchA single produced by the highly-revered Saravah label at the time, featuring the Art Ensemble of Chicago backing the poetry of the little-remembered Alfred Panou, is not as well-known as the label's other releases. Seen in the 1967 film Weekend by Jean-Luc Godard, Alfred Panou who is of mixed Benin-Togolese origin, already had a career as an actor in political theater when, pushed by producer Pierre Barouh, he recorded two of his texts concerning Black Power. Panou's prose is one of the first, in its own way, to question the notion of black identity. The rowdy poly-instrumental jungle fantasy of the Art Ensemble of Chicago creates a musical counterpoint. First ever vinyl reissue; Color vinyl; Edition of 2000.

- A1. Je Suis Un Sauvage B1. Le Moral Necessaire
Alice Cooper - Dirty Diamonds [LP] (Blood Splattered Color Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPDirty Diamonds is the 24th studio album by Alice Cooper, released on July 4, 2005 internationally, and August 2 in the US.The album peaked on Billboard's ''Top Independent Albums'' chart at #17, and the Billboard 200 album chart at #169 - Cooper's highest charting album since The Last Temptation, 11 years prior. Released for the first time on vinyl and pressed onto Blood Splattered Color Vinyl.
- SIDE A: 1. Woman of Mass Distraction 2. Perfect 3. You Make Me Wanna... 4. Dirty Diamonds 5. The Saga of Jesse Jane 6. Sunset Babies (All Got Rabies) SIDE B: 1. Pretty Ballerina 2. Run Down the Devil 3. Steal That Car 4. Six Hours 5. Your Own Worst Enemy 6. Zombie Dance 7. Stand (Bonus Track)
Alien Weaponry - Tu [LP+7''] (Brown & Orange Splatter Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPThey believe in their identity as a metal band, their use of Te Reo is impressive, there's really nothing else
like this in the world at the moment'' (Jeff Newton, NZ On Air). The trio shocks and surprises audiences
on a number of levels: ALIEN WEAPONRY's songwriting is complex, developed and highly political. Their
live performance energy is startling, with just two fifteen-year olds commanding the front of stage as
effectively as four- and five-piece bands three times their age. But perhaps most surprising of all, many of
their songs are in New Zealand's native language, Te Reo Maori.

* Headline Tour throughout North America in May 2019 [May 4th - May 29th, dates below]
and again in Sept/Oct 2019!
* 7 Official music videos made from „Tu '': ''Kai Tangata'', „Ru Ana Te Whenua'', ''Raupatu'',
„Holding My Breath'', „Urutaa'', „Hypocrite'' & „PC Bro''
* The Song „Kai Tangata'' reached #1 on SiriusXM Liquid Metal's „Devil's Dozen'' countdown,
and was their #3 song of the year!
* The Song „Kai Tangata'' also reached #1 song of the week at Music Choice
* The Song „Holding My Breath'' was licensed by the WWE Network for their
NXT Take Over, 2018!
* Embarked upon their debut North American Tour Nov/Dec 2018 with Ministry &
Carpenter Brut!
* Streaming Consumption Increased over 600% since month of album release
* For Fans Of: Code Orange, Vein, Zeal & Ardor, Jinjer, Soulfly, and Sepultura

1. Whaikorero
2. Ru Ana Te Whenua
3. Holding My Breath
4. Raupatu
5. Kai Tangata
1. Rage - It Takes Over Again
2. Whispers
3. PC Bro
4. Urutaa
5. Nobody Here
6. Te Ara
A. The Things That You Know
B. Hypocrite
Allen Stone - Naturally [12'' EP] (Dark Blue Vinyl, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)12InchSingle4 track EP containing Allen's latest tracks ''Brown Eyed Lover'', ''Warriors'', ''Taste of You'' and brand new track ''Naturally'' Limited Edition Dark Blue Vinyl
- 1. ''Brown Eyed Lover''
2. ''Warriors''
3. ''Taste of You''
4. ''Naturally''
Allman Brothers Band - Bear's Sonic Journals: Fillmore East. Feburary 1970 [LP] (glow in the dark poster, numbered/limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRare, early live recordings of The Allman BrothersBand with Duane Allman in full form, captured by theGrateful Dead's legendary soundman Owsley ''Bear''Stanley, including the first-ever known concert recordingof ''In Memory of Elizabeth Reed.''* The tapes were recorded just one year before theband's landmark At Fillmore East album from thesame venue.* Long out-of-print, this set was freshly restored fromthe original tapes captured by legendary GratefulDead soundman, Owsley Stanley, a/k/a Bear, who isknown for the purity of his ''Sonic Journal'' recordings.* This vinyl edition features is an audiophile, all-analogproduction, newly mastered from the vault tapes byOwsley's hand-picked engineer, Paul Stubblebine.* This is the second release in the award-winning''Bear's Sonic Journals'' series and the first jointpresentation by the Allman Brothers Band and theOwsley Stanley Foundation. The foundation's firstrelease, Doc and Merle Watson: Never the Same WayOnce, was named Stereophile Recording of the Monthfor October, 2017.* Gatefold liner notes include a rare band photo fromthe Fillmore East in February 1970 and original coverartwork (''Electric Mushroom'').

TRACK LISTING: 2 LPs - 7 Tracks
LP SIDE IIn Memory of Elizabeth ReedHoochie Coochie ManStatesboro BluesLP SIDE IITrouble No MoreOutskirts of TownWhipping PostLP SIDE IIIMountain JamLP SIDE IVMountain Jam (continued)
Alpha & Omega - Dubplate Selection Vol. 1 [LP] (Colored Vinyl, download, numbered/limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Vintage killer addictive electronic reggae and dub selection by UK pioneers Alpha & Omega. These are dub-plate mixes (normally only available to sound system operators) of tracks from various Alpha & Omega albums. Originally released on CD in 1995, now for the first time on a limited color vinyl. Includes download; Edition of 500 (numbered). Mania Dub on the release: ''We have always done alternative mixes for sound systems. We had enough good ones to make an album so that's why we released Dubplate Selection Vol. 1.''
- A1. Under Contention (4:16)
A2. Pure And Clean (3:41)
A3. Ancient African Civilisation (3:21)
A4. The Roots (3:46)
A5. David And Goliath (3:28)
A6. Jah Bless (4:37)
B1. Jah Protection (3:18)
B2. Respect To The Warrior (3:42)
B3. One Woman Show (3:42)
B4. Wicked Man Drop (4:13)
B5. Show Me A Purpose (4:15)
B6. Rastafari (3:48)
Alpha & Omega - Dubplate Selection Vol. 2 [LP] (Colored Vinyl, download, numbered/limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Vintage killer addictive electronic reggae and dub selection by UK pioneers Alpha & Omega. These are dub-plate mixes of tracks from various Alpha & Omega albums. Volume 2 was originally released on CD in 1997. It's presented here for the first time on a limited color vinyl. Includes download; Edition of 500 copies (numbered). Mania Dub on the release: ''We have always done alternative mixes for sound systems. This is Alpha & Omega's second volume of dub-plate mixes, normally only available to soundsystem operators.''
- A1. Promised Land (3:30)
A2. Dub Signs (4:18)
A3. Shashamani (3:48)
A4. Ancient Wisdom (3:41)
A5. Jerusalem (4:07)
A6. Jah Is Calling (4:13)
B1. Warrior (3:28)
B2. King And Queen (3:26)
B3. Stepping Up (3:52)
B4. The Firmament (3:42)
B5. No Mans Land (3:36)
B6. Africa Ethiopa (3:44)
Ana Tijoux - La Bala [LP] (White Colored Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPTijoux was born in France to a French mother and a Chilean father in political exile during Pinochet'sdictatorship. After a return to democracy, the family moved back to Chile, where she found a homein the emerging hip-hop scene of Santiago. Tijoux's music has reached audiences around the globewith 1977 featured on the hit TV show Breaking Bad and the soundtrack to EA's FIFA video game.

- 1. La Bala 2. Shock 3. Desclasificado 4. Sacar La Voz (feat. Jorge Drexler) 5. El Rey Solo (feat. Curumin) 6. Quizas (feat. Monica Blaire) 7. Si Te Preguntan (feat. Los Aldeanos) 8. Las Cosas por Su Nombre 9. Mi Mitad (feat. Javier Barria) 10. Las Horas (feat. Solo Di Medina) 11. Volver
Anderson .Paak - Bubblin' [7''] (Cream Colored Vinyl, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7InchWith a soulful essence harkening back to the iconic voices of the seventies, yet embodying a raw uniqueness fully
present in the now, the acclaimed singer/rapper/drummer/producer, Anderson .Paak, has successfully alchemized a
cross-section of musical styles – R&B, hip-hop, and dance – into a solid, undeniable, irresistible ''genre-less sound.'' A rabid
worldwide fan base, praise from critics at outlets including Rolling Stone, Billboard, New York Times, and Pitchfork, and
electrifying appearances on talk shows including Ellen, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, The Tonight Show Starring
Jimmy Fallon and at festivals around the globe have all cemented .Paak's place as one of the most premier artists on the
music scene today.
Born Brandon Paak Anderson, his extraordinary talent was fully realized under the name Anderson .Paak with his
debut Venice and a stellar six-song run on Dr. Dre's certified Gold COMPTON album, culminating in the perfect storm of
his sophomore release, 2016's Malibu. Met with universal rave reviews, major nominations, including Best New Artist
and Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy nods, and a hail of award wins.
Anderson .Paak's ''Bubblin'', his first single under 12 Tone Music Group and Aftermath, has since been nominated for
a 2019 Grammy award for Best Rap Performance and was selected as one of Triple J's Hottest 100.

Television: SNL, Jimmy Fallon. Jimmy Kimmel
* Video: ''Bubblin'' 16M views
* Touring: Andy's Beach Club World Tour (2/11-3/17); Coachella
Festival (April), Boston Calling (May), Lowlands Festival (August)
* Grammy Nominations: 2019 Best Rap Performance (''Bubblin'')

Anderson East - Alive In Tennessee [2LP] (limited to 1000, indie advance exclusive)LP2LP, 90 minute recording of Anderson East's sold out performance at the historic Ryman Auditorium.

Andrew Oldham Orchestra, The - The Rolling Stones Songbook [LP] (180 Gram, Clear Vinyl, limited to 1250, indie exclusive)LPFirst time reissue of this 60's / Stones related classic - from analog master tape, on dead quiet clear vinyl for incredible listening experience. Includes the Verve sampled version of ''The Last Time'' .

blue turns grey
(I can't get no) Satisfaction
you better move on
time is on my side
heart of stone
as tears go by
play with fire
theme for a rolling stone
tell me (you're coming back)
the last time
Anton Dobson feat. The Gregory Brothers (Schmoyo, indie exclusive) - Bed Intruder & Various Other YouTube Hits [7''] (Bandana Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited, indie exclusive)7Inch* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First time physical release on any format
* Limited edition Bandana Red Vinyl
* Has over 140 MILLION streams on youtube & over 1.5 million on spotify
* Features 5 HITS from the ''Autotune The News'' crew including Bed Intruder & Double Rainbow
* Brand new themed artwork
- ''Bed Intruder Song'' is a song by The Gregory Brothers and Antoine Dodson, featuring Kelly Dodson.
[1] The song, created by Auto-Tune the News, features processed vocals of a WAFF-48 news interview with Antoine Dodson, who was talking to a reporter about a home invasion and attempted rape of his sister Kelly,[2] mixed with a self-created backing track and, eventually, a video which incorporated clips from the news broadcast. The song peaked at number 89 in the Billboard Hot 100,[3] the only song that week to enter the chart on iTunes downloads only.[4] The original music video for ''Bed Intruder Song''[note 1] went viral,[5] becoming YouTube's most popular video of 2010.[6][7] As of November 2017, it has been viewed over 138,012,173 times and has received 949,317 likes since it was uploaded on July 30, 2010.[8][9][10] On March 26, 2011, the song won the Comedy Award for Best Viral Original - 1) Bed Intruder (featuring Anton Dobson) 2) Back up song 3) Double Rainbow 4) Oh My Daym (Featuring Daym Drops) 5)Can't Hug Every Cat (Featuring Cara Hartmann)
Aretha Franklin - The Atlantic Singles 1967 [5x7'' Boxet] (featuring Aretha's five 7'' singles from 1967, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchAretha Franklin - The Atlantic Singles 1967 Vinyl Boxset set, is a 7'' Singles Box featuring Aretha's five
7'' singles from 1967.
Disc 1 - Side A I NEVER LOVED A MAN (The Way I Love You) 2:47 / Side B DO RIGHT WOMAN – DO RIGHT MAN
Disc 2 - Side A RESPECT 2:26 / Side B DR. FEELGOOD 3:18
Disc 3 - Side A BABY I LOVE YOU 2:40 / Side B GOING DOWN SLOW 4:32
Disc 5 - Side A CHAIN OF FOOLS 2:45 / Side B PROVE IT 2:58
Art Ensemble Of Chicago - The Spiritual [LP] (180 Gram, Transparent Red Vinyl, new cover art, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE
» Limited To 1,500 Copies Worldwide
» Pressed on Transparent Red, 180gram Vinyl at
Pallas Group in Germany
» Remastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» First Vinyl Pressing In Over Four Decades
» Features New Cover Artwork
The Spiritual, a free jazz album recorded by the Art Ensemble
of Chicago in 1974, fi nds the group of stellar musicians at
their creative peak. With various types of percussion, though
the absence of a traditional drummer, the ensemble is able
to create vivid, freeing compositions without the confi nes
of conventional structure. The quartet, consisting of Joseph
Jarman, Roscoe Mitchell, Lester Bowie, and Malachi Favors,
explore the depths of Avant-Garde Jazz through a means
that has yet to be touched on in a comparable capacity.
The Spiritual was remastered by Infrasonic Mastering and
pressed on 180gram red vinyl at Pallas Group in Germany,
the fi rst vinyl pressing in over four decades.

Track List:
A1 Toro
A2 Lori Song
A3 That The Evening Sky Fell Through The Glass Wall And We
Stood Alone Somewhere?
B The Spiritual
Augustus Pablo - Moods Of Pablo [LP] (Yellow & Green Splatter Vinyl, limited to 300, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. The man known as Augustus Pablo was a visionary, part of an intimate group of creative figures whose approach to reggae music and audio recording have forever changed the shape of popular music in Jamaica, and the echoes of his creative ingenuity have reached far beyond the island's shores. The enigmatic figure will always be most associated with his exceptional skills on the melodica, a plastic toy instrument that is used to teach schoolchildren the rudiments of keyboard melody, but his oeuvre encompassed so much more. In fact, the man was one of Jamaican music's most important record producers, as well as being a session keyboard player of considerable renown. Moods Of Pablo collects some individual moments of Pablo's work which somehow drifted into the orbit of Bunny Lee, a producer with his fingers always in a broad range of musical pies; futuristic cuts of ''Queen of the Minstrel,'' ''Hold On,'' ''Fatty Fatty,'' ''Heart Don't Leap,'' and ''The Drifter'' give way to ten thematic roots dubs from King Tubby's studio, each with melodica firmly in place, morphing rhythms such as ''Barb Wire,'' ''Everything I Own'' and ''Miss Wire Waist'' into another dimension. Edition of 300 copies on yellow and green splatter vinyl for RSD 2019.
- 01. Pablo's Drifting Dub
02. Pablo's Delightful Dub
03. Pablo's Magnificent Dub
04. Hold On Pablo
05. Pablo's Rockers Jam
06. King Tubby's Musical Gorgon Dub
07. King Tubby's Nah Jester Dub
08. King Tubby's Rock Steady Dub
09. King Tubby's Roots Vibe Dub
10. King Tubby's Rule Supreme Dub
11. King Tubby's Supercharge Dub
12. King Tubby's The Dub Organiser
13. King Tubby's Musical Stalowatt Dub
14. King Tubby's The Professor Of Dub
15. King Tubby's The Specialist In Dub
AxCx (Anal C#nt) - Picnic Of Love [LP] (Pink Vinyl, Animated Etching, remastered, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie-retail exclusive, THIS RECORD IS NON-EXPLICIT)LPFIRST TIME ON VINYL. 20 year anniversary of AxCx's safest album ever! Beautiful acoustic guitar ballads with lovely falsetto singing. ''Sensitive'' Seth Putnam serenades you with heart warming ditties such as ''I Wanna Grow Old With You'', ''My Woman, My Lover, My Friend'', and ''In My Heart There's A Star Named After You''. Available on colored vinyl with animated etchings on both sides.


1. Picnic of Love 2:17
2. I Respect Your Feelings as a Woman and a Human 2:04
3. I Wanna Grow Old with You 2:51
4. Saving Ourselves for Marriage 3:07
5. Greed Is Something We Don't Need 3:13
6. I'm Not That Kind of Boy 2:38
7. I Couldn't Afford to Buy You a Present (So I Wrote You This Song) 3:27
8. I'd Love to Have Your Daughter's Hand in Marriage 1:51
9. My Woman, My Lover, My Friend 3:29
10. Waterfall Wishes 3:16
11. In My Heart There's a Star Named After You 3:27
Azymuth - Demos 1973-75 [7''] (indie-exclusive)7InchRSD 2019 release. Far Out Recordings present two previously unreleased and unheard recordings from the formative years of Brazil's iconic jazz-funk titans. Recorded between 1973-75 at the keyboard maestro Jose Roberto Bertrami's home studio in Rio, the tracks are a mesmerizing document of the futuristic sound Azymuth were developing before releasing their cult favorite, self-titled debut with Som Livre. ''Castelo (Version 1)'' captures Azymuth's alien space-funk sound in its rawest, most progressive form. ''Juntos Mais Uma Vez'' is an enormous instrumental soul ballad, which ebbs and flows with heart-wrenching Hammond organ melodies punctuated by the low-slung, deep groove of Brazil's most beloved rhythm section.
- A1. Castelo (Version 1)
B1. Juntos Mais Uma Vez
B-52's, The - Mesopotamia [LP] (Opaque Light Blue Vinyl, limited to 2750, indie exclusive)LPReissue of the original 1982 EP on light blue coloured vinyl. The vinyl will contain the US mixes that
were on the original North American release.

Side A
01 Loveland
02 Deep Sleep
03 Mesopotamia

Side B
01 Oake
02 Throw That Beat In The
Garbage Can
03 Nip It In The Bud
Bad Religion - My Sanity [7''] (2 new tracks, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchBAD RELIGION are back with two new
tracks on 7'' vinyl for the first time as an
RSD 2019 exclusive. These two tracks
come from the band's LA sessions with
producer Carlos de la Garza.

Bananarama - Bananarama Remixed: Vol 1 [12''] (Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleLondon Records and Because Music present the first in a series of Bananarama Remix EPs. This limited-edition red vinyl features fresh interpretations of Bananrama classics. Exclusively features Ewan Pearson's huge remix of ''Aie A Mwana'', Tom Moulton's classic disco mix of ''Cruel Summer'', plus Leo Zero offers two interpretations of Bananarama's smash hit ''Venus''. All remixes previously unreleased.
- A1. AIE A Mwana (Ewan Pearson Remix) A2. Cruel Summer (Tom Moulton Remix) B1. Venus (Leo Zero Remix) B2. Venus (Leo Zero Disco Remix)
Basement - Be Here Now [7''] (White/Blue Vinyl, unreleased B-side, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)7Inch7'' single that contains ''Be Here Now'' from the current record, ''Beside Myself,'' plus an unreleased
studio b-side, ''Are You The One''.
Basil Kirchin - Worlds Within Worlds: Part I And II [LP] (RANDOM Gold OR Black Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Worlds Within Worlds: Part I And II is one of the most important experimental and improvised jazz-based recordings of all time. Released in 1971 it sold just a handful of copies, but has become a keystone in the development of ambient sounds; originals now fetch £1000+. This is the first time this exceptional, unique, and highly desirable record has been repressed. Originally conceived whilst walking round the docklands in Hull, Basil Kirchin felt that the futuristic music he had often imagined could actually be made. Only in 1969 and with the help of an arts grant could he afford the vital equipment he needed: a Nagra tape machine and Sennheiser directional microphone. Armed with these tools he set about recording landscapes, people, places, machines, animals, birds, bees, the zoo, and the autistic children from Schurmatt in Switzerland. He then took these recordings, edited them and then began the process of slowing them down to reveal the ''little boulders of sound'' hidden deep within the recordings. Kirchin built up layers of noise, symphonies of slowness, and then encouraged his jazz associates including Derek Bailey and Evan Parker to improvise along. The result was WWW, and nothing quite like it had been made or heard before. Today it offers listeners a mesmerizing sonic experience that remains years ahead of its time. This first ever repress features a new gatefold sleeve (Kirchin hated the original sleeve), with images of Kirchin, his original field recording tapes, and notes by WWW fan Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth). Edition of 1500 with 300 on gold vinyl; the LPs will be mixed randomly -- there will be no way of telling which color is which as all LPs will be sealed. Personnel: Basil Kirchin, Evan Parker, Derek Bailey, Claire Deniz, Graham Lyons, Daryl Runswick, Frank Ricotti. The perfect RSD release.
- A1. Part I: Integration (Non-Racial)
B1. Part II: The Human Element
Batmobile - 1987 Demos (7" Coloured Vinyl)7IN7"/DISCO SLEEVE/1000 CPS ON CLEAR YELLOW VINYL/RSD 2019
Beartooth - B-Sides [7''] (etching, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchTwo unreleased b-side tracks not used on the bands latest release Disease - 1) Takeover 2) Messed Up
Benjamin Gibbard - Me And Magdalena / The Concept [7''] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchBenjamin Gibbard's Me and Magdalena / The Concept is a split single with two unreleased tracks taken from separate sessions Gibbard did with Richard Swift, the renowned singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer who tragically passed away in 2018. The single is the second entry by Fug Yep Soundation, a 7'' series created in loving memory of our friend & musical hero, Richard Swift. Its goal, through releasing music, is to raise awareness for addiction and bring community to those suffering. The A-side is the unreleased demo of ''Me and Magdalena'' which Gibbard wrote for The Monkees 2016 album Good Times!. The B-side is an alternate unreleased version of Teenage Fanclub's ''The Concept'' from Gibbard's cover of the band's classic Bandwagonesque album, which he released in 2017. Net proceeds will go to the Swift family and two incredible organizations, MusiCares and Music Support UK, who will help facilitate this mission. Me and Magdalena / The Concept will be numbered and limited to 2,000 worldwide. Black vinyl, no download code included.
- SIDE A: Me and Magdalena SIDE B: The Concept
Bernard 'Pretty' Purdie - Soul Is ... Pretty Purdie [LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, obi-strip, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* Originally released on Flying Dutchman in 1972
* Pressed on 180gm vinyl
* Housed in a gatefold jacket + obi strip
* Limited to 1,500 copies
- Bernard ''Pretty'' Purdie is an American drummer that needs little introduction. At an early age he began hitting cans with sticks and learned the elements of drumming techniques from overhearing lessons being given. Considered an influential and innovative soul-jazz-funk musician, he is known for his precise musical time keeping and his signature/unique drumming techniques... considered one of the greatest drummers of his generation, in 2013 he was inducted into the 'Modern Drummer' Hall of Fame. In 1961 he moved from his hometown to New York City where he was contracted to play session work for James Brown (Purdie can be heard on the albums 'It's a Man's Man's Man's World', 'Cold Sweat', 'Say It Loud-I'm Black and I'm Proud' and 'Get on the Good Foot'). These JB sessions display some of the most sophisticated and driving shuffles ever recorded for Brown's catalogue. Purdie then started working with Aretha Franklin as her musical director in 1970 and held that position for five years as well as drumming for Franklin's opening act, King Curtis. Bernie Purdie was credited on countless albums (spanning several decades) by legendary artists like Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, Isaac Hayes, Quincy Jones, Miles Davis, John Lee Hooker, Steely Dan, Cat Stevens, B.B. King, The Rolling Stones and Gil Scott-Heron. Purdie recorded his first solo album Soul Drums as early as 1968 and other milestone solo albums include Purdie Good (1971), Soul Is ... Pretty Purdie (1972) and the soundtrack for the blaxploitation film Lialeh (1973). With such an extensive body of work (Purdie laid down the beat on over 3000 recordings) it comes as no surprise that his rhythms have appeared as samples on groundbreaking tracks from high profile acts such as The Chemical Brothers, Massive Attack, Beck, DJ Shadow, The Prodigy ...and many others. Today we are extremely proud to present you the official reissue of Mr. Purdie's long time out of print 1972 classic: Soul Is ... Pretty Purdie. The album (featuring an all-star line up of guest musicians) is a fantastic mix of Purdie's own material and cover versions of classics by Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye & Bill Withers. The rhythm section, wah-wah guitars and growling horns constantly supply the funk for this uber funky jam while a probing bass and Pretty Purdie's trademark beat helps showcase his considerable talents on this career defining album. Purdie's rasping, worldweary vocal which is full of hurt and hope lifts the album up to unseen heights. Washes of dramatic Hammond organ, stabs of keyboards and pounding drums grab your attention. It's as if Pretty Purdie's all-stars are determined to surpass everything that's gone before. Melodic and joyous, you can't help lose yourself in a band at the top of their game. Originally released on Flying Dutchman Records in 1972, now back available as a limited deluxe 180g vinyl edition (1500 copies) packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the original artwork. Released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, available in participating stores on April 13. - 1.What's Goin' On / Ain't No Sunshine 2.Don't Go 3.Good Livin' (Good Lovin') 4.Day Dreaming 5.Song For Aretha 6.Put It Where You Want It 7.Heavy Soul Slinger
Beth Hart - Front And Center (Live From New York) [2LP] (Red Vinyl, download, bonus track, limited to 750, indie exclusive)LPOn March 7th, 2017, the GRAMMY nominated ''powerhouse vocalist'' (Rolling Stone) Beth Hart
performed a very special, intimate concert at NYC's Iridium Jazz Club, which featured songs from
her hit record, 'Fire on the Floor' and from throughout her career. Released for the first time on
vinyl, Beth's #1 Billboard Blues record, 'Front And Center - Live From New York,' will be available
April 13th via Provogue Records/Mascot Label Group as a Record Store Day 2019 exclusive.
Known for her visceral, soul-baring vocals and dynamic range, Hart is riding a creative tidal wave
following the release of her critically acclaimed 2017 studio album, 'Fire On The Floor,' as well as
2018's hit, 'Live At The Royal Albert Hall'. Beth continues leveling audiences with her incredible
power and dynamic range.
Hart has had an incredible two-decade career, beginning with the release of a fistful of hit albums
through the '90s, then reigniting in the post-millennium as both a solo artist and the head-turning
vocalist for guitar heroes like Joe Bonamassa, Slash and long-time collaborator Jeff Beck. But it's
in recent times that Beth has truly blossomed, selling out ever-larger venues in cities around the
world, including New York, Los Angeles, London, Paris, Berlin, Milan, Amsterdam, and Copenhagen.
She is recognized around the world as one of the great live vocalists of our time, with a voice
''reminiscent of Etta James and Janis Joplin'' (Music Connection), topping Billboard's Blues Album
Chart and receiving numerous GRAMMY and Blues Music Awards nominations. Dubbed ''the
ultimate female rock star'' by The Blues Magazine, the Guardian has praised her ''daring, brooding
performances'' and The Times has called her ''Extraordinary.''


A1 Let's Get Together
A2 Baddest Blues
A3 Jazz Man
A4 Delicious Surprise
B1 Broken And Ugly
B2 St. Teresa
B3 Isolation
B4 Tell Her You Belong To Me
C1 Fat Man
C2 Love Gangster
C3 Leave The Light On
C4 As Long As I Have A Song
D1 Can't Let Go
D2 For My Friends
D3 No Place Like Home
D4 My California (Bonus Track)
Bill Evans - Evans In England: Live At Ronnie Scott's [2LP] (180 Gram, liner note insert with rare photos, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPEvans in England: Live at Ronnie Scott's is a newly-discovered recording of the Bill Evans Trio featuring bassist Eddie Gomez and drummer Marty Morell captured live at the legendary Ronnie Scott's jazz club in London, England the week of December 20, 1969. The deluxe, limited-edition 180-gm 2LP set includes a beautifully-designed liner note insert with rare photos by photographers Chuck Stewart, Jean-Pierre Leloir and Jan Persson; essays by acclaimed jazz writer Marc Myers and producer Zev Feldman; plus interviews with Eddie Gomez, Marty Morell and filmmaker Leon Terjanian. This is the fourth official Resonance release of previously-unissued Bill Evans recordings and captures Evans in fine form. Evans in England is mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. (RTI).

- Side A: 1. Our Love Is Here To Stay 2. Sugar Plum 3. Stella By Starlight 4. My Foolish Heart Side B: 1. Waltz For Debby 2. 'Round Midnight 3. The Two Lonely People 4. Who Can I Turn To (When Nobody Needs Me) Side C: 1. Elsa 2. What Are You Doing For The Rest of Your Life? 3. Turn Out The Stars 4. Re: Person I Knew 5. Goodbye Side D: 1. Come Rain Or Come Shine 2. Very Early 3. So What 4. Midnight Mood 5. Polka Dots and Moonbeams
Bill Hicks - Revelations: Variations [2LP] (never-before-seen photos, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPOn 11/29/1992 at the end of a very successful sold out tour of the UK, Bill performed in London at the Dominion Theatre to a raucous, enthusiastic capacity crowd. This performance became his last recorded special, Revelations, which many consider to be Bill in peak form. When Revelations was originally broadcast on TV and subsequently released on DVD and LP the length of those was one hour and 13 minutes long, being edited to that more time-slot friendly length. But, the actual show that Bill performed that night was an epic, running just under two hours long. Now for the first time the entire audio of the show is being released as Bill performed it that night ......... All 43 missing minutes!!!! Born in Georgia but raised in Houston since the age of 7, this self-described ''Prince of Darkness'' was compelled to use the comedy stage as his philosophic soapbox. At 13, he would sneak out of his suburban house to hustle his way onto open-mike night rosters. In two brief decades, Hicks worked his way up the sweat-stained comedy ladder to national exposure on The Tonight Show, Late Show with David Letterman and an HBO cable special. Rolling Stone named him the ''hot stand-up'' of 1993. He was the hit of the 1990 and 1991 Just for Laughs comedy festivals in Montreal. Dead at 32, the enigmatic Hicks was admired, reviled and misunderstood. -The Montreal Gazette, March 28, 1994

1.You're In The Right Place2.Stop Making Jokes About Me3.We Live In A Dangerous World4.He Had A Gun5.I Can Relate On The Values Issue6.Snooker Needs Riots7.The Hooligans Are Loose8.Jesus, What Balls9.JFK (Was A Long Time Ago}10.It Seemed So Plausible11.Go Back To Bed America12.Put 'Em In The Movies13.What Could Be Worse14.Advertising Or Marketing15.Basic Instinct16.Goat Boy17.You Guys Are Weird18.War Against Drugs19.Humans Are So Neat20.God Made A Mistake21.You Gotta Play Miniature Golf22.Satan's Scaly Pecker23.It's Just A Ride

Billy Joel - Live At Carnegie Hall 1977 [2LP] (first time on vinyl, download, limited to 3150, indie exclusive)LPOn June 3, 1977, Billy Joel and his band wrapped a tour with a performance at New York's venerable Carnegie Hall. The audience was treated to a stellar set, accompanied by a live orchestra and featuring several then-unreleased songs, including the newly-written epic ''Scenes From An Italian Restaurant'' and the romantic ''Just The Way You Are.'' One of the show's many attendees was producer/engineer Phil Ramone, who helped Billy translate his boundless live energy into his blockbuster fifth album, The Stranger, released later that year. This historic show is available on vinyl for the first time!

- Disc 1 A) 1. Miami 2017 (Seen The Lights Go Out On Broadway) 2. Prelude/Angry Young Man 3. New York State Of Mind B) 1. Just The Way You Are 2. She's Got A Way 3. The Entertainer Disc 2 A) 1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant 2. Band Introductions 3. Captain Jack B) 1. I've Loved These Days 2. Say Goodbye To Hollywood 3. Souvenir
BillyBio - Freedom's Never Free [7'' EP] (Yellow Vinyl, new solo single from Biohazard lead vocalist, limited to 1000, indie-exclusive)7InchBridge Nine is excited to announce a partnership with Billy Graziadei of BIOHAZARD to release an EP from his new solo venture, BILLYBIO. Immersing himself in the sounds, perspective, and culture of the punk underground, Billy's desire to create new and innovative music led him to the late 80's hardcore scene in New York City. From Sunday matinee hardcore shows at CBGB's to Friday night metal shows at Brooklyn's L'Amour club, it was here where Billy found his musical home and birthed one of the most influential and recognizable bands of the late-80s/90s, BIOHAZARD. Building on the traditions of his past projects, Billy has finally entered the solo world as BILLYBIO. ''I've always wanted to do a solo release and the timing of everything that I have been working on just seemed to fall into place'' says Billy. ''I always let the creative juices flow, I don't try and restrict them to fit a certain genre. With BILLYBIO, it's 100% me. No influence from anyone else. This is who I am and what I've become. I'm a product of everyone I've met, talked with, shared my stories with...and a bit of their stories as well. Anyone who's a fan of what I've done, especially with Biohazard, will love this! There's something there for every fan of heavy underground music.''
The EP entitled 'Freedom's Never Free' features the single from his debut full length 'Feed The Fire', which was released this past fall on AFM Records, as well as two exclusive B-side demo tracks. This is limited to a one-time pressing of 1,000 copies.

1. Freedom's Never Free
2. Feed The Fire (Demo)
3. Freedom's Never Free (Demo)
Bingo Hand Job (actually R.E.M. with Billy Bragg, Robyn Hitchcock and Peter Holsapple) - Live At The Borderline 1991 [2LP] (previously unreleased live R.E.M. show, ltd to 3500, indie exclusive)LPLegendary, colossal and now of mythical proportions, this live performance from London's Borderline – March 15, 1991 – is captured here, and officially released for the very first and only time. A blistering set from a group described by Record Collector as ''a band at the terrifying height of its popularity, caught in the spotlight between college rock integrity and Unplugged stardom.''

Disc 1
Side A
1. World Leader Pretend, 2. Half A World Away, 3. Fretless, 4. The One I Love
Side B
1. Jackson / Dallas, 2. Disturbance At The Heron House, 3. Belong, 4. Low

Disc 2
Side A
1. Love Is All Around, 2. You Are The Everything, 3. Swan Swan H, 4. Radio Song, 5. Perfect Circle
Side B
1. Endgame, 2. Pop Song 89, 3. Losing My Region, 4. Fall On Me, 5. Get Up, 6. Moon River
Bird And The Bee, The - Ray Guns Are Not Just The Future [2LP] (Blue Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPThe Bird and The Bee is Grammy Award
Winning Producer Greg Kurstin (Foo
Fighters, Beck, Adele etc) and Los Angeles
Singer-Songwriter Inara George.
''Ray Guns are not Just the Future'' is their long
out of print second album. This 10th
Anniversary Expanded Edition includes ''Please
Clap Your Hands'' EP, on vinyl for the first time.
Features their most streamed song, a cover of
''How Deep Is Your Love'', ''My Love'', ''Polite
Dance Song'' and ''Birthday''!

2xLP 140g, Blue Vinyl
Dorado Music Packaging Double Gatefold
Record Store Day Exclusive Pressing of 1700
Mastered by Kevin Gray from 44.1/16 Final Mix
Plating and Pressing by Record Technology,
First Time Reissue Of This Vinyl Collector's
Original Release Date January 2009

Side A
1. Fanfare
2. My Love
3. Diamond Dave
4. What's In The Middle
5. Ray Gun
Side B
1. Love Letter To Japan
2. Meteor
3. Baby
4. Phil
5. Polite Dance Song

Side C
1. You're A Cad
2. Witch
3. Birthday
4. Lifespan of a Fly
5. Leggs
Side D [Please Clap
Your Hands EP]
1. Polite Dance Song (Totally
Rude Remix)
2. Man
3. The Races
4. So You Say
5. How Deep Is Your Love
Bird And The Bee, The - The Bird And The Bee [LP] (Green Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe Bird and the Bee is Grammy Award Winning Producer Greg
Kurstin (Adele, Foo Fighters, Flaming Lips, Sia and Paul McCartney, the list goes on) & LA Singer-Songwriter Inara George. ''the
bird & the bee'' is the duo's self titled synth-pop debut originally
released in 2007.
Now, reissued on vinyl for the first time!
With millions of streams, the record continues to be discovered in
recent years while the vinyl has long been out of print.

1xLP 140 gram green vinyl
Single pocket gatefold sleeve
Exclusive Record Store Day green pressing of 1,000
Mastering: Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio
Plating & Pressing: Record Technology, Inc
Reissued for the first time
Paper & Print: Dorado Music Packaging
Audio Source: 44.1/16 Final Mix Files

side one
1. again & again
2. birds and the bees
3. f*ucking boyfriend
4. I'm a broken heart
5. la la la

side two
1. my fair lady
2. I hate camera
3. Because
4. Preparedness
5. Spark
Blancmange - Living On The Ceiling [12''] (Blue Vinyl, limited, indie exclusive)12InchSingleRSD 2019 release. ''Living On the Ceiling'' was a number 7 hit in 1982 with its striking mix of table and sitar. Still played to this day in underground clubs worldwide. Features previously unreleased remixes from Richard Norris who adds a darker, twisted element to the track. Also includes a rare extended mix of the remastered original. ''Living On The Ceiling'' is taken from Happy Families. Released in 1982, the album is a fully-formed electronic pop classic. Limited edition blue vinyl. ''Listening to Blancmange obsessively. Probably the most under-rated electronic act of all time.'' --Moby
- A1. Living On The Ceiling (remastered)
A2. Living On The Ceiling Extended (remastered)
B1. Living On The Ceiling (Richard Norris Remix)
B2. Living On The Ceiling (Richard Norris Instrumental Remix)
Blasters, The - Dark Night In Philly: 1986 [2LP] (limited to 700, indie exclusive)LPPure and simple, The Blasters create American Music, accessible, energetic rock 'n' roll, performed live in Philly, seamlessly blending r&b, punk, blues, rockabilly and r 'n' r. Their live performances displayed a frenetic energy and outstanding musicianship and they were stalwarts in the early 80s L.A. punk scene, performing with artists including Black Flag, The Cramps, X and numerous others.

Sales Points
* One of the last recordings including guitarist Hollywood Fats who died less than 5 months after this performance
* Live performance taken directly off the soundboard
* This live performance contains their best known songs including 'Marie, Marie', 'Long White Cadillac' and 'Blue Shadows'
* 'The Blasters' music was integrated into a variety of feature films (''From Dusk To Dawn'', ''Streets of Fire'' and ''Bull Durham'') and TV (''Mami Vice'', ''Six Feet Under'' and ''Billions'') and was featured in Gran Turismo Auto 4

Track Listing
Disc 1:
* Marie, Marie
* No Other Girl
* But I Don't Want To
* Just Another Sunday
* Never No More Blues
* Flat Top Joint
* Border Radio
* Long White Cadillac
* Keep It Clean
* Dark Night
* Crazy Baby
* Hoodoo Man
* Trouble Bound
Disc 2:
o Help You Dream
o Colored Lights
o Red Rose
o Jubilee Train
o Hear Me Cryin'
o I'm Shakin'
o Blue Shadows
o Friend Of the Common Man
o Rock and Roll Will Stand
o American Music
o Too Tired
o Keep A Knockin' (But You Can't Come In)
o Stop the Clock
o So Long Baby, Goodbye
Bob Dylan - Blood On The Tracks: Original New York Test Pressing [LP] (unique mixes first time on vinyl, limited to 7500, indie exclusive)LPMonths before Bob Dylan released Blood On The Tracks in early 1975, a small number of test pressings were circulated, consisting entirely of material from sessions at A&R Recording Studios in New York City. (Dylan re-recorded five of these tracks in Minneapolis for inclusion on the final album.) Those original records were soon bootlegged, and the alternate history of one of Dylan's most acclaimed works was born. This LP is an exact duplicate of the test pressing, containing unique mixes from the New York session available for the first time.

- Side One: 1. Tangled Up In Blue 2. Simple Twist of Fate 3. You're a Big Girl Now 4. Idiot Wind 5. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go Side Two: 1. Meet Me In The Morning 2. Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts 3. If You See Her, Say Hello 4. Shelter from the Storm 5. Buckets of Rain
Bone Thugs-N-Harmony - E. 1999 Eternal [2LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPE 1999 Eternalis the second studio album by Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, originally released July 25, 1995, on Ruthless Records. FFollowing up on the surprise success of their breakthrough single ''Thuggish Ruggish Bone'', it became a popular album and received positive reviews from music critics, earning praise for the group's melodic rapping style. The alThe album was released four months after the death of rapper Eazy-E, the group's mentor and the executive producer of the album. Both the album and single ''Tha Crossroads'' are dedicated to him.

- Da Introduction/East 1999/Eternal/Crept and We Came/Down '71 (The Getaway)/Mr. Bill Collector/Budsmokers Only/Tha Crossroads/Me Killer/ Land Of The Heartless/No Shorts, No Losses, 1st Of Tha Month/ Buddah Lovas/Die Die Die/Mr. Quija 2/ Mo'murda/Shotz to the Double Glock
Boy George & Culture Club - Runaway Train (feat. Gladys Knight) [10''] (Die-Cut SHAPED Vinyl of Boy George, first new material in 20 years, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)10InchSince their inception in 1981 CULTURE CLUB have sold
more than 150 million records worldwide, recognised as
a Grammy Award winning UK institution with a stream of
classic hits including; ''Do You Really Want to Hurt Me,''
''Karma Chameleon,'' ''Church Of The Poison Mind,''
''Victims,'' ''It's A Miracle'' and ''The War Song.''
The group are fronted by singer/songwriter Boy George,
universally loved as one of music's most iconic artists.
Roy Hay, Mikey Craig and Jon Moss make up the
remaining original line up.
As the first multi-racial band with an openly gay front
man, CULTURE CLUB set many records and established
themselves as icons of British musical history and
popular culture. The band reunited in 2014 and embarked
on two worldwide sell-out tours over the following two years.
2018 marked a new era for Boy George and CULTURE CLUB,
releasing their first new music in 20 years alongside a
global tour and 'THE LIFE TOUR' to the UK.
featured 80's pop sweetheart Belinda Carlisle and new
wave, synth pop artist Thompson Twins' Tom Bailey, the
tour will visited 11 cities across the U.K.

n Limited run
n First new material in 20 years
n Artwork shot exclusively by Rankin
n CULTURE CLUB sold over 1M units in the US

1. Runaway Train (feat. GLADYS KNIGHT)
1. Life (Stripped Back Version)
Brett Smiley - Sunset Towers [LP] (Random Black OR Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPIn 1974 Brett Smiley was given $200,000 to record a Glam Rock Epic with Andrew Loog Oldham based on a demo reel and a polaroid. Sunset Tower is your frst chance to hear the Del Shannon produced demos recorded at Cherokee Studios in Los Angeles CA coupled with demos and acetate recordings.

For Fans of glam comps Velvet Tinmine, Glitterbest, and Droogs.* Includes original never before heard versions of Space Ace, Highty Tighty and Queen of Hearts* A WYR Mystery Record of 1000 copies with 800 black vinyl with 200 - red vinyl copies randomly mixed in. You wont know what color you get until you open it up.

- A1 Highty Tighty
A2 Cherry Hookers
A3 Abstracting Billy
A4 Mood In Deco
B1 Space Ace
B2 Queen Of Hearts
B3 Lying In The Sun
B4 Diamonds Couldn't Bring You Back
Brian May - New Horizons [12''] (limited to 4000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleThis is the first solo single from Brian May in 20 years. It was released in conjunction with the recent NASA fly by of the Kuiper Belt Object for which Brian was present and where the track was first ever heard. All copies are numbered (1-4000) - New Horizons (Ultima Thule Extended Mix) / New Horizons (Ultima Thule Instrumental)
Brigitte Bardot - B.B. La Legende (Limited Edition Solid White & Solid Pink Mixed Gatefold Sleeve)LPThis vinyl release presents songs from the original soundtrack to the classic 1956 Roger Vadim film ‘Et Dieu… Créa La Femme’, translated ‘And God Created Woman’ (In the USA with the tag line; “But The Devil Invented Brigitte Bardot”!).
This movie catapulted B.B. to fame. It is widely recognized as the vehicle that launched her into the public spotlight and immediately created her “Sex Kitten” persona, making her an overnight sensation.
Included are the songs “Brigitte”, recorded by Sacha Distel in 1958 as a homage to Bardot, and the album’s opener “Sidonie” sang by Brigitte Bardot herself, from the soundtrack to the 1962 movie ‘Vie Privée’, which marked her first single ever.
Side A
1. Brigitte Bardot - Sidonie
2. Brigitte Bardot (rhythm guitar) - On The Sunny Side Of The Street
3. Brigitte Bardot - Noir et blanc
4. Brigitte Bardot - Stanislas
5. Brigitte Bardot - Les amis de la musique
6. Sacha Distel - Brigitte (Tribute to BB)
7. Dario Moreno - Brigitte Bardot (Tribute to BB)
8. Pete Rugolo & His Orchestra - Mambo Bardot (Tribute to BB)
Side B - Music from the Movies
1. Studio Orchestra - Et Dieu… créa la femme
2. Studio Orchestra - BB cha-cha
3. Solange Berry - Dis-moi quelque chose de gentil
4. Gilbert Bécaud - Mon coeur éclaté
5. Sacha Distel - Quand j’y pense
6. Jean Bretonnière - Les filles sensass’
7. Christine Legrand - Paris BB
8. Studio Orchestra - Strip-tease
9. Magali Noël - Si tu m’aimais
Broken Social Scene - Let's Try The After Vol. 1 & 2 [LP] (brand new artwork, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPFirst ever physical release of brand new content from Broken Social Scene, features exclusive brand new artwork! Lets Try the After is the follow up of new material to 2017's triumphant and critically acclaimed 2017 album Hug of Thunder!
- Let's Try The After (Vol 1)
1. The Sweet Sea
2. Remember Me Young
3. Can't Find My Car
4. 1972
5. All I Want
Let's Try The After (Vol 2)
1. Memory Lover
2. Boyfriends
3. Big Couches
4. Let's Try The After
5. Wrong Line
Bronski Beat - Smalltown Boy [LP] (Picture Disc, limited, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. ''Smalltown Boy'' is an era-defining pop classic, a huge global hit. It continues to resonate with today's LGBT+ generation and remains a dancefloor staple. To celebrate 35 years of Bronski Beat forming, London Records recently reissued The Age Of Consent, originally released in 1984. This limited edition picture disc features the seminal track ''Smalltown Boy'', an extended version never on vinyl before plus two new remixes from KDA and Wax Wings. Expanded and remastered from original analog tapes.
- A1. Smalltown Boy (Remastered)
A2. Smalltown Boy (Remastered 12'' Version)
B1. Smalltown Boy (KDA Pink Triangle Remix)
B2. Why? (Wax Wings Remix)
Buffalo Tom - Buffalo Tom (30th Anniversary) [LP] (180 Gram, Clear Vinyl, gatefold, poster, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPBUFFALO TOM 30TH ANNIVERSARY LIMITED EDITION

Spawned during the pre-grunge breeding ground of the late 80's, Buffalo Tom's
eponymous 1989 debut album, featuring the fuzzed out alternative anthems ''Sunflower Suit'' and ''Impossible'', production by J Mascis and mixing by Sean Slade,
launched the Boston based band's incredible 30 year career. Exclusive for Record
Store Day 2019, the Limited Edition album features rare photos from the band's
early years, heavyweight clear vinyl, plus a 12'' poster of the brand new cover art
design by original artists Jason Talerman and Bob Hamilton

A1 Sunflower Suit
A2 The Plank
A3 Impossible
A4 500,000 Warnings
A5 The Bus

B1 Racine
B2 In The Attic
B3 Flushing Stars
B4 Walk Away
B5 Reason Why
Canned Heat - Remember Woodstock [LP] (180 Gram, Translucent Red Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPCelebrate Record Store Day with the world's finest rock, blues & boogie band Canned Heat as they release ''Remember Woodstock'' - the super limited edition and first time vinyl collection featuring rare live tracks covering various concerts during their epic five-decade history.Hand-picked ''Summer of Love and Woodstock era'' tracks from Canned Heat's own Fito de la Parra, this pressing is limited to 1,000 units on stunning translucent red vinyl and housed in a very unique die-cut can shaped cover, pressed on silver foil board.Fans old and new alike will dig incredible rockin' versions of Canned Heat standards ''On The Road Again'' and ''Goin' Up The Country'' as well as more rarities like ''I'm Her Man'' and the Muddy Waters' classic ''Rollin' & Tumblin'.''As one of the nations first real jam bands, no Canned Heat concert is complete without a lively 20 minute plus workout of ''Shake 'N Boogie.''Featuring several of the great line ups over the past fifty years, ''Remember Woodstock'' also pays tribute with the studio title track to the late greats Bob Hite and Alan Wilson, featuring Fito de la Parra and the late great Henry Vestine on lead guitar.Mastered by Joe Reagoso and Fito de la Parra, all tracks and artwork are owned and authorized by Canned Heat Music and Fito de la Parra.As Bob Hite always said ''Don't Forget To Boogie''.....especially this April 19th at your favorite RSD store!

MARKETING POINTS*Canned Heat were one of the iconic bands featured at the original Woodstock Music Festival in 1969*All tracks are owned and authorized from the Canned Heat Music archives by Fito de la Parra *Featuring first time live vinyl recordings and studio tracks including musicians from all era's of the legendary band*Include new liner notes penned by Canned Heat's drummer for over five decades - Fito de la Parra*Record Store Day exclusive limited to 1000 copies on translucent red vinyl & housed in unique die-cut can shaped cover, pressed on silver foil board.*On Tour 2019

TRACK LISTING:Side One1.Remember Woodstock (remix -originally on ''Internal Combustion'' 2.I'm Her Man (from ''Remember Woodstock'') 3.Goin' Up The Country (from ''Live Heat '86'')
4.Rollin' & Tumblin' (from ''Burnin' ) 5.On The Road Again (from ''Live Heat '72'')Side Two1.Let's Work Together (from ''Live at Turku'')2.Shake 'N Boogie (from ''Live Heat' 72'')
Cecil Taylor - The Great Paris Concert [2LP] (180 Gram, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPCecil Taylor has always been considered one of the most daring
and radical improvisers within the jazz genre, often pushing
the boundaries with avant-garde and free jazz compositions.
The Great Paris Concert is no exception Taylor's reputation.
The artistic communication between the players of Taylor's
quartet is second to none, and it's certainly palpable on
every track of the album. Echoing each other's melodies, and
'battling' each other with solos, the group may have never
sounded better. This historic concert - long out of print on
vinyl - has been remastered by Infrasonic Mastering, and is
presented across two 180gram white color LPs, complete
with photos and liner notes.

» Limited To 2,000 Copies Worldwide
» Remastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» 2xLP Pressed on 180gram White Color Vinyl At
Pallas Group In Germany

Track List:
A Student Studies Part 1
B Student Studies Part 2
C Amplitude
D Niggle Feuigle
Chad Smith & Josh Klinghoffer - Jeepster / Monolith [7''] (two T. Rex classics, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7InchRECORD STORE DAY EXCLUSIVE
» Limited To 3,000 Copies Worldwide
» Mastered For Vinyl By Dave Gardner at
Infrasonic Mastering
» Features Chad Smith And Josh Klinghoff er
Covering T. Rex Classics

Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoff er team up to
cover two T. Rex classics on this limited edition
7'' vinyl release for Record Store Day 2019.
Klinghoff er takes on guitar, bass, and vocal
duties, with Smith on the drums. The release is
limited to 3,000 copies worldwide.

Track List:
A Jeepster
B Monolith
Channel 3 - The Bellwether [12'' EP] (limited to 550, indie exclusive)12InchSingleSo-Cal punk legends Channel 3 return to vinyl with this homage to their Posh Boy punk past, the classic 5 song 12 inch EP spun at 45 RPM. This in not one of those cheap ass one sided deals, this is the legit homage, 3 songs on one side and 2 on the other and mastered hot for the loud sound that only a 12 inch 45 can bring. Its punk, its rock, its pop and it rips, brand new recordings including a cover of the Plimsouls ''How Long Will It Take? and a small hit punk-strumental track Mendiolas 1983. Includes liners from the Hemingway of punk, Mike Magrann. Limited to 550 copies total, this is not some re-hashed RSD nonsense and foolishness, this is the real deal. New songs, new sounds and artwork that is not purple for a change. A true collectors piece and mandatory for fans of the OC/SOCAL punk scene and spirit. FFO: PoshBoy Records. So-Cal punk, Classic Punk, Agent Orange, TSOL, Stiff Little Fingers.

Charlatans, The - Us And Us Only [LP] (180 Gram, Transparent Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPUs And Us Only is the sixth album by British alternative rock band The Charlatans. The album was first released in 1999 and hasn't had a reissue until now! The album includes three top 40 hits 'Forever', 'Impossible' and 'My Beautiful Friend'. This Record Store Day exclusive comes on ltd edition transparent vinyl. -

Side A:
1. Forever
2. Good Witch, Bad Witch 1
3. Impossible
4. The Blonde Waltz
5. A House Is Not A Home
6. Senses
Side B:
1. My Beautiful Friend
2. I Don't Care Where You Live
3. The Blind Stagger
4. Good Witch, Bad Witch 2
5. Watching You / Tony's Bar & Grill
Charlie Parker - Charlie Parker With Strings: The Alternate Takes [LP] (Blue Colored Vinyl, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPFrom an acclaimed CD release, all rare alternate takes that will be making their vinyl debut, ahead of Bird's 100th bityuday in 2020. We'll base a cover o the look of the two original master takes covers to seem like a lost ''Vol. 3.'' -
Side A:
5. Just Friends take 2
6. Everything Happens To Me take 1
7. April In Paris take 2
8. Summertime take 1
9. Dancing In The Dark take 2
10. Laura take 1
11. They Can't Take That Away From Me take 1
Side B:
1. (You Came Along From) Out Of Nowhere take 1
2. East Of The Sun (And West Of The Moon) take 1
3. Easy To Love take 1
4. I'm In The Mood For Love take 3
5. I'll Remember April take 1
6. Temptation take 1
7. Stella By Starlight take 1
Cheech & Chong - Up In Smoke [7''] (Marijuana-SHAPED Picture Disc, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)7InchSecond Marijuana leaf picture disc from Cheech and Chong.

Side A
01 Up In Smoke 2018
Side B
01 Up in Smoke
Cherie Currie - Blvds Of Splendor [LP] (180 Gram, Transluscent Red Vinyl, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPCherie Currie is an artist, singer, actress and author. At age fifteen, she kicked off her unconventional career in The Runaways- the first hard-edged all-female rock band- expanding boundaries for future female musicians at a truly singular time in music history. Cherie detailed her dynamic account of late 1970's teenage rockstardom in her memoir Neon Angel (It Books/Harper Collins), which inspired the 2010 feature film The Runaways starring Dakota Fanning as Cherie and Kristen Stewart as bandmate Joan Jett. Her own notable film and TV roles include Twilight Zone: The Movie, Keeping Up With The Kardashians and more. Since 2002, she has also become one of the foremost chainsaw artists worldwide.
Cherie's upcoming studio album BLVDS Of Splendor (Blackheart Records), produced by Matt Sorum (Guns N' Roses, Velvet Revolver), is highly anticipated and spotlights many notable collaborators. Cherie's powerful and unmistakable vocals cut through every song, from the atmospheric yet commanding title track written by and featuring Billy Corgan, to ''Mr. X,'' a guitar-driven rock 'n' roll number with Slash on guitar, Sorum on drums and Duff McKagen on bass. Moments of Brody Dalle, Juliette Lewis and The Veronicas also punctuate Cherie's foothold in modern mass appeal, while the signature sound she established over four decades ago lives on simultaneously. After being thrust into the stardom at a young age, Cherie Currie continues to blaze through life with an uncommon edge.
1. Mr. X / 2. Roxy Roller / 3. You Wreck Me / 4. Black Magic / 5. Blvd of Splendor / 6. Force to be Reckoned With / 7. Bad and Broken / 8. Rock & Roll Oblivion / 9. Shades / 10. Draggin' the Line / 11. Breakout / 12. The Air That I Breathe
Chic - Le Freak [12''] (2018 Oliver Heldens Remix on vinyl for the first time, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleLe Freak was Chic's third single and their first single to hit #1 on the Billboard Top 100 in the US. It went
on to become Atlantic Records' biggest selling single. It also garnered international success charting at #1 in Australia,
Canada, New Zealand & South Africa. And in the top #10 in Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands,
Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. To celebrate the 40th anniversary year we will release a 12''
featuring the 2018 Oliver Heldens Remix (on vinyl for the first time) and the 1978 original 12'' vocal mix. On standard
12'' black vinyl, in an Atlantic sleeve.

Side A
01 Le Freak (Oliver
Heldens Extended Mix)

Side B
01 Le Freak (Remastered)
Chicano Batman - Black Lipstick [LP] (Dark Blue Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPBrand new 12'' edition of Chicano Batman's ''Black Lipstick'', presented here with it's B-Side ''Please Don't Leave Me'' and two never before released tracks ''Scab'' and ''Portal of Yarn''. On Dark Blue Vinyl
- 1. Black Lipstick
2. Please Don't Leave Me
3. Scab (never previously available)
4. Portal of Yarn (never previously available)
Chicha Libre - ¡Sonido Amazonico! [2LP] (unique laser etched D-side, indie exclusive)LPBarbes Records released Sonido Amazonico! - Chicha Libre's debut album - Ten years ago. The label had already made a splash the year before with the release of The Roots of Chicha - the very first time Peruvian psychedelic cumbia was anthologized for a foreign audience. The compilation quickly became a cult album and contributed to popularize a style of music that until then had been scorned by the Peruvian middle class. While loosely inspired by Colombian cumbia, chicha incorporated Andean melodies, some Cuban son, and the sounds of surf guitars, Farfisa organs and Moog synthesizers: an oddly post-modern combination of western psychedelia, Latin rhythms, regional music and vintage rock.
Barbes owner and Roots of Chicha producer Olivier Conan, not satisfied with the sole release of vintage tracks, wanted to explore the music further. With the help of keyboardist Joshua Camp and guitarist Vincent Douglas, he created Chicha Libre as a means to explore and transform a music that had fallen out of favor with younger people.

Chicha Libre's sound and approach were completely indebted to the Peruvian bands it originally emulated. Like their mentors, they used surf guitar, organ sounds and Latin percussion to play a mixture of borrowed and homegrown sounds - but they had no qualms in adding their own foreign and personal touches. Their borrowings differed from that of their Peruvian precursors – with bits of classical music and pop debris from three continents - and, with little desire to remain authentic, they quickly started experimenting. After all, the Latin rhythms that formed the basis of the music were almost as foreign to them as they were to the Shipibo Indians who first took up the electric guitar.

When Chicha Libre released Sonido Amazonico, the band had been playing a regular gig at barbes, their Brooklyn home base, and done a few out of town shows - but while they hoped that people would like the record , they didn't have much expectations. Against all odds, the record turned out to do quite well and was picked up by Crammed Disc in Europe, and a local Argentinean label. Positive reviews poured in - from Pitchfork, NPR, Rolling Stone Argentina, Radio France. Their music ended up featured on TV shows Weeds and Homeland, they played the Simpsons' theme, chicha-style, on a 20th anniversary film (alongside ZZ Top and The Red Hot Chili Peppers) and they started touring around the world.
Chicha Libre played in most of Europe, Turkey, North America, Mexico - but especially South America. They were invited to play Lima, the Jerusalem of Chicha, where they were joined on stage by Los Shapis - the very band that had coined the term chicha. They played Colombia, where cumbia was born, and Brazil - but Argentina and Chile turned out to be where they made the biggest impression. Some people are big in Japan; Chicha Libre became big in Argentina.

Ten years later, Chicha Libre turned out to be the first of a string of new Chicha bands around the non-Peruvian world and Sonido Amazonico has become a cult in certain parts of the world.
Still, the album had never been released on vinyl, so here it is at last. Available in the wax format that the cumbia gods had always intended it for.

Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Dice Game And Let It Fall [10''] (Picture Disc, gatefold, 2 new songs, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)10InchPicture disc with 2 new songs.
- 1. Dice Game 2. Let it Fall
Churchill's, The/Jericho Jones - Complete Non-Album Singles, Rarities & Oddities [2LP] (180 Gram, poster, extensive liner notes, rare photos & concert ads, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* 2LP / 180gr / Poster / Extensive liner notes / Rare photos & Concert ads
* Faithfully restored analog master sound
* Ltd. Edition of 500 copies
* Rare singles, radio session, soundtrack & obscure unreleased material from 1968-1972
- Fully authorized for the first time a compilation of ALL the Non-Album tracks ever recorded by Israel's legendary eastern heavy psych rock band, the mighty CHURCHILL'S later called JERICHO JONES.
- Too Much In Love To Hear (R. Gale/P. Holder)
Talk To Me (S. Solomon)
Concerto In Double (J.S. Bach/Arr. N. Sheriff)
Chorale For Young Lovers (J.S. Bach/Arr. N. Sheriff)
Comming Home Yeah (S. Solomon)
Living Loving (R. Plant/J. Page)
Signs Of You (R. Huxley)
She's A Woman (J. Lennon/P. McCartney)
Sunshine Man (R. Huxley)
Sunshine Man (R. Huxley)
Danielle Sanders Walks Through The Park (R. Huxley/S. Hanoch)
Wake Me Shake Me (Trad.)
Yonatan Ha'katan Jam (Trad.)
Enlight Our Eyes (Ve'ha'er Einenu, Hebrew) (Trad. Prayer/S. Karlibach)
Sunshine Man Jam (R. Huxley)
Achinoam (Hebrew) (Y. Geffen/R. Huxley)
Hey Man (D. Shoshan/R. Huxley)
Champs (D. Shoshan)
Mama's Gonna Take You Home (R. Huxley/S. Birenbach)
So Come On (D. Shoshan/H. Romano/R. Huxley/C. Perry)
Mona Mona (D. Shoshan)
Love, Love (S. Bloomfield)
Born In The Wrong Place (D. Shoshan/R. Huxley)
Cookin' On 3 Burners - One Of The Ones b/w Force Of Nature [7''] (limited German pressing, indie exclusive)7InchBrand new 45 taken from the latest Cookin On 3 Burners album Lab Experiments Vol. 2 on Soul Messin' Records.
* Limited edition German pressing - high fidelity!
* Touring Europe and UK Spring 2019

Australia's hardest hitting Hammond Organ trio Cookin' On 3 Burners drop a brand new 45 of scientific soul sonics from their latest album Lab Experiments Vol. 2 available as a limited edition 7''.
Boasting two fresh Burners' vocal cuts, this 45 comes off the platter direct from the Cookin' kitchen where it was scorched onto analogue tape. Featuring the voice of 'This Girl', Kylie Auldist on the One Of The Ones (A side) and Chicago born, Melbourne-based king of suits Fallon Williams lending his gritty vocals to Force of Nature (B side).

A. Side
One of the Ones feat. Kylie Auldist
Kylie Auldist shines bright on the melodic soul chugger, the perfect blend of sweetness and heat. Kylie's not one of the millions she's One of the Ones stepping out and claiming what's hers.

B. Side
Force of Nature feat. Fallon Williams
Fallon's on the warpath, speaking truths and giving notice to all those trap talking politicians - watch out!

Since its inception in 1997, Cookin' On 3 Burners has continuously evolved and branched out, bringing their strong trio sound and fiery interplay to audiences worldwide. Prolific collaborators, their 2016 meeting with French electronic wunderkind Kungs resulted in the Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners version of their classic soul track 'This Girl'. The track exposed them to a global audience with substantial chart success world-wide, reaching #1 in Europe, #2 in the UK and was the worlds most Shazamed dance track of the year.

Get down to the future sound of yesterday with Cookin' On 3 Burners.
Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl b/w Four 'N Twenty [7''] (limited, indie exclusive)7Inch* This Girl was remixed by Kungs in 2016 and went number #1 in over 10 countries as Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners
* The B side, Four 'N' Twenty is a poppin' instrumental with tight breaks, twanging guitar and screaming organ, just right for the dance floor.
* Cookin' On 3 Burners will be touring Europe and UK Spring 2019
Prolific collaborators, Cookin' On 3 Burners have recorded with many of the worlds finest artists including Daniel Merriweather, Fallon Williams, Tex Perkins, Kylie Auldist, Stella Angelico, Kaiit, Emmi and many others.

Australia's hardest hitting Hammond Organ trio Cookin' On 3 Burners reissue their biggest 45, This Girl. Originally released in 2009, it features their mainstay guest vocalist Kylie Auldist and with high prise from DJ's and fans alike, this track is a guaranteed sweet soul summer jam. The track was remixed by French DJ Kungs and echoed around the world in 2016/17 as one of the biggest songs, going number 1 in over 10 countries.

The B side, Four 'N' Twenty is a poppin' instrumental with tight breaks, twanging guitar and screaming organ, just right for the dance floor.

Since its inception in 1997, Cookin' On 3 Burners has continuously evolved and branched out, bringing their strong trio sound and fiery interplay to audiences worldwide. Prolific collaborators, they have recorded with many of the worlds finest artists including Daniel Merriweather, Fallon Williams, Tex Perkins, Kylie Auldist, Stella Angelico, Kaiit, Emmi and many others.

The Kungs vs Cookin' On 3 Burners remix of This Girl slingshotted them throughout the world, reaching #1 in Europe, #2 in the UK and was the worlds most Shazamed dance track of the year.

Get down to the future sound of yesterday with Cookin' On 3 Burners.
Courtney Barnett - Everybody Here Hates You [12''] (limited to 4500, indie exclusive)12InchSingleEverybody Here Hates You'' is a brand new track from Courtney that is an exclusive release for RSD with a track released last year 'Small Talk' as the B-Side. The artwork is hand illustrated by Courtney herself. - SIDE A: Everybody Hates You SIDE B: Small Talk
Craig Mack & The Notorious B.I.G. - B.I.G. Mack (Original Sampler) [LP+Cassette] (limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPGiven out as part of the ''B.I.G. MACK'' promo only package from Bad Boy Entertainment in 1994. To
create a buzz around the new record label and these artists Puff Daddy came out with an unforgettable marketing
campaign. The results would exceed everyone's expectations. Craig Mack's Funk Da World would go gold and the
single ''Flava In Your Ear'' would go platinum. As everyone knows Biggie's career went into the stratosphere with his
album Ready To Die eventually going 6x platinum and the single ''Juicy'' going gold that same year.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Project: Funk da World
- By Craig Mack
02 Flava in Ya Ear - By
Craig Mack
03 Real Raw - By Craig
04 Mainline - By Craig
05 That Y'all - By Craig
06 Shinka - By Craig Mack

Side B
01 Intro - By The Notorious
02 Juicy - By The
Notorious B.I.G.
03 Things Done Changed -
By The Notorious B.I.G.
04 Ready to Die - By The
Notorious B.I.G.
05 The What - By The
Notorious B.I.G. and
Method Man
06 Me and My B*tch - By
The Notorious B.I.G.
07 Unbelievable - By The
Notorious B.I.G.

Side A
01 Project: Funk da World
- By Craig Mack
02 Flava in Ya Ear - By
Craig Mack
03 Real Raw - By Craig
04 Mainline - By Craig
05 That Y'all - By Craig
06 Shinka - By Craig Mack

Side B
01 Intro - By The Notorious
02 Juicy - By The
Notorious B.I.G.
03 Things Done Changed -
By The Notorious B.I.G.
04 Ready to Die - By The
Notorious B.I.G.
05 The What - By The
Notorious B.I.G. and
Method Man
06 Me and My B*tch - By
The Notorious B.I.G.
07 Unbelievable - By The
Notorious B.I.G.
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young - 4 Way Street (Expanded Edition) [3LP] (180 Gram, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPCrosby, Stills, Nash & Young's second album (as CSNY – or third as CSN) and first live album.
Featuring live recordings from their 1970 US tour, including legendary shows recorded at the Fillmore East (New
York), The Forum (LA) and the Auditorium Theatre (Chicago). Plus four bonus tracks; ''King Midas In Reverse'' (Nash,
Clarke, Hicks), ''Laughing'' (Crosby), ''Black Queen'' (Stills), ''Medley: The Loner / Cinnamon Girl / Down by the River''
(Young). Bonus tracks, will appear here on vinyl for the very first time (previously released on CD in 1993), newly cut
by Chris Bellman at Bernie Grundman's LA mastering studio.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes
02 On the Way Home (Live)
03 Teach Your Children
04 Triad (Live)
05 The Lee Shore (Live)
06 Chicago (Live)

Side B
01 Right Between the Eyes
02 Cowgirl in the Sand
03 Don't Let It Bring You
Down (Live)
04 49 Bye-Byes / America's
Children (Live)
05 Love the One You're
With (Live)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Pre-Road Downs (Live)
02 Long Time Gone (Live)
03 Southern Man (Live)

Side B
01 Ohio (Live)
02 Carry On (Live)
03 Find the Cost of
Freedom (Live)

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 King Midas in Reverse
02 Laughing (Live)
03 Black Queen (Live)

Side B
01 Medley: The Loner,
Cinnamon Girl, Down by
the River (Live)
Cryptopsy - The Best Of Us Bleed4LPTransparent Red Vinyl
Crystal Drive - Crystal Drive [LP] (Electric Blue Vinyl, lyric insert, gatefold, limited to 500)LPAs the drummer of the Lansing, Michigan-based psych-punk band Peoples Temple, George Szegedy co-produced a string of lo-fi LPs on HoZac Records praised by the likes of Pitchfork, NME and UNCUT.

With Peoples Temple on an extended hiatus, Szegedy-under the new moniker CRYSTAL DRIVE-has gone in a totally new direction on his self-produced, self-titled debut solo album. This 12-song full length, pressed on both white and blue vinyl by Jett Plastic Recordings, presents an authentic blend of electronic-pop majesty and raucous, yet angular, synth-rock precision.

Szegedy, who supplied all vocals and most of the instrumentation on the LP, said he utilized an assortment of throwback organs and synthesizers on the new LP. The results created an otherworldly sonic universe.

''There are definitely some classic literature and sci-fi themes in the content of the lyrics and music,'' Szegedy said. ''It creates a somewhat dark and strange atmosphere over the course of the record.''

A1 900
A2 Execute
A3 Cold (Inside My Love)
A4 Sundome
A5 Only For The Money
A6 Chemical Children
B1 The Scanner
B2 Moonlight
B3 Artificial Company
B4 Function Like You
B5 Knowing The Way
B6 Effortless
Culture - The Nighthawk Recordings [LP] (Translucent Red, Yellow OR Green Vinyl, limited to 1700, indie exclusive)LPCulture began recording in 1976 with an early cut of ''This Time'' which was only
released on an obscure Jamaican single. Composed in response to the state of emergency
declared by the Jamaican government in that year, the early recording is a tame and
lyrically altered version of the original song as fi nally presented on this album. ''We
couldn't do it in dem time, We gonna give you the real 'This Time'.'' During the late
1970s Culture recorded seven fi ne albums, three for Joe Gibbs, three for Sonia Pottinger,
and one issued in America by April Records, which Joseph Hill regarded as a bootleg.
Culture was truly in their prime when they recorded the material included on this album.
The fi rst three tracks were recorded in 1981 with backing by the Roots Radics. The
remaining tracks were taped in 1983 with backup by The Wailers band.
-Leroy Jodie Pierson
''Calling Rastafari,'' ''Dem A Payaka,'' and ''This Time'' were all originally included on the
1982 Nighthawk compilation album, Calling Rastafari. Most of the tracks released on
the classic, roots reggae compilation, were recorded during a three-day session in 1981 at
the Harry J studio in Jamaica. The Culture songs appeared alongside tracks by Gladiators,
Mighty Diamonds, Wailing Souls and others, with most of the songs being unique to the
album including those by Culture.
''Can They Run'' and ''Mister Music'' and their respective Versions were recorded two
years after Calling Rastafari was issued and languished in the Nighthawk vaults until the
release of this special, limited-edition EP. Omnivore Recordings is proud to present these
historic recordings (on three different vinyl colors) to honor the legacy of Culture on this
Record Store Day!

* 7 Track EP from Reggae Legend Culture.
* Includes 4 Previously Unissued Tracks.
* Liner Notes From Nighthawk Founder/
Producer Leroy Jodie Pierson.
* Limited 12'' EP pressing on translucent
red, yellow, or green vinyl.

1. Calling Rastafari
2. Dem A Payaka
3. This Time
1. Can They Run*
2. Can They Run Version*
3. Mister Music*
4. Mister Music Version*
* Previously Unissued
Curren$y, Freddie Gibbs and The Alchemist - Fetti [LP] (Yellow Vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPCollborative album from Curren$y and Freddie Gibbs produced entirely by The Alchemist. Printed on Yellow Vinyl
- 1. Location Remote | 2. The Blow | 3. New Thangs | 4. Saturday Night Special | 5. Now & Later Gators | 6. No Window Tints | 7. Wille Lloyd | 8. Tapatio | 9. Buddy Sincere
Dave Douglas - Showing Up / The Power Of The Vote [7''] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchIconoclastic trailblazer Dave Douglas and Greenleaf Music. The trumpeter/ composer releases a collector's 7'' 33 RPM special edition disc featuring two tracks of exclusive new music, for the first time in retail - these piece are part of Greenleaf's unique subscription series. Limited edition release (400 copies) includes two Douglas compositions dedicated to positive action: the lead track from 2019's ENGAGE, ''Showing Up'' which features guitarist Jeff Parker and cellist Tomeka Reid. The B side is from 2018's UPLIFT, ''The Power of the Vote,'' from the 2018 series UPLIFT that features Joe Lovano and Bill Laswell. A great introduction to this extraordinary music in a new format.
- SIDE A: Showing Up SIDE B: The Power of the Vote
David Bowie - Pin Ups (2015 Remastered Version) [LP] (Picture Disc, limited to 5500, indie exclusive)LP''Singing old songs he loved...'' -
Parlophone will be issuing David Bowie's 1973 album of cover versions as a picture disc for Record Store Day 2019 on Saturday, 13th April.
When originally released, the David Bowie/Ken Scott produced album was preceded by the only single from Pin Ups, Sorrow, which reached #3 on the UK chart. Pin Ups itself entered the UK album chart at #1 on the strength of pre-orders alone.
Joining Bowie on the sleeve for Justin de Villeneuve's extraordinary photograph with Bowie is Twiggy, name-checked earlier the same year on Aladdin Sane for Drive-In Saturday: ''She'd sigh like Twig the Wonder Kid''. The photo session was shot in Paris for Vogue magazine, but at Bowie's request was used for the album instead. This same image is used for Side 1 of the picture disc.
Originally, the back cover and insert featured Mick Rock photographs and Side 2 of the picture disc uses one of his artworks which utilised images from that session.
The picture disc includes a reproduction of the insert, and the back cover is as the original with the following note from Bowie: + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +
These songs are among my favourites from the '64–67' period of London.
Most of the groups were playing the Ricky-Tick (was it a 'y' or an 'i'?) - Scene club circuit (Marquee, eel pie island la-la)
Some are still with us. Pretty Things, Them, Yardbirds, Syd's Pink Floyd, Mojos, Who, Easybeats, Merseys, Kinks.
Love-on ya!
Bowie x + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - + - +

A1 Rosalyn
A2 Here Comes The Night
A3 I Wish You Would
A4 See Emily Play
A5 Everything's All Right
A6 I Can't Explain
B1 Friday On My Mind
B2 Sorrow
B3 Don't Bring Me Down
B4 Shapes Of Things
B5 Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere
B6 Where Have All The Good Times Gone?
David Bowie - The World Of David Bowie (Compilation) [LP] (180 Gram, Blue Vinyl, limited to 3500, indie exclusive)LPDecca launched its much-loved World Of Series in 1968. The first album set out the series' stall perfectly, looking at one of the label's biggest selling artists – yet hardly one that chimed with the counter culture in 1968. The World Of Mantovani – SPA 1, (or PA 1 in mono) – was a 14 track collection, each track a different selection from his sizeable Decca album catalogue. Released in the autumn of the year, it acted as a perfect primer, and its price, 17s, put it shy of the 37s 6d of the full price albums. Its whole raison d'etre was to drive sales of the artist's deeper repertoire – dip in here and then indulge further – the rear sleeve clearly offered the catalogue numbers of the parent albums.
The series would run throughout the 70s and become a ubiquitous feature of the label. It was taken so seriously, that David Bowie himself offered the track listing for his own addition to the series, (SPA/PA 58), which was released in March 1970 after the success of the Phillips-released single Space Oddity. It also showed how the World Ofs could be a veritable treasure trove for rarities and one-offs, as it contained the first official release of Let Me Sleep Beside You, Karma Man and In The Heat Of The Morning.
According to Kevin Cann's invaluable book on Bowie's early years, Any Day Now, Bowie bought a copy of the original himself from a record shop on Beckenham High Street. It became a big seller – indeed, Decca repackaged it – when Bowie finally became a big star. Imagine the shock people had thinking they had The Jean Genie when all they had was Uncle Arthur and Little Bombardier.

Side A:
1. Uncle Arthur
2. Love You Til Tuesday
3. There Is A Happy Land
4. Little Bombardier
5. Sell Me A Coat
6. Silly Boy Blue
7. The London Boys
Side B:
1. Karma Man
2. Rubber Band
3. Let Me Sleep Beside You
4. Come And Buy My Toys
5. She's Got Medals
6. In The Heat Of The Morning
7. When I Live My Dream
David Bowie / Marlene Dietrich - Revolutionary Song / Just A Gigolo [7''] (Transparent Blue Colored Vinyl, first time released as a single, limited/numbered to 8000, indie-exclusive)7IN7"/8000CPS TRANSPARENT BLUE VINYL/RSD 2019
David J - Thoughts & Prayers / Hole In the Middle [7''] (new single from Bauhaus and Love & Rockets member, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchBauhaus and Love & Rockets co-founder David J Haskins, the man responsible for the lyrics of Bauhaus' classic ''Bela Lugosi's Dead,'' is releasing the first great protest song of the year, exclusively for RSD 2019. ''Thoughts and Prayers'' is a scathing rebuke of the United States for it's inability to stop the senseless mass school shootings that are killing our nation's children. Haskins bemoans the futility of ''sending thoughts and prayers'' to solve this tragic issue and also the inherent hypocrisy of the present government.
The 7'' single ''Thoughts and Prayers'' comes packaged in a sleeve with a striking picture of a rifle with a bloody red circle around it and a line drawn through it. The complete lyrics of ''Thoughts and Prayers'' are printed on the back so the nation does not miss a word of this powerful call to action. The B-Side is a haunting cover of Emily Jane Whites's ''Hole in the Middle,'' another powerful political song that is equally as relevant today.

David J is currently touring the US on the massively successful Ruby World Tour with Peter Murphy, celebrating 40 years of the music of Bauhaus. RSD 2019 is the perfect time for him to raise his voice against America's shameful tragedy with his newest release, ''Thoughts and Prayers.'' - Side A 1. Thoughts and Prayers Side B 2. Hole In the Middle
Deadly Avenger - Your God Is Too Small [LP] (Blue and Clear Colored Vinyl, 3D artwork, insert, glasses, download, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Sequel / prequel to DA album I Am Godzilla You Are Japan
* USA Exclusive Colour Version (Blue and Clear)
* Includes 3D artwork, Insert, glasses, and download card
- More sonic electro infused speaker decimation from Deadly Avenger in a brand new follow up to 2018's I Am Godzilla You Are Japan. Your God Is Too Small picks up the DA Godzilla story from the very beginning in a prequel to IAGYAJ.
- Track 1. Your God is Too Small. Track 2. A Promise for Kumiko, Track 3. Destroy All Humans, Track 4. SKIT_Legend of Poison Cobra, Track 5. Gunman Omega, Track 6. The Mysterions, Track 7. Tears in a Demons Eye, Track 8. SKIT_Legend of Opal Moon, Track 9. Myuki My Love, Track 10. Phantoms, Track 11. Theme for Hoshino, Track 12. SKIT_Legend of Heavenly Sphere, Track 13. Tokyo S.O.S, Track 14. 7 Genes, Track 15. The Second Death
Death Grips - Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix) [LP] (limited to 3500, indie exclusive)LPFirst ever physical release of previously digital only singles from Death Grips. ''Crouching Tiger, Hidden Gabber'' is a 22 minute track, ''More than the Fairy'' features Les Claypool
- Side A
Steroids (Crouching Tiger Hidden Gabber Megamix)
Side B
More than the Fairy (feat. Les Claypool)
electronic drum solo dub mix (single take)
Death Ray Vision - Negative Mental Attitude [LP] (3-D Cover includes Glasses, Random 150 Red or 100 Gold Vinyl, indie-exclusive)LPNearly five years after the release of We Ain't Leavin' Till You're Bleedin', Massachusetts old-school hardcore fashioned, DEATH RAY VISION have been finalizing their sophomore effort Negative Mental Attitude. Recording will begin in September at Mad Oak Studio, where the band previously recorded their first five-song EP ''Get Lost or Get Dead'', once again with producer Benny Grotto at the helm.

''It's a playful jab at the hardcore scene, in a way'', bassist Mike D'Antonio states about the album title. ''There's a lot of people who preach a 'positive mental attitude' and they practice anything but that''. The title also succinctly represents the band's current direction which deviates from their previous ''go old-school or go home'' approach. ''We don't really have a lot of good moods on this one'', guitarist Pete Cortese continues, ''it's a little more morose, melodic, and to say that it will be 'our finest work to date' would be a little too positive for the angle we're going for''.

In addition to songwriting, the band also had line-up changes along the way with vocalist Brian Fair and guitarist Zack Wells making their exit due to family and relocation across the country. ''It makes more sense for the guys to have someone local and available at all times'', states Fair. ''Now that I live in St. Louis doing the Married with Children thing, it became increasingly tougher to make things work out logistically''. With the departure of Fair comes new vocalist Jeff Gard, formerly of Boston-based Chuggernaut. Gard offers a tremendous vocal range which provoked a shift in style. The transition happened quickly as D'Antonio explains, ''I was forwarded a song that Jeff sang on, and I immediately wanted him to audition. After two practices, it was an easy choice to make.''

Amidst broadening their musical horizons, DEATH RAY VISION commits to keeping an old-school baseline at its core. Drummer, Colin Conway adds, ''there will always be speed and aggression in our formula, but instead of presenting a 'tough guy' demeanor, we break through that shell and expose the 'tragic hero' within.''

''The quintet nail the sound they're going for, and fans of S.O.D., MUNICIPAL WASTE or NUCLEAR ASSAULT may display demented grins as they make this the soundtrack to windmilling their hair all the way to the chiropractor's office.'' - Alternative Press

1. We're Done With You
2. Murica
3. This Disaster
4. Just Let It Die
5. The Angels Screamed
6. The Whiskey Knows
7. Hollow Lives Dig Their Own Graves
8. Enlightened
9. Captain Blackout
10. Negative Mental Attitude
11. This Journey Is Your Tomb
12. Wage War On Something
13. Dead But Inspired
Def Leppard - The Story So Far, Vol. 2 / B Sides [2LP] (180 Gram, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPDef Leppard, Britain's greatest arena rock band, are set to release The Story So Far... an album of the band's greatest hits and songs from their illustrious career. This Record Store exclusive presents the second disc of the CD album on vinyl for the first and only time. Having sold over 65 million albums worldwide since their debut release in 1980 and proved themselves one of rock music's hardest working and consistently powerful live bands (playing to over 50 million fans in the last 15 years alone), Def Leppard remain one of only five rock groups who can claim two separate original 10 million plus selling albums in the US (Pyromania being one of them). The others are The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Van Halen. The band are doing selective festival dates in Europe over the summer including headlining the iconic Download festival in June.

Side A:
1. Let's Go
2. Promises
3. Slang
4. Bringin' On the Heartache
5. Rock On
Side B:
1. Nine Lives (W/Tim McGraw)
2. Work It Out
3. Stand Up
4. Dangerous
5. Now
Side C:
1. Undefeated
2. Tonight
3. C'mon C'mon
4. Man Enough
Side D:
1. No Matter What
2. All I Want Is Everything
3. It's All About Believin'
4. Kings of The World
Dennis Quaid & The Sharks - Out Of The Box [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPDennis Quaid & The Sharks origins can be traced to a night when Quaid went to see actor Harry Dean
Stanton and his longtime band perform in Los Angeles. Quaid was invited to join the band onstage.
At fi rst reluctant, because of his decade-long layoff from music, Quaid fi nally acquiesced, and his
performance sparked a musical kinship between Jamie James-guitar player in Stanton's band
and the Kingbees' front man-and Quaid that led to them forming their own band.
James quickly began recruiting others for the band and it wasn't long before Dennis Quaid & The
Sharks were performing on the L.A. club circuit. Quaid was certainly no stranger to either the recording studio or the stage being a seasoned actor and having cut songs for soundtracks to his movies
dating back to the '80s with contributions to soundtracks like The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia,
Tough Enough, The Big Easy, and more.
Music had always been important to Quaid, ''As far back as I can remember, music has always been a big part of
my life. My third cousin was Gene Autry, the original Western movie singing cowboy. My grandmother played piano
and sang songs from the '20s, songs from her youth. My dad played piano and crooned like Bing Crosby and looked
a little like Dean Martin.''
Among Quaid's musical heroes you'll fi nd Buddy Holly, Hank Williams, Willie & Waylon, Johnny Cash, The Beatles,
The Doors, James Brown, and more. With infl uences like those, it's no surprise that members of The Sharks have
serious musical pedigrees of their own with Jamie James having led The Kingbees; and Sharks, Tom Mancillas, Ken
Stange, and Tom Walsh having worked over the years with artists as varied as Harry Dean Stanton to Roger Miller,
Tina Turner, Joe Cocker, Supertramp, America, and more!
Now available on vinyl, Dennis Quaid & The Sharks have made the fi rst studio album of their 18-year history, Out Of The
Box, and on it you'll fi nd they specialize in ''rock 'n' roll and country-soul,'' or as Quaid calls it, ''a junkyard of American
music.'' The album is produced by Dennis Quaid and Jamie James . Cut at the legendary Village Studios in Los Angeles,
listeners will fi nd an album fi lled with original songs by Dennis Quaid and a rousing cover of Larry Williams ''Slow Down.''
The band tours as often as Quaid's schedule will allow and he says the shows are as much fun for those in attendance as they are for the band. ''(The audiences) have a blast, which is all we want,'' he said. ''I make a complete
and utter fool of myself. I think that's the only way to have fun (onstage), instead of trying to pretend to be cool and
all the rest of that stuff.'' The band will even occasionally throw in a song or two by Jerry Lee Lewis, who Quaid had
fi rsthand experience playing in Great Balls Of Fire, the 1989 biopic of ''The Killer.'' (The accompanying soundtrack
features a Quaid/Lewis duet on ''Crazy Arms.'')
On stage, or now, on record-Dennis Quaid & The Sharks are coming at you and fi nally busting Out Of The Box!

* First time available on vinyl.
* Dennis Quaid & The Sharks fi rst-ever studio album.
* Produced by Dennis Quaid, Jamie James.
* Features Dennis Quaid originals and a rousing
version of Larry Williams' ''Slow Down.''
* Also available on CD.

Side One:
1. I'm In Love
2. You're So Fine
3. Peaches No. 9
4. On My Way To Heaven
5. Out Of The Box
Side TWO:
1 . Slow Down
2. Walk With The Angels
3. What You Got To Say For Yourself
4. Good Man, Bad Boy
5. After The Fall
Dennis Wilson, Taylor Hawkins, Brian May, Roger Taylor - Holy Man [7''] (limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7InchDennis Wilson wrote and recorded ''Holy Man'' in 1977 during the sessions for his legendary Pacific Ocean Blue, the sole album released by The Beach Boys co-founder during his lifetime. In 2009, Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters added vocals to the long-unfinished track; 10 years later, ''Holy Man'' receives new life with new vocals and additional instrumental backing from guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor of Queen. The single is backed with Wilson's original instrumental version.
- Holy Man (Dennis Wilson, Taylor Hawkins, Brian May, Roger Taylor) b/w Holy Man (Instrumental)
Desmond Dekker & The Aces - Pretty Africa [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPLIMITED EDITION
500 Copies for North America
Recorded at Chalk Farm Studio in the summer of
1973, this long-lost album, showcasing the talents
of reggae superstar Desmond Dekker and his
backing group, the Aces, was recently discovered
in the legendary Trojan archives. Comprising 7
superb sides performed by Desmond Dekker
himself, and a further five highlighting the not
inconsiderable vocal talents of the Aces, we are
sure fans will agree that the 45 year delay in the
release of this previously unissued collection has
certainly been well worth the wait!

1. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Pretty Africa
2. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Treat Me Cruel
3. The Aces - Love Is The Key
4. Desmond Dekker – The Sweet Sound Of Music
5. The Aces – Behold
6. Desmond Dekker – Please Don't Bend
1. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – Sweet Music
2. The Aces – Was A Sunny Day
3. Desmond Dekker & The Aces – We Got To Be Free
4. The Aces – Walk Don't Run
5. Desmond Dekker & The Aces –
Trample (aka Do Your Thing)
6. Al Barry – Jah Jah Children
Destroy All Monsters - Bored / You're Gonna Die [7''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchRSD 2019 release. Destroy All Monsters began life as an experimental rock group in early '70s Ann Arbor, the brainchild of University Of Michigan art school weirdos Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and Niagara (Lynn Rovner), and filmmaker Cary Loren. Following many incarnations, lineup changes, and the breakup of Niagara and Loren's romantic relationship, the group solidified in the late '70s around Niagara on vocals, and Detroit legends Michael Davis of The MC5 on bass, and The Stooges' Ron Asheton on guitar. Though they never released a proper album, the group's singles are certified punk classics and the band has since achieved massive cult status, counting Sonic Youth among their legion of fans. Presented here is one of their first three singles. Color vinyl; Editions of 500.

- A1. Bored
B1. You're Gonna Die
Destroy All Monsters - Nov. 22 / Meet The Creeper [7''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchRSD 2019 release. Destroy All Monsters began life as an experimental rock group in early '70s Ann Arbor, the brainchild of University Of Michigan art school weirdos Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and Niagara (Lynn Rovner), and filmmaker Cary Loren. Following many incarnations, lineup changes, and the breakup of Niagara and Loren's romantic relationship, the group solidified in the late '70s around Niagara on vocals, and Detroit legends Michael Davis of The MC5 on bass, and The Stooges' Ron Asheton on guitar. Though they never released a proper album, the group's singles are certified punk classics and the band has since achieved massive cult status, counting Sonic Youth among their legion of fans. Presented here is one of their first three singles. Color vinyl; Editions of 500.
- A1. Nov. 22
B1. Meet The Creeper
Destroy All Monsters - What Do I Get / Nobody Knows [7''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchRSD 2019 release. Destroy All Monsters began life as an experimental rock group in early '70s Ann Arbor, the brainchild of University Of Michigan art school weirdos Mike Kelley, Jim Shaw, and Niagara (Lynn Rovner), and filmmaker Cary Loren. Following many incarnations, lineup changes, and the breakup of Niagara and Loren's romantic relationship, the group solidified in the late '70s around Niagara on vocals, and Detroit legends Michael Davis of The MC5 on bass, and The Stooges' Ron Asheton on guitar. Though they never released a proper album, the group's singles are certified punk classics and the band has since achieved massive cult status, counting Sonic Youth among their legion of fans. Presented here is one of their first three singles. Color vinyl; Editions of 500.
- A1. What Do I Get
B1. Nobody Knows
Devo - This Is The DEVO Box [6LP] (Different Colored Vinyl corresponding to the color of the jacket, limited to 2750, indie exclusive)LPDevo's six Warner albums released between 1978 and 1984, each pressed on a different colour of vinyl
to complement each sleeve, housed in a deluxe box. Limited to 3000 copies worldwide.
1. Q: Are We Not Men? A: We Are Devo! (1978)
2. Duty Now for the Future (1979)
3. Freedom of Choice (1980)
4. New Traditionalists (1981)
5. Oh, No! It's Devo (1982)
6. Shout (1984)
Dio - Last In Line (Live) [LP] (Die Cut Picture Disc image of the legendary Ronnie James Dio's hand giving the ''sign of the horns,'' limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LP* Die Cut 12'' Picture Disc image of the legendary
Ronnie James Dio's hand giving the
''sign of the horns''!
* Side A features ''The Last In Line'' recorded live
in NYC in 2003, Side B features studio track ''Push''
from 2002's Killing The Dragon
* 1st EVER appearance on vinyl in North America
for either track!
The Last In Line (Live 2003)
Push (studio version)
DJ Khaled - Victory [2LP] (Green Vinyl, download, first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSELLING POINTS:
* 1st time on vinyl for classic 2010 album
(w/RTD sales of 100,000+ units)
* 140G – GREEN LP + download card
* Includes the triple platinum single ''All I Do Is Win''
(feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross)
Side A
1 Intro (feat. Diddy & Busta Rhymes) 2:34
2 All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross) 3:47
3 Put Your Hands Up (feat. Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Plies & Schife) 5:12
4 Fed Up (feat. Lil Wayne, Usher, Drake, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross) 4:11
5 Victory (feat. Nas & John Legend) 3:13
6 Ball (feat. Jim Jones & Schife) 3:48
Side B
1 Rockin All My Chains On (feat. Birdman, Bun B & Soulja Boy Tell 'Em) 3:40
2 Killing Me (feat. Buju Banton, Busta Rhymes & Bounty Killer) 3:44
3 Bringing Real Rap Back (feat. Rum) 4:04
4 Bring The Money Out (feat. Nelly, Lil Boosie & Ace Hood) 3:20
5 On My Way (feat. Kevin ''KC'' Cossom, Ace Hood, BallGreezy, Desloc,
Piccalo, Iceberg, Bali, Gunplay, Rum & Young Cash) 5:49
6 Rep My City (feat. Pitbull & Jarvis) 3:38
Djerv - Djerv (Coloured Vinyl)LPColoured Vinyl
Doe Maar - De Bom (7" Coloured Vinyl)7IN7"/DISCO SLEEVE/1000CPS COLOURED(YELLOW/GREEN)/RSD 2019
Dominique Cravic & Les Primitifs Du Futur - Resume Des Episodes Precedents [2LP] (booklet, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Nicknamed the Primdufs, the group have a passion for the obsolete French ''valse musette''. But their take has nothing in common with the smutty chords of popular balls and singalongs in little town halls. This is ''bal musette'' with balls, it's genuine, virile, and authentic. Though these noble savages like rummaging around in 1920s Paris, they don't shy away from including rhythms from all over the planet, rhumba from Zaireto, gypsy jazz, Hindu waltzes or Argentine tango, blues, ''paso doble'' or ''chanson realiste''. It all began in 1986, when Dominique Cravic, ''ukukeke'' champion and a renowned guitarist who learned from jazzmen like Lee Konitz or Larry Coryell and also played with Georges Moustaki and Henri Salvador, met a certain Robert Crumb. Yes, the legendary comic book author from the great days of the US psychedelic underground in the '70s, the creator of Fritz the Cat (1972) and Mr Natural in person, the same man who also created the cover for Cheap Thrills (1968) by Janis Joplin. Crumb plays banjo and mandolin, collects 78s of blues, jazz and musette. The two cronies then composed their own made-to-measure orchestra, alongside many famous names including accordionist Daniel Colin, clarinetist Bertrand Auger, saxophonist Daniel Huck, bassist Jean-Philippe Viret or singer Claire Elziere (sorry, it's impossible to name them all). This great group has recorded four albums since 1986 (all with sleeves drawn by Crumb), some including guest stars such as Pierre Barouh, Jean-Jacques Milteau, Allain Leprest, Sanseverino or Olivia Ruiz. For thirty years, the Primitifs du Futur have carried the torch of musette to the four corners of the earth, from fiestas to festivals, and today release a double vinyl, entitled Resume Des Episodes Precedents which brings together the best of their adventures. It is a refreshing and heartening cocktail of ''world tribal musette'', as they call it, which, in these electro digital times, has a rejuvenating effect, a magic swing potion. Double-LP with 20-page booklet with all Crumb previous artworks for the band's albums plus unseen photos. Edition of 1500; No repress.''The Primitifs Du Futur travel on sound waves back in time to the early twentieth century and make the world seem like a far better place than it ever actually was. I can't get the band's music off my turntable or out of my head. Accordion, mandolin, harmonica, saxophone, musical saw, and beautiful haunting melodies--what's not to love? Even their sad songs make me happy.'' --Art Spiegelman
- A1. Accordeon Jo (4:40)
A2. Personne Ne S'en Sert Maint'nant (3:10)
A3. La Belle Et Le Manouche (4:05)
A4. L'amour Au Couteau (3:05)
A5. La Femme Panthere Et L'homme Sandwich (3:24)
A6. Marie-Musette, Marie-Putain (3:45)
B1. Dionnette (2:15)
B2. La Grande Truanderie (4:43)
B3. Canal Saint-Martin (1:38)
B4. Ivresses (3:32)
B5. La Derniere Rumba De Django (4:19)
B6. La Valse Hindoue (4:16)
B7. Syldave Ou Bordure (1:47)
C1. Menage A Trois, Spooky Scat (3:43)
C2. Nous Sommes Seules (4:41)
C3. Sur Le Toit 4'11 C4/ Ton Manteaux Gris (2:46)
C5. C'est La Goutte D'or Qui Fait Deborder La Valse (4:15)
C6. Le Dernier Musette (2:26)
D1. Chanson Pour Louise Brooks (3:50)
D2. Kid Chocolat (5:00)
D3. La Java Viennoise (4:05)
D4. La Valse Chinoise (3:03)
D5. Maldita Noche (4:50)
D6. Portrait D'un 78 Tard (2:14)
Doors, The - London Fog [10''] (numbered/limited to 5500, indie exclusive)10Inch10'' vinyl break out from London Fog deluxe Edition.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Tuning (I) [Live at
London Fog 1966]
02 Rock Me (Live at
London Fog 1966)
03 Baby Please Don't Go
(Live at London Fog
04 You Make Me Real (Live
at London Fog 1966)

Side B
01 Tuning (II) [Live at
London Fog 1966]
02 Don't Fight It (Live at
London Fog 1966)
03 I'm Your Hoochie
Coochie Man (Live at
London Fog 1966)
04 Strange Days (Live at
London Fog 1966)
05 Lucille (Live at London
Fog 1966)
Dr. Dre - Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang [12''] (download, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleSELLING POINTS:
* Certified platinum single
* Produced by Dr. Dre, featuring vocals by Snoop Doggy Dogg
* 1ST vinyl reissue with original cover art since 1993
* Black vinyl + downloard card
* Limited edition pressing of 4,000 worldwide
* selected by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as one of the
'500 Songs That Shaped Rock & Roll'.
Side A:
Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang - Radio Mix 3:58
Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang - LP Version 4:00
Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang - Instrumental 4:07
Side B:
A Nigga Witta Gun - LP Version 3:54
Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang - Club Mix 4:39
Nuthin' But A ''G'' Thang - Freestyle Remix 3:10
Dragonfly - Dragonfly [LP+7''] (180 Gram, gatefold, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPSunbeam Records present a reissue of Dragonfly's self-titled album, originally released in October of 1968. This deranged blend of acid rock and proto-metal is widely regarded as one of the heaviest albums ever made up to that point. It's presented in its definitive version here, complete with rare photographs, two bonus tracks and a full interview with lead guitarist Randy Russ. Includes 7'' record; 180 gram vinyl; Gatefold sleeve.
- LP: A1. Blue Monday A2. Enjoy Yourself A3. Hootchie Kootchie Man A4. I Feel It A5. Trombodo A6. Portrait Of Youth B1. Crazy Woman B2. She Don't Care B3. Time Has Slipped Away B4. To Be Free B5. Darlin' B6. Miles Away 7'': A1. Portrait Of Youth (45 version) B1. Enjoy Yourself (45 version)
Duran Duran - As The Lights Go Down (Live) [2LP] (Pink & Blue Vinyl, D-side etching, gatefold, remastered, limited to 2200, indie exclusive)LPDouble LP (pink and blue vinyl 3 sided LP, the 4th side is etched) live recording from The Oakland
Coliseum April, 1984 on the hugely successful US Tour. The gatefold sleeve features photography by Denis O'Regan.
Tracklisting: Is There Something I Should Know?, Hungry Like The Wolf, Union Of The Snake, New Religion, Save A
Prayer, Rio, The Seventh Stranger, The Chauffeur (Sing Blue Silver), Planet Earth, Careless Memories, Girls On Film.
Duran at their Fab Five peak! The footage of the performance was originally a TV special on U.S. television under the
same title.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Tiger Tiger / Is There
Something I Should
Know? (Live) [2018
02 Hungry Like the Wolf
(Live) [2018 Remaster]
03 Union of the Snake
(Live) [2018 Remaster]
04 New Religion (Live)
[2018 Remaster]

Side B
01 Save a Prayer (Live)
[2018 Remaster]
02 Rio (Live) [2018
03 The Seventh Stranger
(Live) [2018 Remaster]
04 The Chauffeur (Live)
[2018 Remaster]

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Planet Earth (Live) [2018 Remaster]
02 Careless Memories (Live) [2018 Remaster]
03 Girls on Film (Live) [2018 Remaster]

Side B
Editors - The Blanck Mass Sessions [LP] (Black & White Marbled Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPFeatures 7 songs from the Editor'sViolence album, originally produced and more recently mixed and finished by Blanck Mass. It includes an the unreleased ''Barricades'' from the Violence album session, which is a full Blanck Mass production mixed by Alan Moulder as per the rest of the original album.

Hallelujah (So Low)
Darkness At The Door
Counting Spooks
Elton John - Live From Moscow [2LP] (180 Gram, Clear Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LP2019 is the 40th anniversary of Elton John's historic first tour of Russia – he was the first Western rock star to ever perform in the country. The show in Moscow on 28th May 1979 was broadcast on BBC radio in the UK and this special 2LP release for Record Store Day 2019 is taken from the original broadcast masters. Remastered by Bob Ludwig at Gateway Mastering and cut by Sean Magee at Abbey Road.

Product Info:

2LP, pressed on 180gsm ultra-clear vinyl

Gatefold sleeve with short essay about Elton's historical performance -

Side A:
1. Daniel
2. Skyline Pigeon
3. Take Me To The Pilot
4. Rocket Man
Side B:
1. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Me
2. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
3. Candle In The Wind
4. I Heard It Through The Grapevine
Side C:
1. Funeral For A Friend
2. Tonight
3. Better Off Dead
4. Bennie And The Jets
Side D:
1. Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word
2. Crazy Water
3. Saturday Night's Alright (For Fighting) / Pinball Wizard
4. Crocodile Rock / Back In The U.S.S.R. / Get Back
Elvis Costello & The Imposters - Purse EP [LP] (4 songs co-written by Elvis Costello with Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LP12'' EP featuring 4 songs co-written by Elvis Costello with Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, Johnny Cash and Bob Dylan
- Side One
Everyone's Playing House – Bacharach/Costello
The Lovers That Never Were – McCartney/Costello

Side Two
If You Love Me – Words: Johnny Cash – Music: Elvis Costello
Down On The Bottom – Words: Bob Dylan – Music: Elvis Costello
Elvis Presley - Live At The International Hotel, Las Vegas, NV August 23, 1969 [2LP] (gatefold, download, previously unreleased set, limited to 3350, indie exclusive)LPFollowing his triumphant comeback special for NBC at the end of 1968, Elvis Presley made a highly-publicized return to live performance in 1969, booking an exclusive engagement at The International Hotel in Las Vegas. Elvis treated audiences to a raucous rock set inspired by the recent sessions to his just-released studio album From Elvis In Memphis, backed by vocal groups The Imperials and The Sweet Inspirations as well as an early version of his famed TCB Band. Live In Las Vegas 1969 showcases this incredible, important phase in Elvis' career with a previously unreleased set from the first of many engagements at The International Hotel.
- A) 1. Blue Suede Shoes 2. I Got A Woman 3. All Shook Up 4. Love Me Tender 5. Jailhouse Rock 6. Heartbreak Hotel 7. Hound Dog B) 1. Memories 2. Mystery Train 3. Monologue C) 1. Baby What You Want Me To Do 2. Runaway 3. Are You Lonesome Tonight 4. Yesterday/Hey Jude 5. Introductions D) 1. In The Ghetto 2. Suspicious Minds 3. What'd I Say 4. Can't Help Falling In Love
Elvis Presley - Made In Germany – Private Recordings (2lp 180 Gram Vinyl 24 Page Gatefold)2LPBlack Vinyl
Elvis Presley - The Complete ‘50s Movie Masters & Alternate Recordings (2lp 180 Gram Vinyl 24 Page Gatefold)2LPBlack Vinyl
Emerson, Lake & Palmer - Live At Pocono International Raceway, Long Pond, PA, U.S.A., 9th July 1972 [2LP] (Yellow & Brown Vinyl, gatefold, first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LP * 1st time ever on vinyl / only ever available
previously on CD as part of the
ELP – Fanfare Box Set
* Limited edition gatefold double LP
* Yellow & brown colored vinyl/gatefold
* High quality, rare and exciting live recording
of Emerson, Lake & Palmer in their early
1970s prime

1. Tarkus
1. Take A Pebble
2. Lucky Man
3. Piano Improvisations
4. Take A Pebble (Reprise)
1. Pictures At
An Exhibition
2. Hoedown
1. Blue Rondo A La Turk
Emmylou Harris - The Studio Albums 1980 - 83 [5LP] (five of her albums in a single box set, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPEmmylou Harris The Studio Albums 1980 - 1983 collects five of her albums in a single box set: Roses In The Snow,
Evangeline, Cimarron, Last Date and White Shoes. All in, it features 54 songs, including ten Top 10 singles. Emmylou
received five Grammys for various repertoire on the enclosed albums. It is the compendium to her first box set
released two years ago on Record Store Day.
These five albums feature a who's who of Country and Rock music in the early 80's, including Dolly Parton, Johnny
Cash, Linda Ronstadt, The Whites, Ricky Skaggs, Willie Nelson, James Burton, Rodney Crowell, Jerry Douglas, Amos
Garrett, Emory Gordy, Jr., Glen D. Hardin, Waylon Jennings, Albert Lee, Larrie Londin, Bill Payne, Herb Pedersen, Dr.
John, Barry Tashian, Tony Brown, Hank DeVito, Paul Kennerley, John Ware, Don Williams, Bonnie Bramlett, Don
Heggington, Jim Horn, Keith Knudsen and John McFee, and many others.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Mister Sandman

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Roses in the Snow
02 Wayfaring Stranger
03 Green Pastures
04 The Boxer
05 Darkest Hour Is Just
Before the Dawn

Side B
01 I'll Go Stepping Too
02 You're Learning
03 Jordan
04 Miss the Mississippi and
05 Gold Watch and Chain

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 I Don't Have to Crawl
02 How High the Moon
03 Spanish Johnny
04 Bad Moon Rising
05 Evangeline

Side B
01 Hot Burrito #2
02 Millworker
03 Oh Atlanta
04 Mister Sandman
05 Ashes by Now

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 Rose of Cimarron
02 Spanish Is a Loving
03 If I Needed You
04 Another Lonesome
05 The Last Cheater's

Side B
01 Born to Run
02 The Price You Pay
03 Son of a Rotten
04 Tennessee Waltz
05 Tennessee Rose

Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A
01 I'm Movin' On (Live)
[Remastered Album
02 It's Not Love (But It's Not
Bad) [Live] [Remastered
Album Version]
03 So Sad (To Watch Good
Love Go Bad) [Live]
[Remastered Album
04 Return of the Grievous
Angel (Live)
[Remastered Album
05 Restless (Live)
[Remastered Album
06 Racing in the Streets
(Live) [Remastered
Album Version]

Side B
01 Long May You Run
(Live) [Remastered
Album Version]
02 We'll Sweep out the
Ashes (In the Morning)
[Live] [Remastered
Album Version]
03 Juanita (Live)
[Remastered Album
04 Devil in Disguise (Live)
[Remastered Album
05 (Lost His Love) On Our
Last Date [Live]
[Remastered Album
06 Buckaroo / Love's
Gonna Live Here
(Medley) [Live]
[Remastered Album

Full Length Vinyl 6
Side A
01 Drivin' Wheel
02 Pledging My Love
03 In My Dreams
04 White Shoes
05 On the Radio

Side B
01 It's Only Rock and Roll
02 Diamonds Are a Girl's
Best Friend
03 Good News
04 Baby, Better Start
Turnin' Em Down
05 Like an Old Fashioned
Eric Clapton - One More Car One More Rider [3LP] (Clear Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPOne More Car, One More Rider is the eighth live album by Eric Clapton, released on 5 November 2002
on Duck / Reprise Records. It is also the third double live album. The album contains songs performed during
Clapton's 2001 world tour. The recordings on this album are from two nights at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, 18
& 19 August 2001. Accompanying Clapton on this album are Andy Fairweather-Low, Steve Gadd, Nathan East, Billy
Preston, Greg Phillinganes, and David Sancious. Eric Clapton himself said that this would be his last world tour,
making this album initially more valuable. However he since has toured the world several times both on his own and
with others, including Steve Winwood, Mark Knopfler, and his four Crossroads Guitar Festivals with his own chosen
high-profile house band; different from his usual band.

Side A
01 Key to the Highway
02 Reptile (Live)
03 Got You on My Mind
04 Tears in Heaven (Live)

Side B
01 Bell Bottom Blues (Live)
02 Change the World (Live
03 My Father's Eyes (Live)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 River of Tears (Live)
02 Goin' Down Slow (Live)
03 She's Gone (Live)

Side B
01 I Want a Little Girl (Live)
02 Badge (Live)
03 Hoochie Coochie Man

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Have You Ever Loved a
Woman (Live)
02 Cocaine (Live)
03 Wonderful Tonight (Live)

Side B
01 Layla (Live)
02 Sunshine of Your Love
03 Over the Rainbow (Live)
Erykah Badu & James Poyser - Tempted [7''] (limited to 3500, indie exclusive)7InchTempted'' remains Squeeze's signature single and can be found everywhere, from television commercials to video games to the daily airwaves of radio stations. Erykah Badu and James Poyser have teamed up to take the classic track down a totally new route, turning it into a soulful, raw performance with Miss Badu's vocals shining through, bringing a brand new light to the song. Produced and engineered by Squeeze aficionado Steve Mandel, the track features an incredible crewing of backing musicians, ranging from Thundercat to Derrick Hodge and Ali Jackson. ''Tempted'' is the 3rd installment from the ''Swindles'' project and will be available globally as a 45 single for Record Store Day 2019. The A-Side features the new rendition of ''Tempted,'' with the B-Side showcasing the instrumental of the new version. Limited to 3,500 copies worldwide.
- SIDE A: Tempted SIDE B:Tempted (Instrumental)
Essence, The - Nothing Lasts Forever (Expanded) [LP] (Smokey Clear Colored Vinyl, 2 bonus songs, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPFirst-ever reissue of this 1991 darkwave masterpiece. Includes deluxe packaging, liner notes from the band and 2 bonus songs not found on the original.
- Separation | How you make me hate | September | Out of Grace | Irresistible | Everything | never let go | air | 30secondsong | all is empty
Ethik - Music For Stock Exchange [2LP] (180 Gram, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Long-time, hidden gem and one of the pivotal releases that shaped what would later on become the ''Sound of Cologne''. Originally released in 1993 on CD at the opening of the Delirium Recordshop in Cologne -- the birth house of Kompakt. Now available for the first time on vinyl! Released under their monikers The Bionaut (Jorg Burger) and Mike Ink (Wolfgang Voigt), Music For Stock Exchange marks one of the many highlights evolving from this artistic relationship. Ethik perfectly showcases the pair's very own take on electronica/IDM that soon led into their Harvest releases as Burger/Ink, The Bionaut, and The Modernist. 25 years after its inception, Ethik sounds strangely contemporary and will delight the old and surely find many new friends. 180 gram vinyl.
- A1. The Tulip Theme
A2. Bluebelle
B1. Moral Sculpture
B2. Coral Caves
B3. Surface
C1. Trump Tower
C2. Monologue 1
D1. The Glass Dome
D2. P. Bateman
D3. Sascha The Flower Thief
Fall, The - Astoria 1998LPBlack Vinyl
Fall, The - Frankfurt 19932LPBlack Vinyl
Fall, The - Kings Lynn 19962LPBlack Vinyl
Fall, The - New Orleans 19812LPBlack Vinyl
Fall, The - Nijmegan 1999LPBlack Vinyl
Fall, The - Unutterable - Testa Rossa Monitor MixesLPBlack Vinyl
Fanfarlo - Reservoir [2LP] (180 Gram, Solid White & Black Mixed Color Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 3500, indie exclusive)LPFanfarlo are a London-based indie/alternative rock band formed in 2006
by Simon Balthazar on vocals, guitar, keyboards, mandolin, saxophone
and clarinet. Other members included Cathy Lucas, Justin Finch, Leon
Beckenham, Amos Memon (2006-2013) and Mark West (2006-2009).
The band's name comes from the Charles Baudelaire novella La Fanfarlo.
Their style fuses elements of folk, indie rock and post-punk, using eclectic
instrumentation including trumpet, violin, mandolin, musical saw, clarinet
and saxophone. They started performing live in small UK indie clubs
in 2006 and released 4 limited 7'' singles on indie labels throughout
Their debut album Reservoir was recorded in October/November 2008
at Tarquin Studios, Connecticut and was produced by Peter Katis (The
National, Interpol). The album was released in February 2009 on the band's
own Raffle Bat label and later licensed to Atlantic imprint Canvasback,
who issued it in the UK and US in October 2009. The song ''Ghosts'' from
Reservoir was featured in episode 6, season 6 of Grey's Anatomy.
The track ''Fire Escape'' was featured in episode 4 of season 6 of the TV
show House. ''I'm A Pilot'' has been featured in the NBC series Chuck
on season 4, episode 24. The band has performed on Late Show with
David Letterman and Last Call with Carson Daly.

10th Anniversary Edition includes
a second LP of bonus tracks and
outtakes-all making their debut on vinyl
* Features 4 previously unreleased tracks
on bonus LP #2
* First repress on vinyl since original
release in 2009
* Pressed on 180g solid white and black
mixed color vinyl and comes in a gatefold
tip-on jacket
* Limited to 3500 copies worldwide

Side A
1 I'm A Pilot
2 Ghosts
3 Luna
4 Comets
5 Fire Escape

Side B
1 The Walls Are Coming Down
2 Drowning Men
3 If It Is Growing
4 Harold T. Wilkins, Or How To
Wait For A Very Long Time
5 Finish Line
6 Good Morning Midnight

Side C
1 Kist Of Whistles B
2 Talking Backwards E
3 Hands
4 Scott
5 Drowning Men N

Side D
1 You Are One Of The Few Outsiders
Who Really Understands Us E
2 Tuesday (You Come When We Call)
3 We Live By The Lake E
4 Acoemeti B
5 Sand & Ice E
Fatlip - The Loneliest Punk [LP] (Yellow & Black Swirl Colored Vinyl, download, limited to 1700, indie exclusive)LPThe Loneliest Punk is the debut solo album by Fatlip (of the
seminal LA hip-hop group The Pharcyde). The album was
originally released on Delicious Vinyl records 2005. The album
was produced by acclaimed hip hop producer J-Swift (who
was responsible for The Pharcyde's debut album, Bizarre
Ride II the Pharcyde) and producer Squeak E. Clean, among
others. It features guest MCs Chali 2na (of Jurassic 5) and
Shock G (aka Humpty Hump). Out of print since its original
release in 2005, the album is coming back to vinyl with this
swirl color pressing, exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.
The vinyl includes a digital download of the entire album and

» Limited To 2,000 Copies Worldwide
» Yelow & Black Swirl Color Vinyl
» Remastered By Dave Gardner at Infrasonic
» Produced By Acclaimed Hip Hop Producers
J-Swift And Squeak E. Clean
» Includes Download Card w/ Full Album + More

Track List:
A1 Fat Leezy
A2 First Heat
A3 Today's Your Day (Whachagonedu?)
A4 Freestyle
A5 Joe's Turkey
A6 I Got The Shit
A7 Writer's Block
A8 The Story Of Us
B1 Cook
B2 Walkabout
B3 All On Fly
B4 Lyrical Styles
B5 Freaky Pumps
B6 He's An Outsider
B7 What's Up Fatlip?
B8 Dreams
Fela Kuti and Roy Ayers - Music Of Many Colours [LP] (Rainbow Starburst Vinyl, download, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPKnitting Factory Records is proud to reissue Music of
Many Colours on limited edition rainbow starburst vinyl,
exclusive to Record Store Day. This is the first pressing of
the album since the late 80's.
Music of Many Colours is a joint album between Roy
Ayers and Fela Kuti, recorded after a three week tour
of Nigeria's major cities in 1979, during which Roy
Ayers performed as the opening act for Fela's band.
The two artists decided to record the album as a
round-up to the tour.
Roy Ayers describes the experience saying, ''I met
Fela Kuti in Nigeria in 1979, and we fell into a great
relationship, good personal and music vibes, and we
recorded that album together. Fela also came to USA
in the eighties and we performed at NYC's Madison
Square Garden. Amazingly energetic, Fela Kuti had
a very original concept that was called Afro Beat –
a genre with a very unique identity and exceptional
music. One of Fela Kuti's most impressive qualities
was that he was undeniably a brilliant show man, as
a musician and as a huge dancer as well. His African
concept was truly original... The tour was about two
black men together coming together, one from Africa
and other from USA, a very exciting collaboration.''

Side A: 2000 Blacks Got To Be Free
Side B: Africa Centre of the World
Finn Andrews (of The Veils) - Body Of Light / My Lotus Flower & Me [7''] (2 unreleased songs, limited to 750, indie exclusive)7InchSince signing a record deal at the tender age of 16, Finn Andrews and his band The Veils have released 5
albums together, appeared in David Lynch's reboot of Twin Peaks, as well as on soundtracks by luminary
film directors Tim Burton and Paolo Sorrentino, and was also recently been commissioned by the Belgian
government to write a 20-minute orchestral piece to commemorate the antipodean dead of World War I.
It was while writing 2016's Total Depravity that the New Zealand-raised musician realized a different streak
was beginning to emerge. Fueled by the end of a relationship, Andrews took some time out from London
and from The Veils, and returned to New Zealand to begin work on his first solo album, One Piece At A Time.
The resulting album is one of Andrews' most profound and intimate pieces of work. Recorded entirely live at
The Lab in Auckland, and engineered and co-produced by Tom Healy (Tiny Ruins), the band includes Andrews
on vocals, piano, and guitar; Cass Basil on electric and upright bass; Alex Freer on drums; Healy on guitar;
Reb Fountain and Nina Siegler on backing vocals; with sprawling string arrangements by Victoria Kelly.
The songs here are more personal and self-exploratory than anything Andrews has previously attempted, an
effort he says that wasn't necessarily deliberate but more a result of circumstance. ''It's a lot more
autobiographical than I intended.'' In addition to the songs' subject matter exposing more of his life than
before, Andrews also admits that their arrangements allowed for less to hide behind, showcasing him in
a different way. Dominated by Andrews' voice, the ten tunes here place him firmly front and center.
''I felt a lot more exposed this time, as the instrumentation was certainly a lot sparser,'' he says.
With him throughout the entirety of the album is the piano; an instrument that while not his first was certainly
in his blood. A guitar player since age 10, Andrews only started to learn the piano at the end of his teenage
years when his father, the legendary XTC keyboardist Barry Andrews, taught him some chords.
This LIMITED EDITION RECORD STORE DAY 7'' SINGLE features 2 bonus tracks from the One Piece At A Time
album recording session.

Side A. Body of Light
Side B. My Lotus Flower & Me
Flaming Lips, The - King's Mouth: Music And Songs [LP] (12 new original Flaming Lips compositions as well as album narration by Mick Jones of the The Clash, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPKing's Mouth contains twelve new original Flaming Lips compositions as well as album narration by Mick
Jones (The Clash).The record is based on Wayne Coyne's immersive art installation of the same name - which has
seen its psychedelic visuals and soundscapes exhibited in museums all around the U.S. including:The WOMB
(Oklahoma City, OK), Meow Wolf (Santa Fe, NM), the American Visionary Art Museum (Baltimore, MD) and the Pacific
Northwest College of Art (Portland, OR).In addition, the companion book King's Mouth: Immersive Heap Trip Fantasy
Experience tells the story of the King's Mouth through words and visuals by Coyne.
As Coyne writes, ''The King's Mouth immersive/child-like qualities are born from the same spark and womb as Flaming
Lips live performances.The King's Mouth adventure was made for humans of all sizes, ages, cultures, and religions.''

Side A
01 We Don't Know How
and We Don't Know
02 The Sparrow
03 Giant Baby
04 Mother Universe
05 How Many Times
06 Electric Fire

Side B
01 All for the Life of the City
02 Feedaloodum Beedle
03 Funeral Parade
04 Dipped in Steel
05 Mouth of the King
06 How Can a Head
Fleetwood Mac - The Alternate Fleetwood Mac [LP] (180 Gram, alternate takes mirroring the original album, from the ''Fleetwood Mac'' deluxe edition, limited to 7000, indie exclusive)LPOriginally released in 1975, Fleetwood Mac's self-titled release marked the addition of Lindsey
Buckingham and Stevie Nicks into the band's line-up. Last year it was reissued deluxe edition, featuring previously
unreleased alternate recordings. Following the format of previous Fleetwood Mac RSD releases (for Tusk, Mirage and
Tango In The Night), this RSD we will release a 1LP album of alternate takes mirroring the original album, from the
''Fleetwood Mac'' deluxe edition. Alternate takes include early versions of ''Monday Morning'', ''Landslide'', ''Rhiannon''
and ''World Turning''. On vinyl for the very first time.

Side A
01 Monday Morning (Early
02 Warm Ways (Early
03 Blue Letter (Early Take)
04 Rhiannon (Early Take)
05 Over My Head (Early
06 Crystal (Early Version)

Side B
01 Say You Love Me (Early
02 Landslide (Early
03 World Turning (Early
04 Sugar Daddy (Early
05 I'm so Afraid (Early
Frank Black - Frank Black [LP] (Orange Vinyl, first time on vinyl in the U.S., limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPRecording his debut album during
the hiatus and breakup of the Pixies
in late-1992, front-man Black Francis
inverted his stage persona for his solo
work. Co-produced with Eric DrewFeldman (Captain Beefheart / Pere
Ubu), Frank let his inner rock historian loose on Frank Black, channelling
greats like Iggy Pop, Lou Reed, The
Beach Boys & David Bowie in a thrilling way that felt like a natural next
step on from Trompe Le Monde (the last
Pixies album before they reconvened
two decades later).
A1. Los Angeles
A2. I Heard Ramona Sing
A3. Hang On To Your Ego
A4. Fu Manchu
A5. Places Named After Numbers
A6. Czar
A7. Old Black Dawning
A8. Ten Percenter
B1. Brackish Boy
B2. Two Spaces
B3. Tossed (Instrumental Version)
B4. Parry the Wind High, Low
B5. Adda Lee
B6. Every Time I Go Around Here
B7. Don't Ya Rile 'Em
Frank Black - Teenager Of The Year [2LP] (White Vinyl, first time on vinyl in the U.S., limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPFrank Black's Teenager Of The Year
came out in May 1994, just over a
year after his self-titled debut solo album. In as rich a songwriting vein as
he was when in The Pixies, Teenager Of
The Year is now widely regarded as the
defining statement of his solo career.
Among the plaudits thrown it's way
was Pitchfork ranking it in their Top
100 Albums of the 90s, saying ''beneath
its veneer lie moments brilliant enough to rival
any of the Pixies' 1990s work, and Black's
greatest lyrical achievements.''

A1. Whatever Happened To Pong?
A2. Thalassocracy
A3. (I Want To Live On An) Abstract Plain
A4. Calistan
A5. The Vanishing Spies
A6. Speedy Marie
B1. Headache
B2. Sir Rockaby
B3. Freedom Rock
B4. Two Reelers
B5. Fiddle Riddle
C1. Ole Mulholland
C2. Fazer Eyes
C3. I Could Stay Here Forever
C4. The Hostess With The Mostest
C5. Superabound
D1. Big Red
D2. Space Is Gonna Do Me Good
D3. White Noise Maker
D4. Pure Denizen Of The Citizens Band
D5. Bad, Wicked World
D6. Pie In The Sky
Frank Zappa - The Guitar World According To Frank Zappa [LP] (180 Gram, Clear Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LP8 track EP that was originally on cassette for Guitar World in 1987 so this is its first ever vinyl debut and wider release outside of Guitar World/1987.
Side A
1) Sleep Dirt – 3:17 (c)1979
2) Friendly Little Finger – 4:17 (c)1976
3) Excerpt from Revised Music For Guitar And Low-Budget Symphony Orchestra– 1:40 (c)1987
4) Things That Look Like Meat – 6:06 (c)1987

Side B
5) Down In De Dew – 2:54 (c)1987
6) A Solo From Heidelberg – 4:46 (c)1987
7) A Solo From Cologne – 4:31 (c)1987
8) A Solo From Atlanta – 4:05 (c)1987
Free Nationals - Beauty & Essex [12''] (limited to 2500, indie exclusive)12InchSingleLead single from Anderson .Paak's band, Free Nationals. Beauty & Essex features Daniel Caesar and Unknown Mortal Orchestra.
- 1. Beauty & Essex (Explicit) | 2. Beauty & Essex (Clean) | 3. Beauty & Essex (Instrumental) | 4. Time to Grow (Explicit) | 5. Time to Grow (Clean) | 6. Time to Grow Instrumental
Fuzzy Haskins - A Whole Nother Thang [LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, liner notes, obi-strip, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Originally released on Westbound Records in 1976, available for the first time since 1976
* Pressed on 180gm vinyl
* Housed in a gatefold jacket with liner notes + obi strip
* Limited to 1,000 copies
- A co-founder of the P-Funk movement, Clarence Eugene ''Fuzzy'' Haskins was born in West Virginia in 1941 and started as a singer in the doo-wop vocal group The Parliaments, led by George Clinton in the late 1950s. He was a founding member of the groundbreaking and influential 1970s funk bands PARLIAMENT-FUNKADELIC. Fuzzy Haskins toured and appeared on P-Funk albums as a singer, and occasionally as a guitarist, throughout the 1970s. He is a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997. Despite the success of Mothership Connection, Fuzzy Haskins was growing frustrated that his songs were no longer being featured on albums by Funkadelic and Parliament. He also watched as Bootsy Collins, a relative newcomer to the family, embarked upon a solo career. This added to Haskins' frustration and at the height of P-Funk's popularity, Fuzzy left the ensemble to pursue a solo career. Fuzzy Haskins released his first solo album, A WHOLE NOTHER THANG, in 1976. The album features funk 'all-stars' from the likes of Bernie Worrell, Donald Austin and Bootsy Collins. Haskins wrote eight of the nine songs and served as producer, singer, songwriter, guitarist and even drummer. The result was an album that oozed quality. With his brand of earthy and heavyweight funk, Fuzzy Haskins' solo work fits right in with many of the other great P-Funk side projects. Also featured on the album is the track ''Cookie Jar'', which was later recorded by Prince. Despite the quality of music, the album didn't sell in vast quantities and didn't find the audience it deserved. 'A Whole Nother Thang' is a true gem to funk fans, mint vinyl copies are hard to find and pricey these days. If you are a Funkateer...this one's for you. Originally released on Westbound Records in 1976, now back available (for the first time since 1976) as a limited deluxe 180g vinyl edition (1000 copies) packaged in a gatefold jacket featuring the original artwork and liner notes. Released exclusively for Record Store Day (UK & Europe) 2019, available in participating stores on April 13.

- 1.Tangarine Green 2.Cookie Jar 3.Mr Junk Man 4.I Can See Myself In You 5.The Fuz and Da Boog 6.Which Way Do I Disco 7.Love's Now Is Forever 8.Sometimes I Rock and Roll 9.I'll Be Loving You
Gameface - I Owe You One b/w Two Gunslingers (Tom Petty cover) [7''] (Yellow Vinyl, new recordings for RSD, limited to 500, indie-retail exclusive)7InchThese are the first recordings since Gameface's reunion album in 2014, Now Is What Matters Now. They came as a surprise to the band, who hadn't intended to write or record any new material, but inspiration struck on the heels of their Japan tour earlier this year and they went directly into the studio as soon as they were back in California. ''I Owe You One'' is the most upbeat and catchy song they've written since My Star (from Every Last Time 1999). The Tom Petty song is poignant for two reasons. They are huge fans and were heartbroken (pun intended) to hear of his unexpected passing last year. The band chose to record ''Two Gunslingers'' because of its message of change, in light of our country's mass shooting epidemic and sick obsession with guns. Gameface's next adventure is in September when they head over to Brazil for the first time to play some festival shows.

The Southern California-based out t, now featuring Jeff Caudill along with Todd D. Trout (guitar), Guy Julian (bass) and Steve Sanderson (drums), originally formed in the summer of 1990 and has since released six full-length albums, each carrying the band's dynamic, distinctive sound that has gone on to influence countless bands over the years. Recorded and mixed at Black Bear 11 in Malibu, CA.

Specifically recorded for RSD. Never before released.

Side A: I Owe You One
Side B: Two Gunslingers (Tom Petty)
Generation X - Your Generation (Winstanley Mix) [7''] (Translucent Red Viny, two previously unreleased mixes, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchGeneration X formed in late 1976 by Billy Idol, Tony James and Derwood Andrews with
Mark Laff joining in early 1977. They signed to Chrysalis in the Summer of 1977, with
their first single 'Your Generation' following in September. They were one of the first punk
bands to appear on the BBC TV's Top of The Pops, followed closely with subsequent
singles 'Wild Youth' and 'Ready Steady Go'. Their debut album 'Generation X' produced
by Martin Rushent (The Stranglers, Buzzcocks, Human League), was released in
February 1978 and reached number 29 in the UK charts.
This Record Store Day Exclusive 7'' Red Vinyl contains two previously unreleased mixes
of the classic single 'Your Generation' and later b-side 'Trying For Kicks' by Alan
Winstanley. Both tracks have been newly remastered from the original session tapes.
Side A: Your Generation [Winstanley Mix]
Side B: Trying For Kicks [Winstanley Mix]
Giulio Confalconieri/Complesso Strumentale Italiano - Dali in Venice [LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPDecca proudly presents a unique artefact from its vaults for the first time since the original release in 1962. In Venice, August 1961, the most prominent surrealist artist of all time, Salvador Dali staged a very unique performance at the Teatro La Fenice and Decca were on hand to document the event. Available for the first time since its original release this fascinating document is presented with its original artwork reproducing Dali's own designs and includes exclusive interviews with the artist himself.
Best known for his striking and bizarre images (and the Chupa Chups® logo), Salvador Dali was a highly imaginative individual and constantly indulging in unusual and grandiose behaviour.
His public appearances were always a spectacle and in August 1961 it was announced that the Master would arrive in Venice by whale. Nobody knows whether he did or not, but certainly his presence caused the most bizarre spectacle in the most beautiful opera house, the Teatro La Fenice – in fact the first completely surrealistic stage performance Dali had known . . .
. . . On stage a blind man watches television, a wardrobe mistress constantly irons, a carcass of beef hangs surrounded by flies, a limp watch is handed around; and before Dali's famous paintings there are processions of limping beggars, gondoliers, and finally the Master himself in a gondolier's gleaming white uniform and a red Catalan cap.
Decca were on hand to document the event in Venice, August 1961. This iconic moment and accompanying performances were caught on record by two legendary Decca employees: Producer Erik Smith and engineer Roy Wallace*
*the co-creator [alongside his colleague Arthur Haddy] of the ''Decca Tree'' and Decca's unique stereo recording technique, i.e. the signature ''Decca Sound''
Decca now proudly presents, for the first time since its original release in 1962, this unique artefact from the vaults. It is a fascinating insight to one of the most prominent surrealist artists of all time.
This release is lovingly presented with the original artwork [representing the original set designs by Dali] and includes exclusive interviews with the artist himself.
With dozens of museums and permanent exhibitions around the world on one of the most iconic artists of the 20th century, this should be a true collector's item.
- Side A
A Alessandro Scarlatti (arr. Confalonieri) - The Spanish Lady and the Roman Cavalier (Part 1)
Fiorenza Cossotto/Lorenzo Alvary/Complesso Strumentale Italiano/Giuliano Confalonieri

Side B
B1 Alessandro Scarlatti (arr. Confalonieri) - The Spanish Lady and the Roman Cavalier (Conclusion)
Fiorenza Cossotto/Lorenzo Alvary/Complesso Strumentale Italiano/Giuliano Confalonieri
B2 Salvador Dali - Ballet de Gala (composed by Confalonieri)
Featuring Cosmic Divertissement by Dali
B3 Dali Paints a Picture
Live recording of Dali painting his ''Hommage to Venice'' on the balcony of Teatro La Fenice
B4 Dali Speaks About His Art (A Great Artist Speaks his Mind)
Interviewers - Choreographer Maurice Bejart & renowned Television Director Roger Englander
Goblin - Yell [7''] (Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7Inch* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* Pressed on red vinyl & limited to 1,000 copies
- Inside the vast Goblin archive, ''Yell'' is perhaps one of the less well-known tracks, that undoubtedly deserves no less attention that the band's most famous works. It's a song composed for bass guitar, percussion and keyboards where an opening reminiscent of ''L'alba dei morti viventi'' is followed by a sudden vibe change, due to the quick entrance of all the other instruments: electric piano chords, a pulsating bass, obscure synths and twisted keyboards still preserve that mix of tension and and darkness that made Goblin unique in the soundtracks area. The song was composed on commission at the end of 1978 to be used as the intro theme for a series of seven TV thriller/horror movies called ''Sette storie per non dormire'' (a title that could be translated into ''Seven stories that won't let you sleep'') that was broadcast in the autumn of the same year by the Italian Rete 2 RAI channel; taking advantage of the success of the series, Cinevox Record decided to release ''Yell'' on a 45rpm that included, as B-side, the song ''...e suono Rock'' taken from the album ''Il fantastico viaggio del Bagarozzo Mark''. The original edition of ''Yell'' is today one of the rarest Golbin releases, and is exclusively reissued for the first time ever by AMS Records on red vinyl, for the Record Store Day 2019 event. Not to be missed! - a) Yell,
b) ...e suono Rock
Golden Earring - Moontan [LP] (Turquoise Colored 180 Gram Vinyl, updated artwork, includes their biggest hit ''Radar Love,'' gatefold, insert, limited/numbered to 2500, indie-exclusive)LP180GR/INSERT/GATEFOLD/2500 CPS TURQUOISE VINYL/RSD 2019
Goo Goo Dolls, The - Topography [5LP] (Each Vinyl a different Color, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe global vinyl debut of the albums Let Love In, Gutterflower, and Something For the Rest of Us. This
five-vinyl set also includes the triple-platinum classic Dizzy Up The Girl and Magnetic. Each vinyl comes in a different
color sheathed in its own slipcase.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Dizzy
02 Slide
03 Broadway
04 January Friend
05 Black Balloon
06 Bullet Proof
07 Amigone

Side B
01 All Eyes on Me
02 Full Forever
03 Acoustic #3
04 Iris
05 Extra Pale
06 Hate This Place

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Big Machine
02 Think About Me
03 Here Is Gone
04 You Never Know
05 What a Scene
06 Up, Up, Up

Side B
01 It's Over
02 Sympathy
03 What Do You Need?
04 Smash
05 Tucked Away
06 Truth Is a Whisper

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Stay with You
02 Let Love In
03 Feel the Silence
04 Better Days
05 Without You Here

Side B
01 Listen
02 Give a Little Bit
03 Can't Let It Go
04 We'll Be Here (When
You're Gone)
05 Strange Love
06 Become

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 Sweetest Lie
02 As I Am
03 Home
04 Notbroken
05 One Night
06 Nothing Is Real

Side B
01 Now I Hear
02 Still Your Song
03 Something for the Rest
of Us
04 Say You're Free
05 Hey Ya
06 Soldier

Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A
01 Rebel Beat
02 When the World Breaks
Your Heart
03 Slow It Down
04 Caught in the Storm
05 Come to Me
06 Bringing on the Light

Side B
01 More of You
02 BulletProofAngel
03 Last Hot Night
04 Happiest of Days
05 Keep the Car Running

Vinyl Details:
Dizzy Up The Girl Clear & Solid Purple Mixed
Gutterflower Gold & Solid Red Mixed
Let Love In Solid Silver
Something For The Rest Of Us Clear
Magnetic Transparent Green & Solid Yellow
Good Old Boys, The - Drink Up And Go Home: Live At Margarita's Cantina, Feb. 20 & 21, 1975 [2LP] (feat. Jerry Garcia, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPSome of the greatest musical moments happen only once, in a live setting and if you're not there to experience them at the time, they're lost to history. But every now and then, a buried treasure is discovered that brings a lost moment back to life and thrills music fans. Such is the case with this recently unearthed live recording of the all-star bluegrass band the Good Old Boys in Feb., 1975.

Sales Points
* Recorded by John Cutler on the legendary Owsley 'Bear' Stanley's Nagra 2 Track Recorder
* fiddle player Brantley Kearns (who played with Dwight Yoakum); Pat Campbell (who played bass with everyone from Mike Bloomfield to Bernie Leadon
* This is a true bluegrass super-group, even if Jerry Garcia were not a member
* Good Old Boys feature Jerry Garcia on banjo and vocals
* David Nelson was guitarist for New Riders of the Purple Sage; Frank Wakefield is a legendary mandolin player and....
* These tapes were thought to be lost forever and were recently restored
* Anything featuring Jerry Garcia!

Track Listing
Disc 1:
* Ashes of Love
* Deep Elem Blues
* Dim Lights
* Fireball Mail
* I'll Never Make You Blue
* All the Good Times
* She's No Angel
* Here To Get My Baby Out of Jail
* Wildwood Flower
* Teardrops In My Eyes
Disc 2:
o Lonesome Road Blues
o Long Gone
o Leave Well Enough Alone
o White House Blues
o T For Texas
o Jesus Loves His Mandolin Player
o First Whippoorwill
o New Camptown Races
o Pistol Packing Mama
o Jerusalem Moan
o Drink Up & Go Home
o Orange Blossom Special
Goodie Mob - Still Standing [2LP] (Picture Disc, gatefold, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPGoodie Mob is a hip hop group based in Atlanta, Georgia. It was formed in 1991 and currently consists of members Big Gipp, Khujo, Cee-Lo, and T-Mo. This piece commemorates the 20th Anniversary release of Goodie Mob's ''Still Standing'' on a 2LP 140G picture disc in a clear jacket. ''Still Standing'' is the group's most popular selling album with 791K sold to date. The group is reforming for tour dates in 2019.
- ''The Experience''
''Black Ice (Sky High)'' (featuring OutKast)
''Fly Away''
''The Damm'' (featuring Cool Breeze)
''They Don't Dance No Mo''' (featuring Lil' Will)
''Beautiful Skin''
''Gutta Butta''
''Ghetto-ology'' (featuring Chiefton)
''Distant Wilderness''
''Greeny Green'' (featuring Witchdoctor)
''I Refuse Limitation'' (featuring Backbone)
''See You When I See You''
''Just About Over''
''Still Standing''
Gorillaz - The Fall [LP] (Forest Green Vinyl, first time on vinyl in North America, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPThe band's fourth, The Fall, was released on 25 December 2010 as a surprise gift for paying fan club
members, then on 18 April 2011 as an official release. This is the first time the album has been released on vinyl in
North America.

Side A
01 Phoner to Arizona
02 Revolving Doors
03 HillBilly Man
04 Detroit
05 Shy-town
06 Little Pink Plastic Bags
07 The Joplin Spider

Side B
01 The Parish of Space
02 The Snake in Dallas
03 Amarillo
04 The Speak It Mountains
05 Aspen Forest
06 Bobby in Phoenix (feat.
Bobby Womack)
07 California and the
Slipping of the Sun
08 Seattle Yodel
Grateful Dead - Sage & Spirit [LP] (newly-curated compilation, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPThe limited edition 10-track LP was curated by the band's archivist David Lemieux and is set to feature studio versions of ''Sugar Magnolia,'' ''Eyes Of The World,'' ''Lost Sailor,'' ''Saint Of Circumstance,'' ''High Time,'' ''Unbroken Chain,'' ''If I Had The World To Give'' and ''Sage and Spirit.'' The album will also include live takes on ''Jack Straw'' and ''Brown-Eyed Women'' from the Grateful Dead's famed 1972 European tour.

What does music to sit back on the porch on a nice summer evening sound like? This album! Digging
deep into the Dead's discography with such tracks as If I Had The World To Give, Sage & Spirit, Lost Sailor>Saint Of
Circumstance, and High Time amongst others, this album is perfect accompaniment to a nice summer night and a
Dogfish Head beer. Note: this title has Worldwide rights, but will likely be limited to North America, where the official
sponsor is Dogfish.

Side A
01 Sugar Magnolia (2013
02 Eyes of the World (2013
03 Lost Sailor (2013
04 Saint of Circumstance
(2013 Remaster)
05 High Time (2013

Side B
01 Sage & Spirit (2013
02 Jack Straw (Live in Paris
1972 Version)
03 Unbroken Chain (2013
04 Brown-Eyed Woman
(Live in Denmark 1972
05 If I Had the World to
Give (2013 Remaster)
Grateful Dead - The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 10/9/80 [2CD] (limited to 3500, indie exclusive)CDTwo complete acoustic sets from Warfield shows in October 1980, celebrating the Grateful Dead's 15th
Anniversary. A perfect blending of older cuts from Dead's extensive repertoire, these two sets include such classics as
Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Bird Song, Monkey and the Engineer, and To Lay Me Down, amongst many others, with each set
ending with Ripple.

Compact Disc 1
01 Dire Wolf (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
02 Dark Hollow (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
03 I've Been All Around
This World (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
04 Cassidy (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
05 China Doll (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
01 On The Road Again
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
02 Bird Song (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
03 The Race Is On
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
04 Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
05 Ripple (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)

Compact Disc 2
01 On The Road Again
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
02 It Must Have Been The
Roses (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
03 Monkey And The
Engineer (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
04 Jack-A-Roe (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
05 Dark Hollow (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
01 To Lay Me Down
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
02 Heaven Help The Fool
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
03 Bird Song (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
04 Ripple (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
Grateful Dead - The Warfield, San Francisco, CA 10/9/80 [2LP] (limited to 6500, indie exclusive)LPTwo complete acoustic sets from Warfield shows in October 1980, celebrating the Grateful Dead's 15th
Anniversary. A perfect blending of older cuts from Dead's extensive repertoire, these two sets include such classics as
Dire Wolf, Cassidy, Bird Song, Monkey and the Engineer, and To Lay Me Down, amongst many others, with each set
ending with Ripple.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Dire Wolf (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
02 Dark Hollow (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
03 I've Been All Around
This World (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
04 Cassidy (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
05 China Doll (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA

Side B
01 On The Road Again
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
02 Bird Song (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
03 The Race Is On
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
04 Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)
05 Ripple (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/9/80)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 On The Road Again
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
02 It Must Have Been The
Roses (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
03 Monkey And The
Engineer (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
04 Jack-A-Roe (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA
05 Dark Hollow (Warfield,
San Francisco, CA

Side B
01 To Lay Me Down
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
02 Heaven Help The Fool
(Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
03 Bird Song (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
04 Ripple (Warfield, San
Francisco, CA 10/10/80)
Green Day - Woodstock 1994 Live [LP] (first time on vinyl, four color board sleeve, limited to 7500, indie exclusive)LPJust in time for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, Green Day release their historic 1994 live set on
single black vinyl in a four color board sleeve. You can practically hear the mud amidst the pop punk classics. Most
importantly, this marks the first and only time this long out of print and highly sought-after gem has been pressed into
vinyl. Get it while you can!

Side A
01 Welcome to Paradise
(Live at Woodstock
02 One of My Lies (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
03 Chump (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
04 Longview (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
05 Basket Case (Live at
Woodstock 1994)

Side B
01 When I Come Around
(Live at Woodstock
02 Burnout (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
03 F.O.D. (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
04 Paper Lanterns (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
05 Shit Show (Live at
Woodstock 1994)
Green Jelly - Cereal Killer Soundtrack [LP] (Clear w/Glow-In-The-Dark Splatter Vinyl, first time reissued, includes hit ''Three Little Pigs'', gatefold, limited to 1500, indie-retail exclusive)LPThe album that inspired the Kraft Foods lawsuit is back!

The video for Three Little Pigs (featuring Maynard James Keenan of Tool, Les Claypool of Primus, and Pauly Shore on backup vocals) helped make this album certified Gold in 1993 and this is the first time it's been available on vinyl since.

Major cult hit in the early 90s. Long out-of-print.

Green Jelly ''Three Little Pigs'' video (>13M views!!):

Limited to 1500 copies on clear with glow in the dark splatter

A1 Obey The Cowgod 3:10
A2 Three Little Pigs 5:54
A3 Cereal Killer-edit 3:30
A4 Rock-N-Roll Pumpkihn 2:43
A5 Anarchy In The U.K. 3:29
B1 Electric Harley House (Of Love) 4:37
B2 Trippin' On XTC 3:42
B3 Misadventures Of Shitman 3:08
B4 House Me Teenage Rave 4:30
B5 Flight Of The Skajaquada-edit 4:00
B6 Green Jelly Theme Song 2:15
Green River - Live At The Tropicana 1984LPOriginal concert poster and unseen band photos - LIMITED EDITION (2000 COPIES) W/ CONCERT POSTER Unreleased live recording from the band's personal archives. Recorded on Sept 28,1984 at the Tropicana in Olympia Washington. Featuring Mark Arm & Steve Turner of Mudhoney and Jeff Ament & Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam. Includes Original Concert Poster and Early Band Photos. Limited to 2000 copies. Pressed at RTI
Greta Van Fleet - From The Fires [LP] (Purple Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe 2019 GRAMMY Winner for Best Rock Album, Greta Van Fleet will be releasing their breakthrough album From The Fires for the first time ever on vinyl! The record includes their #1 songs ''Highway Tune'' and ''Safari Song''.
- 1. Safari Song
2. Edge Of Darkness
3. Flower Power
4. A Change Is Gonna Come
5. Highway Tune
6. Meet On The Ledge
7. Talk On The Street
8. Black Smoke Rising
Gruppo Sportivo - Vinylly! =Selected Songs 1978-1991= (Coloured Vinyl)2LP180GR./HITS 1978-1991/500 CPS YELLOW VINYL/RSD 2019
Halestorm - Buzz / Chemicals [7''] (Green Vinyl, unreleased B-side, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7Inch7'' single that contains ''Buzz'' from the current record, ''Vicious,'' plus an unreleased studio b-side,
Hammerfall - One Crimson Night (Live)3LPClear Vinyl
Haunted, The - Road Kill2LPSolid White Vinyl
Hawkwind - The 1999 Party: Live At The Chicago Auditorium 21st March, 1974 [2LP] (first time on vinyl, gatefold, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPOriginal mixed and released on CD in 1997 from the original tapes, this classic show is making its debut
on vinyl. This 2 LP in gatefold sleeve was recorded live at the Chicago Auditorium 21st March, 1974 before Lemmy's
exit from the band.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Intro / Standing on the
Edge (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
02 Brainbox Pollution (Live
at the Chicago
03 It's so Easy (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)

Side B
01 You Know You're Only
Dreaming (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
02 Veterans of a Thousand
Psychic Wars (Live at
the Chicago Auditorium)
03 Brainstorm (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
04 Seven by Seven (Live at
the Chicago Auditorium)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 The Watcher (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
02 The Awakening (Live at
the Chicago Auditorium)
03 Paradox (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
04 You'd Better Believe It
(Live at the Chicago

Side B
01 The Psychedelic
Warlords (Disappear in
Smoke) [Live at the
Chicago Auditorium]
02 D-Rider (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
03 Sonic Attack (Live at the
Chicago Auditorium)
04 Master of the Universe
(Live at the Chicago
05 Welcome to the Future
(Live at the Chicago
Heptones, The - Swing Low [LP+12''] (180 Gram LP, limited to 700, indie exclusive)LP2 records! The official re-release of 1985 album on 180 gram vinyl. Includes bonus 12'' single with one Heptones song and one Dennis Brown song.
1 Swing Low 2:39
2 Book Of Rules 3:21
3 Down Comes The Rain 2:22
4 You Decorated My Life 3:30
5 Pack Your Things 4:05
6 Heaven 3:38
7 Promise To Be True 3:35
8 What It Is 4:34
9 So Long 2:42
10 I'm So Proud 3:07 Bonus 12'' include The Heptones ''Swept For You Baby'' and Dennis Brown ''Let Love In''.
High On Fire - Bat Salad [LP] (180 Gram, Clear with Black and Green Splatter Vinyl, download, feat. brand new song & 2 covers, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPGRAMMY® NOMINATED metal legends drop
an e.p. of unreleased material, exclusively
for Record Store Day!

* 180g Clear Vinyl w/Black & Green Splatter LP, DL card
* Limited global pressing of 4000 units
* New song + 2 awesome covers!

A Side
Bat Salad (5:34)
B Side
Into The Crypts of Rays (4:17) – Celtic Frost Cover
Don't Bother Me (3:00) – Bad Brains Cover
Hockey Dad - Dreamin' [LP] (Glow-In-The-Dark Colored Vinyl, download, first time on vinyl in the U.S., limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPThe debut EP from Australian leisure coast legends HOCKEY DAD sees its first vinyl
release in the US. A limited edition RECORD STORE DAY release out on April 13, 2019
available at participating record stores, the GLOW IN THE DARK vinyl includes 2 bonus
tracks ''Untitled'' and a The Vines cover of ''Get Free (Amazon Original)''.
In 2014, longtime mates Zach Stephenson and Billy Fleming released their debut EP in
their native Australia. With immediate support from Aussie radio leading to sold out
shows, the duo has been growing in popularity since their beginning. With the release of
2016's debut ''Boronia'' and follow up album ''Blend Inn'' in 2018, Hockey Dad has steadily
amassed fans and popularity. In 2018, Blend Inn debuted in the top 10 on the Australian
national album chart and finished the year with an Album of the Year Nomination.

1 Lull City
2 I Need A Woman
3 Beach House

4 Seaweed
5 Babes
6 Untitled
7 Get Free (The Vines Cover)
Hooverphonic - President Of The Lsd Golf Club (Coloured Vinyl)LP180GR./1500 CPS COLOURED/RSD 2019
Hot 8 Brass Band - Working Together [12'' EP] (Blue Vinyl, limited to 250, indie exclusive)12InchSingleGrammy finalists Hot 8 Brass Band from New Orleans are one of the biggest acts on Tru Thoughts (with video views of 2.6Million for their cover version of Sexual Healing). This E.P sees four of their label mates remix tunes from their current releases. So Wrongtom, J-Felix, Animanz and Magic Drum Orchestra are on remix duties with this exclusive E.P. It will be on a blue coloured vinyl in a see through 12'' sleeve with the Hot 8 Brass Band logo across the sleeve.
- 1. Love Will Tear Us Apart (Reassembled by Wrongtom) 2. On The Spot (Magic Drum Orchestra Remix)3. Working Together 4. On The Spot (Animanz Remix) 5. Love Will Tear Us Apart (J-Felix Remix)
Houndmouth - California Voodoo, Part II [7''] (2 unreleased songs, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7Inch''California Voodoo, Part II isHoundmouth's second installment of state-sponsored witchcraft featuring two unreleased
''Talk Of The Town'' is an indie music myth. It's whispered about in quiet corners of small record label offices. Or
shared via email with the subject head ''You didn't get this from me''. As it were, the public has never heard it. Neither
the time nor the place ever seemed quite right to release the track... until now. Written by maestro Jonathan Rado (of
Foxygen) and the late, great Richard Swift,Houndmouth's version of ''Talk'' picks up Bruce Springsteen in a flying
saucer and drops him off ''down on High Street'' in 1989. The jam features synth-y bass, foot-stomping drums and
fuzzy guitar riffs that linger in your head.
Accompanying the collab track is one fromHoundmouth's Shane Cody appropriately titled ''Shane's Song''. The band
slows it down then speeds it up this time for a reflective song of ''could-have'' and ''should have''. The percussion focus
here is tastefully accessorized by smooth guitar licks and Cody's falsetto. Crescendoing into a dizzying whirlwind,
''Shane's Song'' takes heartbreak and makes a beautiful sound for all to enjoy.''
''Talk of the Town'' was recorded at Vox Studios and Sonora Records in Los Angeles. ''Shane's Song'' was recorded at
Boulevard Studio in Los Angeles. Both songs were co-produced by Shawn Everett and Jonathan Rado.

Side A
01 Talk of the Town

Side B
01 Shane's Song
Humble Pie - Official Bootleg Collection Vol 1 [2LP] (180 Gram, limited to 950, indie exclusive)LPDecember 1, 1900
Iggy Pop - The Villagers b/w Pain & Suffering [7''] (Dark Green Vinyl, brand new sleeve, numbered/limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchFirst ever vinyl release of the track Pain & Suffering! Numbered and on Dark Green Vinyl just in time for Iggy's B-Day on RSD 2019! As a taster for the forthcoming re-issue of Iggy Pop's 1982 lost classic, 'Zombie Birdhouse', we present for the first time a 7'' single on green vinyl housed in a brand new sleeve.
Produced by Chris Stein from Blondie, ''The Villagers'' is vintage Iggy and features one of his best ever monologues.
The B-side contains the Previously Unreleased version of ''Pain and Suffering'' which features Debbie Harry on backing vocals. The song was originally recorded for the ground-breaking animated feature film, ''Rock & Rule'' ( Iggy provided the voice of the Monster From Another Dimension and Debbie Harry the voice for the character, Angel ) but the OST was never released.

- The Villagers b/w 'Pain & Suffering'
Insides - Euphoria [LP] (gold-foil numbering/limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPBeacon Sound present a reissue of the 1993 album Euphoria by UK duo Insides (previously Earwig). Euphoria sits at the crossroads of a very exciting time in the early 1990s when artists like Seefeel, Moonshake, and Aphex Twin were mining emerging technologies and pushing British music in new directions. A leftfield electronic pop album without peer, Euphoria incorporates programmed beats, elements of neoclassical minimalism, and the soothing voice and acerbic lyrics of singer Kirsty Yates into a memorable and masterful collection of songs that sound Like nothing else, either then or now. Reviews at the time reference composers like Steve Reich and Brian Eno as well as groups like My Bloody Valentine and AR Kane and describe it as being both ''danceable'' and ''ambient''. Originally released on 4AD offshoot label Guernica (Unrest, Bettie Serveert, Spoonfed Hybrid), it made many year-end lists in 1993 and demands rediscovery and reappraisal in 2019 given our current era of genre-splicing experimentation. Licensed from 4AD and remastered by Julian Tardo from HD audio files transferred from the original tapes, the LP will feature the original packaging as well as a new insert with press clippings from the era and liner notes by Simon Reynolds, who coined the term ''post-rock'' while writing about the group in 1993. Limited edition of 2000; gold-foil numbering.
- A1. Walking In Straight Lines (5:07) A2. Bent Double (3:39) A3. Darling Effect (5:01) A4. Distractions (5:47) A5. Relentless (5:18) B1. Skin Divers (3:30) B2. Carly Simon (3:19) B3. Yes (4:56) B4. Skykicking (7:23)
Insurgence DC - Broken In The Theater Of The Absurd [LP] (400 Black/300 Smoke Colored 180 Gram Vinyl, download, insert, limited/numbered, indie-exclusive)LPInsurgence, AKA Insurgence DC, bring us their first full length album in 20 years with ''Broken In The Theater Of The Absurd''. With a strong punk 1980's influence, in the stylings of the Clash, Fugazi and the Minutemen) this entire Insurgence DC (Da Capo) album is about recognizing and surviving in the greedy, corrupt and polarized landscape of modern-day America. The anthemic ''Salt'' starts out with the words ''Of The People, By The People and For The Few It Seems''. The powerful ''Outlines Of Chalk'' displays strong, outspoken commentary (''A gun is a gun, but not all are equal-The AR-15 fills us with unlimited sequels''). ''Outline Of Chalk'' is an intense, heartfelt voice against leaders who take their ''blood pay from the NRA''. Many other songs such as ''Poison Profits'', ''Pick Pocket Pirates'', ''Dishonor'' and ''Polarization'' also point out and reveal the unethical politicians on Capitol Hill (''Snakes in Suits'') and the slimy corporations that pay these leaders until they 'Kick That Can'' and leave it for future generations to clean up. In doing so they ''The Few'' have tapped into and virtually broken the backbone of our entire legislative and legal system. The songs ''True To Life'' and ''Third Part Opinions'' are more introspective anthems, suggesting people form their own opinions and take an individual stance on matters rather than ''following like sheep''. Insurgence formed in 1987 and have remained DIY and fiercely independent for their entire existence. From 1987 to 1999 they played over 400 shows and had three full length albums and several releases on 7'' and cassette. Since returning from hiatus in 2014, they have had two 7'' releases and been on three compilations. 'Broken In The Theater Of The Absurd' was recorded at various studios and mixed in 2018-2019 in Arlington, VA at Inner Ear Studios with Don Zientara and in Raleigh, NC at Pershing Hill Studios with Greg Elkins. This pressing is on 180 gram vinyl and is limited to 700 numbered copies, 300 on colored vinyl and 400 on black. Comes with a digital download.

Exclusive release for RSD2019

Side 1
Poison Profits (4:10)
Polarization (4:58)
True To Life (3:50)
3rd Party Opinions (5:32)

Side 2
Salt (3:42)
Outlines of Chalk (5:46)
Dishonor (4:56)
Pick Pocket Pirates (5:02)
James Cotton - Late Night Blues (Live At The New Penelope Cafe) [LP] (new original cover art painting of the blues legend, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPAfter years mentoring under Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf & Sonny Boy Williamson,
James Cotton developed a reputation as one of the greatest blues players to pick
up a harmonica. By 1967 Cotton was primed to make it on his own. Featuring
fleet-fingered guitarist Luther Tucker and hard-hitting drummer Sam Lay,
Late Night Blues – Live at The New Penelope Cafe showcases a now legendary blues
band at the beginning of their artistic prime.

Side A:
1. Intro 2. Honky Tonk 3. Woke Up This Morning 4. Black Night 5. Feelin' Good
6. Mean Old World 7. Mother in Law Blues
Side B:
1. Everyday I Have the Blues 2. Tramp 3. Nine Below Zero 4. That's Alright
5. Rock Me Baby 6. Rocket 88 7. Outro
Janis Joplin - Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 [2LP] (download, first time on vinyl, limited to 3300, indie exclusive)LPAlready a tremendous star, 1969 was a year of change for Janis Joplin. Her legendary performance at Woodstock came just weeks before the release of her first solo album, I Got Dem Ol' Kozmic Blues Again Mama! Both that record and this live set, available on vinyl for the first time, pointed to the new, exciting direction her music would take and helped define an incredible moment in music history

- A) 1. Raise Your Hand 2. As Good As You've Been To This World 3. To Love Somebody B) 1. Summertime 2. Try (Just A Little Bit Harder) 3. Kozmic Blues C) 1. Can't Turn You Loose 2. Work Me, Lord D) 1. Piece Of My Heart 2. Ball and Chain
Japan - Quiet Life / Life In Tokyo [10''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)10Inch* 40th Anniversary 10'' Colored Vinyl release of
Japan's classic 1979 singles ''Quiet Life'' &
''Life In Tokyo''
* Features 2 versions of each track.
1. Quiet Life (UK 7'' Version)
2. Quiet Life (Extended Version)
1. Life In Tokyo (Short Version)
2. Life In Tokyo, Pt. 2
Jeff Buckley - In Transition [LP] (download, seven previously unreleased studio performances, limited to 3300, indie exclusive)LPIn Transition celebrates the 25th anniversary of Grace, the sole studio album released by Jeff Buckley during his lifetime, with seven previously unreleased studio performances. Recorded during his first studio session for Columbia Records in 1993, this album, true to its name, paints a vivid picture of Buckley's evolution from stripped-back live troubadour to worldly, captivating performer whose style inspired a generation. In Transition includes stunning early versions of original songs released on Grace (''Mojo Pin,'' ''Unforgiven aka Last Goodbye'') as well as unique interpretations of other people's songs (Nina Simone's ''If You Knew,'' an early rendition of Leonard Cohen's ''Hallelujah''), further underscoring the power of Buckley's forever-enduring musical style.

- A) 1. Mojo Pin takes 1 & 2 2. Unforgiven aka Last Goodbye 3. Strawberry Street 4. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin B) 1.Hallelujah 2. If You Knew 3. Satisfied Mind
Jeff Tweedy - WARMER [LP] (10 previously unavailable studio recordings, limited to 3500, indie exclusive)LPWARMER, the companion LP to Jeff Tweedy's acclaimed 2018 solo
album WARM, will be released exclusively on vinyl for Record Store
Day 2019. Ten previously unavailable studio recordings written and
recorded during the same sessions. As George Saunders has
opined about what he calls the ''sister albums''....''WARMER came
right behind WARM - recorded in the same burst, motivated by the
same impetus, overflowing with the same consoling ethos''.
Sales, Marketing & Media Highlights:
* Ten previously unavailable studio recordings written and recorded
during the WARM sessions.
* Record Store Day Exclusive
* Limited Edition: 5,000 worldwide
* WARM Media Highlights: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Jimmy
Kimmel Live, NPR Weekend Edition, WTF w/ Marc Maron, Pitchfork Best
New Music, Entertainment Weekly, GQ, NY Times, New Yorker, USA
Today, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post and a mountain more!
* Book Release: ''Let's Go (So We Can Get Back)''
o Jeff Tweedy's first book, a memoir of his life and career (so far)
o NYTimes Best Seller
* Touring:
o US solo dates through April 18
o EU Wilco dates June 2019
o Solid Sound Festival June 28-30

A1: Orphan
A2: Family Ghost
A3: And Then You Cut it in Half
A4: ...Ten Sentences
A5: Sick Server
B1: Empty Head
B2: Landscape
B3: Ultra Orange Room
B4: Evergreen
B5: Guaranteed
Jefferson Starship - Gold [LP+7''] (Gold Vinyl LP and Gold Vinyl 7'', limited to 3300, indie exclusive)LPReissue of Jefferson Starship's 1978 Greatest Hits album ''Gold'' on Gold colour LP exclusive to Record
Store Day April 2019, with a 7'' of ''Light the Sky on Fire.''

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Ride the Tiger
02 Caroline
03 Play on Love
04 Miracles (Single
05 Fast Buck Freddie

Side B
01 With Your Love
02 St. Charles
03 Count on Me
04 Love Too Good
05 Runaway

7'' vinyl
Side A
01 Light the Sky on Fire

Side B
01 Hyperdrive
Jerry Garcia Band - Electric On The Eel [4LP Boxset] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPBrand new 4LP boxset showcasing the Jerry Garcia Band's legendary electric set 8/10/1991.
1 The Way You Do The Things You Do
2 And It Stoned Me
1 You Never Can Tell [C'est La Vie]
2 Waiting for a Miracle
3 Struggling Man
1 My Sisters and Brothers
2 Deal
1 Shining Star
2 Think
1 Lay Down Sally
2 Twilight
1 See What Love Can Do
2 Lazy Bones
1 Everybody Needs Somebody to Love
Bonus CD Included:
1 Deep Elem Blues
2 I've Been All Around This World
3 Friend of the Devil
4 Trouble in Mind
5 Little Sadie
6 Diamond Joe
7 Spike Driver Blues
8 Oh Babe, It Ain't No Lie
9 I'm Troubled
10 Ripple

Jethro Tull - North Sea Oil [10''] (MINI LP, limited to 1800, indie exclusive)10InchNorth Sea Oil , a 10'' 6 track 33 1/3 rpm mini LP following on from the Jethro Tull Moths 10'' issued for
RSD 2018. Five of the six tracks are drawn from the Stormwatch related single 'North Sea Oil/Elegy and an EP 'Home'
- Home /Warm Sporran /King Henry's Madrigal. Both releases were originally issued in the last quarter of 1979 around
the release of the 'Stormwatch' album. The sixth track , a previously unissued early version of 'Dun Ringill', and 'North
Sea Oil' , have been remixed by Steven Wilson and will also appear on the forthcoming Stormwatch-40th Anniversary

Side A
01 North Sea Oil (Steven
Wilson Remix)
02 Warm Sporran
03 Home

Side B
01 King Henry's Madrigal
(Theme from
02 Dun Ringill (Early
Version) [Steven Wilson
03 Elegy
JJ Cale - Stay Around [7''] (exclusive B-side, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchLimited edition RSD Exclusive 7'' featuring ''Stay Around'' from JJ Cale's upcoming posthumous album of the same name (releasing 4/26) and features an exclusive B-Side ''Worrying Off Your Mind'' from his final album 2009
- A. Stay Around
B. Worrying Off Your Mind (Roll On bonus track)
Joan Shelley - Rivers And Vessels [LP] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPAfter eighteen months of touring, Joan Shelley intended to take a few months off last winter - but when Mojo Magazine asked her to tackle a Nick Drake song for a tribute they were assembling, she could not say no. That exercise spurred some ideas and proved to be the impetus for Rivers and Vessels, a collection of covers which leads off with the Drake tune, and includes renditions of songs by JJ Cale, Dolly Parton, Connie Converse and more.
Shelley had been looking for an opportunity to raise some money and awareness for the Kentucky Waterways Alliance (KWA), a local organization whose focus is on protecting the rivers, lakes, and streams of Kentucky from pollution, and building a sustainable water network for the state. So the collection was released digitally only in March of 2018 with 100% of the proceeds on Bandcamp going to KWA. This here is the first and only physical pressing of the record, and it is limited to 1,000 copies worldwide.
The songs were recorded in Loui sville at La La Land Studios with Anne Gauthier engineering, and backing band of Kentucky musicians with guest appearances from Bonnie ''Prince'' Billy, Nathan Salsburg, Daniel Martin Moore, Julia Purcell, and Doug Paisley.
- 1. Time Has Told Me
2. Magnolia
3. Pretty Little Miss
4. The Bridge
5. How Sad How Lovely
6. Silver Whistle
Joe Nardone's All Stars - Shake A Hand7"Color Picture Sleeve 7" Red Vinyl 4 Track Single - LIMITED EDITION (250) RED 7" VINYL 4 track Red Vinyl 7" big hole record featuring songs from the band's single releases from the mid 60's. Records have sold online recently as Northern Soul, Tittyshaker, R&B and Rock in the $20 to $180 range. Joe Nardone Sr. who is well known in Pennsylvania as a concert promoter and founder of the Gallery of Sound music stores started his band in the early 60s. They became the house band at the Sans Souci Park Dancehall during the summer and the Stardust Ballroom in Wilkes-Barre during the colder months. They were the backing band for artists like Neil Diamond, Sam The Sham, Dion and others when they came to town.
Joe Strummer - The Rockfield Studio Tracks [12''] (180 Gram, artwork features an image of the original audio mastertape with a removable photo of Joe, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleJoe Strummer's 'The Rockfield Studio Tracks' features 'Forbidden City (Demo)' and 'Cool Impossible'. This limited edition 12'' is pressed on heavyweight vinyl and the artwork features an image of the original audio mastertape with a removable photo of Joe. These previously unreleased tracks from 1993 are taken from the Joe Strummer Archive and follows the recent release of the critically acclaimed 'Joe Strummer 001' - the first compilation to span Joe's entire career outside of his recordings with The Clash featuring remastered and unreleased recordings from the 101ers, The Mescaleros, solo albums, soundtracks, and rarities.

1. Forbidden City (Demo) 2. Cool Impossible
John Cage Meets Sun Ra - John Cage Meets Sun Ra: The Complete Film [7''+DVD] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchThe never-before-seen in its entirety, visual documentation proving this avant-garde collaboration of mythic proportions did indeed occur. Recorded at Sideshows by the Seashore along the Coney Island boardwalk on June 8th, 1986 as documented on VHS by John Polizzi under the commission of event producers Rick Russo and Bronwyn Rucker. It was long believed that Cage and Ra never performed together but as you'll see,these two shared the stage the entire time. The VHS footage has been combined with the audio master (containing several silent sections and some mic issues that occurred during the production), which breathes new life into the tiny reels of tape. The silent passages illuminate new auras when presented with the previously unseen visual component, and now over thirty years since it was recorded, you can truly experience the full spectacle. Included here is an additional audio track of commentary featuring Rick Russo. Also included in this package is a 45 RPM record documenting John Cage performing verses from his Empty Words writings while accompanied by Sun Ra. The B side features one of the two ''Silent Duets'' the two performed together that night.
- 01. Empty Words and Keyboard 02. Silent Duet 2 / and DVD of entire concert
John Grant - Remixes Are Also Magic [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 350, indie exclusive)LPRemixes Are Also Magic is a collection of four remixes
of John Grant's work, which have never been available
in a physical format before. Only Anna Meredith's
''Voodoo Doll'' remix has seen the light of day, digitally.
The remixes found here are from John's most recent two
albums, 2018's Love is Magic and 2015's Grey Tickles,
Black Pressure. All three members of Carter Tutti Void get
involved here, between their remixes of ''Preppy Boy'' and
''Grey Tickles, Black Pressure.'' English synth-pop artist
Blancmange takes on ''Touch and Go'' to round out the

* Collection of 4 wonderful remixes of John Grant songs
* Exclusively available for Record Store Day 2019

1. Preppy Boy (Nik Void Remix)
2. Touch and Go (Blancmange Remix)
3. Grey Tickles Black Pressure (Carter Tutti Remix)
4. Voodoo Doll (Anna Meredith Remix)
John Hiatt & Lilly Hiatt - You Must Go! / All Kinds Of People [7''] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 1300, indie exclusive)7InchLilly Hiatt is the critically acclaimed daughter of sing-songwriter legend, John Hiatt. In the fall of 2018 they got together to record a version of one anothers songs. John Hiatt covered, ''All Kinds Of People'' from Lilly's heavily praised album, ''Trinity Lane.'' Lilly took on the daunting task of picking a song from John's vast catalog. She picked a winner with ''You Must Go'' from John Hiatt's 1995 release, ''Walk On.'' Together these songs are pressed onto a limited edition color vinyl 7''. -

SIDE A: You Must Go! SIDE B: All Kinds Of People
John Lennon - Imagine: The Raw Studio Mixes [2LP] (180 Gram, first time on vinyl, limited to 5500, indie exclusive)LPJohn Lennon's Imagine [Raw Studio Mixes] will be released as a Limited Edition on heavyweight 180-gram black vinyl for Record Store Day 2019.
These mixes capture the exact moment John and The Plastic Ono Band recorded each song raw and live on the soundstage located at the center of Ascot Sound Studios at John & Yoko's home in Tittenhurst. The tracks are devoid of effects (reverb, tape delays, etc.) offering a unique, unparalleled insight & an alternate take on the record.
These mixes have been pressed in the original album sequence appearing for the first time on vinyl.
- Side A
* Imagine – Take 10 / Raw Studio Mix
* Crippled Inside – Take 6 / Raw Studio Mix
* Jealous Guy – Take 29 / Raw Studio Mix
* It's So Hard – Take 11 / Raw Studio Mix
* I Don't Wanna Be A Soldier, Mama – Take 4 / Raw Studio Mix
Side B
* Gimme Some Truth – Take 4 / Extended / Raw Studio Mix
* Oh My Love – Take 20 / Raw Studio Mix
* How Do You Sleep? – Take 11 / Raw Studio Mix
* How? – Take 40 / Raw Studio Mix
* Oh Yoko! – Take 1 / Raw Studio Mix
John Paul White - The Hurting Kind (Deluxe) [LP+7''] (two unreleased songs, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPA deluxe version of John Paul White's new LP, ''The Hurting Kind'', with a bonus 45RPM of two unreleased songs that aren't available anywhere else. Limited to 1000 copies. The regular album release date is the Friday of RSD weekend, and John will be available for RSD in-stores in the South region.
- 1. The Good Old Days 2. I Wish I Could Write A Song 3. Heart Like a Kite 4. Yesterday's Love 5. The Long Way Home 6. The The Hurting Kind 7. The Isn't Gonna End Well (Feat. Lee Ann Womack) 8. You Lost Me 9. James 10. My Deams Have All Come True Bonus 45'' - ''Loving the Day Away'' and ''See If I Care''.
John The Martyr - History [LP] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPBorn at the crossroads of good old-fashioned Harlem soul power and next generation New Orleans sounds, John The Martyr's debut album is best described by lead singer Bill Hudson as a ''gumbo''. ''Cross The Line'' taps into a modern gospel flare with timeless Detroit styling and ''Feeling Good'' is a one-two punch of Motown heart and New Orleans gusto. It has also been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network's Queen Sugar. ''That one lives up to its title,'' laughs Bill. ''It's all about feeling good.''

- SIDE A: 1. Time 2. Cross The Line 3. Feeling Good 4. Prism 5. Working Man SIDE B: 1. Channeled 2. Shy 3. Fury 4. Brighter Day 5. History
Johnny Adams - Heart & Soul [LP] (Blue Colored Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPOriginally released in 1969, Heart & Soul is a stunning
compilation of hits by American blues musician Johnny
Adams. The 11-track album, produced by Shelby Singleton,
contains various songs recorded between 1962 and 1968.
The unique blending of 1960's gospel, soul, pop, blues, funk,
and country has lead critics to deem the collection as some
of Adams' fi nest and most astonishing work. Remastered for
vinyl by Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Mastering, and pressed
on blue color vinyl at Pallas Group in Germany, exclusively for
Record Store Day 2019.

» Limited To 1,000 Copies Worldwide
» Remastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» Pressed On Limited Edition Blue Color Vinyl At
Pallas Group In Germany

Track List:
A1 Georgia Morning Dew
A2 In A Moment Of Weakness
A3 Real Live Living Hurtin' Man
A4 Lonely Man
A5 I Won't Cry
A6 Release Me
B1 Proud Woman
B2 I Can't Be All Bad
B3 A Losing Battle
B4 Living On Your Love
B5 Reconsider Me
Johnny Osbourne - Nightfall [LP] (Red Splash Colored Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPOriginally released in 1981 on VP Records' Jah Guidance imprint, this release finds Johnny Osbourne in peak form, working with producer Linval Thompson (Freddie McGregor's Big Ship, Viceroys, et al) and with backing from the Roots Radics Band at Channel One. The original mix is by Hopeton ''Scientist'' Brown. Highlights include the extra heavy title track, as well as ''Kiss Somebody'' and clash-ready ''Back Off.''
The exclusive pressing features an extended re-sequence of the original album to include collectable mixes from the Linval Thompson produced session. Limited European press on 'red splash' colored vinyl.

2,000 unit European pressing, classic recordings from 1981  Special edition RSD version includes five extended mixes  The album will be highlighted within VP Records 40th Anniversary celebrations and events.  Record Store Day (April 13th) VP Records retail stores in Queens, NY and Miami will host all-vinyl sound system showcases.  Additional support for RSD releases via label's social media platforms.  Released in conjunction with the Greensleeves 12-inch reissue single by Freddie McKay, ''Another Weekend'' b/w Earl Sixteen ''Live Together.''


1. Kiss Somebody (12'' mix) 2. Nightfall (12'' mix) 3. Love Comes And Goes 4. Back Off (12'' mix / feat. Papa Tullo)


1. Reach The Top 2. Rude Boy 3. Girl Of My Complexion 4. Little Lover (12'' mix) 5. Trying To Turn Me On (12'' mix / feat. Papa Tullo)
Johnny Thunders - Que Sera Sera: Resurrected [2LP] (Transparent Purple & Milky Clear Vinyl, 12x24 lyric sheet with unseen photos, limited to 1400, indie exclusive)LPTransparent purple ancd Milky clear. vinyl. The 1985 Johnny Thunders' studio album – remixed, remade and remodelled. Transformed to how it should have sounded! Plus a bonus album. In limited purple & white vinyl.
Johnny had abandoned the recording sessions early, leaving confused others to complete the album without him. Now two unused tracks and more have been discovered on the multitrack tapes, and the whole album given a powerful remix by ex-Vibrators' guitarist Pat Collier.
Additionally, six unreleased studio outakes feature on one side of the bonus album including two unissued songs, and five unreleased live tracks on the other.
Includes new notes by Nina Antonia, with interviews from participants Mike Monroe and others, along with unseen photos. A feast for Johnny Thunders fans!
Track Listing
Disc 1:
* Alone In A Crowd
* Countdown Love
* Blame It On Mom
* Talk About You
* M.I.A.
* Little Bit Of Whore
* Short Lives
* I Inly Wrote This Song For You
* Cool Operator
* Billy Boy
* Endless Party
* Que Sera Sera
Disc 2:
o Copy Cat
o Blame It On Mom
o Taking You Up Avenue B
o Short Lives
o I Inly Wrote This Song For You
o Cool Operator
o Countdown Love
o Just Another Girl
o Talk About You
o Alone In A Crowd
o It's Alright (Blame It On Mom)
Jose James - The Dreamer (10th Anniversary Edition) [2LP] (180 Gram, bonus tracks, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe Dreamer was first released on vinyl by Brownswood Records in 2008 and became an instant collector's item. It's been out of print in the US for many years. They did a limited re-release in 2015 in EU only. This version will be a newly remixed and remastered version with bonus tracks - 2LP, 180g black vinyl.

- 1. The Dreamer 2. Velvet 3. Blackeyedsusan 4. Park Bench People 5. Spirits Up Above 6. Nola 7. Red 8. Winterwind 9. Desire 10. Love
Julien Baker - Red Door / Conversation Piece [7''] (Red Vinyl, 2 unreleased songs, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)7InchOn the heels of her triumphant Matador
debut Turn Out the Lights and the critically
acclaimed collaborative EP boygenius, Julien
Baker returns with her first new solo recordings in 18 months, ''Red Door'' b/w ''Conversation Piece,'' available exclusively for Record
Store Day 2019.
The 7'' features the first studio recording of
a fan-favorite ''Red Door'', previously only
heard live, and a previously unreleased cut
begun during the Turn Out the Lights sessions, ''Conversation Piece.''
Julien Baker's Turn Out the Lights received
glowing reviews across international press
outlets and continues to sell steadily, nearing
40k equivalent albums in the U.S. boygenius'
s/t EP has reached 14k scans in its first three
months on sale.


Justin Courtney Pierre (frontman of Motion City Soundtrack) - Open Mic At The Lo-Fi Vol. 1 [LP] (B-side etching, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPJUSTIN COURTNEY PIERRE (frontman of Motion City Soundtrack)
is back with three new songs plus one cover of a Jesus & Mary
Chain classic. The players on these recordings include Justin
Courtney Pierre – Vocals, Guitar, Bass , Dani Barstad – Drums, Heidi Brink – Vocals and Thomas Rehbein – Percussion, Loops, Vocals.
Dubbed Open Mic at the Lo-Fi: Vol 1, these tracks were produced
and engineered by Thomas Rehbein. This RSD 2019 exclusive
vinyl features four tracks on Side A and an etching on Side B.

1. MY GIRL MARGOT (1:27)
2. INSIDE VOICE (2:41)
4. DROP* (1:30)
Kelsea Ballerini - Spotify Singles [7''] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchLimited edition 7'' vinyl of Kelsea Ballerini's Spotify Singles session recorded at Sound Stage Studios Nashville. Features live recordings of ''Miss Me More'' and a cover of ''Lost In Japan'' originally performed by Shawn Mendes. ''Miss Me More'' and ''Lost In Japan'' recorded at Sound Stage Studios Nashville. - * Track #1: Miss Me More - Recorded at Sound Stage Studios Nashville
* Track #2: Lost In Japan - Recorded at Sound Stage Studios Nashville (Originally performed by Shawn Mendes)
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Ledbetter Heights [2LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Pressed on black vinyl & limited to 1,000 LPs
* Contains liner notes from Kenny Wayne Shepherd
* Platinum album
- Nearly 25 years after it's initial release, Kenny Wayne Shepherd's debut album is being released on vinyl for the very first time!
- 1. Born with a Broken Heart
2. Deja Voodoo
3. Aberdeen
4. Shame, Shame, Shame
5. One Foot on the Path
6. Everybody Gets the Blues
7. While We Cry
8. I'm Leaving You (Commit a Crime)
9. (Let Me Up) I've Had Enough
10. Riverside
11. What's Goin' Down
12. Ledbetter Heights
Kip Moore - Room To Spare [LP] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPKip Moore will release his first Record Store Day vinyl on April 13, 2019. The Vinyl will include 7 tracks that were released with his acoustic EP and will be the first time that they are available on vinyl. In addition to the acoustic songs, there will be 5 additional essential tracks from Kip's last two albums including ''Plead The Fifth'', ''Last Shot'', ''The Bull'', and ''Guitar Man'' from his Slow Heart album. It will also include ''That Was Us'' from his Wild Ones album that has never been on vinyl.

SIDE A (Room To Spare-Acoustic Sessions) 1)- Plead The Fifth 2)Tennessee Boy 3)- Love You To The Moon 4)- It Ain't California 5)- Wish It Was Me 6)- Come Home With You 7)- Part Of Growing Up
SIDE B (Kip Essentials) 1)- Plead The Fifth (Studio Version) 2)- That Was Us (Studio Version) 3)- The Bull (Studio Version) 4)- Last Shot (Studio Version) 5)- Guitar Man (Studio Version)
Kooks, The - Live At The Moth Club [LP] (180 Gram, limited to 1500, indie advance exclusive)LPLive album - 1x 180g black - a mixture of Kook's classics and new album material from
''Let's Go Sunshine''.
- 1.Kids
2. Eddie's Gun
3. Bad Habit
4 . She Moves In Her Own Way
5. Four Leaf Clover
6. Sway
7. Fractured and Dazed
8. Ooh La
9. Westside
10. Junk of the Heart
11. No Pressure
12. Naive
Kool Keith - Complicated Trip [12''] (Multi-Etched Vinyl including Playable & Animated Etching, Parallel Multi-Groove, download, limited to 2000, indie-retail exclusive)12InchSingleKool Keith is Dr. Octagon, Black Elvis, and Dr. Dooom. 3 personas on a road trip together from Miami to Reno. Inner conflict makes the ride a schizophrenic battle for the attention of their riding partner, Lucy. Musical backing provided by psychotic hardcore bass/drum duo THETAN. Multiple etchings across both sides of the vinyl, including a playable etching, and a moving animation etched around the circumference of the record. All this plus the A side is a multi-groove cut, meaning that when you drop the needle, you have a 50/50 chance of hearing the song or the instrumental. Comes with a download card.

Complicated Trip, Complicated Trip (Instrumental), Bonus
K's Choice - Running Backwards (Coloured Vinyl)LP180GR./INSERT/750 CPS RED VINYL/RSD 2019
KT Tunstall - Extra Wax [7''] (Neon Pink Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7InchAll tracks have never been released stateside, but the two B-sides were included in an HMV Scotland-exclusive deluxe CD. The vinyl color will be neon pink. (processed at 45 RPM)

- Side A 1. John The Conqueror (WAX B-side) 2. Thrown Down Boy (WAX B-side); Side B 1. Blister in the Sun (Violent Femmes cover)
Kungs vs. Cookin' On 3 Burners - This Girl b/w I Feel So Bad feat. Ephemerals [7''] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7Inch* Award Winning French DJ & Producer Kungs
* Limited Edition of 1000
* First time on a 45

Kungs classic rework of Cookin' On 3 Burners ''This Girl'' gets reissued on a 45 for the first time backed by the LP only track ''I Feel So Bad'' featuring The Ephemerals launching a new series of dancefloor classics on Dinked Records.

His unavoidable, global hit of a track 'This Girl' – a remake of a smooth, underground funk track from Australian trio Cookin 'On 3 Burners – took the soulful, high vocals of the original and injected a deep house, sunshine-filled vibe that rippled from Europe, to the US and beyond. Taking # 1 braces across an eye-popping 45 countries.
This Girl
I Feel So Bad feat. Ephemerals
L7 - Burn Baby [7''] (Yellow Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchTwo exclusive tracks, featuring the yet to be premiered single, ''Burn Baby'' from L7's long-awaited new album, the first studio album in 18 years. This numbered limited RSD edition from Blackheart Records is on a yellow vinyl.

1. Burn Baby / 2. Fighting the Crave
Lee Scratch Perry - Roots Reggae Dub: Special Edition [2LP] (download, limited to 950, indie exclusive)LPDub reggae legend Lee ''Scratch'' Perry returns to the studio with new roots reggae dub. This Grammy-winning artist, songwriter, and producer continues his commentary on spirituality, good and evil, and the human condition.
Track Listing
Disc 1:
* Sun Is Shining
* Stir It Up
* Some Day Play, Right Now Stay
* Evil Man Loose In The World
* Punky Reggae Party
Disc 2:
o When Will The War Be Over
o Like A Megawave
o Speak Easy On A Quiet Moonless Night
o You All Know What To Do
o Ever Forward
o Sop Killing Your Brothers Down
o Rewind
Leon Russell - Live At Gilley's [LP] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPLeon Live was recorded on September 17, 1981, at the world-famous Gilley's nightclub in Pasadena, Texas, with his New Grass Revival Band. Leon was in prime shape and the band was on fire that night. The album includes excellent versions of ''One More Love Song'' (the steel guitar gives the song a new twist), ''Cajun Love Song,'' and the show-stopping bluegrass tune, ''Uncle Pen.'' The release also features the Leon classics ''A Song For You'' and ''Lady Blue.''

The album has never been available on vinyl. The CD version was originally released in 2000, but it has been out of print since 2002.

The release will have new artwork and liner notes by Leon Russell associate Steve Todoroff.
- Side One:
1. Mystery Train
2. One More Love Song
3. Truck Drivin' Man
4. Cajun Love Song
5. My Cricket
6. I'm Movin' On
Side Two:

7. Lady Blue
8. In The Pines
9. A Song For You
10. Uncle Pen
11. Prince Of Peace
12. Rollin' In My Sweet Baby's Arms
Link Wray - Vernon's Diamond b/w My Brother, My Son [7''] (unreleased tracks, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7InchEasy Eye Sound is proud to release the legendary Link Wray lost tracks
''Vernon's Diamond'' recorded between 1958-59 at the Broadway Recording
Studio in NYC and ''My Brother, My Son'' recorded in 1970 at Fred Foster
Studios in Nashville, TN.
During mid-to-late 1958, Link was in New York for a gig. He walked into
Broadway Recording Studio and laid down the song, ''Vernon's Diamond,''
which was cut live to 45 acetate disc. The disc sat on a shelf for 60 years
before being recently discovered. One label had a typewritten title, ''A Cook
for Mr. General,'' that was crossed out, and the title, ''Vernon's Diamond,'' had
been handwritten in ink across it. Broadway Recording Studio was located
at 1697 Broadway. The studio was located in the Ed Sullivan Building, which
was the same building where CBS broadcast the Kraft Mystery Theater
show in the '50s. One of the episode's broadcast was entitled ''A Cook for
Mr. General.''
Acetate discs were hand-cut and labeled in the studio. Keeping with Link's
practice of re-naming versions of his music throughout the years, ''A Cook
for Mr. General'' transformed into ''Vernon's Diamond.'' Then, recorded again
later, was renamed one more time and became Link's ''Ace of Spades.''
Said Dan Auerbach of Wray's importance, ''I saw him play in Cleveland at
the Grog Shop, and he blew my mind. To get the chance to put out
unreleased songs on Easy Eye Sound is amazing and a dream I never
thought was possible. It's time we give Link Wray a statue on the top of the
Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.''
''Vernon's Diamond'' is a never-released track from the Link Wray Archives.
This song, along with another never heard track, ''My Brother, My Son,'' as
the B-side, is releasing as a 7-inch vinyl on Record Store Day.

Track List
SIDE A: Vernon's Diamond (2:04)
(Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr.)
© 1958
Published by Link Wray Music (BMI)
Recorded from 1958-1959
at Broadway Recording Studio,
New York, NY
SIDE B: My Brother, My Son (3:39)
(Fred Lincoln Wray, Jr.)
© 1970
Published by Link Wray Music (BMI)
Recorded in 1970 at Fred Foster Studio,
Nashville, TN
Little Walter - The Best Of Little Walter [LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe originator of raw, loud, razor-blade-toned blues harmonica, Little Walter was an in-demand sideman for other Chicago greats in 1952 when he recorded ''Juke,'' which launched a career full of innovation and success. The Best of Little Walter is the only LP originally issued during his lifetime, and remains the perfect survey of his greatest records–every single cut here was a top 10 R&B chart smash! Another super-sonic, you-are-there long player produced from the original Chess masters and pressed on colored vinyl...only from Sundazed!

- 01. My Babe 02. Sad Hours 03. You're So Fine 04. Last Night 05. Blues With A Feeling 06. Can't Hold Out Much Longer 07. Juke 08. Mean Old World 09. Off The Wall 10. You Better Watch Yourself 11. Blue Lights 12. Tell Me Mamma
Lone Justice - Live At The Palomino [LP] (new liners from the band's Marvin Etzioni & Ryan Hedgecock, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)January 1, 1970Located in North Hollywood, The Palomino hosted Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens,
and many more classic country acts. Later, George Harrison, Elvis Costello, and Green
Day played there. It was even featured in Every Which Way But Loose, Hooper, and even
CHiPs. But, in the early '80s, it was a haven for ''cow-punk'' acts like Lone Justice.
Live At the Palomino, 1983 features 12 tracks from the early Lone Justice line-up
consisting of Maria McKee, Ryan Hedgecock, Marvin Etzioni, and Don Willens. Songs
from their yet to be issued debut are coupled with classic country covers, and songs
which have appeared on various collections
throughout the years-but never with this
live power from this L.A. landmark.
Packaging features photos and new notes
from Etzioni and Hedgecock, and is issued
with full cooperation from the band.
Step back into the time when Lone Justice was the band to see, way out in the
dusty valley. A timeless performance from a band that helped defi ne a genre: Lone
Justice-Live At The Palomino, 1983.
They still are the light.

* Previously unissued live performance from
October 22, 1983.
* Recorded at Los Angeles' iconic Palomino club.
* New liners from the band's Marvin Etzioni and
Ryan Hedgecock.

You Are The Light
Drugstore Cowboy
How Lonesome Life Has Been
The Train
Dustbowl Depression Time
Cotton Belt
This World Is Not My Home (I'm Just A Passin' Through)
I See It
Working Man's Blues
The Grapes Of Wrath
Working Late
Lord Huron - The Night We Met [7''] (B-side etching, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchOne side includes the track ''The Night We Met'' w. Pheobe Bridgers / Second Side has etching - The Night We Met (Feat. Phoebe Bridgers)
Los Lobotomys - Los Lobotomys [2LP] (1 Blue 1 Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPNever Released on Vinyl: Featuring members of TOTO, George Benson, Frank Zappa, James Taylor and more; Los Lobotomys started out as a jam band in 1985 when several top-session players in LA started to jam at the iconic North Hollywood Jazz club, The Baked Potato. Los Lobotomys would be an instrumental band, playing everything from hard rock to be-bop, and always with a strong focus on improvisation. Los Lobotomys started playing at The Baked Potato on Tuesday nights and soon, lines would form outside the club many hours before the show. People from all over the world came to North Hollywood to experience the group and, not least, Jeff Porcaro's magical grooves. The Los Lobotomys album was recorded live on April 29th, 1989 and album features musicians Jeff Porcaro, Vinnie Colaiuta, Lenny Castro, Carlos Vega, Joe Sample, Will Lee, Brandon Fields, David Garfield and Steve Lukather. The compositions range from Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis, and together with the grooves of Jeff Porcaro, Carlos Vega, Lenny Castro and Vinnie Colaiuta, this album has gained somewhat of a cult following among music lovers. Musicians: David Garfield (George Benson, Karizma), Steve Lukather (TOTO), Jeff Porcaro (TOTO, Steely Dan), Will Lee (David Letterman), Brandon Fields (Tower of Power), Lenny Castro (TOTO, Rolling Stones), Joe Sample (Miles Davis, Crusaders), Carlos Vega (James Taylor, Karizma) and Vinnie Colaiuta (Frank Zappa, Sting). Newly Remastered at 96hz/24bit From Original 1/2'' Analogue Mix Tapes and restoration of original cover artwork by Jeff Porcaro in a gatefold jacket. Manufactured at Third Man Pressing in Detroit, MI on limited edition blue / red color vinyl
- 1 Dismemberment
2 Oozer
3 Purple Haze
4 Big Bone
5 Jorainbo
6 Lobotomy Stew
7 Little Wing
8 Smell Yourself
9 All Blues
Lou Reed - Ecstasy [2LP] (reissue, limited to 3250, indie exclusive)LPHeavyweight Double LP reissue of Lou Reed's 18th and final (non-collaborative) solo rock album
''Ecstasy'', released in 2000.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Paranoia Key of E
02 Mystic Child
03 Mad
04 Ecstasy

Side B
01 Modern Dance
02 Tatters
03 Future Farmers of
04 Turning Time Around
05 White Prism

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Like a Possum
02 Rouge

Side B
01 Rock Minuet
02 Baton Rouge
03 Big Sky
Louis Armstrong - Disney Songs The Satchmo Way [LP] (limited to 4500, indie exclusive)LPExperience the last trumpet recordings of Jazz legend Louis Armstrong. Featuring some of Disney's most beloved songs.
- Side 1:
1. Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo
2. 'Bout Time
3. The Ballad of Davy Crockett
4. The Bare Necessities
5. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Side 2:
1. When You Wish Upon a Star
2. Whistle While You Work
3. Ten Feet Off the Ground (From ''The One and Only Genuine Original Family Band'')
4. Heigh-Ho (The Dwarfs' Marching Song)
5. Chim Chim Cher-ee
Lunz - Lunz3 [LP] (indie-exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. For Ohio-based Tim Story, American neo-classical composer and expert in synth-assisted exploration, the Lunz collaborative project is a lifelong dream. His partner in the sublime is Hans-Joachim Roedelius, the man behind Brian Eno's favorites Cluster and a musical maverick whom Story has longed to work with ever since he first heard the cerebral, eerie, proto-Aphex strains of Germany's Cluster in the '70s when all around him was hairy, lairy rock n' roll. ''Rock n' roll was king and I was getting restless,'' explains Story. ''Discovering this new German electronic music was a blast of fresh air to the handful of us who managed to find it. As a friend of mine put it, Cluster's music was like 'some heavenly music except the primary instrument appears to be a coffee percolator.' What I was, and still am drawn to, is that Roedelius has the most intuitive approach to music of anyone I've ever met. Whether he's playing a translucent piano improv, or experimenting with the most jagged, dense electronics, there's this undeniable humanity and uniqueness to his work.'' The two first met when Story, traveling Europe to plug his first solo albums in 1983 and still obsessed by his hero, ''made a point to swing through Austria to meet him.'' Story ended up staying with Roedelius for a week, camping in the beautiful, forested area that would eventually give them their collaborative name. Since that first meeting, the two have remained close, exploring a kindred spirit for composing ''emotionally ambiguous'' soundscapes and for wine, something that delayed them actually working together until 1996: ''Whenever we got together,'' says Story, ''we were always having too much fun to actually start!'' They finally got to it when Roedeluis and Cluster made their American touring debut in 1996. First to come from this musical partnership was the hallucinatory musique concrete of The Persistence of Memory (2000), followed by acclaimed 2003 album Lunz (2002), followed by 2008 album Inlandish (2008). Now, 11 years later, they finally recorded a new album together.
- A1. Enough
A2. Concise
A3. Quirling
A4. Tenebrous
A5. Appropriate
B1. Plural
B2. Florid
B3. Casual
B4. Naive
B5. Extra
B6. Faint
M - Pop Muzik (10" Coloured Vinyl)10IN10"/3 UNRELEASED VERSIONS/1500 CPS PINK VINYL/RSD 2019
Madonna - La Isla Bonita: Super Mix [LP] (Green Vinyl, replica of the Japan-only EP release, limited to 4500, indie exclusive)LPReplica of the Japan-only EP release of ''La Isla Bonita: Super Mix EP'', originally released on May 1987
by Warner-Pioneer Japan. Includes ''La Isla Bonita'' (Extended remix), ''Open Your Heart'' (Extended Version),
''Gambler'', ''Crazy for You'' and ''La Isla Bonita'' (Instrumental). This version appears on green colour vinyl.

Side A
01 La Isla Bonita (Extended
02 Open Your Heart
(Extended Version)

Side B
01 Gambler
02 Crazy for You
03 La Isla Bonita
(Instrumental Extended
Madonna - True Blue (Super Club Mix) [LP] (Blue Vinyl, replica of Japanese pressing, obi-strip, limited to 4500, indie exclusive)LPReplica of Japanese pressing of Madonna's ''True Blue Super Club Mix'' , with obi strip. On Blue Colour
Vinyl. -

Tracklisting: A1 True Blue (The Color Mix), A2 Everybody (Dub Version), B1 Papa Don't Preach (Extended Remix), B2
Everybody (Extended Version), B3 Live To Tell (Instrumental)
Magnetics, The - A Historical Glimpse Of The Future [LP] (insert with extensive liner notes, obi-strip, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First ever vinyl reissue since 1981
* Limited to 1,000 copies
* Includes insert with extensive liner notes + obi strip
- Strange Disc Records proudly presents the first ever vinyl reissue of a landmark Icelandic minimal Synth album: The Magnetics 'A Historical Glimpse Of The Future' (1981). The Magnetics were Jakob Magnusson and Alan Howarth, an intriguing international & iconic duo. Keyboard player Magnusson was an Icelander who already had an impressive jazz resume, while Howarth was making a name for himself as a Hollywood composer – in 1981, the same year that A Historical Glimpse of the Future was released, he also was involved in the soundtracks for two hit John Carpenter movies, Escape from New York and Halloween II. Both have been quite successful in their post-Magentics careers, Howarth with more soundtrack work (They Live, Big Trouble In Little China, Christine etc. ) and Magnusson with various jazz outfits. Jakob would end up working as the Icelandic ambassador to the UK during the 90's. Throughout the fantastic A Historical Glimpse of the Future album you can hear the soundscapes people came to associate with the 1980s films scored by Carpenter/Howarth. Dark and moody material but with a strange twist as you can hear on the synth cover of ''The Lion Sleeps Tonight'' & the old-timey cabaret-styled ''I'm Getting Married Today'', two truly bizarre pieces that doesn't seem to fit at all... and somehow by not fitting actually fits perfectly, which is the real story of A Historical Glimpse of the Future. Originally released in 1981 on WRT (and going for hefty amounts on the second hand market), Strange Disc Records proudly presents a deluxe vinyl reissue (1000 copies) containing an insert with extensive & exclusive liner notes from Jakob Magnusson himself. Released exclusively for Record Store Day (UK & Europe) 2019, available in participating stores on April 13.

- 1.The Lion Sleeps Tonight 2.Curityba 3.Shangahai Stripper 4.Porlaksson Og Noromann 5.Silicone Valley 6.Sukkulaoisjukur 7.Paranaha 8.Isfeld I Rio 9.I'm Getting Married Today 10.Horku Flykki
Magpie Salute, The - The Killing Moon [10''] (Picture Disc, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)10InchFor RSD 2019 The Magpie Salute recorded both a studio and acoustic version of this classic Echo & The Bunnymen hit ''The Killing Moon'' (from 1984s ''Ocean Rain''). Limited edition 10'' picture disc in a clear sleeve. Only 2000 will be printed exclusive to RSD.

1. The Killing Moon (studio version) 2. The Killing Moon (acoustic live version)
Mark Lanegan Band - Stitch It Up [7''] (two brand new never-before-relesased songs, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7InchThis exclusive 7'' features two brand new never-before-relesased songs. A follow up to his critically-acclaimed Gargoyle, Mark Lanegan worked on the tracks with violinist Sietse van Gorkom and producer Alain Johannes (Queens Of The Stone Age, PJ Harvey).

Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like A Heart [12''] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)12InchSingle12'' 150 gram vinyl featuring Mark Ronson and Miley Cyrus' hit Nothing Breaks Like A Heart and remixes by Demitri From Paris and Boston Bun.

A) 1. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart B) 1. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Dimitri From Paris Remix) 2. Nothing Breaks Like A Heart (Boston Bun Remix)
Marshall Allen, Danny Ray Thompson, Jamie Saft, Trevor Dunn, Balazs Pandi with Roswell Rudd - Ceremonial Healing [3LP] (Colored Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPThis recording brings together two core members of the Sun Ra Arkestra, its leader, saxophonist Marshall Allen as well as saxophonist and multiinstrumentalist Danny Ray Thompson together with rising piano and keyboard stars Jamie Saft, bassist Trevor Dunn, drummer Balazs Pandi.

Recorded at the Potterville International Sound studio in NY State over three days in 2017, 'Ceremonial Healing' features the late Trombonist Roswell Rudd in one of his very last recorded appearances.

These recordings, a psychedelic three day free improvisation (one per day per disc) are tribute to the boundless power and legacy of the Sun Ra Arkestra achieved through the lens of an intergenerational collective improvvisation and skill transfer.

This album will be released as TRIPLE Heavyweight Coloured VINYL in a specially conceived Gatefold. - SHORTLY
Marty Stuart - ICON [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPFirst time on Vinyl includes 11 songs. Each album individually autographed by Marty
- 1. Burn Me Down
2. Now That's Country
3. Don't Be Cruel (To A Heart's That's True)
4. Tempted
5. Till I Found You
6. Kiss Me, I'm Gone
7. High On A Mountain Top
8. You Can't Stop Love
9. Thanks To You
10. Western Girls
11. Hillbilly Rock
Marty Willson-Piper - Hanging Out In Heaven [LP] (Blue Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPMarty Willson-Piper (The Church, All About Eve) follows up the success of last year's RSD Vinyl release of Spirit Level (1992) on Schoolkids Records with a Dbl vinyl release of Hanging Out In Heaven (2000). Originally released on San Francisco's Heyday records, the intention was always to release it on vinyl - 19 years later here it is with two extra tracks and new artwork including lyrics you can read, finally! Pressed on blue vinyl.

- 1. Forget The Radio 2. Swan 3. Wondering 4. Sanctuary 5. Waves Toward The Moon 6. Goodbye 7. I Don't Think So 8. Watching Us 9. You Bring Your Love To Me 10. After Eight 11. All Those Wires 12. 1929 Vintage Wine 13. Wreck (A Sea Shanty) 14. What Is Her Name 15. All That Remains
Mastodon - Stairway To Nick John [10''] (memorial for the band's long-time manager Nick John, limited to 3500, indie exclusive)10InchThe band's long-time manager Nick John passed away in 2018. A life-long Led Zeppelin fan, he was
memorialized at his funeral by the band with a special acoustic version of Stairway To Heaven. As a tribute to Nick,
that recording and a new studio recording of the song are included on this special limited edition 10 inch single.

Side A
01 Stairway to Heaven
Side B
01 Stairway to Heaven
Matthew Sweet - Pleasure Island, Live [LP] (Colored Vinyl, first time on vinyl, printed inner sleeve, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPNever released on a phyical format. Recorded live on 6/17/97 in Pleasure Island Walt Disney World Orland Florida for the Big Bang Radio Broadcast concert series | Sound quality is outstanding | Color single vinyl with labels, printed inner sleeve, cardboard jacket and LP marketing folder (aka an obi) with RSD 2019 logo.
- Come To California | Divine Intervention | Ugly Truth | Winona | Back To You | Girlfriend | Hollow | Where You Get Love | Sick Of Myself
Mavericks, The / The Sweet Lizzy Project Split 45 - The Flower's In The Seed [7''] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchA split 7 inch featuring Grammy Winning band THE MAVERICKS on one side and The Sweet Lizzy Project on the other
The Sweet Lizzy Project are a new band from Havana, Cuba signed to the Mavericks' new label. They have been twice featured on
PBS. Both sides are produced by Raul Malo. - The Flower's In The Seed b/w Here Comes The Rain
Menzingers, The - No Penance b/w Cemetery's Garden [7''] (2 new tracks, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchRSD Exclusive 7'' featuring two brand
new tracks from THE MENZINGERS,
recorded during the sessions for their
2017 After the Party album. Produced
by Will Yip (Say Anything, Turnstile,
Code Orange) and recorded at Studio 4
in Conshocken, PA.
Mikey Dread - Roots & Culture [10''] (Random Red, Green OR Gold Colored Vinyl, limited/numbered to 1000, indie-exclusive)10IN10"/1000CPS ON COLOURED (RED/GREEN/GOLD) VINYL/RSD 2019
Minus 5, The - Stroke Manor [CD] (limited to 2500, indie exclusive)CDLess than three days after a doctor predicted he would never play music again, Scott McCaughey began writing his next album - while still in the ICU, unable to speak coherently, his right side just waking from paralyzation.

In November 2017, the Northwest underground stalwart suffered a stroke that nearly killed him and wiped his entire musical catalog (including the Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M., and many more) from his memory. But instead of wallowing in misery, McCaughey channeled his omni-positive spirit and began to write down whatever incoherent thoughts crossed his mind. He turned those stream-of-consciousness notebook pages into his 13th full-length Minus 5 release, Stroke Manor.

The album is a capsule of weeks in a hospital bed and recovery back at his Portland home, where he recorded the album with significant contributions from Peter Buck, Joe Adragna, Jeff Tweedy, and more. The results are often head-scratching, tongue-tying spats of confusion, as the lyrics nudged him to experiment with voice-altering effects, to match the singular new outer-space characters he felt he was singing as.

- 1. Plascent Folk 2. My Collection 3. Beacon From RKO 4. Bleach Boys & Beach Girls 5. My Master Bull 6. Beatles Forever (Little Red) 7. Message Of Mother 8. Well In Fact She Said 9. MRI 10. Pink Bag For Rip Torn 11. Scar Crow 12. Goodbye Braverman 13. Top Venom
Minus 5, The - Stroke Manor [LP] (''Brainwave'' Red Orange & Yellow Swirl Colored Vinyl, die-cut cover, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPLess than three days after a doctor predicted he would never play music again, Scott McCaughey began writing his next album - while still in the ICU, unable to speak coherently, his right side just waking from paralyzation.

In November 2017, the Northwest underground stalwart suffered a stroke that nearly killed him and wiped his entire musical catalog (including the Minus 5, Young Fresh Fellows, R.E.M., and many more) from his memory. But instead of wallowing in misery, McCaughey channeled his omni-positive spirit and began to write down whatever incoherent thoughts crossed his mind. He turned those stream-of-consciousness notebook pages into his 13th full-length Minus 5 release, Stroke Manor.

The album is a capsule of weeks in a hospital bed and recovery back at his Portland home, where he recorded the album with significant contributions from Peter Buck, Joe Adragna, Jeff Tweedy, and more. The results are often head-scratching, tongue-tying spats of confusion, as the lyrics nudged him to experiment with voice-altering effects, to match the singular new outer-space characters he felt he was singing as. This limited edition LP features a die-cut cover and brainwave vinyl! Limited to 2,000 copies worldwide.

- 1. Plascent Folk 2. My Collection 3. Beacon From RKO 4. Bleach Boys & Beach Girls 5. My Master Bull 6. Beatles Forever (Little Red) 7. Message Of Mother 8. Well In Fact She Said 9. MRI 10. Pink Bag For Rip Torn 11. Scar Crow 12. Goodbye Braverman 13. Top Venom
Mission Of Burma - Peking Spring [LP] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPThe earliest BURMA tracks 1979-82 Never releasaed on VINYL til now Inckudes the PETER DAYTON sessions , This Is Not A Photograph & Peking Spring As Well as the Electro Acoustic Sessions / Lou Giordano

- This Is Not A Photograph
Peking Spring
He Is/She Is
Go Fun, Burn Man
Nu Disco
Foreign Country
Moon Express - Prophetic Spirit [CD] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)CDBlazing sitar and crazed percussion– a 50 year old mystery! Known only in legend from their appearance in 33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee, the Moon Express album finally arrives 50 years after its recording! Paul Arnold (mastermind behind The Inner Sounds Of The Id) and Tsvia & the Followers weave peculiar music that ebbs and flows with unusual time signatures, sonic baths of wild, exotic percussion and other fascinating and hypnotic sounds, all under Arnold's booming narratives and Tsvia Abarbanel's spellbinding, out of this world vocals. Enjoy this lost '60s treasure as you were intended to half a century ago!

- 01. Awake And Love 02. My Little Corner Of The Earth 03. Fly By Night 04. Wilderness, Ocean, And Space 05. Love Is Strange 06. All This I Do Behold 07. Wakefulness Of The World 08. The Morning Cometh 09. Between My Inner World 10. Daughter Of The Night 11. Lost Spirit Of America 12. Awake And Love II 13. Peace 14. Can't Buy Me Love 15. Tell Me What You See
Moon Express - Prophetic Spirit [LP+7''] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPBlazing sitar and crazed percussion– a 50 year old mystery! Known only in legend from their appearance in 33 ⅓ Revolutions Per Monkee, the Moon Express album finally arrives 50 years after its recording! Paul Arnold (mastermind behind The Inner Sounds Of The Id) and Tsvia & the Followers weave peculiar music that ebbs and flows with unusual time signatures, sonic baths of wild, exotic percussion and other fascinating and hypnotic sounds, all under Arnold's booming narratives and Tsvia Abarbanel's spellbinding, out of this world vocals. Enjoy this lost '60s treasure as you were intended to half a century ago. Includes a bonus 7'' of Beatles covers!

- 01. Awake And Love 02. My Little Corner Of The Earth 03. Fly By Night 04. Wilderness, Ocean, And Space 05. Love Is Strange 06. All This I Do Behold 07. Wakefulness Of The World 08. The Morning Cometh 09. Between My Inner World 10. Daughter Of The Night 11. Lost Spirit Of America 12. Awake And Love II 13. Peace 14. Can't Buy Me Love 15. Tell Me What You See
Moonspell - Lusitanian Metal2LPClear Vinyl
Morgxn - Vital [LP] (limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPAlternative singer/songwriter Morgxn combines electronic atmospherics with a sensual R&B-influenced delivery. The release of his thumping rocker 2016 single ''Home'' -- which spawned remixes by LEFTI, Joywave, and Toy Armada and numerous synch placements -- helped the artist exceed 18.5 million online streams across his catalog of songs. The full-length Vital arrived in 2018, with the stripped-down Vital: Blue EP arrived in January 2019. This vinyl release of VITAL, Morgxn's full-length debut album, includes a new version of ''Home'' which features WALK THE MOON.

1. translucent
2. me without you
3. carry the weight
4. alone/forever (Featuring - The Naked & Famous)
5. xx

Side 2:
1. vital - Performed by BASECAMP
2. bruised
3. harpoon (how does it feel)
4. roots
5. home (Featuring - WALK THE MOON)
6. boys don't cry
Morrissey - Lover-To-Be [7''] (Clear Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7InchLOW IN HIGH SCHOOL is Morrissey's first studio album
since 2014 and his debut for BMG. The album saw BMG
partnering with Morrissey on the new release and on the
launch of his new label, Etienne Records. LOW IN HIGH
SCHOOL was recorded at La Fabrique Studios in France
and in Rome at Ennio Morricone's Forum Studios. The
record is produced by Joe Chiccarelli (who has worked with
The Strokes, Beck and The White Stripes to name a few).
Morrissey's talent for combining political statements and
beautiful melodies is more prevalent than ever on LOW IN
HIGH SCHOOL, capturing the zeitgeist of an ever-changing
Rising to prominence as frontman of The Smiths, Morrissey
went on to forge an even more successful career as a solo
artist, with all ten of his solo efforts landing in the Top 10 on
the UK album charts, including 3 entries at the #1 position.
Releasing his debut solo album Viva Hate back in 1988,
he has since released a number of critically acclaimed
follow-ups including Kill Uncle and Your Arsenal, and
hugely successful comeback album You Are the Quarry
after a five year hiatus in 2004.

* Lead Singer of The Smiths
* 7'' Single is a limited run
* He will be touring in the US and in Europe this
* Morrissey played at the Hollywood Bowl Fall 2017
and 15 more dates including a show at the MSG in NY

Moses Sumney - Black In Deep Red, 2014 [12''] (Red & Black Splatter Vinyl, B-side etching, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)12InchSingleBlack in Deep Red, 2014 was ignited by the first and last time I attended a protest. It was in the fall of 2014, after a grand jury decided not to charge the offending officer in the Mike Brown murder, delivering the verdict just in time for them to get home for Thanksgiving.
I felt like a camouflaged outsider at the protest, like an anthropologist performing a study amongst his own kind. I took to the mountains soon after that and wrote these songs, wondering if power was a transferable device that could change hands through the vocalizing of unrest.
- Moses Sumney
- 1. Power?
2. Call-to-Arms
3. Rank & File
Motorhead - Overkill / Bomber [2x7''] (Picture Disc, die cut, gatefold, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7Inch2x7'' Picture Discs
H Limited Edition 3,000 Copies
40th anniversary double 7'' picture disc celebration
of the loudest, dirtiest, bastard rock 'n' roll of 1979,
the year MOTORHEAD released both the seminal
OVERKILL and BOMBER albums. This die cut,
gatefold two single set contains the lead singles
from those classic albums.
7'' ONE
Side A – Overkill
Side B – Too Late Too Late
7'' TWO
Side A – Bomber
Side B – Over The Top
Motorhead - Rockaway Beach [7''] (Purple Colored Vinyl, housed in a clear PVC wallet, limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchMOTORHEAD MUSIC / SILVER LINING MUSIC TO CELEBRATE RECORD STORE DAY WITH SPECIAL MOTORHEAD 7'' ''ROCKAWAY
It's that wonderful time of the year again where we celebrate the glory that are record stores, and in honour of Record Store
Day on April 13th 2019, Motorhead Music / Silver Lining Music will release ''Rockaway Beach'', a 7'' single by Motorhead
celebrating their appreciation of another legendary, pioneering bunch, the Ramones. Featuring their roaring take on
''Rockway Beach'', plus a live recording from the 2006 Wacken Festival of their own studio-written tribute from 1991
The 7'' single will be a coloured vinyl in a good ol' fashioned standard 7'' sleeve featuring exclusive artwork by Tokyo Hiro
This strictly limited edition 7'' will be available in all outlets & countries which participate in Record Store Day.


Side A: Rockaway Beach
Side B: R.A.M.O.N.E.S. (Live at Wacken 2006)
Mumford & Sons - Delta Acoustic Sessions | Live From Electric Lady [10''] (Picture Disc, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)10Inch''Delta Acoustic Sessions | Live From Electric Lady'' features previously unheard acoustic recordings of four tracks from last year's acclaimed album, ''Delta'', pressed on a special 10'' Picture Disc.


Mutual Benefit - Just Another Diamond Day [LP] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPPress 140g colour 12'' vinyl. Mutual Benefit cover Vashti Bunyan's Just Another Diamond Day.
- 1. Diamond Day2. Glow Worms3. Lily Pond4. Timothy Grub5. Where I Like To Stand6. Swallow Song7. Window Over The Bay8. Rose Hip November9. Come Wind Come Rain10. Hebridean Sun11. Rainbow River12. Trazlerman's Song13. Jog Along Bess14. Iris's Song For Us
My Chemical Romance - The Black Parade Is Dead! [2LP] (first time on vinyl, 3 bonus tracks, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPOriginally released as a DVD, The Back Parade Is Dead features My Chemical Romance's final
performance as ''The Black Parade'' from the Palacio de los Deportes in Mexico City, Mexico on October 7, 2007. The
album features three bonus tracks on side D that were not included in the initial release. This is the first time that this
project has been released on vinyl.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 The End. (Live in
02 Dead! (Live in Mexico)
03 This Is How I Disappear
(Live in Mexico)
04 The Sharpest Lives
(Live in Mexico)
05 Welcome to the Black
Parade (Live in Mexico)

Side B
01 I Don't Love You (Live in
02 House of Wolves (Live
in Mexico)
03 Interlude (Live in
04 Cancer (Live in Mexico)
05 Mama (Live in Mexico)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Sleep (Live in Mexico)
02 Teenagers (Live in
03 The Black Parade Is
Dead (Live in Mexico)
04 Disenchanted (Live in
05 Famous Last Words
(Live in Mexico)
06 Blood

Side B
01 Kill All Your Friends
02 My Way Home Is
Through You (B-Side)
03 Heaven Help Us
Night Beats - Night Beats Perform The Sonics ''Boom'' [LP] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPFew artists loom larger in garage-rock legend than The Sonics. With their 1966 album BOOM, the pioneering band put the Pacific Northwest scene on the map and cemented their place as rock heroes to the generations that followed. Danny Lee Blackwell's Night Beats, and an arsenal of ace musicians, give proper homage to their musical forbearers with this recording of BOOM in its entirety. While injecting their own brand of earth-quakin' soul-shakin, maximum R&B, Night Beats maintain the original spirit of songs like ''Cinderella,'' and ''Don't You Just Know It,'' and perform a particularly unhinged version of ''Louie Louie''

- 1. Cinderella
2. Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
3. Skinny Minnie
4. Let The Good Times Roll
5. Don't You Just Know It
6. Jenny Jenny
7. He's Waitin'
8. Louie Louie
9. Since I Fell For You
10. Hitch Hike
11. It's All Right
12. Shot Down
Nitzer Ebb - Belief (Deluxe, indie exclusive) [2LP] (gatefold , 6 bonus tracksLPLimited edition deluxe embossed gatefold sleeve double LP containing 6 bonus tracks, including most of the major hard to find club mixes all together on LP for the first time. All this bonus material is not available for download in North America and has not been available since the early '90s.

Nitzer Ebb - That Total Age (Deluxe Reissue, indie exclusive) [2LP] (gatefold , 4 bonus tracks, indie exclusive)LPLimited edition embossed gatefold double LP containing 4 bonus tracks, including the 12'' mixes of ''Join In The Chant'', ''Let Your Body Learn'', ''Warsaw Ghetto'' and the rare instrumental version of ''Murderous''. The original US release did not contain the 12'' mixes. This album and all of these rare mixes have not been available in the US since the early '90s and remain completely unavailable on iTunes.

Nocturnal Emissions - Songs Of Love And Revolution [LP] (indie-exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Mannequin Records start a series of re-presses dedicated to the legendary Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s. Led by Nigel Ayers and Caroline K, the band was one of the first to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage experience that was being cultivated by like-minded artists like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Cabaret Voltaire. Originally self-released in 1985 for Sterile Records, Songs of Love and Revolution is the Nocturnal Emission's most successful album ever. The release marked the end of a period of more ''conventional'' songwriting and instrument use for Nocturnal Emissions. The first couple of albums were brooding, bleak affairs that called to mind a more sedate version of SPK. Then came a few albums that were firmly song-dominated. SOLAR was the last of the bunch, and was the most explicitly ''message''-oriented and political. Songs of Love and Revolution was a big step forward for the band, having a full-color cover and turning the NE sound further towards electronic pop music. Classics such as ''No Sacrifice'' and ''Never Give Up'' have made this an essential album for every fan of electronic music. As Nigel himself reminds, ''they were buying lots of equipment at the time and seemed to have naturally acquired some skill over the years so they thought, 'Let's make some pop music.' He continues: ''The Miners' Strike was on and there were riots down our street in Brixton. I was convinced there was going to be a revolution. But it would probably have been quite unpleasant. All these old punks and hippies preaching revolution, I don't think we were really prepared to live with the consequences. If we actually had a revolution in this country, it would be like Iraq or something, or Syria. But we were having horrible times with Thatcher. All we could do in that sort of milieu was imagine what the alternative would be like.''
- A1. Power Of Love
A2. Song In My Heart
A3. We Are Everywhere
A4. Sugar Can't Satisfy
A5. No Sacrifice (In Love And Revolution)
B1. Hit And Run
B2. Never Give Up
B3. Revolution Baby
B4. I Want You To Feel
Nocturnal Emissions - Viral Shedding [LP] (indie-exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Mannequin Records start a series of re-presses dedicated to the legendary Nocturnal Emissions, one of the best kept secrets of the industrial genre since the 1970s. Led by Nigel Ayers and Caroline K, the band was one of the first to use tape cutting, avant-garde art, and underground video works to create a stage experience that was being cultivated by like-minded artists like Throbbing Gristle, SPK, and Cabaret Voltaire. Originally released on Illuminated Records in 1983, Viral Shedding is surely one of the most important references for the industrial/funk dance music. Between pure noise and electronic beats, Viral Shedding is creating a twisted and percussive rhythmic urge, a funky disco sound permeated by digital industrial beats. Nigel Ayers and Caroline K take their inaccessible best and thrown it into the melting pot with a set of pumping rhythms. The result is the frustrated son of mutant disco, swimming in the same waters of Cabaret Voltaire, 23 Skidoo, Tackhead, Meat Beat Manifesto, and Hula. As Nigel Ayers recalls, ''Popular music picked up on what we were doing 1983-1984, which helps explain why records such as Viral Shedding sound clubbier today than they did at the time, but the technology of music making locked in a seat of aesthetics in those days that shaped pop as a whole more than industrial music itself did. Whether by synthesizer manufacturers' musical design or through engineering limitations, the more automated a band allowed their music to become, the dancer it was likely to be.'' Features the classics ''Suffering Stinks'', ''Going Under'', and ''No Separation''.
- A1. Delgado Monkey Torture
A2. Too Many Wounded
A3. Body Count
A4. Wee Wee Wee
A5. Suffering Stinks
A6. No Separation
B1. No Magic
B2. Going Under
B3. Suffering Still Stinks
B4. Haldol Shuffle
B5. Theme Music
B6. Bloodbath
Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - Wait & Return [LP] (Teal Vinyl, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPBrand new EP of exclusive remixes of tracks taken from Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds latest studio album ''Who Built The Moon?'' by The Reflex and Richard Norris! Standard vinyl, teal color
- A1. She Taught Me How To Fly (The Reflex Revision)
A2. Keep On Reaching (The Reflex Revision)
B1. Black & White Sunshine (Richard Norris Remix)
Obliteration - Black Death Horizon (Brown Vinyl)LPBrown Vinyl
Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt - Apparatus / Better Than A Dirtnap [7''] (RANDOM Electric Blue OR Black Vinyl, limited to 900, indie exclusive)7InchMike Watt releases on Record Store Day have become an
annual tradition, and for good reason. The bass legend,
(whose massive resume spans from the Minutemen and
fIREHOSE to the Stooges) seems to have an endless supply
of new, interesting projects, which fi nd him collaborating with
an eclectic group of musicians across a variety of genres. On
the latest project, Ocampo, Ocampo + Watt, he teams up
with Devin and Renata Ocampo. Devin hails from Dischord
band The Eff ects. The trio performed together for the fi rst
time at DC venue The Black Cat's 25th anniversary show.
Their debut 7'' release comes just in time for Record Store
Day 2019. Half of the pressing, randomly shipped, comes on
electric blue color vinyl.

» Limited To 1,000 Copies Worldwide
» Mastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» Debut Release Featuring Mike Watt And Devin Ocampo
(The Effects)

Track List:
A Apparatus
B Better Than A Dirt Nap
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Intoxicated [LP] ('Wu-Tang' Yellow Vinyl, download, limited to 2700, indie exclusive)LPSELLING POINTS
Side A
Intoxicated feat Raekwon, Method Man & Macy Gray 4:17
Side B
Obey Me [Mathematics x J.PERIOD Remix]
feat. Young Dirty Bastard 2:43
Olafur Arnalds - Re:member + String Quartets [LP+7''] (PVC transparent sleeve, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LP12'' LP of ''re:member'' featuring 5 BRAND NEW cover art versions which will be availabe on a random basis.
7'' of 3x BRAND NEW String Quartet recordings

Both will be packaged together in a PVC transparent sleeve
12'' Tracklist
1. re:member
2. unfold (ft.SOHN)
3. saman
4. brot
5. inconsist
6. they sink
7. ypsilon
8. partial
9. momentary
10. undir
11. ekki hugsa
12. nyepi

7'' Tracklist
1) saman (string quartet version)
2) momentary (string quartet version)
3) nyepi (string quartet version)
Osaka Popstar/Barnes & Barnes - Fish Heads [12''] (Neon Pink Vinyl, Dr. Demento classic cover plus original version, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)12InchSingleThis special split maxi-single celebrates the 40th anniversary of the #1 most requested song of all-time on the infamous Dr. Demento Show... the hit novelty classic ''Fish Heads''! Features the all-new punk-pop cover version by NYC's Osaka Popstar (the first single from the #1 Billboard charting album ''Dr. Demento Covered in Punk'' -out now) teamed with the original 1978 version that inspired it, as performed by comedy-music cult icons Barnes & Barnes-back on vinyl for the first time since the 1980s! Plus two exclusive bonus tracks!
- Side 1:
1.) ''Fish Heads'' by Osaka Popstar (from the album ''Dr. Demento Covered in Punk'')
2.) ''Fish Heads'' (Instrumental) by Osaka Popstar (Previously unreleased)
Side 2:
1.) ''Fish Heads'' by Barnes & Barnes (From the 1980 LP ''Voobaha'')
2.) ''High School Gym'' by Barnes & Barnes (non-album B-Side from the 1978 ''Fish Heads'' 45 rpm single)
Oscar & The Majestics - Rare & Unissued Cuts '64-'66 [10''] (Red Vinyl, indie-retail exclusive, limited to 200, indie exclusive)10InchBlast off!\nRescued from the energetic ether, this set of six largely unreleased tracks from Midwest mid-sixties garage heroes Oscar & the Majestics is loaded with heavy riffs, tasty guitar licks, pounding drums, and lots of fuzz. Included here is the hideously rare and ferocious take on a Kingsmen classic, an explosive adjustment to Shake A Tail Feather, and even more unearthed gems in Oscar & the Majestics oeuvre!
- 1. Got To Have Your Lovin'2. Anything You Want3. Shake A Tail Feather4. Haunted House5. Whiplash6. Get Ready
Otis Redding w/Booker T. & The M.G.'s + The Mar-Keys - Just Do It One More Time! Live At The Monterey Pop Festival [LP] (Marbled Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, ltd to 3000, indie exclusive)LPThe missing jewel in the King of Soul's crown: Redding's heart-stopping, career-defining performance from the 1967 Monterey International Pop Festival, complete with the opening sets by Booker T & The MGs and the Mar-Key horns, available for the first time on vinyl. Freshly remastered, wrapped in a period-perfect jacket, and pressed on marbled vinyl, this album finally completes Otis Redding's unassailable discography and stands as the greatest live soul record never released. -
Side One - Booker T. & The M.G.'s with The Bar-Kays
1. Booker Loo
2. Hip-Hug-Her
3. Philly Dog

Side Two - Otis Redding with Booker T. & The M.G.'s with The Bar-Kays

1. Shake
2. Respect
3. I've Been Loving You Too Long
4. Satisfaction
5. Try A Little Tenderness
Parliaments, The - Baby I Owe You Something Good [LP] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPRare and unreleased 1967/68 recordings on Revilot Records with their instrumental counterparts from the group that became Parliament/Funkadelic. A double LP of remastered tapes from this era will be released wide later in the year and will include unreleased material and studio chatter.

SIDE A: 1. All Your Goodies Are Gone 2. Baby I Owe You Something Good 3. I'll Wait SIDE B: 1. All Your Goodies Are Gone (Instrumental) 2. Baby I Owe You Something Good (Instrumental) 3. I'll Wait (Instrumental)
Pearl Jam - Live At Easy StreetLPGatefold Sleeve - LIMITED EDITION (6000 US, 3000 International) AVAILABLE AFTER 90 DAYS at TEN CLUB First time available on vinyl. Classic show from CIMS 10 year anniversary party in Seattle.
Pelican - Midnight & Mesaline [7''] (Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)7Inch2 brand new unreleased Pelican recordings. - Midnight & Mescaline b/w Darkness
Pepper - Pink Crustaceans And Good Vibrations [LP] (Clear Vinyl with Pink Splatter Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe wildly entertaining and fan favorite 3 piece, Pepper,known for their high energy live show and worldwide loyalfan base referred to as The Pepper Ohana, cultivated from 20+ years of touring, will celebrate Record Store Day by releasing Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations for the first timeever on vinyl. This special pressing is limited to 1,000 unitsand will feature special ''pink'' colored vinyl with metallic sleeve.

Record Store Day exclusive pressing limited to 1,000 units and special ''pink'' colored vinyl with metallic sleeves* Features the hit singles ''Freeze'' and ''Davey Jones Locker'' both of which experienced strong radio support * First time Pink Crustaceans and Good Vibrations has ever been pressed on vinyl.

1. Freeze2. Davey Jones Locker3. Things That You Love4. Wet Dreams5. Love 1016. Lucy77. Musical 698. The Phoenix9. Do Something10. Slave11. Ambition12. Stand and Fall13. Blackout114. Drive
Pete Rock - Don't Smoke Rock Instrumentals [LP] (previously unreleased track, indie exclusive)LP* Instrumental version of critically acclaimed album by Smoke DZA and legendary producer Pete Rock
* Pete Rock has produce for Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Kendrick Lamar, just to name a few
* Pete Rock has over 1.1 million career scans
* This marks the first time that the instrumentals from Don't Smoke Rock have ever been released and it includes a bonus instrumental from a previously unreleased track

With an illustrious career spanning three decades, producer Pete Rock can freely decide who he wants to work with. Having already produced for the likes of Jay Z, Kanye West, Nas, Common, Cypress Hill, Method Man, Redman, and Jim Jones, just to name a few, Pete Rock has undoubtedly solidified himself as a
contender for 'the greatest producer of all-time.' When Harlem's rising star Smoke DZA landed on Pete's radar, he knew DZA had something special that could not be ignored. Their 2016 collaborative album, Don't Smoke Rock, was widely regarded as one of the best underground hip-hop albums of that year. - Now for the first time ever, the instrumentals from Don't Smoke Rock are being released alongside a bonus instrumental from a previously unreleased track.

Intro (Instrumental)
Limitless (Instrumental)
Black Superhero Car (Instrumental)
Hold The Drums (Instrumental)
Moving Weight Pt. 1 (Instrumental)
Wild 100s (Instrumental)
Last Name (Instrumental)
1 of 1 (Instrumental)
Milestone (Instrumental)
Show Off (Instrumental)
Dusk 2 Dusk (Instrumental)
I Ain't Scared (Instrumental)
Until Then (Instrumental)
Cheeba (Instrumental)
Peter Gabriel - Rated PG [LP] (Picture Disc, die-cut sleeve, numbered/limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPHaving always loved the combination of film and music (aged 17 he gave
up a place at film school to pursue a career in music) Peter Gabriel's first
opportunity to really marry these twin interests came when he was asked
to create the music for Alan Parker's film 'Birdy' in 1985. Further film work,
including his music for Martin Scorsese's 'The Last Temptation of Christ'
(that became the album 'Passion') and the soundtrack to Philip Noyce's
film 'Rabbit-Proof Fence' (released as the album 'Long Walk Home'), has
continued to feed that interest.
Alongside those longer soundtrack commissions Peter Gabriel has
also regularly contributed songs to a diverse range of movies and this
compilation explores this other connection forged by Peter between his
music and film. Rated PG is an opportunity to bring together in one place
and for the first time a selection of songs, be they written especially for,
or used to notable effect in, movies and includes new and previously
unreleased versions, otherwise unavailable songs and a brand new track.
Rated PG is specially packaged for Record Store Day, with a picture disc
and die-cut sleeve. The LP is numbered and limited edition.

Side 1
1. THAT'LL DO from the film BABE 2: PIG IN THE CITY
2. DOWN TO EARTH from the film Wall-E
New version, previously unreleased
The film version, different to the 'Scratch My Back' version
Featuring Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Side 2
1. EVERYBIRD from the film BIRDS LIKE US
Previously unreleased
New version, previously unreleased
Previously unreleased
5. IN YOUR EYES from the film SAY ANYTHING
The film version, previously unreleased
Pietasters, The - Willis [LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 1300, indie advance exclusive)LPDebut Epitaph/Hellcat release for the pietasters. Produced by Brett Gurewitz of Bad Religion/Epitaph Records. Peaked at #44 on 10/25/1997
- 1. Crazy Monkey Woman'' 2. ''Out All Night'' 3. ''Ocean'' 4. ''Fat Sack'' 5. ''Stone Feeling'' 6. ''Higher'' 7. ''Time Won't Let Me'' 8. ''Without You'' 9. ''Crime'' 10. ''Quicksand'' 11. ''Bitter'' 12. ''New Breed'' 13. ''Moment''
Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets (Mono) [LP] (180 Gram, limited to 6500, indie exclusive)LPPink Floyd will re-release the band's second album A Saucerful of Secrets on vinyl. Remastered by James Guthrie, Joel Plante and Bernie Grundman from the original
1968 analogue mono mix. The limited-edition Record Store Day release is delivered on premium 12'' 180-gram black vinyl, with a black poly-lined inner sleeve, and a faithful
reproduction of the original sleeve. Originally released in June 1968, A Saucerful Of Secrets represents a change in line-up and direction. Co-founder and original songwriter
Syd Barrett contributed only one song to the album and his live appearances became more erratic. So unreliable were Syd Barrett's live appearances that fellow founder
members, Roger Waters, Rick Wright and Nick Mason decided to draft in David Gilmour, a friend of Syd's, also from Cambridge. Roger Waters and Richard Wright
contributed for this album four and three songs respectively.

- A) 1. Let There Be More Light 2. Remember A Day 3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 4. Corporal Clegg B) 1. A Saucerful Of Secrets 2. See-Saw 3. Jugband Blues
Pinkfong - Baby Shark [7''] (Picture Disc, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchBaby Shark has already taken a bite out of the internet with over 2 billion views, making it one of the most watched videos ever. The musical phenomenon of Baby Shark is buoyed by the viral dance challenge and heavy celebrity engagement from the likes of Ellen DeGeneres, James Corden, Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.The wonderful new Baby Shark 7'' vinyl features the hit single and an electronic remix that will be enjoyed by the whole family.
PJ Masks - Time To Be A Hero! (Original Cast Recording) [LP] (Green, Blue OR Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPSELLING POINTS
* Exclusive RSD edition – colored vinyl [3 variant colors]
* Top pre-schooler TV series premiered September 18, 2015.
* CGI animated series for preschoolers ages 2-6.
* Based on French author Romuald Racioppo's popular
picture book series Les Pyjamasques.
* TV show is produced by eOne and Frog Box in collaboration with the award
winning French animation studio TeamTO, along with Disney Junior and France 5.
* Airs daily on Disney Junior and weekdays on the Disney Channel in the U.S.
* Official website available with game,
videos, grown-ups pages and more
* The debut PJ Masks Album ''Here We Come'' has over 1M monthly listeners
on Spotify and has over 20M streams globally across all DSPs.
* The PJ Masks YouTube page was launched in August 2016 and
has received over 591M views with 1.9M subscribers
* Official YouTube channel: 1.7M+ subscribers.
* ''Time To Be A Hero! Original Cast Recording'' is their second album,
which brings the live stage performance home!
1 PJ Masks Live Theme
2 Night Ninja Theme
3 Romeo Theme
4 Luna Girl Theme
5 Best Villain in Town
6 Heroes Unite
7 Climb Zone
8 Just Think Of It
9 PJ Headquarters
10 Time For Adventure
11 Mighty Little Gekko
12 Rock of All Power
13 Power of Friendship
14 Villain March
15 Hey Hey Owlette
16 Time To Be a Hero
Plastic Penny - Two Sides Of A Penny [LP] (180 Gram, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPUK psych-pop group Plastic Penny released this, their debut LP, in 1968 on Kinks' manager Larry Page's Page One label. The opening track, ''Everything I Am'' -- written by Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham, and originally recorded by Alex Chilton's group The Box Tops -- was a #6 hit on the UK charts in early '68. While that was the extent of most of the world's exposure to Pretty Penny at the time, the rest of the album is a glorious slice of orchestral psych-pop with light progressive touches, and in the intervening years it has become a highly sought-after collector's item. Fetching three figures on the online market, Two Sides Of A Penny has moody arrangements, killer guitar work, swirling organ, and hooks galore, along with vocals reminiscent of the aforementioned Kinks' Davies brothers as well as a taste of Joe Cocker. Members of Plastic Penny would go on to greater fame in groups like Cochise, Procol Harum, Chicken Shack, and UFO, while drummer Nigel Olsson went on to be one of the UK's most popular session musicians playing with Elton John, The Troggs, and Rod Stewart, among others. This beautiful piece of late '60s psychedelic pop is reissued on limited edition 180 gram vinyl.
- A1. Everything I Am A2. Wake Me Up A3. Never My Love A4. Genevieve A5. No Pleasure Without Pain My Love A6. So Much Older Now B1. Mrs. Grundy B2. Take Me Back B3. I Want You B4. It's A Good Thing B5. Strawberry Fields Forever
Police, The - Message In A Bottle [2x7''] (1 Green & 1 Blue Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)7InchFollowing on from 'Roxanne' – RSD 2018, we celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band's first international no. 1 single, originally released September 1979. Brand new exclusive edition for RSD 2019, packaged in bespoke 2 x 7'' special double pack gatefold sleeve. Utilising original green UK sleeve for front and incorporating blue US 'poster' sleeve inside the gatefold. Two colour inner bags –A&M 'company' bag design.

Features the original single and B-side. Disc 2 features Message In A Bottle 'Classic Rock Mix', originally exclusive to 'Every Breath You Take: The Classics' collection (1995) –now deleted, and the previously unreleased instrumental version of Message In A Bottle. Remastered at Abbey Road Studios, London and pressed on coloured vinyl: Disc 1 – 'bottle' green vinyl, Disc 2 – blue vinyl -
Prince - His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club [2LP] (replica of 1985 Japanese limited edition Prince release, limited to 7500, indie exclusive)LPReplica of 1985 Japanese Limited Edition Prince release ''His Majesty's Pop Life / The Purple Mix Club''
originally limited to a run of 500, released in Japan only!

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Pop Life (Extended
02 America

Side B
01 Raspberry Beret
(Extended 12'' Version)
- By Prince & The
02 Paisley Park (Remix)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Let's Go Crazy
(Special Dance Mix)
- By Prince & The
02 Little Red Corvette
(Dance Mix)
03 1999

Side B
01 I Would Die 4 U (Extended
Version) - By Prince & The
02 Erotic City (Make Love Not
War Erotic City Come Alive)
[Original 12'' Version] - By
Prince & The Revolution
03 When Doves Cry
Prince (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince) - The VERSACE Experience: Prelude 2 Gold [Cassette] (limited to 4000, indie exclusive)CassetteIn anticipation of the release of The Gold Experience, the first album credited to his infamously unpronounceable symbol, Prince issued The VERSACE Experience: PRELUDE 2 GOLD as a gift to attendees of the designer's collection at Fashion Week in Paris during the summer of 1995. The cassette, which featured remixed versions of future favorites ''P. Control,'' ''Gold'' and ''Eye Hate U'' as well as rare and commercially unreleased selections by The New Power Generation and Prince's jazz-fusion project Madhouse, remains one of the rarest Prince releases of all time-until now, when it will be recreated exclusively for Record Store Day 2019.

Side A
1 Pussy Control (Club Mix) (Edit) Prince 00:03:04
2 Shhh (X-cerpt) Prince 00:03:55
3 Get Wild In The House The New Power Generation 00:02:15
4 Eye Hate U (Remix) Prince 00:03:29
5 319 (X-cerpt) Prince 00:01:28
6 Shy (X-cerpt) Prince 00:02:23

Side B
Billy Jack Bitch Prince 00:02:31
Sonny T. (X-cerpt) Madhouse 00:00:28
Rootie Kazootie (Edit) Madhouse 00:02:38
Chatounette Controle Prince 00:02:25
Pussy Control (Control Tempo) (Edit) Prince 00:01:23
Kamasutra Overture # 5 The New Power Generation Orchestra 00:00:44
Free the Music The New Power Generation 00:01:44
Segue Prince 00:00:50
Gold (X-cerpt) Prince 00:03:34
Procol Harum - Procol Harum (50th Anniversary USA Edition) [2LP] (Starburst Colored Vinyl, 2 posters, includes unreleased music and a hidden track, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* First re-issue of the USA edition in 40 years
* 2nd disc includes tracks previously unreleased on vinyl and a hidden track unavailable elsewhere
* Includes two posters (one featuring the album artwork)
* Pressed on starburst colored vinyl - 50th Anniversary edition of their classic album is released as an expanded and re-mastered double vinyl edition.

The original American album is re-issued for the first time in 40 years, and also included are the variant tracks from international editions; related singles tracks and a few outtakes previously unreleased on vinyl including 'Understandably Blue' featuring a special string and wind arrangement by Tony Visconti. The American album also featured the full cover artwork as a poster, and a replica poster is also included in this special package.
- SIDE 1 mono (18'08'') A Whiter Shade Of Pale 4'09'' She Wandered Through The Garden Fence 3'26'' Something Following Me 3'33'' Mabel 1'51'' Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) 5'09'' SIDE 2 mono (18'56'') A Christmas Camel 4'48'' Conquistador 2'38'' Kaleidoscope 2'50'' Salad Days (Are Here Again) 3'34'' Repent Walpurgis 5'06'' SIDE 3 MONO (18'09'') Homburg 3'53'' – US single A side #34 18th Nov 1967 Lime Street Blues 2'50'' – US single B side #5 29th July 1967 Good Captain Clack 1'28'' –US single B side version #34 18th Nov 1967 *Absolutamente Correcto (Fisher) aka Quite R So 3'35''– Argentinian LP Side 1 Track 1 En Lo Que Duran Seis Peniques (In The Wee Small Hours Of Sixpence) 2'57''– Argentinian LP Side 2 Track 3 Il Tuo Diamante (Italian language single; add promo version intro in gap groove) aka Shine O B 3'26''– Italian LP Side 1 Track 3 SIDE 4 STEREO (18'01'') Understandably Blue – 17th July 1967 outtake 3'29'' A Whiter Shade Of Pale (50th Anniversary Stereo Mix) 5'52'' **Homburg 3'58'' Italian LP Side 1 Track 1 (Fly TON4 stereo version) Pandora's Box (backing track) 3'02''– outtake 2(9
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Picture Disc, includes the never before released set from Live Aid, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPCelebrating the success of 'Bohemian Rhapsody', this limited edition 2LP picture disc set includes original Queen and Smile recordings from the soundtrack of the movie. Created exclusively for Record Store Day 2019, the package also includes the never before released set from Live Aid.

Side 1:
1. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
2. Somebody to Love (2011 Remaster)
3. Doing All Right (...revisited)- Performed by Smile
4. Keep Yourself Alive (Live at The Rainbow)
5. Killer Queen (2011 Remaster)
6. Fat Bottomed Girls (Live in Paris)

Side 2:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (2011 Remaster)
2. Now I'm Here (Live at The Hammersmith Odeon)
3. Crazy Little Thing Called Love (2011 Remaster)
4. Love of My Life (Live at Rock in Rio Festival)

Disc 2

Side 1:
1. We Will Rock You (Movie Mix)
2. Another One Bites the Dust (2011 Remaster)
3. I Want to Break Free
4. Under Pressure - Performed by David Bowie
5. Who Wants to Live Forever (2011 Remaster)

Side 2:
1. Bohemian Rhapsody (Live Aid)
2. Radio Ga Ga (Remastered 2018 / Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London / 1985UK)
3. Ay-Oh (Remastered 2018 / Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London / 1985UK)
4. Hammer to Fall (Remastered 2018 / Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London / 1985UK)
5. We Are the Champions (Remastered 2018 / Live Aid, Wembley Stadium, London / 1985UK)
6. Don't Stop Me Now (...revisited)
7. The Show Must Go On (2011 Remaster)
Queen - Bohemian Rhapsody / I'm In Love With My Car [7''] (Yellow & Purple Colored Vinyl, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)7InchCelebrating the success of 'Bohemian Rhapsody' the movie, this limited edition 7'' single features 'Bohemian Rhapsody' with original B-side 'I'm In Love With My Car'. Created exclusively for RSD 2019, this colored vinyl release features an exclusive cover and tracks remastered by Bob Ludwig in 2011, with lacquers cut by Miles Showell at Abbey Road Studios.
- 1. Bohemian Rhapsody 2. I'm in Love With My Car
Quiet Village - Silent Movie [LP] (Orange Vinyl, limited to 200, indie exclusive)LPSpecial orange colored edition of the famed Silent Movie album from Quiet Village. Radioslave's Matt Edwards and Joel Martin have made a contemporary exotica, library-style record having invested time digging through all the right crates to find suitable source material to fashion their retro, soft focus sounds. It's to the duo's credit that you really can't tell where the sampling ends and the new recordings begin. While you'd presume that most of 'Victoria's Secret' comes from old soundtracks stitched together, it's far harder to place all the elements that contribute to the driving '70s-style Euro funk of 'Circus Of Horror' or the loungecore reggae of 'Pacific Rhythm'. Imprints like Trunk and Finders Keepers do a great job of unearthing these sorts of sounds from their dusty graves, but Quiet Village succeed at making something new from them, bringing fuzzy, old fashioned string sounds into a sound world sculpted by sturdy breakbeats and contemporary production techniques, all deftly integrated into a single vision of some made up past. - 1. Victoria's Secret2. Circus Of Horror3. Free Rider4. Pacific Rhythm5. Keep On Rolling6. Broken Promises7. Pillow Talk8. Gold Rush9. Utopia
Ramones, The - Live At The Palladium, New York, NY (12/31/79) [2LP] (first time on vinyl, numbered/limited to 3500, indie exclusive)LPDouble LP of Ramones - Live At The Palladium, New York, NY (12/31/79) which first appeared on CD
only as part of the 40th Anniversary Deluxe set of ''Road To Ruin''. This then previously unreleased recording of the
band's entire 1979 New Year's Eve concert, was mixed live by Stasium, and broadcast on WNEW-FM. Recorded in
New York City at The Palladium, with audio sourced from Tommy Ramone's original cassette of the console recording,
it features blistering performances of ''Blitzkrieg Bop,'' ''Rockaway Beach,'' and ''Sheena Is A Punk Rocker,'' along with
several songs from Road To Ruin: ''I Don't Want You,'' ''I Wanna Be Sedated,'' and ''I Wanted Everything''. This will be
its first release on vinyl.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Blitzkrieg Bop (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
02 Teenage Lobotomy (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
03 Rockaway Beach (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
04 I Don't Want You (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
05 Go Mental (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
06 Gimme Gimme Shock
Treatment (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
07 I Wanna Be Sedated
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
08 I Just Want To Have
Something To Do (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)

Side B
01 She's The One (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
02 This Ain't Havana (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
03 I'm Against It (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
04 Sheena Is A Punk
Rocker (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
05 Havana Affair (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
06 Commando (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
07 Needles And Pins (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
08 I Wanna Be Your
Boyfriend (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Surfin' Bird (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
02 Cretin Hop (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
03 All The Way (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
04 Judy Is A Punk (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
05 California Sun (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
06 I Don't Wanna Walk
Around With You (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
07 Today Your Love,
Tomorrow The World
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
08 Pinhead (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)

Side B
01 Do You Wanna Dance?
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
02 Suzy Is A Headbanger
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
03 Let's Dance (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
04 Chinese Rock (Live at
The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
05 Beat On The Brat (Live
at The Palladium, New
York, NY 12/31/79)
06 We're A Happy Family
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
07 Bad Brain (Live at The
Palladium, New York,
NY 12/31/79)
08 I Wanted Everything
(Live at The Palladium,
New York, NY 12/31/79)
RAMP - The Old One Two b/w Paint Me Any Color [7''] (picture sleeve, previously unreleased songs, limited, indie exclusive)7Inch* Previously unreleased songs by RAMP produced by Roy Ayers and reissued as a limited 12in single in 2007 on Luv N'Haight.
* Both have been re-mastered and re-cut as a 7in single and housed in a picture sleeve.

Both produced by vibes-master Roy Ayers post-release of their 1977 classic 'Come Into Knowledge' album. These are not new recordings, these are vintage RAMP. Two tracks previously unheard but rescued recently from a demo the band recorded on cassette. Newly mastered, eq'd and now ready to rumble. ''''The Old One, Two'''' is a cover of a Roy Ayers track (written by Ayers, William Allen and Edwin Birdsong and originally released on the Roy Ayers album 'A Tear To A Smile'.) The RAMP version is punchier than the Roy Ayers release. Powered by a nasty bass line the tune transcends music eras sounding just as contemporary as it did in 1977 and is destined to be a DJ favorite. On the flipside is the boogie tune ''''Paint Me Any Color,'''' also written and produced by Roy Ayers but never recorded by anyone else. These Roy Ayers productions foreshadowed his classic releases to come on the Uno Melodic label from acts like The Eighties Ladies and Ethel Beatty.

For a long time RAMP were one of modern soul music's biggest mysteries. What did RAMP mean? (FYI - Roy Ayers Master Production is the answer), How come their album is so damn hard to find? Why no second album? What was the relationship with Roy Ayers? But heavily sampled (most notably on A Tribe Called Quest's ''Bonita Applebum'') and much adored for their sublime version of ''''Everybody Loves The Sunshine'''' RAMP maintained a musical presence despite a lack of music and info.
The Old One Two
Paint Me Any Color
Ranking Dillinger - None Stop Disco Style [LP] (Military Green & White Vinyl, limited to 300, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Top-ranking toaster Dillinger, aka Lester Bullock, is among the most versatile and popular of all the Jamaican deejays. Displaying an ease of verbal dexterity at the microphone, he can attack any subject under the sun with wit and skill. Emerging from a ghetto area near Waltham Park Road in western Kingston, he began as a protege to Dennis Alcapone on El Paso sound system, where he was known initially as Alcapone Junior, then later switched to Smith The Weapon, based in nearby Payneland. Recording a glut of material for Lee 'Scratch' Perry under the name Young Dillinger in the early 1970s, he also cut sporadic work for Winston Riley, Prince Tony Robinson, Phil Pratt, Enos McLeod, Augustus Pablo, and Yabby You, among others, with his debut album, Ready Natty Dreadie (1975), surfacing from Studio One. Although Channel One broke him into the mainstream with ''Cokane In My Brain'' and the CB200 LP (1976), his longstanding connection with Bunny Lee resulted in all kinds of noteworthy material. None Stop Disco Style is the American issue of the 1977 release also known as Talking Blues, though slightly reedited for the US market; with every track presented in ''showcase'' style with an extended dub portion, it has excellent Dillinger workouts of Johnny Clarke favorites such as ''Roots Natty Roots Natty Congo,'' ''Give Up The Badness,'' and ''Nobody's Business.'' Killer! Edition of 300 on military green and white vinyl for RSD 2019.
- A1. African World Wide
A2. Into The African Dub
A3. Truth And Right
A4. The Right Dubwise
A5 Don't Take Another Man's Life
A6. Man Size Dub
B1. Jah Show Them The Way
B2. 12 Tribe Dub
B3. Trial And Crosses
B4. Into Bradforth Dub
B5. See And Blind
B6. Striker See Ya Dub Ya
Rasputin's Stash - Stash [CD] (limited, indie exclusive)CDRescued from a haze of drugs, alcohol and questionable women comes a
potent blend of heavy Chicago Funk, Modern Soul & Psychedelia.
Influential recordings from the group's sought-after Funk classics have been
sampled by Beck, The Chemical Brothers, Jim Jones, Raekwon & Leaders of The New School.

'Stash' is a previously unreleased 1976 album as mystical and mysterious as the great Rasputin himself. There is very little information available detailing where these recordings originated from or the reason why the album was never made available to the public.
This unusual release certainly breaks with the trend in this day and age of an overwhelming amount of reissues from an over-saturated & over-curated marketplace with liner notes that sometimes take longer to read than the length of time it takes to actually listen to the music.

Cut directly to vinyl from the recently found master tapes, this music presents material from the band at their artistic peak and the last recordings before Rasputin's Stash members went on to record Crystal Winds First Flight and Attitude, Belief & Determination. - Strokin' , Make Up Your Mind, Tarantula, TLC, Anyway, Children Of The Lord, Time, Cool When You Don't Know It, Paradise, You've Got To Face It, You Are My Everything
Redskins, The - Bring It Down (This Insane Thing, indie exclusive) [10''] (Red Vinyl, gatefold, limited, indie exclusive)10InchRSD 2019 release. The first Redskins reissue in many years, this is a four-track celebration of their 1985 Top 40 hit, ''Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing!)'' Featuring their distinctive hybrid of rock and soul complete with their signature brass section and their unmistakable ''call to arms'' socialist sensibility. It kicks off with an exclusive 7'' remix which is an alternative EQ'd mix of the original hit single found among the archived master tapes. The release also includes the original extended 12'' version of ''Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing)'' as well as the 12'' single's B-side ''You Want It? They've Got It!'' The final track is a previously unreleased live edit of their track ''Let's Make It Work'' recorded at the Polytechnic of Central London in December of 1985. All tracks remastered from the original analog source tapes by Matt Colton at Alchemy Mastering. Limited edition red vinyl 10'' in replica gatefold sleeve.
- A1. Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing) (7'' Remix)
A2. You Want It?, They've Got It!
B1. Bring It Down! (This Insane Thing) (12'' Version)
B2. Let's Make It Work (Live Edit)
Renegade Force - Renegade Force [EP] (indie-exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Previously unreleased six-track demo by forgotten NYC-area band Renegade Force. There is no background information about this recording, a salvaged demo by unknown musicians seeing collaborative release between Snow Dog and Heavenly Star Records (Clyde Alexander & Sanction, Margo's Kool Out Crew, Cloud One). The group's dead-on execution of Zulu Nation/Wild Style-era ''live hip-hop band'' vibe recalls Positive Force, Doug Wimbish, Planet Patrol, Pumpkin & Friends, and The Harlem Underground Band. The recording's origin is murky, the equipment/instrumentation (all analog by the sound of it) fits the early 1980s NYC landscape, with the influence of the emerging popularity of drum machines evident on ''School Disco''.
- A1. Downtown Funk
A2. Renegade Theme
A3. Outlaw
B1. Clocking Rocking
B2. Gangs And Thangs
B3. School Disco
Residents, The - B.S. LP pREServed Edition [LP] (first time on any format, limited to 1400, indie exclusive)LPRecorded in 1971 in the hope of securing the group a recording contract, and sent to Warner Bros Records in early 1972, 'BS' has become a cornerstone of The Residents' mythology. Rejected by Warner Bros Records, the album was disowned by the group and remained long-forgotten until its recent rediscovery as part of their ongoing archival excavations.

Track Listing
We Stole This Riff
Deepsea Diver Song
King Kong
Cantaten To Der Dyin Prunen
Intro Tape/Somethin' Devilish
N. Senada Tribute
The Fourth Crucifixion
James Dean's Death
Very Long Suite (Incorporating Pink Lemonade, Sandman, Eat Me Mother, Bumble Bee, Eloise, Kamikaze Lady, D Is For Doorknob, The Three Most Important Things In The Whole Wide World, Assorted Announcements, Snakefinger's Wedding And A Selection Of Un-Titled
Richard Pinhas - Live At Bam Balam [LP] (vinyl only release, limited, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Richard Pinhas, the founder of '70s legends Heldon, is one of France's best-known experimental musicians and is a key figure in development of rock music fusing with electronic music. Live At Bam Balam is solo guitar and processing as well as drone electronics with the use of a Metatronic Delays system: no re-recording. This brilliant collection of solo improvisations was recorded in Bordeaux (France) on April 16th, 2016 and April 21st, 2018. Limited edition vinyl-only release.
- A1. Bam Balam 1 - 04/21/2018 (20:58)
B1. Bam Balam 2 - 04/16/2016 (19:12)
Robert Plant - Fate Of Nations [LP] (180 Gram, all profits from record will go to Robert Plant's nominated Environmental charity, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThis special Limited Edition remastered 180gm black vinyl of Fate of Nations is being re-issued
worldwide on Robert Plant's own record label Es Paranza for Record Store Day and also around Earth Day
(22nd of April).
The central theme of the album title and the artwork of the original 1993 LP is focussed on environmental
damage to the earth. All profits from the sale of this record will be given to Robert Plant's nominated
Environmental charity.
The outer sleeve will be high-end matt soft pack, whilst the inner sleeve will be printed on ethically
sourced material and feature updated artwork (Environmental facts from 1993 compared to today's data)
This album has not been available on vinyl for 30 years.
1. ''Calling to You'' (Robert Plant, Chris Blackwell) – 5:48
2. ''Down to the Sea'' (Plant, Charlie Jones) – 4:00
3. ''Come Into My Life'' (Plant, Blackwell, Doug Boyle, Kevin Scott MacMichael) – 6:32
4. ''I Believe'' (Plant, Phil Johnstone) – 4:32
5. ''29 Palms'' (Plant, Blackwell, Jones, Boyle, Johnstone) – 4:51
6. ''Memory Song (Hello Hello)'' (Plant, Johnstone, Jones, Blackwell, Oliver J. Woods) – 5:22
7. ''If I Were a Carpenter'' (Tim Hardin) – 3:45
8. ''Colours of a Shade'' (Plant, Johnstone, Blackwell, Maartin Allcock) - 4:43
9. ''Promised Land'' (Plant, Johnstone) – 4:59
10. ''The Greatest Gift'' (Plant, Blackwell, Jones, MacMichael, Johnstone) – 6:51
11. ''Great Spirit'' (Plant, Johnstone, MacMichael) – 5:27
12. ''Network News'' (Plant, Blackwell) – 6:40
Robyn - Body Talk [2LP] (White Colored Vinyl, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPFrom the award winning Swedish pop star Robyn, we will release a limited coloured double disc vinyl for her critically acclaimed album ''Body Talk'' for Record Store Day 2019. The product will consist of a selection of tracks from her ''Body Talk'' EPs and album. The choice of mixes was made by Robyn herself! The collection will be made available initially in limited quantities for Record Store Day 2019 then later on regular black vinyl.

Disc 1:
1. Fenbot
2. Don't' Fucking Tell Me What to Do
3. Indestructible
4. Dancehall Queen
5. Hang With Me
6. Stars 4-Ever
7. Dancing On My Own
8. Criminal Intent

Disc 2:
1. Call Your Girlfriend
2. U should Know Better
3. Love Kills
4. Cry When You Get Older
5. Indestructible
6. Hang with Me
7. Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa
Roc Marciano - The Prequel [LP] (first time on vinyl, indie exclusive)LP* Rare material never before on vinyl
* Roc Marciano is currently on tour with Action Bronson
A collection of hidden jewels from New York's legendary producer/emcee. Featuring rarities never before released on vinyl, this necessary piece of the Roc Marci catalog features production from the man himself as well as fellow east coast legend Just Blaze.
Momma's Song
Her Vice
Stop Me
Rocky II
Bally Belts
Not One
Rockabye Baby! - Lullaby Renditions of WeezerLPSingle Full Color Sleeve, 12" Colored Vinyl (Clear) - LIMITED EDITION (900) CLEAR COLORED VINYL Dreamin' of a holiday across the sea to escape baby's cries? Why bother? Take control of the good life. When your little troublemaker gets cranky, let our gentle renditions of Weezer's biggest hits transform your nursery into an island in the sun. The perfect situation isn't only in dreams.
Rolling Stones, The - Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) (UK) [LP] (180 Gram, Green Vinyl, full-color photo insert, limited to 7000, indie exclusive)LPUK Edition of The Rolling Stones 1966 legendary LP, which contains four #1 singles. Original 'fisheye' artwork restored for this edition, including a 12x12 full-color photo insert. Pressed on 180g Green vinyl, limited edition to North America manufactured locally in the USA.

1. Have You Seen Your Mother, Baby, Standing In The Shadow?
2. Paint It, Black
3. It's All Over Now
4. The Last Time
5. Heart of Stone
6. Not Fade Away
7. Come On
8. (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction
9. Get Off Of My Cloud
10. As Tears Go By
11. 19th Nervous Breakdown
12. Lady Jane
13. Time Is On My Side
14. Little Red Rooster
Rolling Stones, The - She’s A Rainbow / Live At U Arena, Paris / 25.10.17 [10''] (Yellow Vinyl, one-sided, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)10InchOne sided yellow 10inch
Side A. She's A Rainbow
Rolling Stones, The - Through The Past, Darkly (Big Hits Vol. 2) (UK) [LP] (180 Gram, Orange Vinyl, octogon gatefold, limited to 7000, indie exclusive)LPOctogon gatefold with color vinyl. UK edition of TTPD - different track listing and will identify 'mono/stereo' via die cut on back.
- 1. Jumpin' Jack Flash
2. Mother's Little Helper
3. 2,000 Light Years From Home
4. Let's Spend The Night Together
5. You Better Move On
6. We Love You
7. Street Fighting Man
8. She's A Rainbow
9. Ruby Tuesday
10. Dandelion
11. Sittin' On A Fence
12. Honky Tonk Women
Roots Radics - 12 Inches Of Dub [LP] (Colored Vinyl, sticker, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRoots Radics is the seminal reggae unit, having performed together on some of the most famous reggae sessions ever. Supporting their lock-step riddims for the album are producer Henry 'Junjo' Lawes and mixing engineer Hopeton Overton Brown aka Scientist. 12 Inches Of Dub is the collection of dub sides from the 1980 General Echo dancehall breakthrough, 12'' Of Pleasure.

1,500 unit European pressing, previously unreleased dub sessions. 2019 re-mastered audio from 1980 recordings  The album will be highlighted within VP Records 40th Anniversary celebrations and events.  Record Store Day (April 13th) VP Records retail stores in Queens, NY and Miami will host all-vinyl sound system showcases.  Additional support for RSD releases via label's social media platforms.  Also available: GRED15 General Echo - 12'' Of Pleasure

SIDE A 1. Young Banana Dub 2. Set Your Dub On Fire 3. Pum Pum Dub 4. Young Gal Dub 5. Tribulation Dub

SIDE B 1. Confessions Of A Dub Engineer 2. Carry On Dub 3. Love Bump Dub 4. Headlamp Dub 5. Dub In Flames
Roots Radics/Dub Syndicate - Dub The Planet Vol. 1VinylSingle Disc, Limited Edition Green Vinyl - LIMITED EDITION (1000) GREEN VINYL St. Louis' long running independent record store Vintage Vinyl is proud to announce its 2019 Record Store Day release ROOTS RADICS-DUB SYNDICATE: PLANET OF DUB, VOL ONE, on its Soundsystem imprint. This Limited-Edition, pressed on Green Vinyl release is limited to 1,000 copies. By arrangement with the Jamaican bandleader/Ace Of Bass FLABBA HOLT, as well as his longtime partner in the Roots Radics, the late Valentine Style Scott, Planet Of Dub offers for the very first time a collection of dub tracks by both the Radics and the cutting edge Dub Syndicate band on the same disc. Some of these recordings will be seeing their first appearance on vinyl, while others have been long unavailable. Sonically prepared and re-mixed by Chris Neuenkirk, aka Chilly C, mastered at Blue Lotus Studios, Planet Of Dub Vol. One stands with the very best of Jamaican dub collections, and will be a welcome addition to those who enjoy the sonic glories of dub alchemy.
Rotting Christ - Thanatiphoro Anthologio3LPClear Vinyl
Roxy Music - Roxy Music - Remixed [2LP] (limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPThis exclusive double 12'' edition grew out of mixes that were undertaken to celebrate the release of the Super Deluxe version Roxy Music's debut album in spring 2018. Unused at the time, the mixes, overseen from Bryan Ferry's London HQ, celebrate the essential otherworldliness of Roxy Music's space age vision, stardate 1972. This strictly limited double 12'' features out-takes of Karl Stoecker's legendary photo-session from the debut and was mastered by Frank Arkwright at Abbey Road in Autumn 2018. -

Side A:
1. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Flange Bath Version) 5.56.
2. 2HB (Leftside Wobble Beatless Mix) 5.26
Side B:
1. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Mix) 5.12
2. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Vocal Dub) 4.57
Side C:
1. Chance Meeting (Johnson Somerset Mix) 8.33
Side D:
1. Ladytron (Man Power Mix) 6.50
2. Ladytron (Idjut Boys Golden Shrine Dub) 5.06
Rush - Hemispheres [LP] (Picture Disc, 40th Anniversary, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPFirst reissue of the 1978 picture disc edition of HEMISPHERES continuing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the band's iconic album -
Side A:
1. Cygnus X-1 Book II: Hemispheres
Side B:
2. Circumstances
3. The Trees
4. La Villa Strangiato
RZA - Birth Of A Prince [2LP] (Blue Smoke Colored Vinyl, gatefold, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPBirth Of A Prince – 2LP
Blue Smoke Colored Vinyl
Copies for North America
* 1st time on LP!
* 2LP Blue Smoke Vinyl/
Gatefold Packaging
* Originally released in 2003,
remastered reissue of the 3rd studio
album from RZA
* Album reached #49 on Billboard
Top 200 and #20 on the US Top
R&B/Hip-Hop Albums Chart
* Guests include Ghostface Killah,
Ol' Dirty Bastards, GZA & Masta Killa

1. Bob N' I
2. The Grunge
3. We Pop
4. Grits
1. Fast Cars
2. Chi Kung
3. You'll Never Know
4. Drink, Smoke + Fcuk

1. The Whistle
2. The Drop Off
3. Wherever I Go
4. Koto Chotan
1. A Day to God
is 1000 Years
2. Cherry Range
3. The Birth
4. See The Joy
Salvation Army, The - Live From Torrance And Beyond [LP] (limited to 750, indie exclusive)LPUnreleased live recording from May 22, 1982 of the Pre-Three O'Clock Paisley Underground pioneers The Salvation Army at The Gazebo in San Pedro, CA. Featuring an early punk version of ''Marjorie Tells Me'' from the first Three O'Clock album. The Three O'Clock originally formed under the name The Salvation Army in 1981. In the summer of 1982, legal problems with the actual Salvation Army forced the band to change their name. ''The Three O'Clock'' came from the time of day the band rehearsed. This is an unreleased live recording from 1982 at Wilson Park in Torrance, CA and was recorded right before The Salvation Army was forced to change their name.

- 1. She Turns To Flowers 2. Upside Down 3. Lucifer Sam 4. Marjorie Tells Me 5. (With A) Cantaloupe Girlfriend 6. Feel A Whole Lot Better 7. I Am Your Guru 8. Going Home
Samael - Era One /Lessons In Magic #12LPSolid White Vinyl
San Fermin - Live At The Fillmore [LP] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPSan Fermin Live At The Fillmore was recorded at The Fillmore in San Francisco, CA on February 23, 2018. Magik*Magik Orchestra, who have toured with Death Cab For Cutie, Nick Cave, Weezer, etc., joined San Fermin during the performance. Also, the performance occurred during the filming of a currently unreleased documentary entitled San Fermin: No Promises, which provides a glimpse into the five-year history of critically-acclaimed indie rock band San Fermin. The piece details the band's rise from its classical music underpinnings to a touring enterprise and perennial festival performer. Shown through the lens of sold-out shows on the east and west coast, everyday life in New York City, and studio recording and rehearsal, the film unwraps the relationships that have transformed a grandiose, logistically impractical endeavor from bandleader Ellis Ludwig-Leone into a unique community of musicians and friends. As the journey unfolds, this community is tested by the departure of its lead singer as they begin work on a new album. The show at The Fillmore was the last for the band's lead singer. The documentary will be released in conjunction with the live album and a digital or physical copy of the documentary will be included in the vinyl package. -
Side A
The Woods
Better Company
Side B
Santana - Breaking Down The Door / Dolor De Rumba [7''] (exclusive bonus track, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchFocus track from forthcoming full length album + exclusive bonus track -
''Breaking Down The Door'' - formally called Abatina - This is the single ''Dolor De Rumba'' formally called Twer Nyame- Bonus B track B side
Santigold - I Don't Want: The Gold Fire Sessions [LP] (Black & Gold Splatter Vinyl, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LP1x Black and Gold splatter LP
- A1. Coo Coo Coo
A2. Run The Road
A3. Wha' You Feel Like
A4. I Don't Want
A5. Valley Of the Dolls
B1. Why Me
B2. Crashing Your Party
B3. Don't Blame Me
B4. A Perfect Lie
B5. Gold Fire
Saxon - Thunderbolt (The Singles) [5x7''] (packaged in a ''lid-off'' box, limited to 350, indie exclusive)7InchSaxon will fill heads with heavy metal thunder to celebrate Record Store Day on April 13th thanks to a mighty boxset,
Thunderbolt (The Singles), via their own Militia Guard label and Silver Lining Music. Containing 5 7'' black vinyl singles, all 5 official
singles from the Thunderbolt album will be ''A'' sides with live versions of each song on the respective ''B'' sides.
Each 7'' will carry their unique different artwork, the singles will be packaged in a ''lid-ff'' box, and the track-listing is as follows.
Thunderbolt/They Played Rock and Roll/Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)/Predator and The Secret of Flight.
The box set will be available in all countries and stores which participate in Record Store Day.

Track Listing:

1/A: Thunderbolt
1/B: Thunderbolt (Live in Milan 05.10.18)
2/A: They Played Rock and Roll
2/B: They Played Rock and Roll (Live in Stockholm
3/A: Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz)
3/B: Nosferatu (The Vampire's Waltz) (Live in Stockholm
4/A: Predator
4/B: Predator (Live in London 19.10.18)
5/A: The Secret of Flight
5/B: The Secret of Flight (Live in Stockholm 29.09.18)
Serge Gainsbourg - Avant Gainsbarre (Limited Edition Transparent Green, Clear & Black Mixed)LPNo matter how provocative, edgy and anti-hero the guy was, every French person of every age loved and still loves Serge. He isn’t like anyone else. For many French people, Gainsbourg belongs to their national heritage such as wine, the Tour de France, gastronomy and the Eiffel Tower.
His influence in pop music is therefore enormous.
Numerous national and international artists of today are indebted to him, including Beck, Air, Nouvelle Vague, Sonic Youth, Vive La Fête and Goldfrapp. He was both a top composer and a top lyricist with a real gift for wordplay.
It’s the late fifties/early sixties that the world became acquainted with Gainsbourg’s brilliant songs like “La Poinçonneur Des Lilas”, “L’Eau A La Bouche” and “Black Trombone”.
Side A
1. La poinçonneur des lilas
2. Baudelaire
3. Intoxicated man
4. Ce mortel ennui
5. L’anthracite
6. L’eau à la bouche
7. Black trombone
8. Le claqueur de doigts
Side B
1. La chanson de Prévert
2. L’alcool
3. Viva villa
4. En relisant ta lettre
5. Mambo miam miam
6. Du jazz dans le ravin
7. Requiem pour un twisteur
8. Adieu, créature
Serj Tankian - Harakiri (Yellow Marbled Coloured Vinyl)LP180GR./4P INSERT/PRINT/2000 CPS YELLOW MARBLED/RSD 2019
Seven Mary Three - American Standard [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Pressed on Black Vinyl
* Platinum Selling Album - Major label debut album from Seven Mary Three, now being pressed on vinyl for the very first time! Features hits ''Cumbersome'' and ''Water's Edge''.
- 1. Water's Edge
2. Cumbersome
3. Roderigo
4. Devil Boy
5. My My
6. Lame
7. Headstrong
8. Anything
9. Margaret
10. Punch In Punch Out
11. Favorite Dog
Sheena Easton - Sugar Walls [12'' EP] (Picture Disc, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleLimited edition, picture disc. Composed and produced by Prince (under the pseudonym Alexander Nevermind), one of Sheena Easton's most well-known - and most contentious - releases, now for the first time ever on 12'' picture disc, and transferred from the original master tapes at Abbey Road studios.

A1: Info Freako (02:51), A2: Broken Bones (03:06), B1: Info Sicko (04:49), B2: Info Retro (02:00)
Sherman Brothers, The - Simply Sherman: Disney Hits From The Sherman Brothers [LP] (limited to 3000, indie advance exclusive)LPVinyl release of Disney classics penned by brothers Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman. The Sherman brothers were hired by Walt Disney himself as his first and only staff songwriters. Their music has been an important part of motion pictures, theme park attractions, television productions, vinyl records, CDs, and Broadway shows, entertaining millions of people all over the world. Highlighting the Sherman brothers' incredibly prolific Disney years from Annette's 1959 hit 'Tall Paul', celebrating its 60th anniversary, to their work from The Tigger Movie in 2000. This collection features not only their landmark hits from Mary Poppins, Winnie the Pooh, The Jungle Book and 'It's A Small World,' but a number of their other classics, now available on vinyl.

- SIDE A 1. Tall Paul (1:34) 2. Let's Get Together (1:29) 3. The Ugly Bug Ball (3:02) 4. The Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (2:39) 5. it's a small world (1:54) 6. There's a Great Bug Beautiful Tomorrow (2:16) 7. Feed the Birds (Tuppence a Bag) (3:50) 8. The Monkey's Uncle (2:32) SIDE B 1. Winnie the Pooh (2:18) 2. I Wanna Be Like You (The Monkey Song) (4:02) 3. Fortuosity (3:10) 4. The Age of Not Believing (3:16) 5. One Little Spark (3:35) 6. Whoop-de-Dooper Bounce (2:09)
Shocking Blue - Single Collection Part 2 (Coloured Vinyl)2LP180GR/GATEFOLD/2000 CPS ON TRANSPARENT BLUE/RSD 2019
Sigur Ros - Lunar Halo 22° [LP] (spinned sleeve with printed with special inks, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSoundtrack to brand new dance work by leading Taiwanese choreographer Tsung-lung, being premiered
in Taiwan to coincide with Record Store Day. CHENG Tsung-Lung chose his favourite music from
throughout Sigur Ros's career, which was then twisted, bent and broken, and finally added to in the
band's Reykjavik studio to create a new perspective for the Cloud Gate dance company. Vinyl exclusive
to Record Store Day. Limited edition on black heavyweight 12'' vinyl. Spinned sleeve with printed with
special inks.

Side A
1. With Arms and Legs Moving, The Tell Tales
Side B
1. They Glow in Light, Like Coloured Glass
Sigur Ros - Variations In Darkness [LP] (spinned sleeve with printed with special inks, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSoundtrack to a series of choreographed performances from the Iceland Dance Company, originally
commissioned for Sigur Ros's Nordur og nidur festival at Christmas 2017. Choreographer Valdimar
Johansson was granted access to unreleased Sigur Ros material, as well as multitracks of chosen songs
from the band's catalogue, and personally created a score of high Nordic drama. ''The best thing we've
done in ages,'' said Jonsi on hearing Variations On Darkness for the first time. Vinyl exclusive to Record
Store Day. Limited edition on black heavyweight 12'' vinyl. Spinned sleeve with printed with special inks.

Side A
1. The Hungry Ghosts, We Live in an Old Chaos of the Sun
Side B
1. The Silence of Animals, The Truth is it Wanted to Cave in
Simple Minds - Graffiti Soul + Searching For The Lost Boys [2LP] (180 Gram, Yellow & Blue Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 2000, indie advance exclusive)LPExclusively for Record Store Day 2019, Demon Records proudly presents a re-creation of the limited edition gatefold 2LP set issued in 2009 – the original new album, plus a bonus LP of nine cover versions recorded at the same sessions. Features the band's unique performances of songs by Neil Young, Magazine, Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Stranglers, The Call, Nick Lowe, Massive Attack, Thin Lizzy and the Beach Boys. Presented as a 2LP Gatefold, with Yellow and Blue 180g Vinyl. - GRAFFITI SOUL
1. Moscow Underground
2. Rockets
3. Stars Will Lead The Way
4. Light Travels

1. Kiss And Fly
2. Graffiti Soul
3. Blood Type O
4. This Is It
5. Shadows And Light

1. Rockin' In The Free World
2. A Song From Under The Floorboards
3. Christine
4. (Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
5. Let The Day Begin

1. Peace Love And Understanding
2. Teardrop
3. Whiskey In the Jar
4. Sloop John B
Siobhan Mazzei - Consumed By Chaos (Ocean Spray Vinyl)12INOcean Spray Vinyl
Sivert Hoyem - Where Is My Moon? [10''] (Moss Green Vinyl, lead singer of Madrugada, limited/numbered to 1000, indie-exclusive)10IN10"/MADRUGADA SINGER/1000 CPS MOSS GREEN VINYL/RSD 2019
Skatalites, The - Greetings From Skamania [LP] (Green Vinyl, first time on vinyl, poster insert, limited to 800, indie exclusive)LPGreen vinyl. First time on wax for Jamaican ska originators' 1996 masterpiece, green vinyl edition with poster insert exclusive for Record Store Day. Produced by Joe Ferry (Big Ska Band, SKAndolous All Stars) and band leader Tommy McCook, On this set original 60's players are still going strong – lead by the saxophone trio of Tommy McCook, Roland Alphonso, and Lester Sterling, drummer Lloyd Knibbs, bassist Lloyd Brevett, and vocalist Doreen Shaffer. The band revisits 60's gems like ''Phoenix City'' , and ''El Pussycat'' while creating many new classics including ''Skalloween'', ''Trip To Mars'' and ''Skamania''. The Skatalites perfected the big-band ska sound while backing some of the finest ska and rocksteady artists in the 60's, and this album is another crowning jewel in their lifelong goal to party like it's 1964!
Track Listing
* Skalloween
* Skamania
* El Pussycat
* Right Now
* Have A Good Time
* Phoenix City
* Trip To Mars
* Triangle
* Wood And Water
* I Wish You Love
Sly & The Family Stone - Woodstock Sunday August 17, 1969 [2LP] (first time on vinyl, download, etched D-side, limited to 3200, indie exclusive)LPDespite going on at 3:30 in the morning, Sly & The Family Stone electrified a generation with an explosive set at the Woodstock Music & Arts Festival on August 17, 1969. Five decades later, this infectiously energetic performance makes its vinyl debut, offering powerful renditions of classics like ''Dance To The Music,'' ''Everyday People,'' ''I Want To Take You Higher'' and more.

A) 1. M'Lady 2. Sing A Simple Song 3. You Can Make It If You Try B) 1. Everyday People 2. Dance To The Music 3. MEDLEY: Music Lover/Higher C) 1. I Want To Take You Higher 2. Lover City 3. Stand! D) Etched with Sly & The Family Stone logo
Sol Seppy - The Bells Of 1 2 [LP] (indie-exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. Sol Seppy's The Bells Of 1 2 is the debut outing from the heart and mind of Sophie Michalitsianos. Born in England, and growing up between here and Australia she began writing songs at five years old. At sixteen, Sophie began writing music for television documentaries and swapping her vocal abilities for free studio time at the EMI studios in Australia. She received various offers from labels, but none which gave her the creative freedom she desired so Sophie politely declined. She was accepted into the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where she studied contemporary composition and orchestration, she's a classically trained pianist and cellist. At twenty-three Sophie moved to the States and not long after touch down received word that Mark Linkous of Sparklehorse had heard her music and wanted her to join them for their tour with Radiohead. Sophie obliged, and afterwards found herself contributing to Sparklehorse's albums, Good Morning Spider (1998) and It's A Wonderful Life (2001). After her time with Sparklehorse, Sophie continued pursuing numerous musical avenues until she could afford a move to upstate New York and set up her own studio. After a few false starts, the catalysts for The Bells Of 1 2 finally materialized into a cohesive vision. As the sole voice and creator behind Sol Seppy, Sophie embraced the roles of writer, performer, engineer, and producer. The album's celestial romanticism glows in Sophie's enchanting vocals, reminiscent of Mazzy Star and the Cocteau Twins, each track a channel to some uncanny territory. ''Slo Fuzz'' beckons with an affectionately plaintive chorus bubbling over ethereal melody lines. ''Wonderland'' tells the story of an artist with the sinking feeling that a change will never come. ''Come Running'' is a curious ode to companionship. ''Enter 2 Human'' plays out as one of the most heartrending incitements in recent years. Each song is more than enough to get lost in. This enchanting album is prismatic by nature, ''It's the discovery of beauty that inspires me the most,'' she says, clandestinely hinting at an endless impetus for the songs of Sol Seppy.
- A1. 1 2
A2. Human
A3. Come Running
A4. Move
A5. Gold
A6. Injoy
B1. Slo Fuzz
B2. Loves Boy
B3. Farewell Your Heart
B4. Answer To The Name Of
B5. Wonderland
B6. Enter One
Soul Jazz Records Presents - Boombox 45 Box Set - Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979 - 83 [5x7''] (limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchSoul Jazz Records' fantastic new collection of early rap on this unique exclusive Record Store Day seven-inch box set comprising five independent, super-rare and collectors' early hip-hop 45s, all fully re-mastered and presented in their own separate exact replica original artwork. Artists include Lady B, Bransam, Manujhoti, TJ Swann, PeeWee Mel and Barry B. This box set is a one-off pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.

- RECORD 1: Lady B - To The Beat Y'all (Part 1) / To The Beat Y'all (Part 2) RECORD 2: TJ Swann, Pee Wee Mel and Barry B - Are You Ready (Part 1) / Are You Ready (Part 2) RECORD 3: Manujothi - Shake Your Body / Shake Your Body (Instrumental) RECORD 4: Majestics - Class A / Key To Love RECORD 5: Bramsam - Move Your Body / Get Up and Dance Now
Soul Jazz Records Presents - STUDIO ONE Showcase 45 Box Set [5x7''] (limited to 2500, indie exclusive)7InchSoul Jazz Records are releasing Studio One Showcase 45 Box Set, an exclusive Record Store Day collectors seven-inch box set, featuring 10 amazing and super-rare Studio One tracks, all produced here in their original label art and separate inner sleeves. Seminal Ska, Dub, Roots and DJ from Jackie Mittoo, Freddie McGregor, The Skatalites, Count Ossie, Delroy Wilson and more all recorded by Clement 'Sir Coxsone' Dodd at Studio One. This box set is a one-off pressing exclusively for Record Store Day.

- RECORD 1: Jackie Mittoo – Free Soul / Slim Smith & Delroy Wilson – Look Who's Back Again RECORD 2: Judah Eskender Tafari – Danger In Your Eyes/Version RECORD 3: Freddie McGregor – Beat Down Babylon / Im and Count Ossie – Right On Rasta RECORD 4: Dizzy Johnny & Studio One Orchestra – Sudden Destruction / The Soulettes – Opportunity RECORD 5: Liberation Group – Namibia/Version
Soul Surfers, The - KU Theme b/w Stoned Sade [7''] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)7Inch* Edition of 500
* For fans of funk, soul, library Records, James Brown etc

Russia's equivalent of J.B's but with a touch of krautrock, think 'Can' and some other flavours. Recorded live, in one take, a quiet storm on both sides of the 45 - some calm heat vibes on side A and lifted saxophone 'Sade'-ish vibes on the back.

'The Soul Surfers', are a Russian funk band formed by Igor Zhukovsky and his classmates. Their music crosses a lot of genres: deep funk; lowrider soul; psychedelic rock; and exotic music. With 45's released on numerous labels, 'Funk Night', 'Ubiquity', 'Spasibo Records' and a bunch of others, they have grown a loyal fanbase worldwide and have been doing shows in Europe, the US, the Middle East and all over the Russia. Their music has appeared on 20th Century Fox's 'Glee' and 'Let It Soul', a documentary about Shawn Lee. Following the doc they recorded an album together, titled; 'Shawn Lee & The Soul Surfers'.
KU Theme
Stoned Sade
Soundtrack - Breaking Bad =2lp= (Coloured Vinyl)2LP180GR./GATEFOLD/EXTRAS/3500 CPS CLEAR VINYL/RSD 2019
Soundtrack - Alex Zhang Hungtai - August At Akiko's (Soundtrack) [LP] ('Natural' Colored Vinyl, limited to 950, indie exclusive)LPAs Dirty Beaches, Alex Zhang Hungtai released many albums, including Badlands, which was nominated for the Polaris Music Prize. August at Akiko's takes his previous instrumental work to a more personal and experimental level. Alex was featured in ''Twin Peaks: The Return'' and stars in ''August at Akiko's,'' which will have its theatrical premiere in spring 2019 after a successful festival run.

Track Listing
* Temple Bell
* Sky Burial
* Island Country
* Ocean Boy
Soundtrack - Alfred Hitchcock's Spellbound (Limited Red coloured vinyl)LPThere was no soundtrack album issued from this film but Ray Heindorf does an excellent job of evoking the mood of the film and since it was recorded a number of years after the film was made it is technically superior.
The 1945 Alfred Hitchcock mystery/suspense film ‘Spellbound’ dealt with the new field of psychoanalysis and the inner workings of the human mind.
According to Miklós Rózsa, producer David O. Selznick and Alfred Hitchcock asked for “A Big Love Theme Coupled With The Strange Sound For The Paranormal.” The stellar cast included Ingrid Bergman and Gregory Peck.
Side A
1. Main Theme
2. The Dressing Gown
3. Scherzo
4. Love Theme
5. The Burned Hand
Side B
1. Spellbound
2. The Razor
3. Constance
4. The Dream
5. Ski Run
6. Finale
Soundtrack - Angelo Badalamenti, David Lynch - Twin Peaks: Season Two Music And More [2LP] (180 Gram, Dark Green & Blue Vinyl, gatefold, 16-page booklet, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPThe missing piece in the incredibly successful new release and reissue campaign for the Twin Peaks
series has been the mysterious soundtrack to Season Two! The TV program aired in 1990-1991, without the traditional
accompanying record release, and it was not until 2007 that the soundtrack album was issued, and only as a very
limited CD via David Lynch's own label. And so we have an artefact that has never been available on digital services,
and more importantly, never on vinyl, and long gone on CD. And so there is nothing more ready for plugging into the
set of Twin Peaks releases from Rhino, especially following on from the acclaimed pair of Season 3 soundtrack
albums from 2017! Once again we have David Lynch himself overseeing the reissue pressed on 180g vinyl & with stills
from the film included in the gatefold jacket. This is a release that will be eagerly embraced by Twin Peaks fans, & a
great addition to our much beloved Twin Peaks catalog.

Side A
01 Love Theme Intro
02 Shelly
03 New Shoes
04 High School Swing
05 Hayward Boogie

Side B
01 Audrey's Prayer
02 I'm Hurt Bad
03 Cop Beat
04 Harold's Theme
05 Barbershop
06 Night Bells
07 Just You
08 Drug Deal Blues

Side A
01 Audrey
02 Josie And Truman
03 Hook Rug Dance
04 Packards' Vibration
05 Half Heart

Side B
01 Laura's Dark Boogie
02 Dark Mood Woods / The
Red Room
03 Love Theme Farewell
04 Untitled Track #1
05 Untitled Track #2
06 Blue Frank
Soundtrack - Cho Young-Wuk - Thirst (Soundtrack) [LP] (gatefold, first time on vinyl, newly designed artwork, limited to 700, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* First time on vinyl
* Housed in a gatefold jacket with extensive liner-notes by Charlie Brigden
* Newly designed artwork
* 150 gram color / black vinyl
- For the first time on vinyl, the soundtrack of director Park Chan-Wook's 2009 film Thirst has been reissued. Though it wears the facade of a bizarre horror drama, the film itself delves into the foundations of religion, the human act of self-reckoning, and the dilemma between survival and morality faced by a man of the cloth when driven to the brink. The soundtrack was directed by Cho Young-Wuk, a long-time artistic partner of Park Chan-Wook starting from JSA and Oldboy to Sympathy for Lady Vengeanc>. The tracks feature original score composed based on Bach's cantatas, as well as old Korean gayo from the 1930~50s. Cho's team continue to uphold their meticulous musicianship in the compositions and arrangements, while the (seemingly out-of-place) gayo pieces come together with the main score to imbue the film with its bizarre atmosphere.
1. Thirst Cantata
2. Africa
3. Sang-hyun's Prayer
4. Resurrection
5. Just One Sip
6. Lust
7. Bach On Radio
8. Wave of Nostalgia
9. Under a streetlight
10. Sang-hyun
11. Crying at Harbour
12. The Wrong Encounter
13. Gloomy Street
14. On Sundays
15. A Cute Vampire

1. Murder at the Lakeshore
2. Mom, please forgive me
3. I'm nothing
4. A Guilty Conscience
5. Kang-woo Comes Back
6. I want to go to my husband
7. Happy Birthday
8. Tae-ju
9. Mrs. Ra
10. Thirst Cantata with Strings
11. Wave of Nostalgia
12. Sang-hyun's Prayer
Soundtrack - Coneheads (Soundtrack) [LP] (Yellow Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPConeheads is the Soundtrack to the 1993 sci-fi comedy starring Dan Aykroyd and Jane Curtin revisiting their Saturday
Night Live characters, Beldar and Prymaat. SNL's Lorne Michael produced and Steve Barron directed. The film also
featured cameo appearances by Michael McKean, David Spade, Chris Farley, Sinbad, Michael Richards, Phil
Hartman, Adam Sandler, Jason Alexander, Laraine Newman, Garrett Morris, Drew Carey, Kevin Nealon, Ellen
DeGeneres, Jon Lovitz, Tom Arnold and many others.
The Coneheads Soundtrack featured a number of great tracks - many of which had stories tied to it specifically. ''No
More Tears (Enough Is Enough)'' by k.d. lang and Andy Bell (of Erasure fame) had performed the Platinum release
originally made famous as a duet by Barbara Streisand and Donna Summer for the Brit Awards and then recorded for
inclusion on the Soundtrack. The Red Hot Chili Peppers supplied ''Soul To Squeeze,'' an unused track from Blood
Sugar Sex Magic which had been a B-side for ''Under The Bridge.'' Released as a single from Coneheads, it went to
number one for five weeks on the Modern Rock chart. Michael Monroe (Hanoi Rocks) and Slash teamed up to record
the old Steppenwolf gem, ''Magic Carpet Ride.'' Barenaked Ladies cover Public Enemy's ''Fight The Power.'' R.E.M.
also contributed the B-side to ''Drive,'' ''It's A Free World, Baby.'' The album was filled out with a number of other tracks
including Paul Simon's ''Kodachrome'' and Soft Cell's ''Tainted Love.''

Side A
01 Magic Carpet Ride - By
Slash and Michael
02 Tainted Love - By Soft
03 No More Tears (Enough
Is Enough) - By k.d.
lang and Andy Bell
04 Kodachrome - By Paul
05 Can't Take My Eyes off
You - By Morten Harket
06 It's a Free World Baby -
By R.E.M.

Side B
01 Soul to Squeeze - By
Red Hot Chili Peppers
02 Fight the Power - By
Barenaked Ladies
03 Little Renee - By
Digable Planets
04 Chale Jao - By Babble
05 Conehead Love (With
Nan Schaefer) - By
Beldar & Prymaat
Soundtrack - Daniel Pemberton - Black Mirror: USS Callister (Original TV Soundtrack) [2LP] (Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, bespoke artwork from Butcher Billy, poster art print, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* The Emmy nominated soundtrack from the much-loved Emmy winning episode of Black Mirror.
* First time on vinyl, bespoke artwork from Butcher Billy, includes LTD edition poster art print.
* Pressed on red colored vinyl
- Daniel Pemberton's score for Black Mirror's 'USS Callister' is available for the first time on vinyl with bespoke artwork from Butcher Billy and limited-edition poster art print. Taken from the first show of the show's fourth season, it's the 'Star Trek' episode when a gifted programmer becomes frustrated with his job and creates digital clones of his co-workers for his own dark adventures in space. The Ivor Novello award winning, Golden Globe Award and multi BAFTA nominated and acclaimed composer shifts effortlessly between the symphonic and electronic instrumentation. ''A brilliant take on Star Trek homages, gaming and toxic geekery'' The Guardian ''A brutal Star Trek scenario that's half comedy, half indictment of Silicon Valley leadership'' The Verge ''One of Hollywood's most sought-after composers'' Screen Daily
- Space Fleet, Callister Inc., Enter Infinity, DNA Assimilation, Waking Up, New Recruit, The Planet Of The Arachnajax, Hacking The Omnichorder, Alone On The USS Callister, The Airlock, The Lake, Transporting The Omnichorder, Distraction And Escape, The Asteroid Field, Into The Wormhole, Alive, Silent Night, USS Callister: The Next Adventures
Soundtrack - Desmond Briscoe, The BBC Radiophonic Workshop - The Stone Tape [10''] (Fluorescent Green Vinyl, numbered/limited, indie exclusive)10Inch* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First Ever Release
* Original TV soundtrack by Desmond Briscoe/Radiophonic Workshop
* Fluorescent Green 10'' Vinyl
* Numbered Limited Edition
- The Stone Tape aired on Christmas Day 1972 on BBC 2, and is still regarded as one of the creepiest ghost stories ever produced for TV, drawing praise from critics and viewers. Directed by Peter Sasdy and written by Nigel Kneale of Quatermass fame, the plot juxtaposes science and the supernatural, a favourite theme of Kneale's work. Jane Asher's character, Jill (pictured on the sleeve), is one of a team of scientists developing a new recording medium. The story starts as they move into their new research facility, which is rumoured to be haunted. After encountering a ghost, they develop a theory that the stone walls have recorded the traumatic events of the past, hence the title. The impact of the story was such that Stone Tape Theory has become a phrase to describe residual hauntings. The concept of supernatural phenomena as recorded trauma is reflected in the disturbing soundtrack, for which the then head of the Radiophonic Workshop, Desmond Briscoe, created a series of terrifying sound effects assisted by Glynis Jones (although she was not mentioned in the TV credits). Mark Ayres, archivist and member of the Radiophonic Workshop, mastered this release and has provided the sleeve notes
- A Side

1. The Stone Tape (Original Opening) (1.59)
2. Arrival (2.49)
3. Scene and Heard (Backing Track edit) (3.22)

B Side

1. Application for an Exorcism (2.35)
2. Do You Know What He's Done? (2.04)
3. The Others (0.50)
4. Accidental Death (0.38)
5. Help Me, Peter (Closing Title) (1.32)
Soundtrack - Doctor Who - Destiny Of The Daleks (Soundtrack) [2LP] (180 Gram, Red with Blue Splatter Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 2500, indie advance exclusive)LPExclusive to Record Store Day 2019, Demon Music presents a narrated full-cast TV soundtrack adventure starring Tom Baker as the Doctor, pitted against his arch-enemies the Daleks and their wizened creator, Davros.

In this thrilling 4 part adventure, first shown on BBC TV in September 1979, the Daleks return to their home planet Skaro, scene of their defeat at the hand of the Doctor (Tom Baker) in Genesis of the Daleks. What - or who - have they returned for? It soon becomes apparent that the ruthless scientist Davros, creator of the Daleks, may not be as dead as the Doctor assumed. When Romana (Lalla Ward) falls into the hands of the Daleks themselves, a life and death struggle begins to divert the Doctor's adversaries from their self-proclaimed destiny.

Presented across 2 x Heavyweight 180g pieces of Red with Blue Splatter Vinyl, this narrated TV soundtrack evokes a classic Doctor Who adventure in all its aural magnificence. From the eerie sonics of Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire's theme tune, and the familiar 'wheezing, groaning' of the TARDIS, through to the bass thrum of the Daleks' headquarters, and their clamorous shriek of ''Exterminate! Exterminate!'', the story is alive with weird and wonderful sound.

Add to that the sparkling dialogue of a script written by Terry Nation and script edited by Douglas Adams, and you have 2 hours of joyful sci-fi entertainment. Linking narration is provided by Lalla Ward (Romana) and the cast includes David Gooderson as Davros, Tim Barlow as Tyssan, Peter Straker as Commander Sharrel and Suzanne Danielle as Agella.

Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dummedy-dum... - Full story
Soundtrack - Doctor Who - Galaxy 4 (Soundtrack) [2LP] (180 Gram, Orange with Purple Splatter Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 2500, indie advance exclusive)LPExclusive to Record Store Day 2019, Demon Music presents a narrated full-cast TV soundtrack adventure starring William Hartnell as the Doctor, pitted against a race of deadly female clones and their mechanical slaves.

In this classic 4 part 'lost' adventure, first shown on BBC TV in September/October 1965, the TARDIS materialises on a doomed planet. The Doctor (William Hartnell), Steven (Peter Purves) and Vicki (Maureen O'Brien) discover two crashed spaceships, their inhabitants locked in battle with each other. In one corner stand the Drahvins, a race of female cloned warriors; in the other the Rills, hideous inhuman space travellers. The Doctor and his friends become pawns in a deadly game of strategy and deception. Will anyone escape with their lives?

Presented across 2 x Heavyweight 180g pieces of Orange with Purple Splatter vinyl, this narrated TV soundtrack evokes a classic Doctor Who adventure in all its aural magnificence. From the eerie sonics of Ron Grainer & Delia Derbyshire's theme tune, and the familiar 'wheezing, groaning' of the TARDIS, through to the menacing chirrup of the squat, metallic Chumbley robots and the atmospherics of the Rills' spaceship, the story is alive with weird and wonderful sound.

Written by William Emms, the story presents a traditional morality tale with a twist. Linking narration is provided by Peter Purves (Steven) and the cast includes Stephanie Bidmead as Maaga. The final episode leads into the prelude to the epic adventure The Daleks' Master Plan (just released on Demon Records). The film recordings of all but one episode of this story are lost from the BBC archives.

Dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dum-de-dum, dummedy-dum... - Full story
Soundtrack - Ennio Morricone - La Stagione Dei Sensi (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Pressed on colored vinyl & limited to 500
- ''La stagione dei sensi'' (also known as ''Season of the senses'') is a 1969 film directed by Massimo Franciosa, perfect son its time: a pop-coloured cauldron, - whose screenplay had also been written by Dario Argento - which mixes mystery, sensuality, eroticism and morbid atmospheres in an exotic and fascinating context, inside of a castle on an island in the middle of the sea. Ennio Morricone's soundtrack is very varied and, in some ways, atypical; in fact, there are five sung tracks instead of the usual single one used for the main titles: three beat/pop songs by Patrick Samson (''Gloria'', ''Tell me tell me'', ''Laila Laila''), and two lounge/symphonic compositions by Edda Dell'Orso (''A voice in the mirror'', ''Suspend the time''). The full picture is completed by ''Sytar'', with oriental and romantic atmospheres, the dramatic and gloomy improvised ''Dinamica per 5 + 1'' and the waltz of ''In tre quarti''. ''La stagione dei sensi'' is an exclusive release for the Record Store Day 2019. Limited edition on colored vinyl! Not to be missed!!!
- 1.Gloria
2.Una voce allo specchio 3.Sytar
4.Tell me tell me
5.Sospendi il tempo
6.Laila Laila
7.Una voce allo specchio
8.Dinamica per 5 + 1
9.In tre quarti
Soundtrack - Ennio Morricone - L'anticristo [7''] (numbered/limited to 500, indie exclusive)7InchRSD 2019 release. First vinyl reissue ever of this legendary soundtrack composed for the Alberto De Martino cult thriller by maestro Ennio Morricone and his longtime collaborator Bruno Nicolai. Original 7'' replica. Limited edition of 500 (numbered). - A1. Il Buio
B1. La Luce
Soundtrack - Franco Mannino E Sergio Montori - Identikit (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Pressed on colored vinyl & limited to 500
- Identikit (also known as The Driver's Seat) is a 1974 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Patroni Griffi. Based on the novella The Driver's Seat by Muriel Spark, it is a psychological drama starring Elizabeth Taylor, Ian Bannen and featuring Andy Warhol. Lise, a mentally unbalanced middle-aged woman, travels from her home in London to Rome, Italy where she embarks on a fatal destiny that she had helped to arrange for herself - a premeditated search for someone, anyone, with whom she could form a dangerous liaison. Lise meets a variety of people during her journey and stay in Rome whom include Bill, a lecherous British businessman that she meets on the plane to Rome who tries to seduce her; Carlo, a young man whom Lise tries to know more about; an elderly Englishwoman named Mrs. Fiedke whom Lise bonds with to go shopping; and Pierre, a Frenchman who picks up Lise hoping to seduce her as well. The film is told in a non-linear narrative as throughout the film are scenes of the local Rome police interviewing all the people that Lise interacted with as well as investigating the reasons for her strange behavior that led up to her own murder. Original Italian soundtrack from 1974 on the beautiful Ariete label by the pianist Franco Mannino. A great LP that inlcudes two completely different sides. On the first side, a refined symphonic composition for solo piano divided into 9 tracks performed by Franco Mannino himself. Second side is also composed by Franco Mannino but with the help of Sergio Montori this time entitled ''Elizabeth Suite'' and featuring 8 tracks with some crazy hammond. Enough words! Listen to ''Liz Five'' and ''Lize Seven'' two great jazz funk tracks with nice hammond and guitar.
- 1. Before
2. Nocturne
3. Dawn
4. Waiting
5. Dreaming
6. Explosion
7. The Park
8. Moonlight
9. After Elizabeth Suite:
10. Liz One
11. Liz Two
12. Liz Three
13. Liz Four
14. Liz Five
15. Liz Six
16. Liz Seven 8. Liz Eight
Soundtrack - Francois De Roubaix - Les Levres Rouges (Daughters Of Darkness) (Soundtrack) [7''] (Transparent Red Colored Vinyl, 2 songs from cult classic soundtrack, limited/numbered to 2500, indie-exclusive)7IN7"/DAUGHTERS OF DARKNESS/2500 CPS RED VINYL/RSD 2019
Soundtrack - Get Carter (Coloured Vinyl)LP180GR/GATEFOLD/1000CPS TRANSPARENT GREEN VINYL/RSD 2019
Soundtrack - Ghost World (Soundtrack) [2LP] (limited to 700, indie exclusive)LPAs he did with Crumb, director Terry Zwigoff has created a soundtrack as eclectic and riveting as his movie subjects. The sounds of early jazz and blues play a crucial role in the events of Ghost World, and the music heard here is some of the best ever recorded. Skip James's classic ''Devil Got My Woman'' from 1931 may be the best-known work on this soundtrack, but it hardly steals the show. Three tracks from weird but riveting jazz-meets-calypso bandleader Lionel Belasco are included; the 70-year-old recordings are so original, they sound timeless. The same praise can be stated of film opener ''Jaan Pehechaan Ho,'' a Bollywood rarity that has elements of surf music, funk, and garage rock. Of course, we also have to hear ''Graduation Rap'' and Blueshammer's ''Pickin' Cotton Blues,'' two intentionally bad contemporary tracks that make the characters in the movie (and anyone listening to this soundtrack) feel out of place in today's pop culture. Zwigoff wisely fills out the disc with tracks from his personal 78 record collection, a mix of '20s and '30s string band and blues tunes that are seldom found in compilations (including great cuts by the Dallas String Band, Joe Calicott, and McGee Bros). The haunting ''Theme from Ghost World,'' composed by David Kitay, finishes off this disc, perfectly capturing all the bittersweet moods found in the film. - Jaan Pehechaan Ho by Mohammed Rafi

Graduation Rap by Vanilla, Jade And Ebony

Devil Got My Woman by Skip James

I Must Have It by Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks

Miranda by Lionel Belasco

Pickin' Cotton Blues by Blueshammer

Let's Go Riding by Mr. Freddie

Georgia On My Mind by Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks

Las Palmas De Maracaibo by Lionel Belasco

Clarice by Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks

Scalding Hot Coffee Rag by Craig Ventresco

You're Just My Type by Vince Giordano And The Nighthawks

Venezuela by Lionel Belasco

Fare Thee Well Blues by Joe Calicott

C.C. & O. Blues by Pink Anderson & Simmie Dooley

C-h-i-c-k-e-n Spells Chicken by The McGee Brothers

That's No Way To Get Along by Robert Wilkins

So Tired by Dallas String Band

Bye Bye Baby Blues by Little Hat Jones

Theme From Ghost World by David Kitay

Soundtrack - Guy Moon - Creepozoids (Soundtrack) [LP] (Clear with Silver Pearlescent Swirl & Blood Red Swirl Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 650, indie exclusive)LPFirst-ever release of this cult classic soundtrack by Guy Moon (Looney Tunes, Addams Family). Stoughton gatefold packaging, liner notes from the composer and Linnea Quigley.
- Main Title | The Lab | Rain | 40 Paces, No Further | Livestock for Food | Let's Get Some Chow | Wake Up | False Alarm | Jesse Bites It | Walker Crawls | Butch Crawls | The Creep Shows Up | Computer Analysis | The Giant Rat Chows Down | Run to the Computer | Rat Surprise | Butch in the Cave | Butch Pukes | Old Granny Fight | Chase and Crawl | Blood Bath | The Getaway | Sneaking Around | Whip the Guy around | The Deadly Needle | A Star is born | End Credits
Soundtrack - Hot Rod (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [2LP] (Red/White/Blue Striped Colored Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Composed by ex-Yes guitarist Trevor Rabin, plus tracks from Europe, Cutting Crew, Moving Pictures.
* Pressed on ''Red/white/blue striped'' colored vinyl

- Now considered a cult film, Hot Rod's over the top soundtrack has become just as memorable as the film itself - featuring a mostly 80s inspired track list that boasts Cutting Crew, Moving Pictures, and yes, four Europe songs. Also contains dialogue from your favorites in the Lonely Island crew (led by Andy Samberg), plus Danny McBride, and Bill Hader.
- 1. Ancestors Protect Me - Rod & Kevin (Dialogue)
2. Danger on the Track - Europe
3. A Gringo Like Me - Peter Tevis
4. Never - Moving Pictures
5. I Just Found A Bag Of Fireworks - Rico (Dialogue)
6. Two of Hearts - Stacey Q
7. Cherokee - Europe
8. Skulls - Misfits Meet the Nutley Brass
9. Street Luge - Trevor Rabin
10. Going On A Date - Rod Kimble (Dialogue)
11. You're The Voice - John Farnham
12. Head Honcho - Gown
13. Thrust Away - DJ Rumpleskillzkid
14. And That's How It's Done - Rico
15. Chase (Hot Rod Edit) - Giorgio Moroder
16. Cool Beans - Rod & Kevin featuring B Legit
17. (I Just) Died In Your Arms - Cutting Crew
18. I've Got This Acid - Dave & Derrick (Dialogue)
19. Dave On Acid - Trevor Rabin
20. Rock The Night - Europe
21. Stunt Suite - Trevor Rabin
22. Time Has Come - Europe
23. Gods Of War - Rod & Kevin (Dialogue)
Soundtrack - House Of Wax (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Coke Bottle Clear Vinyl, D-side etching, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPHouse Of Wax Music From The Motion Picture House Of Wax is the Soundtrack to the 2005 horror film of the same
name starring Elisha Cuthbert, Chad Michael Murray, Brian Van hold, Paris Hilton, Jared Padalecki and Jon
House Of Wax featured hard rock, alternative and metal bands of the mid-2000s including The Prodigy, My Chemical
Romance, Deftones, Disturbed, Marilyn Manson, and others, as well as older tracks from Joy Division and The

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Spitfire - By The
02 I Never Told You What I
Do for a Living - By My
Chemical Romance
03 Minerva - By Deftones
04 Gun In Hand - By

Side B
01 Prayer - By Disturbed
02 Path to Prevail - By
03 Dried Up, Tied and
Dead to the World - By
Marilyn Manson
04 Dirt - By The Stooges

Side A
01 Not That Social - By The Von Bondies
02 Cut Me Up - By Har Mar Superstar
03 New Dawn Fades - By Joy Division
04 Taking Me Alive - By Dark new Day
Soundtrack - Howard Stern Private Parts (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Blue Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPPrivate Parts The Album is an accompanying soundtrack to the 1997 biographical comedy based on Howard Stern's
autobiography from 1993. The album features vignettes from the film, as well as key rock tracks from Stern's days as a
rock radio disc jockey. A number of celebrities appeared in the film as themselves including David Letterman, Mia
Farrow, AC/DC, Ozzy Osbourne, Dee Snider, MC Hammer, Tiny Tim, Flavor Flav, John Popper, Slash and Ted
A number of artists recorded tracks for inclusion on the soundtrack including LL Cool J with Flea, Dave Navarro and
Chad Smith of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Ozzy Osbourne with Type O Negative. Howard Stern himself teamed up
with Rob Zombie to record ''The Great American Nightmare'' and The Dust Brothers to record ''Tortured Man.'' Other
rock acts contributing tracks include Porno For Pyros, Marilyn Manson, Green Day, The Ramones, Deep Purple,
Cheap Trick, Ted Nugent and Van Halen.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Pig Virus
02 The Great American
Nightmare (With Howard
Stern) - By Rob Zombie
03 Mama Look - A Boo Boo
04 I Make My Own Rules
(With Flea, Dave
Navarro and Chad
Smith) - By LL Cool J
05 The Match Game

Side B
01 Hard Charger - By
Porno For Pyros
02 Moti
03 The Suck for Your
Solution - By Marilyn
04 Lance Eluction
05 Pictures of Matchstick
Men (With Type O
Negative) - By Ozzy

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 The Contest
02 Tired of Waiting for You
- By Green Day
04 Pinhead - By Ramones
05 Oh Howard
06 The Ben Stern Megamix
07 The Howard Stern
08 Smoke on the Water -
By Deep Purple
10 I Want You to Want Me
- By Cheap Trick

Side B
01 The Antichrist
02 Cat Scratch Fever - By
Ted Nugent
04 Jamie's Cryin' - By Van
05 Crackhead Bob
06 You Shook Me All Night
Long (Live) - By AC/DC
07 Howard You Stink
08 Ladies & Gentlemen
09 Tortured Man - By
Howard Stern & The
Dust Brothers
Soundtrack - I Know What You Did Last Summer (Soundtrack) [2LP] (gatefold, original animated artwork, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPThe soundtrack for the 1997 film, I Know What You Did Last Summer, is making its debut on vinyl. The film was written by Scream scribe, Kevin Williamson. It went on to be a huge hit to the tune of $125 million at the domestic box office. The soundtrack features music by The Offspring, L7, Soul Asylum, Toad The Wet Sprocket, Korn, and many more huge bands of the 90's. The album will be released as a 2-LP set with new original animated artwork by acclaimed LP cover artist, ''Ghoulish'' Gary Pullin. Original CD art appears within the gatefold jacket.
- Side One:

1. Hush (02:56) - Kula Shaker
2. Summer Breeze (04:57) - Type O Negative
3. D.U.I. (02:26) - The Offspring
4. Kid (03:16) - Green Apple Quick Step

Side Two:

5. This Ain't The Summer Of Love (03:09) - L7
6. Losin' It (03:01) - Soul Asylum
7. Hey Bulldog (02:31) - Toad The Wet Sprocket
8. My Baby's Got The Strangest Ways (03:59) - Southern Culture On The Skids

Side Three:

9. Waterfall (03:47) - The Din Pedals
10. Clumsy (04:27) - Our Lady Peace
11. One Hundred Days (03:40) - Flick
12. Great Life (03:50) - Goatboy

Side Four:

13. 2Wicky (04:44) - Hooverphonic
14. Don't Mean Anything (03:43) - Adam Cohen
15. Proud (03:17) - Korn
Soundtrack - Johan Soderqvist & Patrik Andren - Battlefield V (Soundtrack) [LP] (Picture Disc, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPBattlefield V Original Soundtrack On A Picture Disc -

1. Tirailleur/2. Under No Flag/3. French Fog/4. Narvik/5. Battlefield V Legacy Theme/6. Far From Home/7. Pride & Honour/8. Redemption/9. Spitfires/10. Norway/11. Triumph/12. Rotterdam In Ruins/13. Devestation/14. Sandstone/15. Glorifica/16. I Vow To Thee My Country
Soundtrack - Juice People Unlimited - Disco Godfather (Original 1979 Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (insert with liner notes & unseen photos, obi-strip, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First ever vinyl reissue since 1979
* Limited to 1,000 copies
* Includes insert with liner notes & unseen photos + obi strip
- In 1979, inspired by the massive success of both ''Saturday Night Fever'' and ''The Godfather'' movies, shock comedian Rudy Ray Moore created DISCO GODFATHER, as a black-POV parody of the disco phenomenon. Disco Godfather is a classic Blaxploitation movie about an ex-cop, with a talent for both martial arts and jive, who sets out to fight the PCP epidemic taking over his neighborhood. Directed by J. Robert Wagoner, the film is starring Rudy Ray Moore (who also co-produced the film) and established genre actress Carol Speed. Already a legendary X-rated comedy star by the 1970's, Rudy Ray Moore later transitioned into movies. With the money he earned performing at clubs he financed DOLEMITE (1975) which would turn out to be his most iconic and successful film. Moore returned to performing stand-up during the '80s and '90s and gained a new fan base when rappers like Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes began sampling his records and hailing him as ''the Godfather of Rap'' for his use of rhymes in dialogue. In 2018 (10 years after Moore's death), it was announced that Craig Brewer (Hustle and Flow) would direct the upcoming biographical-dramedy ''Dolemite Is My Name ''about Rudy Ray Moore. The Netflix film will star Eddie Murphy as Rudy, other cast members will include Wesley Snipes and Chris Rock. Every cool film needs a cool soundtrack, so the movie's producers turned to the band ''Juice People Unlimited'' to crank out a funky disco flavor bomb. This studio band consisted of many noted musicians, including legendary drummer James Gadsen (one of the most recorded drummers in R&B music, having played on hundreds of hit records); bass player David Shields (Smokey Robinson, Patti Labelle, Gloria Gaynor); guitarist Paul Jackson Jr. (The Temptations, The Pointer Sisters, Bobby Womack); guitarist Wali Ali (Rick James, Marvin Gaye) & percussionist Melvin Webb (The Gap Band, Janet Jackson). The funky tunes on this album were written and arranged by the legendary Ernie Fields Jr., recognized for his baritone sax work with such iconic artists as Marvin Gaye, Rick James and Freddie Hubbard. Fields' other credits include working as a session musician for (as well as touring with) Fred Wesley in the 1990s ... and more recently his involvement as a music contractor for American Idol, The Voice and X Factor. Delivering four lengthy tracks (including trippy sound effects and slurry nasally vocals), the band succeeds in capturing the essence of the movies' message and concept perfectly. With distinct nods to the drug hallucination sequences depicted in the film, the repetitive funky disco groove reflects a state of trance that fits the imagery on the film like a glove. The original (and never before reissued) 1979 vinyl soundtrack has become a highly sought-after album due to its incredibly high caliber of respected studio performers and collaborators. Collectors will shelve out a hefty amount for an original copy. Strange Disc Records now proudly presents a deluxe vinyl reissue (1000 copies) containing an insert with unseen pictures and extensive & exclusive liner notes. Released exclusively for Record Store Day (UK & Europe) 2019, available in participating stores on April 13.

- 1.Disco Godfather 2.Shermanizing/One Way Ticket To Hell 3.I Never Wanted To Say Goodbye 4.Spaced Out
Soundtrack - Lost In Translation (Soundtrack) [LP] (Violet Colored Vinyl, limited to 3750, indie exclusive)LPSoundtrack to the 2003 Academy Award nominated film. Features songs by My Bloody Valentine, Air,
and The Jesus and Mary Chain. On Rolling Stone's Greatest Soundtracks of All Time list.

Side A
01 Intro / Tokyo - By Lost
In Translation - Sound
02 City Girl - By Kevin
03 Shibuya - By Brian
Reitzell & Roger J.
Manning Jr.
04 Fantino - By Sebastien
05 Goodbye - By Kevin
06 Girls - By Death In
07 Tommib - By
08 Too Young - By

Side B
01 Kaze Wo Atsumete - By
Happy End
02 On The Subway - By
Brian Reitzell & Roger J.
Manning Jr.
03 Ikebana - By Kevin
04 Sometimes - By My
Bloody Valentine
05 Alone in Kyoto - By Air
06 Are You Awake? - By
Kevin Shields
07 Just Like Honey - By
The Jesus And Mary
Soundtrack - Malcom X (Soundtrack) [LP] (Translucent Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl in the U.S., limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPThe Soundtrack from the 1992 Spike Lee Feature Bio-Film of Malcolm X featuring Denzel Washington and Angela
Bassett with cameo appearances by Rev. Al Sharpton, Bobby Seale, and Nelson Mandela.

Side A
01 Revolution - By
Arrested Development
02 Roll 'Em Pete - By Joe
03 Flying Home - By Lionel
04 My Prayer - By The Ink
05 Big Stuff - By Billie
06 Don't Cry Baby - By
Erskine Hawkins
07 Beans and Cornbread -
By Louis Jordan
08 Azure - By Ella

Side B
01 Alabama - By John
02 That Lucky Old Sun Just
Rolls Around Heaven -
By Ray Charles
03 Arabesque Cookie - By
Duke Ellington
04 Shotgun - By Junior
Walker & The All Stars
05 Someday We'll All Be
Free - By Aretha
Soundtrack - Max Richter - La Prima Linea (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (Transparent Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, numbered/limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First Release on Vinyl
* Limited Numbered Edition on Transparent Red Vinyl

- Italian director Renato de Maria's 2009 crime drama La Prima Linea (The Front Line) takes us back to the late seventies and the home-grown Italian terrorist cell of the same name. Based on the real memoirs of a Prima Linea member, Sergio Segio (played by Riccardo Scamarcio) the militant underground organisation employs violence to achieve their political ends and ultimately to attempt to free Sergio's lover, Susanna, from prison. The beautiful and melancholic soundtrack is instantly recognisable as Max Richter's work, making its debut here on vinyl for Record Store Day. Richter is a respected composer in his own right, having accumulated a large fanbase for his studio albums (Memoryhouse, The Blue Notebooks and most recently, Sleep). He has also won multiple awards and nominations for his soundtracks including Waltz With Bashir, Lore, The Leftovers and most recently Mary Queen of Scots. To accompany this release, Silva Screen have pressed a limited edition of Max Richter's ''The Leftovers'' on Transparent Red Vinyl which is currently available.
- SIDE 1

1 The Falling Orchestra
2 Falling Shadow (1)
3 Alone Together (1)
4 Dream Tempo (1)
5 Brightness Morning
6 Requies (spaces)
7 Requies (solo)
8 Timepiece


1 Dream Tempo (2)
2 Dark Pulse
3 Falling Shadow (2)
4 Alone Together (2)
5 Dream Tempo (3)
6 Memory Pulse
7 Falling Shadow (3)
8 Requies (Epilogue)
9 Alone Together (3)
Soundtrack - Metavari - ABSURDA (Music Reimagined In The Short Films Of David Lynch, indie exclusive) [LP] (Clear Vinyl, download, 4-panel insert, obi-strip, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* First ever release on any format!
* Limited to 1,000 copies (Clear Vinyl)
* Deluxe reverse-board printed jacket with a custom die-cut center hole
* Includes DL card and 4-panel insert + obi strip
- Metavari, the moniker of American composer and electronic musician Nathaniel David Utesch introduces his new album: 'ABSURDA: Music Reimagined in the Short Films of David Lynch'. The album contains 12 tracks, each of which have been scored in unison to a collection of short works from filmmaker David Lynch. Spanning Lynch's career, the films represent a breadth from student work (e.g., 'Six Figures Getting Sick' and 'The Alphabet') to contemporary pieces like the title track, 'Absurda', and his now infamous animations: 'Industrial Soundscape' and 'Dream #7'. 'ABSURDA' plays through as thoughtfully as the rest of Metavari's synth-heavy catalog, but there's an evolution here that explores a deeper level of experimentation. It is a chaotic collage of sound, rhythm, and melody; weaving through both harmonious passages and abrasive acousmatic sound. An almost ''plunderphonic'' execution of MIDI sequencing and percussion utilizing PCM synths and foley samples. It's clear that Metavari has found himself on a new path as he carves his niche in electronic music. Metavari describes the process as a ''scribbling on top'' of Lynch's films. ''I've followed David Lynch's career my entire adult life; cherished pages from a series of love letters that feel like they were written just for me. This project is the semblance of what I've scribbled, in my own language, on top of those letters as I write back to the man who has inspired me more than he'll ever know.'' The album comes packaged in a deluxe reverse-board printed jacket with a custom die-cut center hole, also included is a digital download card and a special 4-panel insert (containing synth patch diagrams & instructions for dropping the needle in unison with the ten films. This LP (on CLEAR vinyl) is strictly limited to 1000 copies worldwide. Released exclusively for Record Store Day (UK & Europe) 2019, available in participating stores on April 13.

- 01. Six Figures Getting Sick (Six Times) 02. Absurd Encounter with Fear 03. The Alphabet 04. Theme from the Grandmother 05. Industrial Soundscape (Excerpt) 06. Absurda 07. Premonitions Following an Evil Deed 08. Dream #7 (Extended) 09. The 3 Rs / Epilogue for the 3 Rs 10. Ballerina , part 1 11. Ballerina , part 2
Soundtrack - Michael Giacchino - Star Trek Beyond (Soundtrack) [LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPThe relaunch of the Star Trek franchise in 2009 under J.J. Abrams was an astounding success, earning almost 400 million at the box office. The composing duties were turned over to Michael Giacchino, then know mostly for his Abrams TV work on Alias and Lost. The album was a success, moving almost 100k copies in the U.S. alone across CD and digital downloads. This is the first time the album has been made available on LP. Giacchino is the composer on the current Jurassic Park films, The Incredibles, Coco, Spider-man and Dr. Strange. It is the only Star Trek title from the rebooted franchise which has not appeared on vinyl, despite being the most successful of the films
- Side One:

Side A:
1. Star Trek (1:03)
2. Nailin' the Kelvin (2:09)
3. Labor of Love (2:51)
4. Hella Bar Talk (1:55)
5. Enterprising Young Men (2:39)
6. Nero Sighted (3:23)
7. Nice To Meld You (3:13)
8. Run and Shoot Offense (2:04)
9. Does It Still McFly? (2:03)

Side B:
10. Nero Death Experience (5:38)
11. Nero Fiddles, Narada Burns (2:34)
12. Back From Black (:59)
13. That New Car Smell (4:46)
14. To Boldly Go (:26)
15. End Credits (9:11)
Soundtrack - Monty Python - Monty Python's Life Of Brian [LP] (Picture Disc, download, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPPeople of Wecord Store Day. Wirginare your fwiends.To pwove our fwiendship, it is customawy at this time to welease a wecord fwom our archives...... Therefowe we have decided to WELEASE BWIAN!! To celebrate Record Store Day 2019 the Monty Python group will release a very special vynly picture disc version of the Life Of Brian -mastered at Abbey Road Studios. London. Complete with new and unseen artwork from the python vaults, overseen by Terry Giliiam himself. Complete with SoV download voucher. -

Side A:
1. Introduction
2. Brian Song
3. The Wise Men At The Manger
4. Brian Song
5. Sermon On The Mount (Big Nose)
6. Stone Salesman
7. Stoning
8. Ex-Leper
9. You Mean You Were Raped? (Nortius Maximus)
10. Revolutionaries In The Amphitheatre (Loretta)
11. Romans Go Home
12. What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?
13. Ben
14. Brian Before Pilate (Throw Him To The Floor)
Side B:
1. Prophets
2. Beard Salesman
3. Brian's Prophecy
4. The Hermit
5. He's Not The Messiah
6. He's A Very Naughty Boy
7. Pilate Sentences Brian
8. Nisus Wettus
9. Pilate With The Crowd (Welease Wodger)
10. Nisus Wettus With The Gaolers
11. Release Brian
12. Not So Bad Once You're Up
13. Revs Salute Brian
14. Cheeky Is Released
15. Mandy To Her Son
16. Look On The Bright Side Of Life (All Things Dull And Ugly)
Soundtrack - Multiplication Rock (Soundtrack) Bob Dorough - [LP] (Multi-Colored Vinyl, original artwork, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPMulti-Colored Vinyl with Original Artwork - LIMITED EDITION (1500) MULTI COLORED VINYL Original ABC 1973 TV soundtrack, part of the Schoolhouse Rock! Series. Jazz Bop Vocalist Bob Dorough (1923-2018) composed ‚Multiplication Rock‚ as a way for children to remember Multiplication tables. With the use of upbeat pop and rock melodies it turned into a huge success and was Grammy Nominated for Best Children Recording. A huge influence and sample source for many artists from De La Soul to Elliott Smith . Colored Vinyl LP from The Original Master Tapes with original Tape Box artwork
Soundtrack - New Jack City (Soundtrack) [LP] (Silver Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPNew Jack City is the Soundtrack to the 1991 action gangster film of the same name which starred
Wesley Snipes, Chris Rock, Ice-T, Judd Nelson and Mario Van Peebles. It is also the directorial debut of Van Peebles

Side A
01 New Jack Hustler
(Nino's Theme) - By Ice
02 I'm Dreamin' - By
Christopher Williams
03 New Jack City - By Guy
04 I'm Still Waiting - By
Johnny Gill
05 (There You Go) Telling
Me No Again - By Keith

Side B
01 Facts Of Life - By
Danny Madden
02 For the Love of Money /
Living for the City (feat.
Queen Latifah) - By
Troop / LeVert
03 I Wanna Sex You Up
(Single Mix) - By Color
Me Badd
04 Lyrics 2 the Rhythm -
By Essence
05 Get It Together (Black Is
a Force) - By F.S. Effect
06 In the Dust - By 2 Live
Soundtrack - No Alternative (Soundtrack) [2LP] (gatefold, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPThe 28 song soundtrack for Indie Film ''No Alternative.'' A coming-of-age drama that blasts open the world of grunge-era teenagers in the early '90s. Highschooler Thomas Harrison is determined to start his own alternative band after the suicide of Kurt Cobain - it's an obsession that blinds him to what's either the mental collapse, or the eruption of musical genius, of his little sister, Bridget. Bridget boldly rejects her brother's music, and the music of an entire generation of slackers, by taking on the persona of a gangsta' rapper named 'Bri Da B.' The writer and director of the film, William Dickerson, uses his own 1990s highschool band ''Latterday Saints'' and his sister's gangsta' rap persona ''Bri D B'' for never before heard original music to compliment the '90s music that's feature in the film from Mudhoney, Sebadoh to Lisa Loeb. The film is slated for release via Gravitas Ventures on April 2nd, 2019.
DISC ONE SIDE A Latterday Saints //Better Than Last Time S.M.I Dolla Sign // I Depend On MeThe Pork Guys // No WayLatterday Saints // Chummin'El Da Sensai // Under PressureNerd Gets The Girl // I Wish I Was A BradySuperdrag // The Emotional KindDISC ONE SIDE BLisa Loeb // Do You SleepLow Flying Jets // A Cool HitBri Da B // Gravy On TopAt A Loss // It's Not LikeMorgan Storm // In Your ShadowWeston // Just Like KurtFor the Hutch // Beer Equals Dude
DISC TWO SIDE A Latterday Saints // Turbulence Sebadoh // Indie Rock Braid // Breathe In Shurg // Let You Down Mudhoney // Hate the Police The Left // Not Yet Peter Hoffman // Chiller DISC TWO SIDE B Self // Cannon Bri Da B // Pimptooth Mike Flannery // Barriers Failure // Perfect Prisons Spillway // Mantra Chanana Bri Da B // Daddy's a Republican Latterday Saints // Turpentine
Soundtrack - Office Space (Soundtrack) [LP] ('Red Stapler' Colored Vinyl, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPThe soundtrack to the 1999 cult classic Office Space is now out on vinyl! Featuring tracks from Ice Cube, Geto Boys, Slum Village and more on a stapler red 1LP. -

Side A:
1. Canibus, Biz Mark - Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee (Side A)
2. Slum Village - Get Dis Money (Side A)
3. Keith Kool - Get Off My Elevator (Side A)
4. Junior Reid - Big Boss Man (Side A)
5. Lisa Stone - 9 To 5 (Side A)
6. Ice Cube - Down For Whatever (Side A)

Side B:
1. Geto Boys - Damn It Feels Good To Be A Gangsta
2. Blackman, Destruct, Icon - Home
3. Scarface - No Tears
4. Geto Boys - Still
5. Perez Prado - Mambo No.8 - Album Version
6. Perez Prado Y Su Orquesta - Peanut Vendor
Soundtrack - Paul Haslinger - Halt And Catch Fire Vol 2 (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (die cut 'Comet' slipcase, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Limited edition vinyl with die cut 'Comet' slipcase
* Pressed on black vinyl
- The second volume of music from the hugely successful Halt And Catch Fire TV series which completed a four-season run in 2017 gets its first cut to wax. Created by former Tangerine Dream member, the soundtrack is an evocative backdrop to the award-winning tech-based series. With a nod to John Carpenter at his dramatic finest and Pink Floyd circa 'Atom Heart Mother', an electronic soundscape that's Bladerunner-esque ambience is dotted with aching melancholy. Haslinger's music underscores a show at the very cutting edge of box set mania. ''Appropriately synth heavy drawing on his past contributions to Tangerine Dream'' The Vinyl Factory ''An incredibly sexy, high-octane drama about all of the genius and ego behind the ('80s) tech boom that changed the world.'' Paste ''Intelligent eighties drama... essentially Mad Men for techno-geeks.'' Telegraph - Mosaic
Cameron's Motorcycle Diaries
Venture Capital
Impossible to Love
Why I Finally Told Him
The Connection
Into the River
Life Interrupted
Empty Rooms
Off to Seattle
Dreamers and Misfits
It Worked for Awhile / Cam and Joe
I Have an Idea
Soundtrack - Pharrel Wiliams, Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch - Hidden Figures (Score, indie exclusive) [LP] (RANDOM Yellow or 3 Color Swirl Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Original Music by Pharrel Wiliams, Hans Zimmer & Benjamin Wallfisch
* First time available on Vinyl
* Limited to 500 copies on Yellow or 3 color Swirl colored vinyl (randomly inserted)
* Academy Award & Golden Globe Winning Nominee
- Vinyl release of the score to the award winning fiilm ''Hidden Figures'' with original music by Hans Zimmer, Pharrell Williams & Benjamin Wallfisch, available for the first time on vinyl.
- 1 Katherine
2 Mission Control
3 I'd Already Be One
4 Space Task Group
5 Slice Of Pie
6 Redacted
7 With All The Angels
8 Redstone
9 Call Your Wives
10 Launch
11 That's Just The Way Things Are
12 Sign
13 Kitchen Kiss
14 Mary And The Judge
15 I Like Her Numbers
16 Ladies' March
17 Mary And Levi
18 Euler's Method
19 Proposal
20 Pearls
21 Katherine Calculates
22 Lift Off
23 Warning Light
24 Rocket Peril
25 Hidden Figures
26 Epilogue
Soundtrack - Pinar Toprak - Krypton (Soundtrack) [LP] (Orange/Yellow Galaxy Colored Vinyl, limited to 1350, indie exclusive)LP1LP Std Orange/Yellow Galaxy Color This is the soundtrack from Season One of the hit DC Comics and Syfy television series, Krypton, which puts a new spin on the Superman story. Set two generations before the destruction of the legendary Man of Steel's home planet, Krypton follows Superman's grandfather, whose House of El was ostracized and shamed as he fights to redeem his family's honor and save his beloved world from chaos. Based on DC characters, Krypton is executive produced by David S. Goyer (Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and The Dark Knight trilogy). The soundtrack was composed by Pinar Toprak (composer for the crazy hot video game Fortnite, the film Justice League, and the upcoming Captain Marvel movie for Marvel and Disney).
The album will be released on colored vinyl. The highly anticipated second season will premiere in Spring of 2019. -

Side One:
1. Seeing Kandor For The First Time (00:50)
2. The Death Of Val El (1:34)
3. Bar Fight (2:41)
4. Welcome To The Fortress (2:18)
5. Your Grandson's Cape (3:41)
6. Brainiac's Peeking Through Rhom (2:26)
7. Kem Sweet Talks Ona (1:35)
8. Street People (1:15)
9. Seg Escapes (1:23)
10.Ona Says A Prayer (2:48)
11.Seg In The Wastelands (00:39)

Side Two:
1. Lyta Meditates* (1:13)
2. A Test Of Sibling* (2:12)
3. Let The Trial Begin* (4:34)
4. Meant To Save Superman (00:44)
5. Jayna Shoots The Voice (1:43)
6. Dev Awakes (00:45)
7. Sigil Means Hope (1:45)
8. Bye Bye Brainiac* (7:43)
Soundtrack - Pino Donaggio - Corruzione Al Palazzo Di Giustizia (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Pressed on colored vinyl & limited to 500
- Pino Donaggio's soundtrack for CORRUZIONE AL PALAZZO DI GIUSTIZIA is a work of many qualities. Donaggio creating romantically laced cues that are played alongside dramatic and taught sounding compositions. This score was written in 1974 before the composer had really established his ''sound'' but nevertheless the music has great character and contains some interesting orchestrations and arrangements. this is a work that will delight and probably surprise a number of film music fans. It's an odd thing that many collectors of Italian film music often forget or side step the works of Donaggio, maybe this is due to the composers involvement with many horror movies and his use of a number of atonal or action cues, as opposed to melodic or romantic sounding compositions. The Maestro combines traditional Italian sounding motifs and musical passages with his own compositions and arrangements creating a rewarding and at times amusing listen. Composer Pino Donaggio teamed with filmmaker Brian DePalma to forge one of the most memorable collaborations in cinema history, writing a series of suspenseful, hauntingly atmospheric scores evoking Bernard Herrmann's landmark work for Alfred Hitchcock. Born Giuseppe Donaggio in Venice, Italy, on October 24, 1941, he was the product of a family of musicians, and began studying violin at the age of ten.
- 1. Tema di Elena
2. Al palazzo di giustizia
3. Indagine
4. Goia al cabaret
5. Solitudine
6. Goia
7. Corruzione
8. Grottesco
9. Eccellenza
10. Passeggiata
11. Archivio
12. Notturno
13. Duello
14. Trasferimento
15. Promoveatur ut amoveatur
16. Finale
Soundtrack - Record Safari (Soundtrack) [LP] (Clear Vinyl Deluxe Edition with film strips from the movie inserted in the vinyl, limited to 300, indie exclusive)LPThe deluxe collector's edition soundtrack for the documentary film, Record Safari, on clear vinyl with film strips from the movie inserted in the vinyl. Record Safari is a feature documentary about vinyl record collectors. Vinyl Records are Alex Rodriguez's drug, and he's turned his addiction into a career. Running the Glass House Record Store and curating for Coachella Music Festival's on-site record store, Alex spends weeks on the road buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, enthusiasts and producers. Record Safari takes you on journey as Alex searches high and low for these sought after pieces of plastic and gives us an inside look into the world of record collecting. - SIDE 1 (A SIDE)
1. Bikini Kill- This Is Not A test (1:59)
2. Deidre & The Dark- Which Way (3:02)
3. High Waisted- Hey Hey (3:07)
4. Atmosphere- Camera Thief (4:46)
5. Fiona Silver- Here Comes The Fall (3:38)
6. Deidre & The Dark- Tell Me (3:29)
7. Lenny Kaye- Record Collector
1. Fiona Silver- Housewife (4:09)
2. Atlantic Thrills- Day At The Beach (2:40)
3. Atmosphere- To All My Friends (3:17)
4. The Chamber Strings- Check Out Girls (3:38)
5. The Postmarks- You Drift Away (3:50)
6. Deidre & The Dark- Can't Believe You're Mine (1:52)
7. Outro: ''Thanks'' (:06)
Soundtrack - Record Safari (Soundtrack) [LP] (limited to 700, indie exclusive)LPThe soundtrack for the documentary film, Record Safari, on standard vinyl. Record Safari is a feature documentary about vinyl record collectors. Vinyl Records are Alex Rodriguez's drug, and he's turned his addiction into a career. Running the Glass House Record Store and curating for Coachella Music Festival's on-site record store, Alex spends weeks on the road buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, enthusiasts and producers. Record Safari takes you on journey as Alex searches high and low for these sought after pieces of plastic and gives us an inside look into the world of record collecting. - SIDE 1 (A SIDE)
1. Bikini Kill- This Is Not A test (1:59)
2. Deidre & The Dark- Which Way (3:02)
3. High Waisted- Hey Hey (3:07)
4. Atmosphere- Camera Thief (4:46)
5. Fiona Silver- Here Comes The Fall (3:38)
6. Deidre & The Dark- Tell Me (3:29)
7. Lenny Kaye- Record Collector
1. Fiona Silver- Housewife (4:09)
2. Atlantic Thrills- Day At The Beach (2:40)
3. Atmosphere- To All My Friends (3:17)
4. The Chamber Strings- Check Out Girls (3:38)
5. The Postmarks- You Drift Away (3:50)
6. Deidre & The Dark- Can't Believe You're Mine (1:52)
7. Outro: ''Thanks'' (:06)
Soundtrack - Riz Ortolani - Africa Addio (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (Red Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Pressed on colored vinyl & limited to 500
- ''Africa addio'' (also known as ''Africa Blood and Guts'' in the United States and ''Farewell Africa'' in the UK) is a 1966 film directed by Gualtiero Jacopetti and Franco Prosperi, winner of the David di Donatello prize for best production in the same year; the same directors, four years earlier, with the seminal ''Mondo Cane'', practically invented the 'Mondo movie' movie genre, transforming the classic documentary format into something shocking, making use of low-budget amateurish shots showing a raw, crude reality that, compared to the one in which the films were distributed and projected, was very distant, geographically and ideologically. In 1963 ''Mondo cane'' was followed by ''La donna nel mondo'', (''Women of the world''), and in both cases their soundtrack had been entrusted to Riz Ortolani, who eventually came back to work with Jacopetti / Prosperi in '66 with ''Africa addio'', a film that already at the time raised a discreet fuss among critics and experts. Ortolani's music is mainly classical / symphonic, played by a wisely directed orchestra, perfect both during the most relaxed moments, where the use of stringed instruments prevails, and in dramatic ones, in which the presence of the wind instruments amplifies the tragic events documented in the film. ''Africa addio'' is an exclusive release for the Record Store Day 2019, reissued today almost forty years after its previous edition. Limited edition on colo red vinyl! Not to be missed!!!
- 1.Africa addio
2.I mercenari
3.Il massacro di Maidopei
4.Cape Town
5.Prima del diluvio
6.Le ragazze dell'oceano
7.Verso la liberta 8.Paradiso degli animali
9.Il nono giorno
10.Goodbye Mister Turnbull
11.Lo zerbino volante
12.La decimazione
13.Finale Africa addio
Soundtrack - Riz Ortolani - Perversion Story (aka Una Sull'altra, indie exclusive) [LP] (Pink Vinyl, gatefold, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPRSD 2019 release. The original soundtrack recording for this 1969 Italian thriller filmed in San Francisco by cult director Lucio Fulci. The movie has one of the best and most well-known scores written by the mighty Riz Ortolani. Groovy and jazzy and unlike many other Italian soundtracks. Limited edition pink vinyl; Special deluxe gatefold sleeve; Edition of 500.
- A1. Una Sull'Altra
A2. Susan And Jane
A3. Lombard Street
A4. Sitar In Blues
A5. St. Francisco Railways
A6. St. Quentin
A7. Golden Gate Bridge
B1. Latin Quarter
B2. Susan And Jane
B3. The Roaring Twenties
B4. Una Sull'Altra
B5. Una Sull'Altra
B6. Sitar In Blues
B7. Susan And Jane
B8. Susan And Jane
Soundtrack - Roy Budd - Get Carter (Soundtrack+Dialogue) [LP] (Transparent Green 180 Gram Vinyl, gatefold, limited/numbered to 1000, indie-exclusive)LPGet Carter, the classic 1971 British gangster movie, starred Michael Caine in a career-defining role as a London gangster out for revenge in the grim North. The film was directed by Mike Hodges and set in the derelict urban scenery of Newcastle, it could easily have come with a period glam rock soundtrack, but it sounded so much better with cool jazz. And there is some very classy, cool and slightly edgy jazz here to evoke the gritty imagery of the film.
The iconic soundtrack, recorded on a tiny budget, was written by the jazz prodigy Roy Budd. Performed by Budd and two other jazz musicians Jeff Clyne and Chris Karan, both of whom were part of the Dudley Moore Trio, the distinctive score continues to inspire musicians worldwide. Pianist Budd, drummer Chris Karan (also on evocative tabla) and bassist Jeff Clyne (with guitarists Brian Daly and Judd Proctor) carry the emotional weight of the soundtrack which has inspired a number of covers and tributes.

This revised edition comes with snippets of dialogue including that classic and sample-inviting line by Caine, ''You're a big man but you're in bad shape, for me it's a full-time job. Now behave yourself''.
Get Carter was voted number 16 in the British Film Institute '100 Favourite British Films of The 20th Century' and number one in the Total Film 'Greatest British Films Of All Time'. The music has stood the test of time just as well as the screenplay.

Get Carter is available as a limited edition of 1.000 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl.

* 180 gram audiophile vinyl
* Gatefold sleeve
* PVC protective sleeve
* First time on coloured vinyl
* Includes classic dialogue from the movie
* Music by Roy Budd
* Limited edition of 1.000 numbered copies on transparent green vinyl

Official website:

Side A
1. Get Carter Intro
2. Dialogue ''Is there a Mr. Carter in the room?''
3. Main Theme - Carter Takes A Train
4. Dialogue ''Do you know a man called Albert Swift?''
5. Looking For Someone
6. Dialogue - The Race Track
7. Something On My Mind
8. Dialogue ''Who killed Frank?''
9. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry
10. Dialogue ''Tell me about the girl''
11. The Girl In The Car
12. Dialogue ''I fancy you''
13. Love Is A Four Letter Word
14. Dialogue ''You're lucky. They kill as well''
15. Livin' Should Be This Way

Side B
1. Dialogue ''All it takes is one call to the police''
2. Manhunt
3. Dialogue ''Drink up: Eric''
4. Goodbye Eric!
5. Dialogue ''I want you to listen very carefully''
6. Hallucinations
7. Dialogue ''You're a big man but you're in bad shape''
8. Plaything
9. Dialogue ''Stay away from the car or I'll blow you apart''
10. Goodbye Carter!
11. Dialogue ''Talk or I'll kill you''
12. Hallucinations – Instrumental
13. Getting Nowhere In A Hurry – Instrumental
Soundtrack - Sharp Objects (HBO Series Soundtrack) [2LP] (Green Swirl Vinyl, download, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPBased on the novel of the same name by awardwinning and New York Times best-selling author Gillian Flynn, the series was directed
by Jean-Marc Vallee. Showrunner Marti Noxon wrote all episodes along with Flynn. The
series stars Amy Adams as reporter Camille Preaker, who returns to her small hometown
to cover the murder of a preteen girl and the disappearance of another. Trying to put
together a psychological puzzle from her past, she finds herself identifying with the
young victims a bit too closely.
Entertainment One (eOne) has announced the release of ''Sharp Objects (Music from
the HBO Limited Series),'' the soundtrack and musical companion to its groundbreaking
summer mini-series crime drama starring Amy Adams.
The series debuted on DVD and Blu-ray on Tuesday, November 27, 2018. Like the
smash limited series and companion soundtrack for HBO's ''Big Little Lies'' the ''Sharp
Objects'' series benefited greatly from the vision of director Jean-Marc Vallee and the
Emmy Award-winning music supervision of Susan Jacobs, all drawing inspiration from
the original Gillian Flynn novel of the same name.
''This soundtrack is an invitation to inscape,'' said Jacobs & Vallee in a conjoined
statement. ''To do what Camille Preaker does with music during her journey through
Wind Gap. Escape from within. Bless your heart.''
The soundtrack features music from key transitional series scenes. The eight-episode
series averaged 7 million viewers per episode (live and delayed). The live viewership
closed with a series high of 1.8 million viewers.
* The eight-episode series averaged 7 million viewers per episode (live and delayed).
The live viewership closed with a series high of 1.8 million viewers.
* Visibility for the series is expected to remain high with the onset of Hollywood's
award season at the top of the year
* Produced by Jean-Marc Vallee & Susan Jacobs (''Big Little Lies'')
* The ''sister'' soundtrack to ''Big Little Lies'' (which featured the same director, and
music supervisor) has scanned 75,000 albums to date (including 2,000 lp's despite a
delayed physical release).
1 Franz Waxman ''Dance and Angela'' (Original Version)
2 Mark Batson ft. The Rooster Incorporated ''Cupcake Kitty Curls''
3 Jeffrey Brodsky ''Glance Backwards (Dance and Angela Jean-Phi Goncalves Remix)''
4 Jean-Phi Goncalves ''Dance and Angela (Trip-Hop Version)''
5 Hurray for the Riff Raff ''Small Town Heroes''
6 Snoop Dogg ''I Love My Momma''
7 Alison Krauss & Robert Plant ''Through The Morning, Through The Night''
8 Emily Wells ''Mama's Gonna Give You Love''
9 Engelbert Humperdinck ''Can't Take My Eyes Off You''
10 Alexandra Streliski ''Concerto in D Minor (After Alessandro Marcello), BWV 974: II. Adagio''
11 Willie Dixon ''The Little Red Rooster''
12 Hurray for the Riff Raff ''Pa'lante''
13 The Acid ''Tumbling Lights''
14 Sylvan Esso ''Come Down''
Soundtrack - South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Colored Vinyl, Die-Cut SHAPED of characters, 10 'golden ticket' copies with signed print, ltd to 5000, indie exclusive)LPElaborate deluxe double color vinyl edition of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut. Music From And
Inspired By The Motion Picture featuring; a lithograph front cover, pop up image and a booklet containing lyrics from
the 10 South Park songs all with corresponding images from the film. Strictly limited to 5000 copies worldwide, the
double color vinyl package will hold the vinyl in die cut shapes of the four main characters; numbers 1-2500 will feature
characters Cartman (Red LP) and Kenny (Orange LP) and numbers 2501-5000 will feature Kyle (Green LP) and Stan
(Blue LP). The package has been designed by the official South Park designers in conjunction with creators Matt and
Trey, and ten lucky purchasers will receive a ''golden ticket'' copy which includes a signed print from creators Matt and

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Mountain Town - By
South Park
02 Uncle F**ka - By South
03 It's Easy MMMKay - By
South Park
04 Blame Canada - By
South Park
05 Kyle's Mom's a Bitch -
By South Park

Side B
01 What Would Brian
Boitano Do? - By South
02 Up There - By South
03 La Resistance (Medley)
- By South Park
04 Eyes of a Child - By
South Park
05 I Can Change - By
South Park

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 I'm Super - By South
02 Mountain Town
(Reprise) - By South
03 Good Love - By Isaac
04 Shut Yo Face (Uncle
F**ka) [feat. Trina & Tre
+6] - By Trick Daddy
05 Riches to Rags
(MMMKay) - By Nappy

Side B
01 Kyle's Mom's A Big Fat
B**ch (feat. Kid Rock) -
By Joe C.
02 What Would Brian
Boitano Do?, Pt. II - By
03 I Swear It (I Can
Change) - By Violent
04 Super - By RuPaul
05 O Canada - By Geddy
Lee & Alex Lifeson
Soundtrack - Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse (Soundtrack) [LP] (gatefold, lenticular cover, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPSony Pictures Entertainment and Republic Records have teamed up for the first time to create a ''contemporary musical companion'' for the feature film, according to the announcement. ''The two camps worked closely to create a soundtrack in support of the multicultural protagonist of the film, Miles Morales,'' it continues. ''The music from the soundtrack will span multiple genres including Hip Hop, Latin and Pop and look to portray what a teen like Miles is listening to across the country.'' The Soundtrack includes the hit song ''Sunflower'' by Post Malone & Swae Lee, as well as contributions from Nicki MInaj, Anuel AA, Juice WRLD, Lil Wayne and more!

1. What's up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar
2. Sunflower - Post Malone & Swae Lee
3. Way Up - Jaden Smith
4. Familia - Nicki Minaj & Anuel Aa (feat. Bantu)
5. Invincible- Amine
6. Start a Riot - Duckwrth & Shaboozey
7. Hide - Juice WRLD (feat. Seezyn)
8. Memories - Thutmose
9. Save the Day - Ski Mask & Jacquees (feat. Coi Leray & LouGotCash)
10. Let Go - Beau Young Prince
11. Scared of the Dark - Lil Wayne & Ty Dolla $ign (feat. XXXTentacion)
12. Elevate - DJ Khalil (feat. YBN Cordae, Denzel Curry, SwaVay, Trevor Rich)
13. Home - Vince Staples
Soundtrack - Stiv Bators - Stiv: No Compromise No Regrets (Soundtrack) [LP] (Red Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPSoundtrack vinyl previously unreleased for upcoming Stiv B ators documentary from award winning documentarian Danny Garcia (Looking For Johnny, Sad Vacation, Rise & Fall of the Clash). On collectible red vinyl
Track Listing
* Deadbeat Poets - The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour
* The 'B' Girls - Mystery
* Stiv Bators - Don't Go Away
* The Lustkillers - Revenge
* Stiv Bators - Evil Boy
* Club Wow - The Nights Are So Long
* Jimmy Zero - Paris
* Alpha Kitty - You Don't Go Away
* Room Full Of Strangers - The Stiv Bators Ghost Tour
* The Open Up And Bleeds - Stiv Bators In All Of Us
* Tango Pirates - Dark Star
* The Primadonna Reeds - To Feel You
Soundtrack - Stu Phillips - Knight Rider (Soundtrack) [2LP] (gatefold, all new artwork & notes, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPMaking its debut on vinyl is the music from the beloved television series, Knight Rider. The original show ran for four years on NBC and made stars out of David Hasselhoff and his car, KITT. The series featured music by the great Stu Phillips (Battlestar Galactica, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, The Fall Guy, The Monkees, Quincy and The Amazing Spider-Man). The series theme song is one of the most memorable and beloved themes from any television series.
In 2005, Film Score Monthly released a single disc limited edition CD collection of music from the series, which quickly sold out.
Our new 2-LP set features music from the limited CD release on the first LP and a second disc with unreleased music from the series. The album was supervised by Stu Phillips and will feature all new artwork and notes. Gatefold jacket.
- Side One:
1.Main Title
2.Michael Saved/Keep Fighting
3. Not Bad/He
4. Automobile Heaven/Piece of Cake/Dreamin'/Auto Cruise
5. Evil Tanya
6. They're Off
7.Escape From Jail
8.The Shootout
9. Hi Yo KITT
10.Through a Truck/Airport Chase

Total time: 22:46

Side Two:
1.They'll Never Believe/To the Pipes
2. Bull/More Bull
3. Fight in the Woods
4. KITT from Outer Space
5. Long Walk
6. Showdown
7. Karr Dies
8. Mikki's Escape
9. KITT vs. Horse
10.Frantic/KITT's Magic
11. Go/Convoy

Total time: 21:25

Side Three:
1. Like Chickens With Scorpions
2. Rope Trick/Thanks A Lot
3. Davey In Trouble/Gang
4. Gang Approach
5. Enter The Bikers
6. Shake Up
7. Restaurant
8. KITT Car
9. Open Door /Exit Garage/Jane Befuddled
10. Brian Chased/Continued
11. Small Party/Bad Info/What's Wrong?
12. Over and Over
13. Holy Toledo!
14. Accelerate
15. Copter

Total Time: 22:48

Side Four:
1. Bread And Water/Interior Jail/Reston Leaves
2. Nice Day/Head On
3. Are You Okay?
4. Food Fight/Can't Out Run 'em
5. Help Fast!
6. Orange Grove Sneak/Incredible/Camper/Knockout
7. Sammy's Crash/Mike Shows Off
8. Only 55
9. Slammin Sammy/Marie And Lisa
10. Mark Stunts
11. Ring of Fire/Bike Jump
12. Trapped
13. End Titles

Total time: around 22:51
Soundtrack - The Cable Guy (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [2LP] (''Colored TV'' Splatter Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Features Cypress Hill, Silverchair, Porno for Pyros, Cracker, Filter, Toadies
* Pressed on ''Colored TV'' splatter vinyl
- Over 20 years after it's initial release, The Cable Guy soundtrack is coming to vinyl for the very first time. Features a who's who of 90s artists including S ilverchair, Cypress Hill, Porno for Pyros, Filter, Toadies.
1. ''I'll Juice You Up...'' Dialog spoken by Jim Carrey
2. Leave Me Alone - Jerry Cantrell
3. Standing Outside a Broken Phone Booth with Money in My Hand - Primitive Radio Gods
4. Blind - silverchair
5. Oh! Sweet Nuthin' - $10,000 Gold Chain
6. End of the World Is Coming - David Hilder
7. Satellite of Love - Porno For Pyros
8. Get Outta My Head - Cracker
9. Somebody to Love - Jim Carrey
10. The Last Assassin - Cypress Hill
11. This Is - ruby
12. Hey Man, Nice Shot - Filter
13. Unattractive - Toadies
14. Download - Expanding Man
15. This Concludes Our Broadcast Day - John Ottman
Soundtrack - The Crow (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Solid White & Black Colored Vinyl, etching, first time on vinyl, limited to 3750, indie exclusive)LPOriginal motion picture soundtrack to the movie of the same title, to be released on vinyl for the first time
ever! Peaking at the top of the Billboard Top 200 Albums Chart, the album has sold 3.8 million copies in the United
States, and has been certified 3x-Platinum by the RIAA. The album features covers, including Nine Inch Nails who
covered Joy Division's ''Dead Souls'', Pantera who covered Poison Idea's ''The Badge'', and Rollins Band who covered
Suicide's ''Ghost Rider'', and Rage Against the Machine re-recorded their 1991 B-side ''Darkness of Greed'' and
renamed it ''Darkness'' for this soundtrack

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Burn - By The Cure
02 Golgotha Tenement
Blues - By Machines Of
Loving Grace
03 Big Empty - By Stone
Temple Pilots
04 Dead Souls - By Nine
Inch Nails
05 Darkness - By Rage
Against The Machine

Side B
01 Color Me Once - By
Violent Femmes
02 Ghostrider - By Rollins
03 Milktoast - By Helmet
04 The Badge - By Pantera
05 Slip Slide Melting - By
For Love Not Lisa

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 After the Flesh - By My Life With The Thrill Kill
02 Snakedriver - By The Jesus And Mary Chain
03 Time Baby III - By Medicine
04 It Can't Rain All the Time - By Jane Siberry

Side B
Soundtrack - The Faculty (Soundtrack, indie exclusive) [LP] (20th Anniversary, ''Scat & Alien Blood'' Splatter Vinyl , first time on vinyl, limited, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Features Oasis, The Offspring, Cheryl Crow, Garbage
* Pressed on ''Scat And Alien Blood'' splatter vinyl
- Celebrating 20 years since it's original release, The Faculty remains an underrated sci-fi thriller, and it's accompanying soundtrack features the best the 90s had to offer including Oasis, The Offspring, Garbage, and Sheryl Crowe.
- 1. Another Brick In The Wall (Part 2) - Class of '99
2. The Kids Aren't Alright - The Offspring
3. I'm Eighteen - Creed
4. Helpless - D Generation
5. School's Out - Soul Asylum
6. Medication - Garbage
7. Haunting Me - Stabbing Westward
8. Maybe Someday - Flick
9. Resuscitation - Sheryl Crow
10. It's Over Now - Neve
11. Changes - Shawn Mullins
12. Stay Young - Oasis
13. Another Brick In The Wall - Class of '99
Soundtrack - The Sopranos: Peppers & Eggs (Soundtrack) [2LP] (''Prozac & Booze'' Colored Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LP* Record Store Day 2019 Exclusive Release
* Previously unreleased on vinyl, now available for Record Store Day 2019!
* Pressed on ''Prozac & Booze'' colored vinyl
* 20th Anniversary of the show's debut
* Features The Rolling Stones, The Kinks, Bob Dylan, Frank Sinatara, Otis Redding - Celebrating 20 years since The Soprano's first hit HBO, ''Peppers & Eggs'' features a who's who of iconic artists including The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, The Kinks, Frank Sinatra, Otis Redding, and Elvis Costello.
- 1. The Police & Henry Mancini - Every Breath You Take / Theme From Peter Gunn
2. Pigeonhed - Battle Flag
3. The Campbell Brothers With Katie Jackson - I've Got A Feeling
4. Kasey Chambers - The Captain
5. R.L. Burnside - Shuck Dub
6. The Lost Boys - Affection
7. Otis Redding - My Lover's Prayer
8. Madreblu - Certamente
9. Nils Lofgren - Black Books
10. Cake - Frank Sinatra
11. Frank Sinatra - Baubles, Bangles And Beads
12. The Rolling Stones - Thru And Thru
13. Elvis Costello & The Attractions - High Fidelity
14. The Kinks - Living On A Thin Line
15. Vue - Girl
16. Cecilia Bartoli - Vivaldi: Sposa Son Disprezzata
17. Ben E. King - I Who Have Nothing
18. Bob Dylan - Return To Me
19. Keith Richards Make No Mistake
20. Lorenzo Jovanotti - Piove
21. The Pretenders - Space Invader
22. Tindersticks - Tiny Tears
23. Van Morrison - Gloria
24. Dominic Chianese Core 'Ngrato
25. Dialogue From ''The Sopranos''
Soundtrack - Transformers Dark Of the Moon - The Album [LP] (Brown Vinyl, first time on vinyl worldwide, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPTransformers: Dark Of The Moon is a 2011 science fiction film. It was the third film in the series. Michael Bay directed
and Shia LeBeouf starred. The film also featured John Malkovich, Frances McDormand, John Tuturro and Patrick
Transformers: Dark Of The Moon features an array of hard rock repertoire from 2011 including album tracks by
Paramore, My Chemical Romance, Art Of Dying, Black Veil Brides, Skillet, Mastodon and Beatsteaks. Linkin Park
contributes their third track to the Soundtrack series, and Taking Back Sunday, Staind, Goo Goo Dolls and Theory Of
A Deadman are all featured for their second appearance in the Soundtrack series.

Side A
01 Iridescent (Version 2) -
By Linkin Park
02 Monster (Transformers
Soundtrack Version) -
By Paramore
03 The Only Hope for Me Is
You - By My Chemical
04 Faith (When I Let You
Down) - By Taking Back
05 The Bottom
Soundtrack Version) -
By Staind

Side B
01 Get Thru This - By Art
Of Dying
02 All That You Are - By
The Goo Goo Dolls
03 Head Above Water - By
Theory Of A Deadman
04 Set The World On Fire -
By Black Veil Brides
05 Awake and Alive (Rock
Radio Mix) - By Skillet
06 Just Got Paid - By
Soundtrack - Transformers The Album (Soundtrack) [LP] (Purple Vinyl, first time on vinyl worldwide, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPTransformers is a 2007 science fiction film based on the toy line of the same name. It was the first film in the series,
combining animation and live action. Michael Bay has directed the first five films in the series, and produced the
reboot, 2018's Bumblebee. Shia LeBeouf starred in his first of three successive Transformer vehicles.
Transformers - The Album features an array of hard rock repertoire from 2007 including album tracks by Linkin Park,
Disturbed, Smashing Pumpkins, The Used, Him, Taking Back Sunday, Armor For Sleep, Idiot Pilot, Mutemath and
others. The Goo Goo Dolls contributed ''Before It's Too Late (Sam And Mikaela's Theme)'' for the two protagonists.

Side A
01 What I've Done - By
Linkin Park
02 Doomsday Clock - By
Smashing Pumpkins
03 This Moment - By
04 Before It's Too Late
(Sam and Mikaela's
Theme) - By Goo Goo
05 Pretty Handsome
Awkward - By The Used
06 Passion's Killing Floor -

Side B
01 What's It Feel Like to Be
a Ghost? - By Taking
Back Sunday
02 Second to None (feat.
Mike Shinoda) - By
Styles Of Beyond
03 End of the World - By
Armor For Sleep
04 Retina and the Sky - By
Idiot Pilot
05 Technical Difficulties -
By Julien-K
06 Transformers Theme -
By Mutemath
Soundtrack - Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen (Soundtrack) [2LP] (Green Vinyl, etching, wide-spine single-pocket jacket, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPTransformers: Revenge Of The Fallen is a science fiction film from 2009. It is the second in the Transformers
franchise, also produced by Michael Bay, and starring Shia LeBeouf.
Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen features an array of hard rock repertoire from 2009 including album tracks by
Green Day, Cavo, The Fray, Nickelback, Theory Of A Deadman, The All-American Rejects, Hoobastank, Staind and
Avenged Sevenfold. Linkin Park, The Used and Taking Back Sunday appear for the second time on a Transformer
Soundtrack. Cheap Trick contributes the track ''Transformers (The Fallen Remix).

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 New Divide - By Linkin
02 21 Guns - By Green
03 Let It Go - By Cavo
04 Capital M-E - By Taking
Back Sunday

Side B
01 Never Say Never - By
The Fray
02 Burn It to the Ground -
By Nickelback
03 Burning Down the
House - By The Used
04 Not Meant to Be - By
Theory Of A Deadman
05 Real World - By The
All-American Rejects

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 I Don't Think I Love You - By Hoobastank
02 This Is It - By Staind
03 Almost Easy - By Avenged Sevenfold
04 Transformers: The Fallen Remix - By Cheap

Side B
Soundtrack - Turks Fruit (Soundtrack) Rogier van Otterloo - [LP] (Red 180 Gram Vinyl, feats. Toots Thielemans, movie poster, limited/numbered to 1000, indie-exclusive)LP180GR./MOVIE-POSTER/1000 COPIES ON RED VINYL/RSD 2019
Soundtrack - Wendy Carlos/Rachel Elkind - Kubrick [7''] (Transparent Orange Vinyl, numbered/limited, indie exclusive)7Inch* Record Store Day Europe / UK 2019 Exclusive Release!
* Limited Numbered 7''
* Die Cut Sleeve/ Printed Inner Sleeve
* Transparent Orange Vinyl
- For both these iconic films, Stanley Kubrick chose to work with the extraordinary Wendy Carlos, who wrote (or realised, as both are based on classical pieces) the main themes to both movies. She was born in 1939 as Walter Carlos and graduated from Columbia University with a master's degree in composition, where she had met Robert Moog, instigating a collaboration that would shape her musical career. Instrumental in developing the early synthesiser, Carlos enjoyed considerable commercial success with her first album Switched On Bach (1968), which realised a selection of J.S. Bach's music on the Moog modular synthesiser. This was no mean feat as it was not polyphonic, but despite that the album won her three Grammy Awards. The 7'' AA Side, March from A Clockwork Orange (1971), is an arrangement of Beethoven's rousing Symphony No. 9 in D Minor (fourth movement) and is the first recorded song using a vocoder. Almost ten years later, Carlos was to work with Kubrick again on The Shining (1980). Although Kubrick didn't use much of the music she composed, sticking instead to the guide tracks for the final cut, the disturbing main theme is by Carlos and her collaborator and friend Rachel Elkind. The Shining – Main Theme on the 7'' A side takes as its starting point the Dies Irae from Hector Berlioz's Requiem (Op5), appropriately taken to new levels of darkness by Carlos and Elkind's electronic treatment.
- Double A Side: The Shining/ A Clockwork Orange
Soundtrack - Wynton Marsalis - Bolden (Soundtrack) [12'' EP] (previously unreleased track, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleOn the original soundtrack to BOLDEN, in theaters this spring, nine-time GRAMMY Award winner Wynton Marsalis brings fellow trumpeter and New Orleanian Buddy Bolden, widely considered one of the fathers of jazz, back from the dead. This Record Store Day exclusive 12'' single features the previously unreleased track ''Timelessness (Duet),'' which imagines what it would sound like if both Louis Armstrong and Buddy Bolden showed up at the same recording session. It also includes another song from the film, ''Phantasmagoric Bordello Ballet,'' which modernizes the bawdy, brassy sound of Bolden and puts on a Big Easy party.
- 1. Timelessness (Duet) 2. Phantasmagoric Bordello Ballet
Spacebomb House Band, The - Known About Town: Library Music Compendium One [LP] (Soda Bottle Clear Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPInstrumental, interstitial music, & spiritual sounds by the Spacebomb House Band. The musicians & arrangers behind records by Matthew E. White, Natalie Prass, Foxygen, The Waterboys, Slow Club, Bedouine, Nadia Reid, & more... Released on soda bottle clear vinyl -

SIDE A: Supersonics/Disputanta, Virginia/Chuck Yeager/Rose Gold/Tiny Wren/This Is The Record of Jon/Oregon/Port of Fino/Darryl Dawkins/Jack Youngblood SIDE B: One Line/I Crushed The Mountainside/Fang/Huzzah/Fever Dreams/G Energy/Calypso/Pinky/Looking For An Exit/Baby Baby/Virginia Slims
Specials, The - 10 Commandments / You're Wondering Now [7''] (double A-sided, limited to 750, indie exclusive)7InchFollowing up their first studio album in 37 years, The Specials will release a double A side 7'' for Record Store Day featuring ''10 Commandments'' featuing Saffiyah Khan and a live version of ''You're Wondering Now'' featuring Amy Winehouse from the 2009 V Festival.
1. 10 Commandments ft. Saffiyah Khan
2. You're Wondering Now ft. Amy Winehouse
Stargaze & Greg Saunier - Instruments (A Track By Track Re-Composition of Fugazi's 'In On The Killtaker') [LP] (limited to 500, indie exclusive)LPs t a r g a z e is a chamber orchestra headed by Andre de Ridder who previously performed on such works as the soundtrack to The Revenant and There Will Be Blood, as well as working together on the recent collaboration LP with Polica. They are joined by Greg Saunier of Deerhoof on this most special full album re-interpretation of Fugazi's classic ''In On The Killtaker'' - reconfigured as a modern composition for these dark times
- 1. Sweet and Low
2. Facet Squared
3. Cassavetes
4. 23 Beats Off
5. Public Witness . Programme
6. Smallpox Champion
1. Great Cop
2. Rend It
3. Returning The Screw
4. Instrument
5. Last Chance for a Slow Dance
6. Walken's Syndrome
Stars - Sad Robots [LP] (180 Gram, Glow-In-The-Dark Green Vinyl, limited to 1200, indie exclusive)LPStars have made their career telling the tales we keep in the darkest, and most hopeful
parts of our souls. With approaching 20 years as a band and a storied album catalogue
spanning nearly 15 releases, they continue to deliver the hard and soft edges of life and
love as only this band can.
Originally released in 2008, the band's Sad Robots EP will be pressed for the FIRST TIME
on 180gram, glow-in-the-dark green vinyl for Record Store Day 2019. Sad Robots
followed the band's highly coveted album In Our Bedroom After The War (2007).
Pitchfork praised Sad Robots as: ''An insanely autumnal EP, this digital-only release - an
introductory track, four new songs, and a live version of 'Going, Going, Gone' - captures
teenage ache in its slow pulse and burst-of-grandeur choruses.''
* Latest album There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light released in 2017 via
Last Gang (worldwide)
* Most successful US press recognition to date, including ''Best Of'' praise from
Pitchfork, Under The Radar and WFUV.
* Toured North America in 2018 w/ Shamir, My Brightest Diamond + performed
at Lollapalooza 2018
* Radio support from WFUV, KEXP, EDGE, INDIE88 and PEAK.
* Have previously appeared on Jimmy Fallon, Conan O'Brien.
* Past syncs with Queer As Folk, Alias, The O.C., Degrassi, Vampire Diaries, Skins, etc.
* Multiple nominations for JUNO Awards and Polaris Music Prize.

Stereophonics - Live From Dakota [2LP] (180 Gram, White Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LP''Stereophonics iconic live album from their 2005 world tour is to be repressed on 180gram white heavyweight vinyl, for the first time since its original release 13 years ago. A whirlwind of stadium rock sees the band perform many of the highlights from their incredible career. Includes the anthems A Thousand Trees, Maybe Tomorrow, The Bartender and The Thief, Hurry Up and Wait, Just Looking and of course Dakota.'' -

Side A:
1. Superman
2. Doorman
3. A Thousand Trees
4. Devil
5. Mr. Writer
Side B:
1. Pedalpusher
2. Deadhead
3. Maybe Tomorrow
4. The Bartender And The Theif
5. Local Boy In The Photograph
Side C:
1. Hurry Up And Wait
2. Madame Helga
3. Vegas Two Times
4. Carrot Cake And Wine
5. I'm Alright (You Gotta Go There To Come Back)
Side D:
1. Jayne
2. Too Many Sandwiches
3. Traffic
4. Just Looking
5. Dakota
Steve Earle - El Coyote / Don't Let The Sunshine Fool You [7''] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchSteve Earle & The Dukes are set to release their latest album, GUY on March 29, 2019. The band holed up in Nashville and recorded the record over a six-day period. They came out those sessions with 16 songs featuring some of Guy Clarks most well known hits such as ''Desperados Waiting For A Train'', ''LA Freeway'' and ''Dublin Blues.'' Steve Earle then decided to book a solo recording session with the intention of recording two more Guy Clark songs specifically for independent retail and Record Store Day. New West Records and Steve Earle are proud to present his solo recordings of ''El Coyote'' and ''Don't Let The Sunshine Fool You'' pressed on a limited edition 7'' 45rpm record.
- A - El Coyote / B - Don't Let The Sunshine Fool You
Steve Gadd Band - Steve Gadd Band [2LP] (new Grammy-winning album from drum legend, gatefold, limited to 500, indie-advance exclusive)LPSteve Gadd Band' is the eponymous follow up album to the 2016 Grammy-nominated 'Way Back Home'. Contains mostly original, groove-oriented tracks written by the band and produced by the legendary drummer, Steve Gadd. Steve Gadd Band is Walt Fowler (trumpet/flugelhorn), Kevin Hays (keyboard), Jimmy Johnson (bass), Michael Landau (guitar) and of course, Steve Gadd (drums).

'Steve Gadd Band' won Best Contemporary Instrumental Album at the recent 61st Annual Grammy Awards (2018)

A1 I Know, but tell me again 4:51
A2 Auckland by numbers 5:20
A3 Where's Earth? 4:15
B1 Foameopathy 6:37
B2 Skulk 4:50
B3 Norma's girl 5:08
C1 Rat race 6:35
C2 One point five 4:13
C3 Temporary fault 3:42
D1 Spring song 4:54
D2 Timpanogos 5:35
Stranger Attractor - Stranger Attractor 7"7"Single Sleeve Ltd. Edition Blood Splattered Colored Vinyl - LIMITED EDITION (500) 7" BLOOD SPLATTERED COLORED VINYL Limited to 500 copies, this 2-song 7" record is pressed on blood-splattered colored vinyl and features new darkwave synthpop tracks from members of metal legends Skeletonwitch, Demiricous, Sacred leather and Emotion Zero. The debut release is synthesizer-heavy danceable music for the re-emerging darkwave and goth scenes.
Struts, The - Young&Dangerous [LP] (180 Gram, Metallic Gold Vinyl, hand-numbered/limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LP2019 Record Store Day Release: Limited & Hand Numbered edition of their sophomore album YOUNG&DANGEROUS on 180gram GOLD vinyl! Limited to 1500 copies worldwide.
1. Body Talks
2. Primadonna Like Me
3. In Love With a Camera
4. Bulletproof Baby
5. Who Am I?
6. People
7. Fire
8. Somebody New
9. Tatler Magazine
10. I Do It So Well
11. Freak Like You
12. Ashes
13. Body Talks with Kesha

Sublime - Nugs: Best Of The Box [LP] (Yellow/Red Starburst Vinyl, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPFirst ever compilation of highlights from the EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN rarities boxset -
Side A:
1. Foolish Fool
2. Ebin (O.G.)
3. Get Out! (Acoustic Version)
4. Angelo (4-Track)
5. Lou Makes Friends
6. Youth Are Getting Restless (Live)
7. We're Only Gonna Die (Live)
8. Great Stone
Side B:
1. Prophet
2. Miami
3. Caress Me Dub
4. 89 Vision
5. I Love My Dog Dub
6. New Realization (Acoustic Version)
7. Real Situation
8. Doin' Time (Snoop Time Remix)
Sugar Hill Records - Sugar Hill Records: The 12'' D.J. Boxset [6x12'' Boxset] (many of the label's classic A-sides in their full length mixes, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPSugarHill Records was the birthplace label for hip hop. It gave listeners their first exposure to urban
rhyming and scratching that transformed pop music during the '80s. Many of the 12'' singles and vinyl versions of their
classics have been out of print for years, missing the rise of hip hop during the 80's and 90's. This 12'' boxset will not
only be a must have for the listeners who grew up on the music, but for the DJ's to be able to go back to the beginning
and mix each strategically placed single into their own vinyl DJ set . This 6 Disc Vinyl 12'' Boxed set will incorporate all
of the label's classic A-sides - many in their full length mixes. We will have a small summary of the label and how it
changed hip hop as liners and the boxed set will be packaged in a beautiful Sugar Hill Records slip case that pays
tribute to the old school ''feel'' of the generation. In addition to the vinyl boxed set, we will be offering a special ''DJ''
version for digital download that will be a 1 hour and 17 minute non-stop ''party mix'' using each of the tracks, in their
respectable order, with no breaks so it can be played at any party from start to finish, giving the party a DJ without an
actual DJ present!

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 Step Off (feat. Cowboy,
Melle Mel & Scorpio) -
By The Furious Five
Side B
01 Funk You Up (Long
Version) - By The

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 The Message (12'' Single
Version) - By Grandmaster
Flash & The Furious Five
feat. Melle Mel & Duke
Side B
01 It's Nasty (Genius of
Love) [Single
Version] - By
Grandmaster Flash &
The Furious Five

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 New York New York -
By Grandmaster Flash &
The Furious 5
02 Beat Street - By
Grandmaster Flash,
Melle Mel & The Furious
Side B
01 That's the Joint - By
Funky 4+1

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 We Got the Funk (12''
Mix) - By Positive Force
02 White Lines - By
Grandmaster Flash &
The Furious Five
Side B
01 Rapper's Delight (Long
Version) - By The
Sugarhill Gang

Full Length Vinyl 5
Side A
01 Monster Jam - By
Spoonie Gee & The
02 Pump Me Up - By
Grandmaster & Melle
Mel & The Furious
Side B
01 8th Wonder - By The
Sugarhill Gang
02 The Adventures of
Grandmaster Flash on the
Wheel of Steel - By
Grandmaster Flash & The
Furious Five

Full Length Vinyl 6
Side A
01 Break Dance-Electric
Boogie (Single) - By
West Street Mob
02 Scorpio - By
Grandmaster Flash &
The Furious Five
Side B
01 Apache (Single) - By
The Sugarhill Gang
02 Message II (Survival) -
By Melle Mel & Duke
SUNN O))) - Life Metal [2LP] (limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPNew sunn O))) album exclusive - black vinyl - 2 weeks before any other retail outlet including D2C.
- LP 1 - Between Sleipnir's Breaths/Troubled Air - LP2 Aurora/Novæ
SUNN O))) - Life Metal [CD] (limited to 3500, indie advance exclusive)CDNew sunn O))) album exclusive - CD - 2 weeks before any other retail outlet including D2C. - Between Sleipnir's Breaths/Troubled Air/Aurora/Novæ
Swervedriver - Think I'm Gonna Feel Better b/w Reflections [12''] (Clear Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)12InchSingle12'' vinyl single featuring 2 previously unreleased recordings by UK shoegaze legends reinterpreting classics by Gene Clark and The Supremes -
Think I'm Gonna Feel Better/Reflections

Tangerine Dream - Machu Picchu [LP] (Yellow Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPMachu Picchu is one of the more intimate projects by Tangerine Dream – not planned for a release during the composing and recording process. It is a homage to a man who – like no other person in the business – had 'created' TD´s career from a distance many years ago, believing in their talent and extraordinary skills. His name was John Peel. The background story and atmospheric influence of this one-piece-42-minutes-composition came to life after this music driven character and long-time BBC progressive pioneer passed away in October 2004 in the city of Cusco (Peru) close to the sacred Inca site Machu Picchu. Originally not made available until 2012, and then only on CD/Digital, 'Machu Picchu' will be released exclusively for Record Store Day 2019 on yellow vinyl. Edgar also wrote about John and their 1974 encounter in London in his autobiography 'Force Majeure', with the chapter in question ('The John Peel Files') reprinted in a booklet within this package. TD owe John their international career. Edgar wanted to say thank you with this album, composed especially for John.
1. Caminos Del Inca (10:00)
2. Machu Picchu (05:28)
3. Adios A Cusco (08:08)

1. Tayta Inti (07:26)
2. Rio Urubamba (05:56)
3. La Piedra Intihuatana (08:14)
Tangerine Dream - Poland: The Warsaw Concert [2LP] (Clear Vinyl, gatefold, inner sleeve artwork, limited to 700, indie exclusive)LPOn the 10th December 1983 Edgar Froese, Chris Franke and Johannes Schmolling performed a legendary concert in the Ice Stadium in Warsaw - a unique event, given the political situation in Poland at the time and the rise of the Solidarity movement. The resulting live album was issued as a double album set on the Jive Electro label the following year to great acclaim.

Track Listing
Disc 1:
* Poland
* Tangent
* Rare Bird
Disc 2:
o Barbakane
o Horizon
Tedeschi Trucks - High & Mighty [12'' EP] (three tracks are from the album sessions that didn't make the final track listing, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)12InchSingleAll three tracks are from the album sessions that didn't make the final track listing. Side B is a great version of the song ''Shame'' that is on the new album. It is one of the few new songs that they band has been playing for the last year.
- Side One
1.) All My Friends 2.) High and Mighty 3.) All You Can Do

Side Two 1) Shame ( 11:41 recorded live at Chicago Theatre)
Ten In The Swear Jar (Xiu Xiu) - Fort Awesome: Complete Recordings [2LP] (Random Colored Vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPBefore Xiu Xiu, Jamie Stewart fronted a project called Ten in the Swear Jar (XITSJ). The songs are very much so Jamie Stewart written but with all the excellent musicians that made up the band & the songs being written long ago they feel focused, melodic and quite impressive. This is not music to ignore but rather is music to engage with. You will not be disappointed.
- helsabot | sadgirl | dont play the drumz | sita deth | worry boy | when you write | famine | theme from our place in the shadows | in the blue trunks jh | san jose fight song | gauntlet of thor | i love the valley
hot karl | famine | leg show | King Earth | House Quake
Ten Years After - The Cap Ferrat Sessions [LP] (Green Viny, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPWhen Ten Years After stormed the stages of rock, they created a sensation that stunned
audiences and quickly won them a coveted place among the pantheon of great British groups.
Alvin Lee, one of the most charismatic guitar players and singers to emerge from the British
blues boom era - deservedly ranked alongside his contemporaries Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck,
Jimmy Page and Jimi Hendrix - headed a powerful team of talented musicians that included Leo
Lyons, Chick Churchill and Ric Lee. They conquered America, enjoyed success around the
world and became icons of the Woodstock generation.
This Record Store Day Exclusive LP is on green vinyl and is the first of a handful of releases to
commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the band's legendary appearance at Woodstock in 1969.
The Cap Ferrat Sessions took place during the recording of their 'Rock & Roll Music To The
World' album and first appeared on the 2017 10CD Box Set '1969-1974'. This is the first
release outside the box set and first time on vinyl.
Side 1:
* Look After Yourself (4:22)
* Running Around (5:34)
* Holy Shit (3:02)
Side B:
* There's A Feeling (3:32)
* I Hear You Calling My Name (11:10)
Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me / WTP (Remixes) [12''] (Translucent Red Vinyl, produced by Kanye West, limited to 800, indie exclusive)12InchSingleProduced by Kanye West, ''Gonna Love Me'' & ''WTP'' are from Teyana Taylor's second studio album, K.T.S.E.
In these two stand-out songs, Teyana showcases her tremendous vocal talent, while being loving, vulnerable, sultry, and fun.'
4 track 12'' piece on translucent red vinyl in a single pocket jacket.
1. Gonna Love Me (Remix), 2. Gonna Love Me, 1. WTP (Zookeper Remix) 2. WTP (Junior Sanchez Deep In The Sheets Remix)
Thrice - Deeper Wells [LP] (White Vinyl, B-side etching, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPDeeper Wells- EP includes four new unreleased tracks, recorded
during the sessions for their 2018 album, Palms. Produced by Eric
Palmquist and Thrice and mixed by John Congelton. This RSD 2019
exclusive is pressed on white vinyl.

Thrice have sold over 2 million units in the US
The band will be touring the world bringing their unstoppable
live show to the masses

1. DEEPER WELLS - 2:52
3. IN THIS STORM - 4:54
Tindersticks (Featuring Robert Pattinson) - Willow [7''] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchStuart A. Staples of Tindersticks wrote and produced the film score for the new Claire Denis film ''High Life'' starring Robert Pattinson (Twilight, Harry Potter). Pattinson sings the lead vocal on the song ''Willow'' from the film, backed by Tindersticks. This marks his first musical collaboration and release. The film is set for release in 2019, and Tindersticks are planning a full-length for later in the year, their last since the critically acclaimed 2016 album ''The Waiting Room.''

- SIDE A: Willow (featuring Robert Pattinson) SIDE B: Willow (Instrumental)
Tiny Tim - Live At Royal Albert Hall [2LP] (180 Gram, Translucent Red Vinyl, gatefold, insert, first time on vinyl, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPHerbert Buckingham Khaury (4/12/32–11/30/96), known professionally as Tiny Tim was
an American singer, ukulele player and musical archivist. He is best remembered for his
cover hits ''Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me'' and ''Livin' In the Sunlight, Lovin' In the
Moonlight,'' which he sang in a high falsetto voice. Herbert was born in NY and displayed
musical talent at a young age, teaching himself how to play guitar at age 6 and violin and
ukulele by 11. By his pre-teens he developed a passion for records from the 1900s-1930s and
spent most of his time at the public library studying the history of the phonograph industry
and its first recording artists. He described finding his upper register singing voice as a
religious experience after listening to Rudy Vallee sing in falsetto. By the 1950s he landed
a job as a messenger at MGM Studios and started performing at dance club amateur nights
wearing wild clothing, long hair and pasty white facial make up to stand out from the other
performers. He took his ukulele and falsetto act to Greenwich Village in the early 1960s,
playing at a gay and lesbian club 6 hours a night, 6 nights a week for $96 per month.
Tiny Tim appeared in Jack Smith's Normal Love (1963) as well as independent feature film
You Are What You Eat (1968) in which he sang the Ronette's ''Be My Baby'' in falsetto and
also did a rendition of Sonny & Cher's ''I Got You Babe,'' which he eventually performed on
Rowan and Martin's Laugh-In variety show. In 1968, his first full length studio album God
Bless Tiny Tim was released on Reprise Records. It featured an orchestrated version of ''Tip
Toe Through The Tulips With Me'' that became a hit after being released as a single. He went
on to record 3 studio albums for Reprise between 1968-1969. In 2000, Rhino Handmade
released the posthumous Live! At Royal Albert Hall that was recorded in 1968 at the height of
Tim's fame but Reprise never released. The limited and numbered CD edition sold out upon
release. ROG presents the recording in its first time on vinyl.

Side A
1 God Bless Tiny Tim Overture
2 Welcome To My Dream
3 Livin' In The Sunlight, Lovin'
In The Moonlight
4 On The Old Front Porch
5 I Gave Her That
6 Buddy, Can You Spare A Dime?
7 Save Your Sorrows For Tomorrow
Side B
1 Love Is No Excuse
2 As Time Goes By
3 A Little Smile Goes A Long, Long Way
4 I Got You Babe
5 Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life
6 Where Does Daddy Go When
He Goes Out?/Hello Hello
7 You Called It Madness
(But I Called It Love)

Side C
1 The Other Side
2 I Love Me (I'm Wild About Myself)
3 I Wonder How I Look While I'm Asleep
4 Frisco Flo
5 Medley: I'm Glad I'm A Boy/My Hero
6 I'll Hold Your Hand In Mine
7 Earth Angel
Side D
1 Mr. Tim Recalls His Visit With Mr.
Dylan/Maine Stein Song/I'm Just A
Vagabond Lover/Like A Rolling Stone/
My Time Is Your Time
2 Mr. Tim Recalls His Visit With
The Rolling Stones/I Can't Get
No Satisfaction
3 Nowhere Man
4 Tip Toe Through The Tulips With Me
5 I'll See You Again
Todd Rundgren - The Complete U.S. Bearsville & Warner Bros. Singles [4LP] (remastered, unique edits & mixes previously out of print, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPThe first time all of Todd's Bearsville & WB singles have been compiled for release. Featuring many
unique edits and mixes previously out of print. Remastered.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 We Gotta Get You A
Woman - Runt
02 Baby, Let's Swing / The
Last Thing You Said /
Don't Tie My Hands
03 Be Nice To Me - Runt
04 Broke Down And Busted
- Runt (Remastered)
05 A Long Time, A Long
Way To Go - Runt
06 Parole - Runt

Side B
01 I Saw The Light
02 Marlene (Remastered)
03 Couldn't I Just Tell You
04 Wolfman Jack
05 Hello It's Me
06 Cold Morning Light

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Sometimes I Don't Know
What To Feel
02 Does Anybody Love
You? (Remastered)
03 A Dream Goes On
Forever (Remastered)
04 Heavy Metal Kids
05 Wolfman Jack (Single
Version w/Wolfman
Jack) [Remastered]
06 Breathless

Side B
01 Real Man (Remastered)
02 Prana (From Cosmic
Fire) [Remastered]
03 Good Vibrations
04 When I Pray
05 Love Of The Common
Man (Remastered)
06 Black And White

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Can We Still Be Friends
(Edit) [Remastered]
02 Out Of Control
03 Determination
04 You Cried Wolf
05 Onomatopoeia

Side B
01 It Wouldn't Have Made
Any Difference (Edit)
02 Don't You Ever Learn?
03 Time Heals
04 Tiny Demons

Full Length Vinyl 4
Side A
01 Compassion
02 Pulse (Remastered)
03 Hideaway (Remastered)
04 Emperor Of The
Highway (Remastered)
05 Bang The Drum All Day
06 Chant (Remastered)

Side B
01 Something To Fall Back
On (Remastered)
02 Lockjaw (Remastered)
03 Parallel Lines
04 I Love My Life
Tommy Bolin - Come Taste The Man [LP] (180 Gram, Purple Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPCelebrate Record Store Day with the legendary rock guitarist Tommy Bolin with this incredible musical sampler ''Come Taste The Man'' - the super limited edition and first time vinyl collection featuring rare live and studio tracks from his personal archives.This pressing is limited to 1,000 units on stunning 180 gram purple vinyl and housed in a brilliant cover featuring the late guitarist with axe in hand!Tommy Bolin fans and guitar enthusiasts will enjoy incredible live rockin' versions of favorites ''Post Toastee'' and ''Teaser'' as well as more rarities like his Energy track ''Sky Sail'' and a rare remix of ''Acoustic Jam Mix #1'' only found on this RSD collection.In his short time, Tommy Bolin fused the prog-rock and metal rock world completely with his guitar shredding, which has influenced many guitarists to this day. You not only get his hard rock work, there are also some quieter moments as he delivers the bluesy ''Slow Driver'' - another rare acoustic take never before on vinyl as well as his fusion jazz rock rocker ''Gotta Dance.'' Remastered by Joe Reagoso at Friday Music Studios and Ian Sefchick at Capitol Mastering, all tracks and artwork are authorized by the Tommy Bolin Archives.ROCK ON!!!

Tommy Bolin was the lead guitarist for Deep Purple, James Gang, Zephyr, Energy as well as his own groundbreaking solo career *All tracks and artwork are authorized from the Tommy Bolin Archives *Featuring several first time live on vinyl recordings, studio tracks & spoken word segments*Record Store Day exclusive limited to 1000 copies on 180 gram purple vinyl.

- Side A 1- People People 2- In His Own Words 3-Meaning Of Love 4-Teaser SIDE B 1-Gotta Dance 2-Sky Sail 3-Post Toastee 4-Rock A Bye
Tony Joe White - Live From Austin, TX (Austin City Limits) [2LP] (White Vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPRecorded live December 5, 1980 and released on DVD, CD and digital in 2006. New West is proud to present a limited edition white vinyl pressing of Tony Joe White's Austin City Limits performance. Featuring hits like the classic 'Polk Salad Annie' along with 'Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up Tp Be Babies'. This title will be pressed on 180g vinyl and will feature an etched 4th side in tribute to Tony Joe White. The white vinyl copies will be limited to 1500 units.

- Side A 1. Mama Don't Let Your Cowboys Grow Up To Be Babies 2. Disco Blues 3. Red Neck Women 4. Rainy Night In Georgia 5. Even Trolls Love Rock 'N' Roll Side B 1. Willie And Laura Mae Jones 2. Billy 3. Lustful Earl And The Married Woman 4. Swamp Rap Side C 1. I Came Here To Party 2. Polk Salad Annie 3. That's The Way A Cowboy Rocks And Rolls 4. 300 Pounds of Hongry 5. I Get Off On It Side D - Etching
Too $hort - The Pimp Tape [2LP] (Gold Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPLatest album from the legendarty Too $hort. Features the likes of T.I., SchoolBoy Q, 2 Chainz, Ty Dolla $ign, Joyner Lucas, E-40, Mozzy, G-Ezy, The-Dream, DJ Khaled, French Montana and more. Pressed on Gold vinyl.
- 1. Go $hort Dog | 2. Break A Bitch | 3. Tables (feat. 2 Chainz & Snoop Dogg) | 4. Ain't My Girlfriend (feat. Ty Dolla $ign, French Montana, Joyner Lucas, Jeremih) | 5. Give Her Some Money | 6. Save All That Love (feat. Mozzy, Mistah F.A.B., Nef The Pharaoh) | 7. How To Be A Player (feat. T.I., E-40, Adrian Marcel) | 8. Pull Yo Trophies Out (feat. Philthy Rich) | 9. Don't Shoot (feat. ScHoolboy Q & Joyner Lucas) | 10. Dr. Dre Interlude | 11. The Game Taught Me | 12. Give Me Back My Eyes (feat. YMTK) | 13. Only Dimes (feat. G Eazy & The-Dream) | 14. Twerk Train (feat. Chanel West Coast) | 15. Sexy Dancer (feat. Legado 7 & DJ Khaled) | 16.I Got Shit To Do | 17. Pay Her | 18. $hort Dog Wedding (feat. Mac Minister) | 19. Pop That Pussy | 20. How To Be A Player [Reprise] (feat. T.I., Richie Rich, Adrian Marcel)
Troggs, The - Athens Andover [LP] (180 Gram, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP. Athens Andover is The Troggs' 1992 album featuring ¾ of R.E.M. The collaboration came about serendipitously as R.E.M. had been covering The Troggs' ''Love Is All Around'' during their 1991 tour in support of their classic Out Of Time album, and when The Troggs' found out about it, their manager suggested they work together. With the assistance of R.E.M.'s Bill Berry, Mike Mills, and Peter Buck, as well as The dB's Peter Holsapple, who spent a lot of time on the road with R.E.M. as a tour musician, and recorded in Athens, GA, this is The Troggs finest post-'60s album. Featuring numerous Troggs originals, a tune written by the three members of R.E.M., one by Holsapple, as well as a great cover of Chip Taylor's ''Crazy Annie'', Athens Andover is a great late period release from UK rock legends The Troggs, the name a combination of the two groups' respective hometowns. LImited Edition 180 gram vinyl. - 01. Crazy Annie 02. Together 03. Tuned Into Love 04. Deja Vu 05. Nowhere Road 06. Dust Bowl 07. I'm In Control 08. Don't You Know 09. What's Your Game 10. Suspicious 11. Hot Stuff
Twink - Think Pink [2LP] (180 Gram, Pink Vinyl, gatefold, 12-page booklet, insert, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSunbeam Records present a reissue of Twink's Think Pink, originally released in 1970. Recorded in London in July 1969, and featuring members of Tomorrow, the Pretty Things, the Deviants, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, the legendary Think Pink is one of the hallowed relics of British underground rock. Its strikingly different mono mix was intended to appear in Decca's celebrated Nova series, but the release was cancelled and the mix has never been heard -- until now. Assembled with the full participation of John ''Twink'' Alder, the set comes complete with detailed notes, rare images, and eight bonus tracks making it truly essential for fans of UK psychedelia. Pink color vinyl; 180 gram vinyl; Gatefold sleeve; Includes 12-page vinyl booklet, insert.

- A1. The Coming Of The Other One (mono) (3:42) A2. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box (mono) (4:29) A3. Dawn Of Magic (mono) (1:45) A4. Tiptoe On The Highest Hill (mono) (5:18) A5. Fluid (mono) (4:05) B1. Mexican Grass War (mono) (5:27) B2. Rock An' Roll The Joint (mono) (2:42) B3. Suicide (mono) (4:23) B4. Three Little Piggies (mono) (3:12) B5. The Sparrow Is A Sign (mono) (2:23) Bonus tracks: C1. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box (stereo) (3:25) C2. Good Wizard Meets Naughty Wizard (stereo) (4:40) C3. 10,000 Words In A Cardboard Box (alt. version) (stereo) (4:54) C4. Dawn Of Magic (alt. version) (stereo) (3:24) D1. Fluid (alt. version) (stereo) (3:40) D2. Fluid (alt. version 2) (stereo) (4:19) D3. Rock An' Roll The Joint (alt. version) (stereo) (2:15) D4. Suicide (alt. version) (stereo) (3:10)
Twiztid - Trick Or Treat [LP] (Orange/White/Black Vinyl, randomly autographed insert, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPA collection of 7 new, old, and rare Twiztid tracks on 3 color, Side A/Side B-style vinyl in orange, white and black. This will be the only physical piece released for this title. The LP will be numbered and the insert will be randomly autographed.

- 1. Need To Feed 2. The Host 3. Death 4any1 Who 4. Edgar Allan Poet 5. Clover 6. Orange 7. Green Pumpkinz - Emerald Squash Remix
U2 - The Europa [LP] (180 Gram, 4-page color insert, limited to 5000, indie exclusive)LPU2 present the The Europa EP:
Side A features the previously unreleased opening from the recent eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE European Tour – Charlie Chaplin's final speech from the movie The Great Dictator, underscored with a unique musical mash up of 'Love Is All We Have Left' with 1993 classic 'Zooropa' – which leads into a 'live' performance of New Year's Day from Dublin in November 2018.
Side B has two 'Euro'-tinged remixes: St. Francis Hotel's mix of 'New Year's Day' and Jon Pleased Wimmin's Euromantic mix of 'Love Is All We Have Left'.
The artwork is an eXPERIENCED Chaplinesque homage to the artwork of the Zooropa Album.
12'' Info
* 12'' single on 180gsm black vinyl housed in full colour outer sleeve with embossed front cover
* Four page colour insert with lyrics and credits
* Record Store Day 2019 falls in the week of Charlie Chaplin's 130th birthday (which is on 16th April) so the marketing sticker will feature both the Record Store Day logo and the Chaplin 130 logo
TracklistSide A
- 1. Love Is All We Have Left (eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Intro / Chaplin Speech) / New Year's Day 'Live' (Dublin November 2018 eXPERIENCE + iNNOCENCE Tour)
Side B
1. New Year's Day (St Francis Hotel Remix)
2. Love Is All We Have Left (Jon Pleased Wimmin's Euromantic Mix)
Used, The - The Used Live From Maida Vale [10''] (Colored Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)10InchFor the first time ever, The Used's intimate session recorded at England's historic Maida Vale Studios is available on vinyl. Originally aired on BBC Radio 1, the exclusive 10'' features live recordings of classic hits and exclusive covers of Linkin Park and Nirvana. Available on limited edition colored vinyl | Record Store Day Exclusive.
- Side A
1. Rise Up Lights
2. On My Own
Side B
3. Shadow Of The Day (Linkin Park Cover)
4. Smells Like Teen Spirit (Nirvana Cover)
Van Dik Hout - Van Dik Hout (25th Anniversary) [2LP] (Transparent Blue 180 Gram Audiophile Vinyl, 6 bonus tracks, first time on vinyl, gatefold, limited/numbered to 1000, indie-exclusive)2LP180GR/GATEFOLD/1000 CPS TRANSPARENT BLUE VINYL/RSD 2019
Van Morrison - Astral Weeks Alternative [10''] (Mini LP, limited to 4500, indie exclusive)10InchA 10'' mini-album vinyl collection featuring four bonus tracks from Van Morrison's landmark album:
''Beside You (Take 1),'' ''Madame George (Take 4),'' ''Ballerina (Long Version),'' and ''Slim Slow Rider (Long Version).

Side A
01 Beside You (Take 1)
02 Madame George (Take
Side B
01 Ballerina (Long Version)
02 Slim Slow Slider (Long
Various Artists - Boy Meets Girl: Classic Stax Duets [2LP] (limited to 1250, indie exclusive)LP50th anniversary reissue of this long out of print Stax compilation featuring some of the label's biggest duets.

1. Johnnie Taylor - Who's Making Love, 2. Jimmy Hughes - I Like Everything About You, 3. Booker T. & the MG's - Hang 'Em High, 4. Carla Thomas - Where Do I Go, 5. Eddie Floyd - I've Never Found a Girl (To Love Me Like You Do), 6. Southwest F.O.B. - Smell of Incense, 7. Albert King - Cold Feet, 8. Booker T. & the MG's - Soul Limbo, 9. The Mad Lads - So Nice, 10. Eddie Floyd - Bring It On Home to Me, 11. William Bell & Judy Clay - Private Number, 12. The Staple Singers - Long Walk to D.C., 13. The Bar-Kays - Copy Cat, 14. Booker T. & the MG's - Soul Clap '69, 15. The Staple Singers - Hear My Call, 16. Johnnie Taylor - Save Your Love For Me, 17. Jimmy Hughes - Peeped Around Yonders Bend, 18. Carla Thomas - Book of Love, 19. The Mad Lads - These Old Memories, 20. Southwest F.O.B. - Mercy, Mercy, Mercy, 21. The Bar-Kays - Hot Hips, 22. Ollie & the Nightingales - Heartaches Mountain, 23. Johnnie Taylor - Twenty Years From Today, 24. Eddie Floyd - It's Wrong to Be Loving You, 25. Judy Clay - It's Me, 26. Booker T. & the MG's - Booker's Theme, 27. Albert King - Left Hand Woman (Get Right With Me)
Various Artists - Brazil Classics 30th Anniversary Box Set [3LP] (Colored Vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPLimited edition colored vinyl, three LP box set, with new notes from David Byrne-celebrating the 30 year anniversary of the release of Byrne's seminal collection of some of the most important artists in Brazilian Music. A ground breaking series of albums when first issued, they sold over half a million copies and turned so many people on to amazing music-from a country where people didn't sing in English. In a way the first ''world'' compilation, the very first Luaka Bop release and a killer set of albums.

- RECORD 1: 1. Ponta de Lanca African (Umbabarauma) - Jorge Ben 2. Sonho Meu - Maria Bethania E Gal Costa 3. So Quero Um Xodo - Gilberto Gil 4. Um Canto de Afoxe Para O Bloco do Ile (Ile Aye) - Caetano Veloso 5. O Leaozinho - Caetano Veloso 6. Cacada - Chico Buarque 7. Calice - Chico Buarque (Part. Vocal Milton Nascimento) 8. Equatorial - Lo Borges 9. San Vicente - Milton Nascimento 10. Quilombo, o el Dorado Negro - Gilberto Gil 11. Caramba!...Galileu Da Galileia - Jorge Ben 12. Caixa de Sol - Nazare Pereira 13. Maculele - Nazare Pereira 14. Quiexa - Caetano Veloso 15. Andar Com Fe - Gilberto Gil 16. Fio Maravilha - Jorge Ben 17. Anima - Milton Nascimento 18. Terra - Caetano Veloso RECORD 2: 1. A Deusa Dos Orixes - Clara Nunes 2. Ijexa (Filhos De Gandhy) - Clara Nunes 3. S.P.C. - Zeca Pagodinho 4. Sufoc - Alcione 5. Formosa - Ciro Monteiro 6. Olere Camara - Alcione 7. O Encanto Do Gantois - Beth Carvalho 8. Aldeia De Okarimbe - Neguinho Da Beija Flor 9. E Preciso Muito Amor - Chico Da Silva 10. Caxambu - Almir Guineto 11. Quem Me Guia - Almir Guineto 12. Ela Nao Gosta De Mim - Agepe 13. Claustrofobia - Martino Da Vila 14. Batuca No Chao - Martino Da Vila 15. Sarau Para Ramades - Paulinho DaViola RECORD 3: 1. O Fole Roncou - Luiz Gonzaga 2. Festa do Interior - Gal Costa 3. Tum-Tum-Tum - Jackson do Pandeiro 4. Danado de Bom - Luiz Gonzaga 5. Querubim - Dominguinhos 6. O Successo da Zefinba - Anastacia 7. E de Dar Agua na Boca - Nando Cordel and Amelinha 8. Vou com Voce - Dominguinhos 9. Asa Branca - Gonzaguinha 10. Recordacoa de Vaquiero - Clemilda 11. Bom Demais - Jorge de Altinho and Dominguinhos 12. Tarde Nordestina - Marinalva 13. A Feira de Caruaru - Luiz Gonzaga 14. Aniversario di Seu Vava - Genival Lacerda 15. Chiclete com Banana - Jackson do Pandeiro 16. Rejeicao - Trio Nordestino 17. Estrela Miuda - Joao do Vale 18. Sanfoninba Choradeira - Luiz Gonzaga and Elba Ramalho
Various Artists - Disco Not Disco [3LP] (limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPStrut Records were there first. 'Disco Not Disco' preceded the punk funk explosion by a good two years.'' Resident Advisor. As part of the label's 20th Anniversary, Strut present the first repress of the seminal 'Disco Not Disco' compilation since its original release in 2000, compiled by Joey Negro and Sean P. Forward-thinking and open-minded New York clubs like Paradise Garage and The Loft form the inspiration for the album as rock, reggae and disco merge into one blistering soundscape. Tracks include Yoko Ono's paranoid 'Walking On Thin Ice', Arthur Russell outings as Dinosaur and Loose Joints and the Sly & Robbie-produced 'Spasticus Autisticus' by Ian Dury through to Steve Miller Band's epic 'Macho City'. A perfect snapshot of a period when the unlikeliest acts got busy with the hi-hats and turned up the bass.

- SIDE A: A1. Yoko Ono –Walking On Thin Ice (1981 Re-Edit) A2. Liquid Liquid – Cavern SIDE B: B1. Loose Joints – Tell You (Today) (Vocal) B2. Ian Dury & The Seven Seas Players – Spasticus Autisticus (Version) SIDE C: C1. Material – Over And Over (Long version) C2. Was Not Was – Wheel Me Out SIDE D: D1. Dinosaur – Kiss Me Again (Original Edit) D2. Don Cherry – I Walk D3. Common Sense – Voices Inside My Head SIDE E: E1. Nicky Siano – Move E2. Indian Ocean – School Bell / Tree House (Part 1) SIDE F: F1. Steve Miller Band – Macho City
Various Artists - Folk And Pop Sounds Of Sumatra Vol. 2 [2LP] (gatefold, original cover art, liner notes, first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPFolk and Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 2 expands our presentation of the world's least-known, outstanding musical improbabilities. From the infectious trance beat of Sumatra's Folk Dangdut music, featuring Rabab (violin) or Saluang (flute), to the highly-refined and glorious Orkes Gambus (Orchestral Arabic music with 'Gambus' literally meaning 'oud'), said to have been brought to the island by Islamic settlers from Yemen, the 18 tracks featured here will instantly convince the listener of the expressive beauty and diversity this wondrous Island has to offer to the world music theater. Most of the musicians on this release are 'Minangkabau' or 'Minang' people who are devout followers of Islam as well as the world's largest Matrilineal society (a Minangkabau child is the descendent of his/her mother, not father). The other styles present are: Sitogol (storytelling in vocal style), Pop Minang music with Talempong (small, rounded gongs played with mallets), Tari, and Traditional Minang (music for ceremony and dance) and one brilliant track of Western pop. The music in this collection is from the 1960s through the 1980s and is all but forgotten by many Sumatrans who seem to prefer a more contemporary sound. Many of the older cassette tapes have disappeared from the markets and shops and are now thought of as antiques. As in many other countries around the world, modern technology has eclipsed the need for full ensembles/more organic forms of these pseudo-traditional styles. Keep in mind that this is not a document for the mere purpose of preservation, although it may serve as such. This is among the very best music you've never heard and you need to hear it now!'' --Alan Bishop Features Syamsudin, Gumarang Sakti, Iswani Ismail, Elly Kasim, Umni Nadra, Fetty, H.J. Zahara, Mukhsin, Haba Haba Group, Minang Traditional Group, Muchlis, and Ahmad Baki/Halimah Fadil. Compiled by Alan Bishop. Limited edition double-LP; full color gatefold featuring original cover art and liner notes.

- A1. Syamsudin - Sigumendar (Rabab Dangdut) A2. Gumarang Sakti - Tari Garak Sapayuang (Tarian Minang) A3. Iswani Ismail - Nelayan (Orkes Gambus) B1. Elly Kasim - Ayam Den Lapeh (Pop Modern) B2. Umni Nadra - Senjah Indah (Orkes Gambus) B3. Syamsudin - Talang Denti (Rabab Dangdut) B4. Fetty - Pariaman (Minang Talempong) B5. H.J. Zahara - Mali ila Ahadin (Orkes Gambus) C1. Mukhsin - Tanjuang Sani (Saluang Dangdut) C2. Ummi Nadra - Taubat (Orkes Gambus) C3. Haba Haba Group - Kijom Kijom (Saluang Sitogol) C4. Syamsudin - Bunga Rampai (Rabab Dangdut) C5. Minang Traditional Group - Vocal & Percussion (Folklore Traditional) D1. Muchlis - Salam Pembukaan (Orkes Gambus) D2. Syamsudin - Bayang Terbyang (Rabab Dangdut) D3. Ahmad Baki/Halimah Fadil - Usah Dikenang (Orkes Gambus) D4. Minang Traditional Group - Vocal & Horn (Folklore Traditional)
Various Artists - In The Garage: Live Music From WTF w/Marc Maron [LP] (Swirl Vinyl, download, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSingle Disc & sleeve, Limited Ed. 2000 Swirl Colored Vinyl
Various Artists - Mickey Mouse Disco [LP] (disco-fied versions of Disney classics, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPFirst released in 1979, Mickey Mouse Disco includes disco-fied versions of Disney classics and Disney-fied versions of disco classics including ''Disco Mickey Mouse'', ''Macho Duck'', ''It's A Small World'' and more!
- Side 1:
1. Disco Mickey Mouse
2. Welcome to Rio
3. The Greatest Band
4. Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah

Side 2:
1. Macho Duck
2. Mousetrap
3. Watch Out for Goofy!
4. It's a Small World
5. Chim Chim Cher-ee
Various Artists - Poppies: Assorted Finery From The First Psychedelic Age [LP] (rare and unreleased tracks, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPThis compilation is designed to showcase the breadth of music touched by psychedelia in the late 1960s whether it be pop, folk or rock. This eclectic mix of psychedelic masters is drawn from the Vanguard, Original Sound, and Stax catalogs. This will be the first-time official reissue for several tracks, and the first ever for The Human Jungle's ''When Will You Happen to Me,'' with many others presented in their rare mono incarnation. The LP includes detailed liner notes based on fresh research that provide historical perspective on both the individual artists and the era in which the recordings were made. This will be the first of a planned series of rarities that will include future volumes dedicated to 1960s garage rock and sunshine pop.

Side A

Side B
1. THE HONEY JUG – IN 1582 WE [2:53]

*previously unreleased
Various Artists - Record Safari [DVD] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)DVDRecord Safari is a feature documentary about vinyl record collectors. Vinyl Records are Alex Rodriguez's drug, and he's turned his addiction into a career. Running the Glass House Record Store and curating for Coachella Music Festival's on-site record store, Alex spends weeks on the road buying records and swapping stories with fellow collectors, musicians, enthusiasts and producers. Record Safari takes you on journey as Alex searches high and low for these sought after pieces of plastic and gives us an inside look into the world of record collecting. - N/A
Various Artists - Roots From The Yard [7x7''] (clam shell box, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)7InchRoots From The Yard presents some of the earliest output from Vincent & Pat Chin's US based enterprise, VP Records. Along their journey, the Chins grew from a Kingston, JA based used record re-seller to the celebrated Randy's Record Mart and recording studio, at the center of the 1970's reggae explosion. And here, as the family and business have migrated to Jamaica, Queens, they were forging new ground as an import/ export distributor and label.
''We didn't want everything we put out to be all VP, VP...'' Miss Pat (Pat Chin) reminisces ''so I had this idea to create different names, different labels so people could have a variety - they could see different colors, have different flavors.''
As well as a variety of reggae flavor, these sides each contain amazing stories about the progression of the music, its stars, musicians and producers of the day and the newly formed company that would synthesize the growing movement in Jamaican popular music.

2,000 unit European pressing, 2019 re-mastered audio of the early 80s recordings  The project will be highlighted within VP Records 40th Anniversary celebrations, events and media coverage.  Record Store Day (April 13th) VP Records retail stores in Queens, NY and Miami will host all-vinyl sound system showcases.  Additional support for RSD 2019 releases will come via the label's social media platforms.

Disc 1 A. Mighty Ruler - Bim Sherman B. Jah Man Dub Style - The Revolutionaries

Disc 2 A. Tiction - Junior Delgado B. Tiction Version - Deb Music Players

Disc 3 A. River Jordan - Linval Thompson B. River Jordan Version - Linval Thompson

Disc 4 A. Creation - Freddie McKay B. I - Man - Freddie McKay

Disc 5 A. Everywhere - Mighty Fantells B. Everywhere Dub - The Revolutionaries

Disc 6 A. Wicked A Fe Dress Back - Earth & Stone B. Version-The Revolutionaries

Disc 7 A. A Yah Mi Deh - Barrington Levy B. Version - Roots Radics

Various Artists - Rough Guide To A World Of Guitar [LP] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPUndoubtedly the most versatile of all instruments, the guitar's unrivalled cross-cultural popularity has made it synonymous with musical genres far and wide. From Congolese soukous to Calcutta slide guitar, this collection features kindred creative spirits who have harnessed its limitless expressive potential.

- SIDE A: 1. Debashish Bhattacharya & Friends: Kirwani One.5+8.Five 2. Samba Toure: White Crocodile Blues (A song for M) 3. Bob Brozman Orchestra: Ska Waltz Train 4. Steve Tilston: Slow Air In Dropped D 5. Shiyani Ngcobo: Kheta Eyakho SIDE B: 1. John Renbourn & Wizz Jones: Hey Hey 2. Ramon Goose: Futa (Feat. Justin Adams) 3. Horacio Avilano and Martin Alvarado: Milonga De Corralon 4. Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo: Infidelite Mado 5. Kolpakov Duo: Grushen'ka
Various Artists - Rough Guide To Arabian Jazz [LP] (limited to 1250, indie exclusive)LPFrom the gymnastic fingerwork of legendary Algerian pianist Maurice El Medioni to the oud virtuoso Joseph Tawadro, this lovingly crafted collection explores the complexly bound and evolving relationship between jazz and the Arab world with remarkable recordings from some of today's leading lights.
- SIDE A: 1. Joseph Tawadro: Forbidden Fruit 2. Akim El Sikameya: Ya Waadi 3. Hijaz: Meltemia SIDE B: 1. Out Of Nations: Zenneh 2. Out Of Nations: Khafif (featuring Hazem Shaheen) 3. Ahmad Kaabour: Abou Afif 4. Maurice El Medioni Meets Roberto Rodriguez: Ana Ouna
Various Artists - Rough Guide To Blind, Black & Blue [LP] (limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPA remarkable phenomenon in the history of the blues was the vast contribution made by blind musicians, whose legacy left a lasting impact on American music to this day. From 'The Father Of The Texas Blues' Blind Lemon Jefferson to slide guitar evangelist Blind Willie Johnson, this Rough Guide highlights the blind blues pioneers who, against all the odds and in the face of incredible adversity, were responsible for a musical revolution.

- SIDE A: 1. Blind Blake: He's In The Jailhouse Now 2. Teddy Darby: Lawdy Lawdy Worried Blues 3. Blind Boy Fuller: Truckin' My Blues Away No. 2 (Take 2) 4. Blind Lemon Jefferson: See That My Grave Is Kept Clean 5. Sonny Terry: Harmonica Stomp 6. Blind Joe Reynolds: Third Street Woman Blues 7. Blind Joe Taggart: Religion Is Something Within You SIDE B: 1. Blind Willie McTell: Stomp Down Rider 2. Reverend Gary Davis: The Angels Message To Me 3. Willie Walker: South Carolina Rag (Take 2) 4. Blind Willie Johnson: Nobody's Fault But Mine 5. Blind Roosevelt Graves: Crazy About My Baby 6. Blind Gussie Nesbit: Pure Religion
Various Artists - Soul Slabs Vol. 2 [3LP Box] (Red Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPSoul Slabs Vol. 2 is a collection of A-sides from the 7-inch catalog of Loveland Ohio's Colemine Records. Specializing in heavy soul, funk, and R&B, Colemine prides itself on authenticity and an old school production style, while still making songs that seem fresh and are moving the genre of soul forward. This 3LP collection of 27 tracks puts their diverse catalog on full display, many of these songs being presented for the first time on an LP. Featuring artists such as Durand Jones & The Indications, Kelly Finnigan, Ben Pirani, Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos, Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio, Monophonics, Ikebe Shakedown, The Dip, The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble, Soul Scratch, and more!
- A Side
Disc 1 / Side 1 / Track 1 / The Gripsweats – Gripsweats Theme / 03:11
Disc 1 / Side 1 / Track 2 / Kelly Finnigan – I Don't Wanna Wait / 03:33
Disc 1 / Side 1 / Track 3 / The Flying Stars Of Brooklyn NY – My God Has A Telephone / 03:27
Disc 1 / Side 1 / Track 4 / AJ & The Jiggawatts – It Is What It Is / 04:39
Disc 1 / Side 1 / Track 5 / Ikebe Shakedown - Supermoon / 03:27

B Side
Disc 1 / Side 2 / Track 6 / DeRobert & The Half-Truths - Judgement / 02:45
Disc 1 / Side 2 / Track 7 / Leroi Conroy – Tiger Trot / 03:11
Disc 1 / Side 2 / Track 8 / Orgone – Big Day / 03:26
Disc 1 / Side 2 / Track 9 / Jungle Fire - NUSAU / 04:20

C Side
Disc 2 / Side 3 / Track 10 / Durand Jones & The Indications – Don't You Know / 03:21
Disc 2 / Side 3 / Track 11 / True Loves – Famous Last Words / 03:31
Disc 2 / Side 3 / Track 12 / The Soul Chance – Give Love A Try / 03:05
Disc 2 / Side 3 / Track 13 / The Dip – Sure Don't Miss You / 02:53
Disc 2 / Side 3 / Track 14 / The Sure Fire Soul Ensemble - Aragon / 02:40

D Side
Disc 2 / Side 4 / Track 15 / Black Market Brass – War Room / 04:31
Disc 2 / Side 4 / Track 16 / Jr. Thomas & The Volcanos – What A Shame / 04:05
Disc 2 / Side 4 / Track 17 / The Harlem Gospel Travelers – He's On Time / 03:47
Disc 2 / Side 4 / Track 18 / Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio - Concussion / 04:47

E Side
Disc 3 / Side 5 / Track 19 / Wesley Bright & The Honeytones - Happiness / 04:02
Disc 3 / Side 5 / Track 20 / Thee Sinseers – It Was Only A Dream / 02:29
Disc 3 / Side 5 / Track 21 / Soul Scratch - America / 04:43
Disc 3 / Side 5 / Track 22 / Mestizo Beat – Featherbed Lane / 03:47

F Side
Disc 3 / Side 6 / Track 23 / Ben Pirani – Light Of My Life / 03:21
Disc 3 / Side 6 / Track 24 / The Freedom Affair – Rise Up / 03:31
Disc 3 / Side 6 / Track 25 / Monophonics – Bang Bang / 03:05
Disc 3 / Side 6 / Track 26 / Jake Najor & The Moment Of Truth – High Costa Living / 02:53
Disc 3 / Side 6 / Track 27 / The Rugged Nuggets – Rugged Walk / 02:40
Various Artists - Stax Does The Beatles [2LP] (gatefold, first time on vinyl, limited to 3000, indie exclusive)LPCompilation featuring Beatles hits as recorded by various Stax artists, never before available on vinyl. 2 LP Standard black, gatefold sleeve. Approved for Black Friday 2018, but moved to RSD 2019.

- 1. Otis Redding - Day Tripper, 2. David Porter - Help!, 3. Booker T. & the MG's - Got to Get You Into My Life, 4. Steve Cropper - With a Little Help From My Friends, 5. Carla Thomas - Yesterday (Live), 6. Booker T. & the MG's - Eleanor Rigby, 7. The Mar-Keys - Let it Be, 8. Isaac Hayes - Something, 9. The Bar-Kays - Yesterday, 10. Booker T. & the MG's - Michelle, 11. Reggie Milner - And I Love Her, 12. The Bar-Kays - With a Little Help From My Friends, 13. Booker T. & the MG's - Lady Madonna, 14. John Gary Williams - My Sweet Lord, 15. The Bar-Kays - Hey Jude
Various Artists - Sun Records Curated by Record Store Day, Volume 6 [LP] (limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPThis limited edition compilation LP was curated from the
classic Sun Record Company catalog by participating Record
Store Day stores, and marks the sixth installment of the 'Sun
Records Curated by Record Store Day' series. Volume 6
highlights many of the incredible female artists in the Sun
Records archive. The track list was carefully curated by the
hardworking people in record stores themselves. This Record
Store Day 2019 exclusive release is limited to 4,000 copies

» Limited To 4,000 Copies Worldwide
» Remastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» Pressed On Audiophile-Grade Vinyl At Pallas
Group In Germany

Track List:
A1 Peggy Scott & Jo Jo Benson - Soulshake
A2 Jeannie C. Riley - Harper Valley PTA
A3 Margaret Lewis - Kangaroo Of Love
A4 Betty Harris - There's A Break In The Road
A5 Gloria Taylor - You Got To Pay The Price
A6 Bettye LaVette - At The Mercy Of A Man
B1 Patti Page - The Tennessee Waltz
B2 Dixie Cups - Chapel Of Love
B3 The Jelly Beans - Baby Be Mine
B4 Evie Sands - You've Got Me Up Tight
B5 The Blue Angels - I Wonder
B6 Doris Allen - Candy From A Baby
Various Artists - Where The Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets Highlights [2LP] (first time on vinyl, limited to 2200, indie exclusive)LPWhere the Action Is! Los Angeles Nuggets: 1965–1968 is part of Rhino's acclaimed Nuggets series,
focusing on the different aspects of the underground rock music scene in and around Los Angeles from 1965 – 1968.
It features key artists such as Love, Buffalo Springfield, Bobby Fuller Four, The Doors, Sonny & Cher, Lee Hazelwood,
Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band, and more. This collection is now on vinyl for the first time.

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 You I'll Be Following -
By Love
02 Dr. Stone - By The
03 Go and Say Goodbye -
By Buffalo Springfield
04 Gentle as It May Seem
- By Iron Butterfly
05 If You Want This Love -
By The West Coast Pop
Art Experimental Band
06 Baby My Heart - By The
Bobby Fuller Four

Side B
01 It's Gonna Rain - By
Sonny and Cher
02 For My Own - By The
03 One Too Many Mornings
- By The Association
04 Take It as It Comes - By
The Doors
05 Hideaway - By The
Electric Prunes
06 Back Seat '38 Dodge -
By Opus 1
07 Come Alive - By Things
To Come

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 The Rebel Kind - By
Dino, Desi & Billy
02 Fan Tan - By Jan &
03 Come Down - By The
Common Cold
04 Daily Nightly - By The
05 Rainbow Woman - By
Lee Hazlewood
06 Baby, Please Don't Go -
By The Ballroom
07 Here's Today - By The
Rose Garden

Side B
01 I Love How You Love
Me - By Nino Tempo &
April Stevens
02 Once Upon a Time - By
Tim Buckley
03 Last Night I Had A
Dream [Single Version]
- By Randy Newman
04 Life Is A Dream - By
Noel Harrison
05 You Set the Scene - By
Various Artists - Woodstock 3 Days Of Peace Music (Mono PA Version) [3LP] (actual Woodstock versions of several songs that have never been issued before, limited to 3750, indie exclusive)LPA fresh perspective on some very familiar repertoire, for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, we are
releasing 3LP mono vinyl offering, which if you'd been in the audience at Woodstock, this is exactly what you would
have heard coming out of the loudspeakers!The tracklisting follows the same tracks/sequence as the original
Woodstock OST (Featuring performances by Arlo Guthrie, CSNY, The Who, Joe Cocker, Santana, Ten Years After,
Jefferson Airplane, Sly and the Family Stone, and Jimi Hendrix amongst other legendary artists) and incorporating the
stage announcements that were on the album in their original form. Also featuring actual Woodstock versions of
Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young's ''Sea Of Madness'' and ''Wooden Ships'' that have never been issued before and this
version of Arlo Guthrie's ''Coming Into Los Angeles'' is the actual real-deal Woodstock performance; the version that's
on the original Woodstock album was recorded at the Troubadour in LA four months later!

Full Length Vinyl 1
Side A
01 I Had A Dream - By
John Sebastian
02 Going Up The Country -
By John Sebastian
03 Freedom - By Canned
04 Rock & Soul Music - By
Country Joe & The Fish
05 Coming Into Los
Angeles - By Arlo
06 At The Hop - By Sha Na

Side B
01 The ''Fish''
Rag - By Country Joe McDonald
02 Drug Store Truck Drivin' Man
(feat. Jeffrey Shurtleff) - By Joan
03 Joe Hill - By Joan Baez
04 Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - By
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
05 Sea Of Madness - By Crosby,
Stills, Nash & Young

Full Length Vinyl 2
Side A
01 Wooden Ships - By
Crosby, Stills, Nash &
02 We're Not Gonna Take It
(From ''Tommy'') - By
The Who
03 With A Little Help From
My Friends - By Joe

Side B
01 Soul Sacrifice - By
02 I'm Going Home - By
Ten Years Afte

Full Length Vinyl 3
Side A
01 Volunteers - By Jefferson
02 Medley: Dance To The
Music / Music Lover / I
Want To Take You Higher
- By Sly & The Family
03 Rainbows All Over Your
Blues - By John Sebastian

Side B
01 Love March - By
Butterfield Blues Band
02 Star Spangled Banner
/ Purple Haze &
Instrumental Solo -
By Jimi Hendrix
Vinnie Paz x Tragedy Khadafi - Camoflauge Regime [CD] (indie-exclusive)CD* Tragedy Khadafi: Member of the legendary super group The Juice Crew
* Vinnie Paz: Founding member of Jedi Mind Tricks/Army Of The Pharoahs
* Features ILL BILL with Production from Stu Bangas and more

Vinnie Paz teams up with legendary Queensbridge emcee and Juice Crew member, Tragedy Khadafi, for this special 10-track project. About the collaboration, Vinnie Paz says, ''Trag is one of my all-time favorite emcees. Although we've done a few joints together in the past, doing a full collab project was always on my bucket list.''

Bloody Jungle
Canaan's Bracelet feat Iron Sheikh and Agallah
A Warrior's Fate
Cinematic Echo
Jummah Rituals
Fibre Optic Weapons feat ILL BILL
Nocturnal Militia
The Most Gracious
Thought Machine
Persian Legacy
Vinnie Paz x Tragedy Khadafi - Camoflauge Regime [LP] (Green Vinyl, indie exclusive)LP* Tragedy Khadafi: Member of the legendary super group The Juice Crew
* Vinnie Paz: Founding member of Jedi Mind Tricks/Army Of The Pharoahs
* Features ILL BILL with Production from Stu Bangas and more

Vinnie Paz teams up with legendary Queensbridge emcee and Juice Crew member, Tragedy Khadafi, for this special 10-track project. About the collaboration, Vinnie Paz says, ''Trag is one of my all-time favorite emcees. Although we've done a few joints together in the past, doing a full collab project was always on my bucket list.''

Bloody Jungle
Canaan's Bracelet feat Iron Sheikh and Agallah
A Warrior's Fate
Cinematic Echo
Jummah Rituals
Fibre Optic Weapons feat ILL BILL
Nocturnal Militia
The Most Gracious
Thought Machine
Persian Legacy
Violent Femmes - Hallowed Ground [LP] (Dark Green Vinyl, numbered/limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPHallowed Ground is the follow up to The Violent Femmes legendary self-titled 1983 debut album. Similar to the first album, all of the songs were written by lead singer, Gordon Gano, while still in high school. This second album, however, pushed the band in new directions and made sure they did not rest on their laurels – featuring singles ''Country Death Song'' and the Lou Reed inspired ''Sweet Misery Blues, ''as well as a guest appearance from saxophonist John Zorn. Limited to 2000 copies, this 35th anniversary reissue has been cut from the original stereo tapes by Kevin Bartley at Capitol Mastering, and pressed on dark green vinyl at Independent Record Pressing. Each jacket is individually numbered.
- Side A: 1. Country Death Song 2. I Hear the Rain 3. Never Tell 4. Jesus Walking on the Water 5. I Know It's True But I'm Sorry to Say Side B 1. Hallowed Ground 2. Sweet Misery Blues 3. Black Girls 4. It's Gonna Rain
Vitamin String Quartet - VSQ Performs BjorkLP180 gram 12" inch clear vinyl - Double LP - LIMITED EDITION (875) 2 X 180g CLEAR COLORED VINYL When Bork won the 2010 Polar Music Prize, it was in recognition of her "deeply personal music and lyrics, her precise arrangements and her unique voice." Truer words couldn't be spoken for exactly why Vitamin String Quartet had to honor the Icelandic icon. Throughout her career, she has radiated an eclectic and avant-garde air, incorporating aspects of electronic, experimental, glitch, jazz, alternative rock, and contemporary classical music. She consistently defies categorization and VSQ was passionate about making an album that reflected that audacious outlook. Bjork often calls herself a pop artist. VSQ considers her restlessly innovative and ethereal, something they've strived for in equal measure on this record.
Wallows - Trust Fall / Just Like A Movie [7''] (Transparent Yellow Vinyl, previously unreleased tracks, alternate artwork influenced by the Nothing Happens cover, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)7InchWallows RSD 7'' single features two exclusive tracks (''Trust Fall'' and ''Just Like A Movie'') pressed on
transparent yellow vinyl. Both of these previously unreleased tracks were written and recorded during the Nothing
Happens album sessions and were produced by John Congleton. This special 7'' features alternate artwork influenced
by the Nothing Happens cover.

Side A
01 Trust Fall
Side B
01 Just Like A Movie
Weezer - Dusty Gems: The B-Sides [LP] (Translucent Blue & White Marble Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 4000, indie exclusive)LPFirst ever vinyl pressing of the BLUE album's Deluxe bonus tracks including B-sides, Rarities, alternate mix of ''Say It Ain't So'' and demos. -
Side A:
1. Mykel and Carli (B-side)
2. Susanne (B-side)
3. My Evaline (B-side)
4. Jamie (DGC Rarities)
5. My Name Is Jonas (Live B-side)
6. Surf Wax America (Live B-side)
7. Jamie (Live Acoustic B-side)
8. No One Else (Live Acoustic B-side)

Side B:
1. Undone - The Sweater Song (Kitchen Tape Demo)
2. Paperface (Kitchen Tape Demo)
3. Only In Dreams (Kitchen Tape Demo)
4. Lullabye For Wayne (Pre-production Recording)
5. I Swear It's True (Pre-production Recording)
6. Say It Ain't So (Original Album Mix)
Weezer - Weezer (Teal Album) [LP] (Teal Colored Vinyl, entire album of cover song, limited to 6000, indie exclusive)LPWeezer (Teal Album) contains 10 new Weezer covers including the surprise hit ''Africa'' and soon to be
classics versions of a-Ha's ''Take On Me'', TLC's ''No Scrubs'', Tears For Fears' ''Everybody Wants to Rule the World''
and more.

Wes Montgomery - Back On Indiana Avenue: The Carroll DeCamp Recordings [2LP] (180 Gram, collection of previously-unissued recordings, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPBack on Indiana Avenue Again: The Carroll DeCamp Recordings is a collection of previously-unissued recordings from jazz guitar legend Wes Montgomery captured live and in studio in his hometown of Indianapolis, Indiana in the mid-to-late 1950s by renowned arranger/pianist Carroll DeCamp (Stan Kenton, Les Elgart), who played and hung out with Wes around that time. The deluxe, limited-edition 180g 2LP set includes an extensive liner notes insert with rare photos, essays by jazz scholar Lewis Porter and producer Zev Feldman, interviews with guitar icons George Benson and John Scofield, plus guitarist and Carroll DeCamp's nephew Royce Campbell and saxophonist/educator/publisher Jamey Aebersold. Back on Indiana Avenue Again is mastered by the legendary Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA and pressed at Record Technology, Inc. (RTI).

- Side A: 1. Four On Six 2. Mr. Walker 3. 'Round Midnight 4. So What 5. The End of A Love Affair 6. Tune Up 7. West Coast Blues Side B: 1. Jingles 2. It's You Or No One 3. Nothing Ever Changes My Love For You 4. Ecaroh 5. Sandu 6. Whisper Not Side C: 1. Stompin' at the Savoy 2. It's You or No One (Take 2) 3. Opus De Funk 4. Summertime Side D: 1. Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea 2. Easy Living 3. Four 4. I'll Remember April 5. The Song Is You
William Hooker - Mindfulness [2LP] (Clear Colored Vinyl, first time on vinyl, 2 unreleased bonus tracks, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPRecorded live at Slim's in San Francisco, Mindfulness is the
brilliant soundscape created by drummer William Hooker,
along with Glenn Spearman on tenor saxophone and DJ Olive.
The fi ve Hooker compositions fl ow into each other, one after
another, seamlessly, as if to take the listener on a musical
voyage through time and space. The layers of vibrant sound,
accompanied by trashing drums and shrieking sax show the
incredible ability of each musician to take their instrumental
vocabulary to a new level. The album receives its fi rst ever
vinyl release with this clear 2xLP pressing, featuring two
unreleased bonus tracks, exclusively for Record Store Day

» Limited To 1,000 Copies Worldwide
» First Ever Vinyl Pressing
» 2xLP on Clear Vinyl
» Features Two Unreleased Bonus Tracks
» Remastered for Vinyl at Infrasonic Mastering
» Pressed at Pallas Group in Germany

Track List:
A1 Solemn Breath: Knowledge / In This Earth - Body
B1 Flow - Rt. 1 [Awake]
B2 Principle Of Duality
C1 Living Organs - Parallel Planes
D1 Archetypal Space
D2 History And Futures (BONUS)
D3 Architecture (The Book Of Numbers) (BONUS)
Winter - Infinite Summer [LP] (Double Mint Colored Vinyl, limited to 1000, indie exclusive)LPThe ''Infi nite Summer'' EP shows a more playful 80's spin on
Winter's already nostalgic sound. This bilingual release, with
songs in both English and Portuguese, is uplifting and fresh.
With fun dream pop songs such as ''Everything'' and ''Bonsai''
as well as introspective tracks like ''Always Teenager'' and
''Disappear,'' there's a little something for everyone. The indie
pop tunes were recorded at the former Echo Park Lolipop
Records studio produced by the 80's pop master, Wyatt Blair.

» Limited To 1,000 Copies Worldwide
» Produced By 80's Pop Master Wyatt Blair
» Pressed On Double Mint Color Vinyl
» Mastered at 45RPM

Track List:
A1 Everything
A2 Bonsai
B1 Always Teenager
B2 Borboletas
B3 Disappear
Wipers - Alien Boy EP7"Original 7" Sleeve Artwork - 4 track EP originally released in 1980. First time reissued, from the original master tapes.
Wolfman Jack & The Wolfpack - Boogie With The Wolfman [LP] (Picture Disc, numbered/limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPWolfman Jack's legendary and rare 1965 rock album, back by a local Minneapolis 'garage band''. I twas only released through Uncle George's Record Shop to mail order customers only on Bread Records. It has been out of print for more than 50 years, pressed on a picture disc featuring the original illustrated LP cover on one side, a color picture of Wolfman himself on the other side with in printed insert of notes, credits and numbered.
1)Wolfman Boogie Part 1
2) New Orleans
3) Short Fat Fanny
4) Oo Poo Pah Doo
5) Don't You Just Know It


1) Can't Sit Down (Wolfman Theme)
2) I Need Your Lovin'
3) Money
4) Hand Jive
5) Wolfman Boogie Part 2
Wonder Years, The - The Wonder Years Live From Maida Vale [10''] (Opaque Ivory Vinyl, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)10InchFor the first time ever, The Wonder Year's intimate session recorded at England's historic Maida Vale Studios is available on vinyl. Originally aired on BBC Radio 1, the exclusive 10'' features live recordings from the critically acclaimed album Sister Cities. Available on limited edition opaque ivory | Record Store Day Exclusive vinyl.
- Side A
1. Sister Cities
2. Raining In Kyoto
Side B
3. Pyramids Of Salt
4. The Ocean Grew Hands To Hold Me
Woody Guthrie - I Don't Like The Way This World's A-Treatin' Me [10''] (limited to 1200, indie exclusive)10InchThere are few names woven more tightly
into the fabric of American music, politics,
and history than Woody Guthrie.
In 1952, Guthrie wrote and recorded a song at home titled ''I Don't Like
The Way This World's A-Treatin' Me.'' The track appears on vinyl for the
first time on a limited edition 10'' of the same name for Record Store Day
2019. Also found on this special release is a second version of the demo
with new accompaniment from Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, who, along with Billy
Bragg and Wilco, released a series of acclaimed albums featuring their
interpretations of unearthed Guthrie lyrics. Mermaid Avenue, the first in
the series, was nominated for a Grammy® in 2000.
If those two tracks weren't enough, I Don't Like The Way This World's ATreatin' Me includes two versions of ''Beech Haven Ain't My Home'' (aka
''Old Man Trump''), whose lyrics were discovered within the Woody Guthrie Archives and chronicle the time the Guthrie family lived under landlord
Fred Trump. As two drafts of the lyrics exist, the Riot-Folk Musician's
Collective's Ryan Harvey combined them, with music composed by
Johnny Irion (husband and musical partner of Woody's granddaughter
Sarah Lee Guthrie). This release contains a version by Harvey featuring
Ani DiFranco and Tom Morello (Rage Against The Machine/Auidoslave),
and another from Irion's band U.S. Elevator.
Available exclusively for Record Store Day as a 10'' EP, I Don't Like The
Way This World's A-Treatin' Me is not only an historic, but a musical
document, released in conjunction and with full cooperation from the
Woody Guthrie Archives. As stated in the album's notes: ''These songs
were mostly written well over half a century ago, but they are songs for
our times to be sure.''
It is truly time for this music to be heard.

* Limited edition vinyl pressing for Record Store Day.
* Features the fi rst offi cial release of Guthrie's 1952
demo on vinyl, plus a version with new
accompaniment from Jeff Tweedy (Wilco).
* Also features two versions of ''Beech Haven Ain't
My Home'' (aka ''Old Man Trump'') by Ryan Harvey
(with Ani DiFranco and Tom Morello) and U.S. Elevator.

I Don't Like The Way
This World's A-Treatin' Me
(1952 Home Demo) – Woody Guthrie
Old Man Trump
Ryan Harvey feat. Ani DiFranco & Tom Morello
I Don't Like The Way
This World's A-Treatin' Me
Woody Guthrie & Jeff Tweedy
Beech Haven Ain't My Home
(aka Old Man Trump)
U.S. Elevator
X-Ray Spex - I Am A Cliche [2LP] (Dayglo Colored Vinyl, limited to 500, indie exclusive)LP2LP Dayglo Colored Vinyl
* Brand new 2 LP anthology
on Dayglo vinyl!
* LP 1 features studio versions of
the classic singles!
* LP 2 was recorded live at
The Roxy in London in 1977!

1. Oh Bondage, Up Yours!
2. I Am A Cliche'
3. The Day The World
Turned Day-Glo
4. I Am A Poseur
5. Identity
6. Let's Submerge
7. Germ Free Adolescents
8. Age
1. Art-I-Ficial
2. Obsessed With You
3. Warrior In Woolworths
4. I Can't Do Anything
5. Genetic Engineering
6. I Live Off You
7. Plastic Bag
8. Highly Flammable

1. Oh Bondage!
Up Yours! (Live)
2. Identity (Live)
3. Let's Submerge (Live)
4. Plastic Bag (Live)
1. I Live Off You (Live)
2. I Am A Cliche (Live)
3. I Can't Do Anything
4. Oh Bondage!
Up Yours! (Live)
XXXtentacion - XXXtentacion Presents: Members Only, Vol. 3 [2LP] (White with Red and Black Splatter Vinyl, limited to 2000, indie exclusive)LPCompilation album from Members Only, the crew of the late XXXTENTACION. Features XXXTENTACION, Ski Mask The Slump Godd, Kid Trunks, Robb Bank$, Craig Xen, Bass Santana, Flyboy Tarantino, Kin$oul, Killstation, Coolie Cut, Tank Head. Pressed on white base and red and black splatter vinyl
- 1. Find Me (Intro) | 2. Off The Wall! | 3. What in XXXTarnation | 4. Wassup Bro! | 5. H20 | 6. Butthole Girl! |7. Static Shock | 8. Came2Kill | 9. Boost! | 10. Chokehold | 11. 4peat | 12. Maxipads for Everyone | 13. Slipknot | 14. 777 | 15. Supra | 16. God Damn | 17. Vulture | 18. Curse | 19. Members nly Shit | 20. On That Bitch | 21. LOL | 22. Invisible Klip | 23. Bowser
Yaz - Reconnected: Live [2LP] (180 Gram, gatefold, first time on vinyl, limited to 1500, indie exclusive)LPReconnected Live
180g 2LP
* 1st time ever on LP
* Recorded Live on Yaz's hugely
successful 2008 Reunion Tour
* 2LP 180g Black Vinyl
Gatefold Packaging
* Features all the hits, including
''Don't Go,'' ''Situation,''
''Only You'' & More!

1. Nobody's Diary
2. Bad Connection
3. Mr. Blue
4. Good Times
5. Tuesday
1. Ode To Boy
2. Goodbe 70's
3. Too Pieces
4. In My Room
5. Anyone
6. Walk Away From Love

1. State Farm
2. Sweet Thing
3. Winter Kills
4. Midnight
5. Unmarked
1. Bring Your Love Down
2. Don't Go
3. Only You
4. Situation
Yes - Yes [LP] (180 Gram, Orange Colored Vinyl, reissue, replica of the UK gatefold artwork, limited to 2500, indie exclusive)LPRe-issue of Yes' 1st album, newly cut from the original analog tapes. Replica of the UK gatefold artwork,
featuring the first classic Yes album logo, on 180gram ''Orange'' color vinyl.

Side A
01 Beyond and Before
02 I See You (Remastered)
03 Yesterday and Today
04 Looking Around

Side B
01 Harold Land
02 Every Little Thing
03 Sweetness
04 Survival (Remastered)
Youth Of Today - One Night Stand [7''] (Magenta Vinyl, first time released as a single, Partridge Family cover, limited to 1000, indie-exclusive)7Inch'One Night Stand'' was one of the few covers ever recorded by YOUTH OF TODAY in studio. The track was selected by Ray and recorded during their last 7'' session (''Disengage,'' ''Envy,'' ''Modern Love Story'' were the other tracks that were done and released from that session). ''One Night Stand,'' written by Paul Anka and Wes Farrell, was originally recorded by THE PARTRIDGE FAMILY and appeared in their show and on record in the early 1970s. This version is YOUTH OF TODAY's take with Ray's signature growl and has only been released on the REV100 comp, but now it will appear on a YOUTH OF TODAY release for the first time. The B-side is another cover from their first tour of Europe in 1989 (with artwork inspired by the SEX PISTOLS' God Save The Queen 7'').

A: One Night Stand B: Anarchy In Vienna
Zero 7 - Home (Alternative Mix) / Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix ft. MF Doom) [10''] (limited to 1500, indie exclusive)10InchZero 7's debut album 'Simple Things' sold over a million copies and was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize and the band as Best Newcomer at the Brit Awards. The album featured singers Sia, Sophie Barker and Mozez. 'When It Falls' followed with the same guest vocalists along with Danish singer Tina Dico. Their third album 'The Garden' was nominated for a Grammy Award with singers Jose Gonzalez and Sia. Two further albums 'Yeah Ghost' and a best of 'Record' completed their time with Atlantic Records. For Record Store Day 2019 they are releasing 2 track 10'' on heavyweight vinyl - it contains a specially made for RS 2019 Alternative version of 'Home' feat Tina Dico & a 1st time available on physical format: remix of Somersault by Danger Mouse feat MF Doom. Both tracks were originally taken from the bands' 2nd album 'When It Falls'

- SIDE A: Home (Alternative Mix) SIDE AA: Somersault (Danger Mouse Remix ft. MF Doom)